Love Cemetery burial ground is the area of the trees in the pasture land.  The markers were dozed decades ago into the gulley on the right of the photo.  The view is from the steep hill to the east of the cemetery.  The Love home was just across the waterway and up on the bench overlooking the Salt River Valley to the left/south, with the farmstead along the waterway valley.   A major field area was on the Salt River bottoms at the left/south side of the photo.  Love Station and other major fields were over the steep hill to the east/back of the photo and on the Mississippi River bottoms.  The remainder of the farm was to the north/right, consisting of steep hill timber and pasture.  The Cemetery was more than just an immediate family cemetery and must have  contained burials of both kin and valued neighbors.  Judging by the size of the bases and marker pieces found in the gulley Love Cemetery contained numerous burials with large marble markers.  Anyone with burial, family or 'neighborhood' information to add either to the Love web page or photo site is welcome.

Love Cemetery GPS reading:  N39deg, 31.073min; W091deg, 08.753min, to 14ft, elev 551ft.

Love Cemetery was relocated in the Sept 2006 and photo surveyed in Mar 2007.  No records or notes on burials have been located to date other than Mike Weaver's mentioning in his 1970+/- notes, that Love Cemetery had been 'destroyed.'  Pictures of the visits to the Love Cem, Love Station, Love Farm are found in albums/folders in the Pike Co, MO folder at  Iowaz Photo Hosting Site   Other photo albums in the Salt River Twp area, as Taylor Chapel, Watters Cem, DuPont Plant, Munday Landing, Busch/Tompkins Station, etc.,  may contain area and habitat pics similar to the Love area.



View up the gulley where the markers were pushed from Love Cemetery at the right of the photo.  The visible surface of the burial ground and gulley was searched.  Photos are in the Love Cemetery folder on the photo hosting site.  The ground was not probed for buried/hidden markers, but certainly there are numerous fragments in the eroded mud/soil of the gulley area. 

Markers fragments located in the gulley area northward and adjacent to the burial ground,  where they had been dozed decades ago to make room for a small amount of extra pasture  and/or to stop visitors to the cemetery area.  Anyone with burial info/speculations, please post.

James Love Child, fragment, James is the original pioneer to the Love farm.
Nancy A. Tompkins, b. Nov 5, 1846, d. Feb 1, 1887, wife of George C.
Unknown Tompkins, b. 1842.
Martha Caldwell, b. Apr. 4, wife of R. (or B.) Caldwell.
G.?.T. Footstone.
Military, Co. B., 1st MO. S. M. Inf.
Wife of Edward H. Hall (not sure of this surname?), b. July 8, 1826, d. Oct 14, 1862.
Several fieldstone.
Several bases.
One large marble spire, too deep to dig out with a hand pick.


This large marker was the only one found that was not exposed for inspection as only a hand pick was taken on this trip and time/energy had been expended.  It is evident viewing this area that a lot of dirt was also pushed around and over markers, thus it is hard telling how many are buried deeply in the gulley wall.


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Overview of the Love Farm and Love Station.

Hugh Love was born Sept. 15, 1812,  in South Carolina.  He was seven when his parents came to Missouri.  His parents James and Mary Donnahue Love were born in Ireland.  They came from Ireland in the early 1800's and settled in York Co, South Carolina.  In 1819 they left South Carolina and settled on Noix Creek just to the SW of Louisiana, Missouri in 1819.  Noix Creek runs SW to NE, emptying into the Mississippi River at Louisiana.  About 1828,  James Love bought a rather large tract of land in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, Missouri, the Love Farm, with the farmstead located T55N, R2W, Sec 29, the NW 1/4 of the NE 1/4 of the NE 1/4.   It is stated in the 1883 History of Pike Co, that James with his son's built the Love farmstead and cleared farm fields and pastures.  However this could not be correct if his death date of 1828 is valid.  James is reported to have died Oct 10, 1828, which would have been shortly after coming to the Love Farm, which would mean his sons would have taken over the farm development.  James' wife Mary would die Jan. 1847.  James and Mary Love's eleven children that would be raised on the Love Farm.  One can assume James and Mary were buried in Love Cemetery.

1875 Plat of the Love Cemetery and Farm Area
Plats for 1875, 1899, 1916, 1924, 1930, 1961 are at the bottom of the page.

The Love farmstead was on the upland bench on the north side of the Salt River Valley but would spread to over 700 acres around and adjacent to the farmstead location.  His upland farm was at the very point where the Salt River Valley met the Mississippi River Valley.  To the east was the Mississippi Valley, to the south the Salt River Valley.  Love Knoll was a tall peak with a small area at the intersection of the two River Valleys.  The Love farmstead was down the hill to the west of the Knoll, with the Love Cemetery between.  Over the very steep River Valley hill to the west of the Knoll and a tad south would be the location of Love Station.  Love Station would become a stop on the railroad when it came down the west side of the Mississippi River.  Likewise, three mils to the north in the next major valley area, Ashburn Station would locate.  Love Station was on the west side of the tracks and nestled right up next to the hillside a narrow bench of land elevated about the flooding of the Mississippi River.  Both the Mississippi and Salt River basins were natural slough and bottom land timber, where fields, pasturing, timbering increasingly occur through time. 

