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FHS closed in 1984 and consolidated with the North High Hawks at West Union

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IN 2019:
...From Mona Weyant'81 Grasso & the All Cardinal Committee:
July 19-21, 2019,  "Fayette All Cardinal Weekend"
....Friday2019July19...will be a "Cardinal Social Hour" at the Downtown Lounge with complimentary appetizers From 5-7. Cocktail specials of choice available through the bar.

....Saturday2019July20, 10am & 1pm...Open Golf Outing at Big Rock Golf Course, at 10am & 1pm.  Draw for a partner if you need one.  Special rates for Cardinal Alum.

....Saturday2019July20, 3pm...Meet in front of the Downtown Lounge, for a Cardinal walk over to the Gymnasium for the All Cardinal Pep Rally---Steve Sieck (FHS1972) will perform the 'Last Cardinal Standing,' that he has written and recorded.

...Saturday2019July20, 4>6pm...Visit the 'Heaven Boutique Winery' (owned by Lisa Goodwin, dau. of Connie nee Rhode Halverson, FHS1956) located on Ivy Road (near the entrance to Volga State Park), for wine tasting and music by Addison Hass. 

...Saturday2019July20, 4pm...Beer Garden on Main.St (grass lot across from the Fayette Bank on the SE corner of Main/State).  Buy supper from Mons's Firepit Pub & Grill (Mona nee Weyant Grasso, FHS1981), set up at the Beer Garden (brisket sandwich and fixins.

....Saturday2019July20, 7:00-10pm ...Live music by the Hard Tellin, a classic rock band from Independence. 

Note:  In case of inclement weather, Mona's food will move into the Fir Station and Hard Tellin will play at the Downtown Lounge.

....I hope this will encourage you to attend this year! We are so excited to continue this tradition and if you would like to help with expenses we would REALLY appreciate it!!!   Mona Weyant'81 Grasso  mgrasso81@hotmail.com

Local Businesses:
...Fayette Sweets Bakery & Coffee on Main.St, open Sat. 7am>3pm.  Cardinal social 8-10am, Sat.
...Metzy's Deli, open 6am, inside 'The Pumper' on the NE corner of Water & Hwy150.
...Srubb's Street Eatery, open 11am>3pm & 5>8pm, on Main.St, owner Brandi Shrubb dau. of Susan nee Robb Woodson, FHS1968.
...Shiner's Bar & Grill, open Sat. at 11am, on Main.St.
...Downtown Pub & Primetime Grille, open Sat. at 11am, on Main.St, owner Tim (FHS1978) & Nancy nee Lutkenhaus Wulfekuhle.

IN 2018:
2018July21...All Cardinal Weekend:  Tim'78 & Nancy Wulfekuhle are organizing an All-Cardinal Weekend, the 3rd weekend in July.  Consider using that weekend for class gatherings and personal visits to the Fayette area.
...Sat evening (outside on the SE corner of Main/State, across from the Bank):
.....Beer Garden opens, 4-9pm ($10, includes food & entertainment)
.....'Bad Boys BBQ,' 5-7pm.
.....Music:  'Patchy Fog,' 5-9pm.
...Other possibilities: Some type of golf outing at Big Rock.  Gym open 3-4pm.  Visit UIU.  Ride/walk trails.
...Additional info will be kept updated on this page and the Cardinal 'Reunions' page.
NOTE:  Consider using the All-Cardinal Weekend 2019 (3rd weekend in July) for class gatherings/reunions or a Fayette visit.

FHS'58...Sat.2018Aug08, 60th Class Reunion in Cedar.Rapids.IA.  Contact:  Max.Gross'58.   On Saturday, '58 will be meeting at the Best Western Plus Longbranch Hotel and Conference Center at 6:00pm, 90 Twixt Town Road NE, Cedar.Rapids.IA 52402. 

IN 2017:
Tim'78 & Nancy Wulfekuhle organized an All-Cardinal Weekend, the 3rd weekend in July.

FHS'72...Sat.2017July15, 12pm:  The 1972 Class of FHS will have at Doug/Jan Kiel's farm, Fayette.IA. 
Facebook page:   https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=fhs%20%2772%20celebrating%2045%20in%20%2717

FHS'62...Sat.2017July15, 2pm:  The 1962 Class of FHS will be having a reunion gathering at Klock's Island.  The Class of 1962 is inviting FHS'61 & FHS'63, plus any and all Cardinal's to visit Fayette and Klock's Island on the July15th weekend.  Dayna.Dumermuth.Timmerman(Don), Mary.Sue.Manson.Burrack and Ron.Maxon are working on details.   Plan on attending, contact:  Dayna.Timmerman, 2329 Minnetonka Drive, Cedar Falls, IA  50613; email dtimmermanCF AT gmail.com

FHS'57...is 'pondering' arrangements for their 60th Reunion during 2017, to include inviting FHS '56&'58, having a lunch gathering rather than an evening meal with no special activities other than introductions.   Ideas/suggestions are requested.  Contact person will be Barabra.Reese'57.Schriever  bschriever AT imonmail.com  (last '57 update 2015July22).

