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Fayette County Iowa
brief early history, census listings, burial listing, plat maps
Name analogs:  Poor Farm,  Poor House, County Farm & Asylum,  County Hospital, County Home, County Farm
Most recent:  Prairie View Care Facility (contracted, grounds remain under county ownership).


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Fayette Iowa County Farm
(noted added too and edited out of the 1878 & 1910 Histories of Fayette.Co.IA)
...1850-1865...Orphans were found out to families wherever possible, aged without without family care were boarded in respective townships, both at the expense of the county.
...1863...The number of people becoming County charges and the expense increased to the point of a Committee on the Poor, consisting of P.Dowse, D.Perrin & J.H.Ross being appointed to look into a cheaper way of boarding poor, insane, indigent aged.  June 3, 1863, this group recommended providing a County Poor House and Farm rather than boarding to families in the county.
...1864, June 7...The Poor House committee of D.G. Goodrich, E.Z.Stowe & Hiram B. Hoyt recommended and a resolution adopted by the County Supervisors (one member from each of the 20 townships) to spend up to $2000 to purchase a 'suitable farm' for the use as a County Poor Farm.
...1864, Sept 5...The Poor House committee of D.G. Goodrich & C.R.Bent, reported they had purchased the William Morras (Morris) Farm of 142.5a, the S1/2 of SW 1/4, sec 9, plus the N1/2 of NW 1/4 of NW1/4, sec 16, T93N, R7W, Illyria.Twp for the sum of $2000 to be used as the Fayette County Poor Farm, with possession on the 1864 Oct 1. 
...1864, Sep... $2000 was appropriated by the County, but with only a thousand plus spent to stock the farm with grain, provisions, furniture, implements, tools, etc.
...1864, Nov 15...Mr. & Mrs. Lewis M. Allen were employed by the Committee as Stewards of the Poor Farm at $500/yr plus used of the house and board.  A Poor Farm was ready to receive boarders for the first time in County history.  The Allen's lived in the frame house on the premises, while the inmates were assigned quarters in the log cabin which was the first house on the farmstead.
...1865...During the year 21 paupers were cared for.
...1866...About this time Lewis Allen died but his wife and inmates kept the farm going.
...1867...Rev. & Mrs. Wm Moore, early Illyria.Twp pioneers became Steward of the farm. 
...1868...The Illyria Twp. Poor Farm was becoming inadequate to meet demands. 
...1868, June 11...Major D.B.Herriman, Illryia Twp trustee, bought the Poor Farm for $2000, with Supervisors putting the funds toward another Poor Farm purchase.  Herriman sold the farm immediately to Joseph Holsworth.  James & Rachel Wilson, then Lewis Hunsberger would own the farm before 1910.
...1868, June...The County Board purchased three tracts of land totally 283.2a for $2214.92,  in the NW corner of Westfield.Twp, all in T93N, R8W.   The E1/2 of NW1/4, sec 6, of 181.2a, at $5.50/a; plus the W1/4 of NW1/4, sec 15, of 10a, at $20/a; plus the W front 1/2 of NW1/4, sec 6, of 80a, at $6/a.  There were no buildings on this last, however some of it has been 'improved' for cultivation (cleared of trees/brush and opened/plowed for the first time).  A 30x40 frame barn was started.
...1868-1869...William Moore was hired as Steward of the Poor Farm.  Moore moved inmates, his own family and old Poor Farm movable property into the unfinished barn.
...1869 Jun 11...The Poor Farm barn was reported finished at a cost of $1426.36. 
...1870 Jan...The Poor Farm house was reported finished at a cost of $2400.
...1878...The Poor Farm had 26 'inmates' with A.Teats as Steward.
...1880...Census, 'inmates' enumerated.
...1885...Census, 'inmates' enumerated.
...1890's...The demands on the Poor Farm were increasing with the population growth and care needed.  Also the incurable insane could apparently be cared for within the County at less expense than in the State asylums such as at Independence.IA.
...1898 Apr 8...Supervisors submitted on the election ballot the building of a new County Poor House and Insane Ward, estimating the cost at $15,000, and proposing a 1mill tax for 1899-1901.
...1898 Nov...The building of a new Poor House passed with a 'wholesome' majority.
...1898 Nov...A large, two story, brick building was started with the external appearance and internal structure/equipment of public institutions of the time.  The insane ward was modeled after the larger hospital to minimize dangers and increase convenience of use.
...1900..Although housing the insane, indigent, terminally ill, the Poor Farm acted as a county hospital before there was a hospital in West Union or Oelwein.  One of the main objectives of the Poor Farm had always been to operate as a farm with crops, stock produce to consume and market.
...1900..Census, 'inmates' enumerated.
...1904...Besides permanent inmates, township trustees assigned partial support of Poor Farm services at the homes of some county residents.  The expense for all Poor Farm services was $12,308 in 1904, the highest in the 1898-1910 period.
...1906...The total expense was $4822, the smallest in the 1898-1910 period. 
...1908...Total acreage was now 280a.  Appraised value of the Poor Farm land and building was $45,000;  with personal property of stock, poultry, grain, hay, vegetables, machinery, harness, robes, household goods, furniture, kitchen utensils, beds, bedding, clothing, misc. at $9385.
...1908-1909...Average poor & insane  inmates per month was abt 48.  Seven died, of which five were insane.  Sale of farm products totaled $1961.32.  Spend during the year was $1880.32.  Mr. & Mrs. A.E.Smith were steward/matron for $800.
...1910...Census, 'inmates' enumerated.
...1910 Feb 17...A static steam engine installation was completed at a cost of $1184.23 to produce electric power and run a steam/water heating system.
...1910...Average total expense for Poor Farm services from 1899-1910 was $7475.
...1910...The name became County  Farm and Asylum, with the trend and mandates to eliminate the use of the Poor Farm name.
...1910, after...The name County Farm would be most commonly utilized around the County.
...1922...Mrs. C.J.Wells was superintendent and matron of the County Farm, which had grown to 458a.