Hugh Love would take over the family farm.  Hugh was seven when the family removed from South Carolina to Missouri, and sixteen when his father James bought the Love Farm.  In 1851, at the age of 39, Hugh Love married Martha Schroggins, daughter of Lorenzo Schroggins of South Carolina.  Martha Schroggins (Scoggins, Scroggins) Love died in 1866, leaving four children; James D., Mary, Hugh, Mattie B.  After Martha's death, Hugh Love married widow Mrs. Sarah C. Willard.  Sarah had four children by her first marriage; Nancy C., William W., Mattie May and Norie A.  Hugh and Sarah Love would have one son of their own, Robert Love.  Hugh Love, b. 1812 in SC, died 1897, assumingly on the family farm, and was buried in Love Cemetery.  Sometime after Love Cemetery was destroyed, family members located the heavy marble marker top and relocated it to Taylor Chapel, setting marker on a cement base just inside the gate.  Pictures and information on Taylor Chapel are located in the Pike Co album on the photo hosting site.  Hugh Love's marker shows the marks the mechanical destruction Love Cemetery.  The marker took a lot of force before breaking away from its original base, and gouge marks are evident across the face of the marker.

Hugh Love was initially buried in Love Cemetery.  The marker was located
and set on a cement base just inside the gate of Taylor Chapel Cemetery.
Mechanical gouges can be seen on the surface and the base shows the
breakage from the original base required major force of a dozer.

Hugh Love's farm expanded to both the south and east of the farmstead onto the bottom lands, ending up to over 700 acres of low and high bottom land, as well as upland timber and pasture.  The farm was capable of producing a wide variety of livestock, grains and produce to include orchard crops and an extensive vineyard.  The farmstead home was a large two story frame house on the bench across the N/S creek run, and to the west of the Love Cemetery, high enough to command a view of the Salt River Valley. For some decades there were no maintained roads into Love Station, Ashburn, nor along the River's edge, only oxen and house trails.  The rails were completed from Hannibal to St. Louis in 1877, so after this time depot/station areas were established to ship farm products, including Ashburn Station and Love Station.  Love Station would have a depot, shipping area, post office, merchant, smith, etc. Typical of any pioneer neighborhood 'settlement' in the early decades.  Love Station would also be known simply as 'Loves.'  In the early 1900's river levee construction started and shortly Loves Station became known as Riverland.  The 'community' continued into the mid-decades of the 1900's, offering a shipping point, depot service, supplying fuel, grinding grain, postal service, mechanical needs, mercantile supplies.  One can still find structure remnants along the hill edge, in the brush to the west of the tracks/road.   Today the Love Station ground is used as a deer camp for 'city folks,' a dump for deer carcasses or rabbit fur, a dump for local trash, but mainly just left undisturbed, the history not understood and basically lost in time.  Albums of photos of Love Station from a distance, the depot area and the 'grounds' area are in albums on the photo hosting site.

Steamboats were not moving on the Mississippi River until the late 1830ís and not very common until about 1850. The early settlers along the River, however often traveled by small boats. As the steamboats began to travel and stop at landings all along the River, farmers, craftsman, merchants, sawyers, etc. had access to larger population markers. Trains would not come to Salt River Twp area until the 1870ís. By the late 1850ís the Hannibal-St. Joseph Railroad was the first to cross Missouri and the St. Louis to Kansas City Route would soon follow. The Rails between Hannibal and St. Louis, however, were not completed until 1877 by the St. Louis, Keokuk and Northwestern Railroad. Ashburn became known as Ashburn Station as the trains ran through town. A rail repair station was maintained at Ashburn with tracks and ties stored nearby. There would be a spur line down to Munday Landing at the River, where Steamboats stopped. Many of the Ashburn and Love area residences worked on the railroad maintaining tracks or working on the trains.