IN 2016:
...Paul & Sharroll Fay Richards will be hosting the '56, 60th Class Reunion at their house on south Washington.St, Sat.2016June04.
FHS'61...likely will not hold a gathering in 2016.
FHS'66...Ed.Stearns & others are processing thoughts about having a 50yr reunion (last '66 update 2015Sept).
FHS'71...is requesting input for a weekend to hold their 45th Reunion, email  Ellen.Thomas.Meier  mintmaker47 AT yahoo.com  (last '71 update 2015July30).

The 2015 All Cardinal Weekend held at the Opera House ended, as attendance declined to the level of being un-sustainable.


Fayette Information and Facilities:

Fayette Iowa City page with area links:   http://www.fayetteia.com/

Boarders Inn & Suites in Fayette, at the 150/93 Intersection, 515 1/2 W. Water St.  Phone number,  563-425-0214. You can book online at  http://www.stayboulders.com/ , but Nancy prefers to talk to you. Boulders has a large group room available for gatherings.

RV facilities  for the All-Cardinal Weekend.  The Volga River Recreational Area (Volga Lake) and Klock's Island in Fayette will be open for RV's.  Both locations have restroom/shower/dumping facilities.  Klock's Island has as of 2008 a new shower facility and about a dozen spots with hookups at ten dollars a day, first come, first serve, no reservations.  A city employer will come around to collect each day.

Blimpies (NE corner of Hwy 150/93 intersection).

Evening establishments  available on Main Street
Downtown Lounge (old theater) and Primetime Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=49759304995
Shiners Bar and Grill Facebook page:    http://www.facebook.com/page/Shiners-Bar-Grill-Fayette-Iowa/119649008100277

Fayette Iowa Facebook page: 
Big Rock Country Club webpage &  Facebook page:  http://www.bigrockcountryclubgolf.com/

UIU Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/upperiowauniversity?sk=notes
Fayette Cardinals Facebook page:  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=112314972126201




1849--The Indian's are run off for good.  The 'White Tide' starts.
1850--Robert Alexander moved from the Wilcox cabin 2mi south & builds a 1st generation mill on the SE edge of 'Klock's Island.'
1851--Westfield village is beginning to form around the Alexander mill area.  Fayette does not exist, yet.

1851-52---The first school in the Fayette valley was a log, 12"x18', structure, in the woods to the SW of the Clark/Mechanic St intersection.
1857---The school was moved into the Seminary (College Hall, limestone main building) for a short period.
1859-67---The first brick grade school building constructed, on the SW corner of Clark and King Streets (the 'Grade School').
1881---The addition to the west side of the grade school was added (the 'platform' behind the Grade School).
1900---The first high school was occupied (and would be incorporated into the southern portion of the 1916 High School (addition).
1916---A new high school was built and moved into mid Feb 1917.
1917--The eighth grade moved to the High School building.
1920--Consolidation with area country schools.
1921--Sixth and seventh grades moved to the High School.  The remainder of the H. S. land was acquired.
1922---Bob Pond, a high school student wrote the school song, "Crimson Always Stands for Courage."
1934---May 15, early morning.  The west side of the old elementary school burned (the foundation/basement remained to form the 'platform').  It was said that Swede Wilson, living nearby, saved the rest of the building single handed,. Professor Morse (teacher & superintendent) was quite unhappy, as he wanted  a new building, so the story goes.  Loss set at $10k.
1946---The mascot was changed from "Little Peacocks" to "Cardinals", and the school song to "On Wisconsin."
1950-51---A 'new' gym was built to the south of the High School.  The old gym in the H.S. basement was used until the early 1940's, when the college gym would be used for games.  The old gym would become an auditorium.  Fourth & fifth grade classes would be moved into the two 'new' gym classrooms.
1984---Fayette High School closes and consolidates with North High in West Union.
1986---The High School is demolished during the winter and following spring.
1994---The first All-Cardinal Reunion started with classes of the late '50's and early '60's.
1999---The sixth annual All-Cardinal Gathering became the first all-class weekend, which would end in 2015.


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All of my direct surnames were very early pioneers into Fayette County entering northeast Iowa in the 1850's. Growing up in Fayette and trekking the hills, prairies, streams throughout the county when the small villages and farms were so active and functional before the 1960's, the now lost history and memories of the pioneer generations and lifestyles from 1840-1960 continue to hold my interests.  The Cardinal pages are a part of that history and genealogy work. If you are working on Fayette Co, Iowa genealogy, I have many resources stored or run onto the photo site, to include burial listings, old plat maps, histories, pics, ideas, etc.
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