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To include:  1878 and 1910 History's, 1891 Biographies, old plat maps, cemeteries.  Anyone is welcome to send Fayette pics to upload into the photo site.  All pics on this site can be downloaded free by right clicking so do not buy.

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FAC Black  Don  Black  stlfan12 AT iowatelecom.net
FAC Anita Blaker'70Fac   wife of Don'49  dblaker AT neitel.net
FAC Dreosch Mary.Jo Dreosch  rmjdresoch AT comcast.net
FAC Kjergaard Jerry & Jan Kjergaard  jerry.kjergaard7 AT gmail.com
FAC Richards George & Dorothy  Dorothyoma10 AT gmail.com
FAC Williams Les Williams  hlw AT netins.net
Student Teacher 1954/55 Halvorson Roger (Connie Rhode'56)  halvorsonroger AT netscape.net

1940 Sewell Geraldine Burns  joegeri AT zoominternet.net  
1944 Shaffer Shirley Stock  sallymaud22 AT hotmail.com
1945 Morse Avis Morse  avisem AT hotmail.com
1945 Stansbury Don Stansbury donn.stansbury AT sbcglobal.net  deceased 2014Jan27  email left for wf. Delores

1947 Burget Robert Burget boblburr AT hotmail.com 
1947 Paul Romona Webb domowebb26 AT aol.com
1947 Wegner Dorothy Bright gdbright AT cfu.net

1948 Langermen Art Langerman  langerman2 AT embarqmail.com

1951 Nefzger Dick Nefzger Prnefzger AT aol.com

1952 Shaffer Patsy Brattebo dbrattebo AT msn.com
1953 Weyant Whitey Weyant  whmawey AT aol.com
1953 Bergan Elaine Pfeiffer  elaine.pfeiffer AT att.net

1954 Cousins Maxine Skinner skinnermaxine687 AT gmail.com
1954 Frieden Bev Brown  brownjandb AT msn.com
1954 Hilst Jeanette Gottberg jgottbe AT aol.com
1954 Lockwood Bob Lockwood  rllockwood AT juno.com
1954 Olson Denny Olson  dolson36 AT hotmail.com
1954 Reese Pat Smejkal  pandbsmejkal AT aol.com
1954 VanSickel Anabel Peabody  ladyanalee AT aol.com

1955 Kauten Teresa Harker  btharker1 AT aol.com
1955 Shaffer Jim Shaffer JimShaffer2 AT msn.com
1955 Skinner Lowell Skinner lruskin43 AT msn.com

1956 Durfey Aldin Durfey madurfey AT imonmail.com
1956 Iliff Carol Anderson  gramcja AT gmail.com
1956 Kammerman Bertha Ann Starr  deere_lady AT hotmail.com
1956 McSweeny Mary Shaffer maryshaffer0 AT icloud.com
1956 Reese David Reese   dmreese56 AT hotmail.com
1956 Richards Bill Richards williamr AT sfu.ca
1956 Rohde Connie Halvorson connie AT halvorson.org

1957 Dahl Judy Dumermuth  djmuth AT dumermuth.us
1957 Doyle Jerry Doyle rdoyle376 AT gmail.com
1957 Dumermuth Dennis  djmuth AT dumermuth.us
1957 Kauten Mary Lincoln  jmlincoln AT mchsi.com
1957 Lau Delores Kaiser  rondee AT netins.net 
1957 Mason Judy Brumm  djbrumm432 AT gmail.com
1957 Mayhew Mary Durfey   madurfey AT imonmail.com 
1957 Moore Delores Brandt  brandt1495 AT yahoo.com
1957 Reese Barbara Schriever   barbaraschriever AT gmail.com 
1957 Van Buren Jim Van Buren  jim.vanburen AT comcast.net

