Fayette County Iowa History
1878 & 1910

1878 History of Fayette County Iowa
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Fitch's 1910 History of Fayette County Iowa
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Fitch's 1910 History of Fayette Co, Iowa
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Iowa Antiquities 25
Outline Sketch of Iowa History 38
Organization and Settlement of Fayette Co 68
Pioneer Reminiscences 93
Pioneer Homes, Amusements and Recreations 109
Court Houses, Jail and Poor Farm 115
German-American Citizens and Other Foreign Settlers 127
Public Utilities 133
Lawyers 144
The Press 152
The Medical Profession 162
Official Honors--Roster of County Officers 172
War of the Rebellion 181
Educational History 261
Churches  281
Freemasonry 313
Development of Agriculture and Stock Raising  322

Early Courthouse 1870's


Auburn 335
Banks 242
Bethel 347
Center 351
Clermont 357
Dover 367
Eden 373
Fairfield 383
Fremont 393
Harlan 399
Illyria 404
Jefferson 417
Oran 427
Pleasant Valley 431
Putnam 441
Scott 445
Smithfield 449
Union & West Union village 453
Westfield & Fayette village 489
Windsor 501
Misc Items 513
Outdoor Art in Development of a New Co 558
Biographies 565 to the end of the book, use the pdf index to review names.

Present Courthouse 1930's


The Wilcox Cabin
is credited as the first permanent cabin/farmstead site in Fayette Co, Iowa,
with a line of about two miles along the Mission Trail being significant
in the history of the early white settlement in the area.

A double lob cabin, two joined with a roofed open area was built at this location.

Viewed from a mile south, the Wilcox cabin was at the tree line on the far right. 
The Mission Trail ran on the edge of hill country on its way from the Dubuque area to Ft. Atkinson
 the trail attracted most of the first settlers moving into the area along the southern route.
A few other cabins were built along the hill line in the distance,
thus it would become referred too as  the Wilcox Settlement through the 1840's. 
Numerous early travelers into Fayette Co. stopped for awhile at the Wilcox Settlement. 


Basically this is a view looking eastward through the Wilcox Settlement,
with the Wilcox cabin site being over the hill, where the trees start on the left side.
There was an early cabin site at the farmstead seen on the right,
and one in the tree area on the right, with others back to the west.
Probably at any one time there was never more than a half dozen cabins
in the Wilcox Settlement area.

The Wilcox cabin was on the north edge of the Mission Trail and just to the west of
a clear water steam draining the tall/wet grass prairie country to the south of the the hills.

The Wilcox Cabin and Settlement was to the the left/west of the the prairie stream
which emptied into the Volga River about a mile northward.  Early settlers and Indian
often camped and took shelter along the stream bank clearing on the left.


Looking from the Wilcox Cabin site to the south the view is along the prairie stream
and slough/wet grass prairie habitat.



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