Maps of the Love Cemetery, Station, Farm Area
Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
1875, 1899, 1916, 1924, 1930, 1961

1875 Overview of Salt River Twp, Pike Co, Missouri

1875 Plat of the Love Cemetery and Farm Area

1899 Overview of Salt River Twp, Pike Co, Missouri

1899 Plat of the Love Farm, Cemetery, Station Area, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO

1824 Plat of the Ashburn to Love (Riverland) Station Area, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO

1924 Plat of the Ashburn to Riverland Station Area, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO

1930 Plat of the Riverland Station Area, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO

1961 Plat of the Ashburn to Riverland Station Area, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO


Basic Love Genealogy
from a World Connect file

Descendants of Andrew Love
1 LOVE, Andrew b: in Ireland d: Abt. 1805 in Missouri?
2 LOVE, Mary b: 15 Mar 1759 in Ireland
2 LOVE, Isabella b: 03 May 1761 in Ireland
2 LOVE, Matthew b: 27 Aug 1763 in Ireland
2 LOVE, James b: 07 Feb 1765 in Ireland d: 10 Oct 1828 in Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO Burial: Love Cem, Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO.
... +DONNAHUE, Mary b: Abt. 1771 in Ireland d: Jan 1847 in Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO Burial: Love Cem, Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO. m: Abt. 1790 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Samuel b: 14 Oct 1791 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Andrew b: 03 Mar 1794 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Sarah b: 28 Jan 1796 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, James b: 01 Mar 1798 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Elinor b: 04 Jun 1800 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, William b: 31 May 1802 in York Co, SC d: in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
..... +SCOGGIN, Polly m: Bef. 1832 in York Co, SC
... 4 LOVE, James b: 26 Dec 1830 in York Co, SC
....... +MYERS, Elizabeth b: Abt. 1837 in ,,Ohio m: 02 Nov 1854
..... 5 LOVE, James P.
..... 5 LOVE, Eoline Eudroa
......... +HOCHENS, Chas
..... 5 LOVE, William M. b: Abt. 1858
......... +SMITH, Lena
..... 5 LOVE, Steve u. b: Abt. 1862
......... +O'HARA, Annie
..... 5 LOVE, Archibald b: Abt. 1867
. *2nd Wife of LOVE, William:
..... +EOFF, Elizabeth Jane b: Abt. 1817 in St. L. Co, MO d: Aft. 1860 m: 12 Jul 1838 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
... 4 LOVE, Jesse Walker b: 13 Jul 1839 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO d: 11 Aug 1917 in Clarksville, Pike Co, MO Burial: 12 Aug 1917 Greenwood Cem, Clarksville, Pike Co, MO
....... +COSSEY, Margaret b: Jan 1842 in ,,,MO d: 15 May 1904 in ,Clarksville, Pike Co, MO Burial: 23 May 1904 Greenwood Cem, Clarksville, Pike Co, MO m: 08 Jul 1858 in ,,Pike Co, MO
..... 5 LOVE, Sarah E b: 17 Apr 1859 in ,,,MO d: 25 Jan 1928 in Saverton, Ralls Co, MO Burial: 27 Jan 1928 Saverton Cem, Saverton, Ralls Co, MO
......... +BUFFORD, Thomas b: 04 Jun 1873 in Paris, TX d: 11 Nov 1958 in Hannibal, MO Burial: Grand View Burial Park, Hannibal, Mo
..... *2nd Husband of LOVE, Sarah E:
......... +TAYLOR, Charles H b: Jun 1848 in ,Saverton Twsp, Ralls Co, MO d: Aft. 1905 m: 30 Mar 1875 in ,,Pike Co, MO
...... 6 TAYLOR, Lillie May b: Abt. Apr 1875 in \\, MO d: 17 May 1937 in Orting, Washington Burial: 20 May 1937 Orting Cem., Orting, Washington
.......... +TRIPP, Frank b: 1869 in ,,Canada d: 1954 Burial: Orting Cem., Orting, Washington
...... 6 TAYLOR, Jessie M. b: Abt. Dec 1876 in ,,,MO d: 30 Dec 1959 in Chicago, Il Burial: 02 Jan 1960 Mt. Emblem Cem., Elmhurst, IL
.......... +BOURGEOIS, Ferdinand b: Abt. 1875 in ,,France d: 28 Jan 1929 in Norwood Park, Cook Co. IL Burial: 30 Jan 1929 Evergreen or Elmwood Cemetery?, Cook Co., IL