1858 Anfinson Kolleen Asaad  kolleenja  AT scbglobal.net
1958 Bennington Jan Van Buren Janvan39 AT hotmail.com  janvan39 AT outlook.com
1958 Buhmann Mary Lou Weyant  whmawey AT aol.com  deceased2022Apr08
1958 Cousins Ruby Skinner  lruskin43 AT msn.com   Lowell.Skinner
1958 Finch Bill Finch finchwj AT csus.edu
1958 Gross Max Gross Gross_Max AT hotmail.com
1958 Heth Donna Milts dlmilts1820 AT yahoo.com
1958 Hughes Bill Hughes  hugsfhs58 AT gmail.com
1958 Johnson Howard Johnson  hojo AT usfamily.net
1958 Kauten
Barbara Gehrke  rbgehrke AT q.com
1958 Marvin Bob Marvin marbo33 AT forbin.net
1958 Maxson Larry Maxson  pakmax60 AT yahoo.com
1958 Moore Judy Stalkfleet  jstalkfleet4 AT aol.com  (returning, May2015)
1958 Paul Lowell Paul  inthewoods43 AT gmail.com
1958 Schabacker Janet Reifsteck  jandmreifsteck AT cfu.net

1959 Bantz Janet Meaney  jlmeaney41 AT gmail.com
1959 Dennis David Dennis dcdennis AT mchsi.com
1959 Eischeid Mike Eischeid meischeid AT gmail.com
1959 Gooder Chuck Gooder  eca.ihs AT gmail.com
1959 Hedrick David Hedrick  dbh3701 AT msn.com
1959 D Jellings Dave Jellings   deceased 4/8/2005, email for wife Judy retained jajellings AT gmail.com
1959 Kauten Bill Kauten  jfkauten AT gmail.com
1959 Knight Kip Knight kipeileenknight AT verizon.net
1959 Nading Barbara Miller bobbarb101 AT charter.net
1959 Nims Eugene Nims ern1 AT aol.com
1959 Pickett Frank Pickett mandfp AT comcast.net
1959 M Schabacher Janice Reifsteck advanced to '58  jandmreifsteck AT cfu.net 

1960 Blaker Sharon Black stlfan12 AT iowatelecom.net 
1960 Miller Bill Miller  w.miller009 AT yahoo.com
1960 Moore Denny Moore  pegdennymoore AT yahoo.com
1960 Shaffer Kathy Meseck kmeseck AT outlook.com
1960 Williams Ray Williams RayNealWms AT cox.net

1961 Ashby Mike Ashby  califrna AT netins.net
1961 Bennington Lois Llewellyn  LoisL1912 AT gmail.com
1961 Burget David Burget DavidRBurget AT gmail.com
1961 Dahlquist Carole Hess  cahess2 AT hotmail.com
1961 Eischeid Peg Reinert  sixthtee AT gamail.com
1961 Gage Bob Gage m.gage AT mchsi.com
1961 Johnson Lavonne Dennis Lavonnede AT gmail.com
1961 M67 Kammerman John Kammerman  johnkammerman AT ymail.com
1961 Nading Gary Nading nading77 AT msn.com
1961 Smith Mike Smith(deceased)  (wife Sue.Ann,  sing2sas AT hotmail.com)
1961 Wegner Paul Wagner pwegner AT wi.rr.com
1961 Zbornik Barry Zbornik iowaz1 AT gmail.com

1962 Dumermuth Dayna Timmerman dtimmrmanCF AT gmail.com
1962 Henry Sharon Nau  sknow2010 AT gmail.com
1962 Keig Larry Keig larry.keig AT cfu.net
1962 Langerman Judy Greutzmacher  judy.gruetz AT gmail.com
1962 Manson Mary Sue Burrack  marysueburrack AT gmail.com
1962 Maxson Ron Maxson ronmarymaxson AT hotmail.com
1962 McBride Maurice McBride  mmcbride100 AT gmail.com
1962 Olson Buzz Olson  buznjane AT aol.com
1962 Pattison Delbert Pattison  dsp1 AT mchsi.com
1962 Tann Jerry Tann deceased Oct 9, 2011
1962 Tripp Judy Tripp  judymtripp AT msn.com
1962 Webb Marge Hamin  fdhmah AT gmail.com
1962 Williams Larry Williams larwms44 AT gmail.com

1963 Austin Mary Lovell  lovellmary1 AT gmail.com
1963 Borchert Thomas Borchert  Thomasbclu AT gmail.com
1963 Burget Barb Hackmann  barbh AT acegroup.cc
1963 Butters Kenneth Butters  Ken.Butters AT brickgentrylaw.com
1963 Evans Donald Evans  donevans0426 AT gmail.com
1963 Franzen Diane Hermanson  dhermanson29 AT gmail.com
1963 Gillette Melody Gillette mgill1316 AT gmail.com
1963 Hennig Carolyn Kiser tckiser56 AT yahoo.com
1963 Jellings Renee Voshell  rvoshell AT windstream.net
1963 Kauten Helen Girard  helengirard AT aol.com
1963 Lambert George Lambert  geolambert AT yahoo.com
1963 Niles Linda Zoday  LLZody AT gmail.com
1963 Stearns Janis Test  jatest45 AT gmail.com
1963 Timmerman Don Timmerman  dtimmermanCF AT gmail.com|

1963 Wagner Ruth Cload  cloadfamily AT hotmail.com

1964 Mk-9 Baker Annette Petersen  annettepetersen99 AT gmail.com 
1964 Nadeau Andrea Brown abrown009 AT triad.rr.com
1964 Olson Dick Olson 
1964 Pattison Sharon Haars  skhsissey AT gmail.com
1864 Rines Delores Williams  deedee922 AT mchsi.com

1965 Keig Barbara Chamberlain dbcham AT iowatelecom.net
1965 Maurer Gary Maurer  gnmaurer AT gmail.com
1965 Rohde Don Rohde  dwrohde72 AT gmail.com
1965 Wenthe Larry Wenthe larrywenthe AT yahoo.com

1966 Butters Thomas Butters  m.butters AT mchsi.com
1966 Cue Kathlyn Manson (John'67)  jmanson54 AT msn.com
1966M Gillette Rick Gillette  rgillette AT outlook.com
1966 Johnson Harriet Reelitz  harrietreelitz AT gmail.com
1966 Stannard Janice Veaver jveaver AT hotmail.com
1966 Stearns Edward Stearns  epstearns AT comcast.net
1966 Webb Larry Webb
lwbbq AT hotmail.com
1966 Wegner Carol Herrick herrickcj AT aol.com

1967 Alderson Cindy Hansmeier cindy.hansmeier AT gmail.com
1967 Bitterman Jim Bitterman   BittermanJ AT gmail.com
1967 Brause Merline Jennings  merlinejennings AT gmail.com
1967 Cue Wendy Rhode  wendy.rohde AT gmail.com
1967 Dahlquist Connie Dahlquist cdahlquist1593 AT msn.com
1967 Lau Ronald Lau  ronlautcr AT gmail.com
1967 Ludeking John Ludeking goinkyo_san AT hotmail.com
1967 Manson John Manson (Kathlyn Cue'66) 
1967 Vermazen Peter Vermazen   petervermazen AT gmail.com

1968 Earle Larry Earle Starwatcher AT 50aol.com
1968 Wagner David Wagner  dcbscjw AT gmail.com

1969 Elsberry Julie Lorig  jlorig AT hotmail.com
1969 Henry Marge Byers  byersmarge AT gmail.com
1969 Martin Dennis Martin dmartin AT trxinc.com 

1970 Alderson Jim Alderson sodie24 AT yahoo.com
1970 Crafton Vicki Alderson vsa908 AT comcast.net
1970 Johnson Ellen Johnson ejohnson AT alpinecom.net

1971 Bitterman Wendy Shea bsheas AT alpinecom.net
1971 Orr Bruce Orr bruceorr AT iowatelecom.net
1971 Pickett Elaine Mehn EMehn AT GospelRest.com
1971 M Ramsey James Ramsey jaramsey53 AT outlook.com

1972 Alderson Ann Brown  mommadawg AT hotmail.com
1972 DeSotel Wendy Linge wendylinge AT yahoo.com
1972 Jamieson Darrell Jamieson  darrelljamieson AT hotmail.com 
1972 Sieck Steve Sieck  dramata AT comcast.net
1973 Hendrix Sylvia Pauline Hall  sbhall_750 AT comcast.net
1973 Hofmeyer Rick Hofmeyer rhofmeyer AT hotmail.com
1973 Niles Janet Joyce Orr janetorr2455 AT yahoo.com
1973 Richards Vicki Meinecke  vicki.meinecke AT gmail.com
1973 Scheidel Marilyn Miller  millerstma AT comcast.net
1973 Streeter Jeanne VanGenderen   jeannevangenderen AT gmail.com
1974 Capell Greg Capell  gcapell AT ColoradoCollege.edu
1974 Conner Kathy Pruisner katiedid_76036 AT yahoo.com
1974 Conner Teresa Petsche tpetsche AT iowatelecom.net
1974 Goeken Debby Geoken dlgoeken AT aol.com
1974 Hardy Peggy Patters pelypat AT aol.com
1974 Nachtman JoAnn Nachtman  jonachtman AT gmail.com
1974 Sieck Kathy Traeger   traegerkathleen3 AT gmail.com
1974 Settje Roger Settje  rogersettje AT gmail.com 
1974 Traeger Ed Traeger   ed AT readlynsavingsbank.com
1974 Wenthe Wendy Novak wendyVnovak AT gmail.com