...... 6 TAYLOR, Tyra Sandusky b: 17 Jul 1882 in Saverton, Ralls Co, MO d: 06 Dec 1925 in Joplin, Jasper Co, MO Burial: 08 Dec 1925 Forest Pk Cem, Joplin, MO
.......... +LEBEAN, Laura m: 15 Sep 1903 in Hannibal, Marion Co., MO
...... *2nd Wife of TAYLOR, Tyra Sandusky:
.......... +MARRS, Lula May b: 07 Feb 1894 in Granby, Newton Co, MO d: 24 Feb 1918 in Joplin, Jasper Co, MO Burial: 26 Feb 1918 Fairview Cem, Joplin, MO m: 29 Jun 1910 in Joplin, Jasper Co., MO
...... *3rd Wife of TAYLOR, Tyra Sandusky:
.......... +FINCH, Pearl m: 10 Dec 1912 in ,Joplin, Jasper Co, MO
...... *4th Wife of TAYLOR, Tyra Sandusky:
.......... +BARNES, Ursel b: Abt. 1891 in ,,,MO m: 04 Jan 1920 in ,Joplin, MO
...... 6 TAYLOR, Grover Cleveland b: 27 Jan 1884 in Saverton, Ralls Co., MO d: 21 Jan 1949 in Hannibal, MO Burial: Grand View Burial Park, Hannibal, Mo
.......... +BRASSFIELD, Essie Cordelia b: 10 Nov 1884 d: 26 Feb 1979 Burial: Grand View Burial Park, Hannibal, Mo m: 03 Feb 1907 in Ralls Co., Mo
..... 5 LOVE, Jim b: Abt. 1861 in ,,,MO
..... 5 LOVE, Mary Dora b: 26 Apr 1876 in Salt River Twsp, Pike Co. , MO d: 15 Jul 1955 in Louisiana, Pike Co., Mo Burial: 17 Jul 1955 Greenville Cem., Clarksville, Mo
......... +HENDERSON, Major Walter b: Abt. 1873 m: 17 Jul 1892 in Henderson, KY
...... 6 HENDERSON, Bensa L. b: Abt. 1894 d: 1949
...... 6 HENDERSON, Cecil W. b: Abt. 1898
...... 6 HENDERSON, Jesse W. b: Abt. 1904
..... 5 LOVE, Daisy Dora b: Abt. 1882
......... +HALTON, E.D.
..... *2nd Husband of LOVE, Daisy Dora:
......... +BUFFORD, Claud F. b: 28 Oct 1867 d: 17 Oct 1919 in Paynesville, Mo Burial: 18 Oct 1919 Greenwood Cem., Clarksville, MO m: Sep 1896
...... 6 BUFFORD, Walter G.
... 4 LOVE, Isaac b: 1843 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
... 4 LOVE, Joseph b: 1845 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
... 4 LOVE, William D b: 1846 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO
... 4 LOVE, Marion b: 11 Apr 1850 in Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO d: 26 Sep 1916 in Pike Co, MO Burial: Grassy Creek Cem, Pike Co, MO
....... +WHEELER, Elizabeth b: Abt. 1851 d: May 1872 Burial: ,KS m: 1872
... *2nd Wife of LOVE, Marion:
....... +SMITH, Laura L. b: 30 Jun 1867 in Casey Co, KY d: 28 Aug 1946 in Hannibal, Marion Co, MO m: 28 Feb 1883 in MO Father: James A. SMITH Mother: Mary E. TAYLOR
..... 5 LOVE, Lula Myrtel b: 01 Nov 1890 in Jamestown, KY d: 27 Jan 1967 in Paris, Monroe Co, MO
......... +OSBORNE, William Edward b: 16 Feb 1880 in Lewis Co, MO m: 25 Jan 1916 in MO
. 3 LOVE, Robert b: 03 Jan 1804 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, John b: 20 Dec 1807 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Mary b: 05 Jul 1809 in York Co, SC
. 3 LOVE, Hugh b: 15 Sep 1812 in York Co, SC d: 1897 in Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO Burial: Love Cem, Love Farm, Salt River Twp, Pike Co, MO.
..... +WILLARD, Sarah C.
... 4 LOVE, Robert b: 1880
. *2nd Wife of LOVE, Hugh:
..... +SCROGGINS, Martha m: 1851
... 4 LOVE, James D.
..... 5 LOVE, Haley b: Abt. 1877
..... 5 LOVE, Cecil b: Abt. 1882
... 4 LOVE, Mary
... 4 LOVE, Hugh
... 4 LOVE, Mattie B.
. 3 LOVE, Joseph b: 1814 in York Co, SC
2 LOVE, Robert b: 03 Jul 1766 in Ireland
2 LOVE, William b: 03 Oct 1770 in Ireland d: Abt. 1854 in York Co, SC
... +UNKNOWN, Martha Elizabeth b: Abt. 1780 in At sea from Irleand to America. d: 1850 in York Co, SC m: 13 Nov 1807
2 LOVE, Andrew b: 29 Apr 1773 in Ireland
2 LOVE, Samuel b: 17 Nov 1775 in Ireland
... +DONAHUE, Isabella
2 LOVE, Elizabeth b: 27 Feb 1777 in Ireland
2 LOVE, John b: 07 Mar 1779 in Ireland d: 1818
2 LOVE, Sarah b: 25 Aug 1782 in Ireland d: 06 Nov 1853 in Youk Co, SC
... +LOVE, William b: 17 Sep 1778 m: 01 Dec 1801

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