1975 Keding Nancy Riley nlriley00 AT gmail.com
1975 Manderfield Joyce Lennon  joyce.lennon1957 AT gmail.com
1975 Martin Debra Feddersen dmartin AT smumn.edu 
1975 Moore Jeff Moore beckym AT iowatelecom.net
1975 Rutt Susan Armstrong suea25 AT q.com

1976 Linge Marti Jensen  martijensen526 AT gmail.com

1977 Adams Paul Adams padams AT earthskyarchitecture.com
1977 Cooper Ann Ockert ockert AT ameritech.net
1977 Hubbell Julie Hubbell   juliehub AT mchsi.com

1979 Bentley Cindy Gilliland  Cindy.Gilliland AT yahoo.com  (tentative addition, 2023Feb22)
1978 Capell Georgia Surls gcapell AT aol.com
1978 Daniels Rick Daniels 4rickdaniels AT gmail.com

1978 Dennis Anna Dennis petiteandmighty2009 AT aol.com  (to remove, bouncing, 2023Feb22)
1978 Dickinson Ann Diamond  msdusty1960 AT hotmail.com
1978 Earle Larry Earle  starwatcher50 AT aol.com
1978 Kaune Lynn Kinne flk1222 AT gmail.com
1978 Manning Erin Manning  erin AT erinmanning.com
1978 Nihart Dean Nihart DJNihart AT aol.com
1978 Ungerer Connie Galloway pqtb46a AT aol.com  
1978 Wulfekuhle Steve Wulfekuhle swulfekuhle AT comcast.net

1979 Adams Fred Adams  fca AT umich.edu
1979 Capell Susan Jebson  susanjebson AT yahoo.com
1979 Evans Ronald Evans  Evans.denna AT gmail.com
1979 Moore Brian Moore  maddoggio1960 AT gmail.com
1979 Smith Maury Smith   maury_sm  AT hotmail.com
1979 Wenthe Ellen Post spost AT iowatelcom.net
1979 Weyant Rhonda Bradely SkeeterRB AT aol.com
1980 Lamphier Jaclyn Deffenbaugh  DuirRaven AT aol.com

1980 Longley Elizabeth Schreiber  elizschr AT aol.com
1980 Schenck Kim Schenck  kim.schenck AT gmail.com

1981 Garr Everett Garr  garr2 AT comcast.net
1981 Olson Dennis Olson  dennis AT visioninvestments.com
1981 Reinertson Elaine Schulmeister  esschulmeister AT yahoo.com
1981 Weyant Romona Grasso mgrasso81 AT hotmail.com
1981 Williams  Angie  Looney  angielooney AT hotmail.com
1981 Wilson Patsy McNaughton  mac_patsy AT hotmail.com

1982 Dumermuth Jeffery DumermuthJeff AT dumermuth.us
1982 McGee Barbara  Smith  barbara.smith AT comcast.net

1983 Adams Joyce Chase  jchase AT trx.net
1983 Pattison Darla Tuttle jdtuttle AT lavernia.net
1983 White Seth White seth.white100 AT gmail.com
1984 Murphy Patrick Murphy  pmurphy AT ia.ua.edu
1984 Tangen Meliassa Tangen tangenmk AT aol.com
1984 Williams Jill Williams  jwillia AT kirkwood.edu |
1985 Hennig Keith Hennig keithh AT charter.net
1985 Kimball Kathy Thomas  writeright7221 AT gmail.com
1985 White Matt White mwhite1034 AT aol.com


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