Census: 1880, 1885, 1900, 1910, 1920, 1930, 1940.

Census 1880, Fayette County 'Poor Farm'
Teets/Teats, Andrew, b.1819/PA, farm manager and stewart.
Teets, Olive, b.1838/NY, wife, house manager (would be a second wife)
Teets, Sarah, b.1856/IA, dau, single.
Teets, George, b.1861/IA, g/son, single.
Teets, Andy, b.1867/IA, g/son.
Teets, Carrie, b.1868/IA, g/dau.
Underwood, Murtie, b.1872/IA, adopted g/dau.
Underwood, Albert, b.1874/IA, adopted g/son.
Foley, Michael, b.1853/Ireland, farm hand, single.
Held, Dora, b.1853/Hanover.Ger, house servant, single.
Lyons, Rachel, b.1847/IL, house servant, married.
Inmates listed as enumerated in 1880:
Ross, Elsina, b.1811/PA, widowed.
Cannon, Mary, b.1780/Ireland, widowed.
Backus, Mary, b.1853/NY, single.
Bent, Sylvia, b.1813/NH, single.
Wilber, Rachel, b.1835/PA, widowed.
Norton, Julia, b.1801/NY, single.
Smith, Lizzie, b.1850/IA, single.
Kensell, Maria, b.1841/NY, married.
Reed, Maria, b.1811/NY, married.
Grant, Elmira, b.1812/?, widowed.
Biggins, Bridget, b.1804/Ireland, widowed.
Nichols, Jane, b.1830/Ireland, widowed.
Kellogg, Julia, b.1812/VT, married.
Darlin, Harriet, b.1844/IA?, widowed.
Hagerman, Maria, b.1790/PA, widowed.
Rimmer, Charity, b.1811/Ireland, married.
Wilber, Isaac, b.1825/NY, single.
Ryen, William, b.1792/Ireland, widower.
McKee, James, b.1843/IN, single.
Welcott, Freeman, b.1827/NY, widower.
Kellerd, John, b.1794/Ireland, widower.
Foster, John, b.1813/England, widower.
Begami, Adam, b.1800/Purssia, single.
Rimer, Hugh, b.1801/England, married.
Fisgerald, Morris,  b.1804/Ireland, single.
Reed, Andrew, b.1815/NY, married.
Buffington, Wm, b.1855/IA, single.
McCue, Edward, b.1832/Ireland, married.
Bilings, Jacob, b.1844/OH, single.
Spurr, Barnard, b.1813/NY, married.
Kellogg, George, b.1866/IA.
Rates, Barney, b.1852/Prussia, single.
Rates, Peter, b.1820/Prussia, single.
Bower, Conrad, b.1852/Prussia, widower.
Pranger, Chas., b.1845/Germany, widower.
Eckard, John, b.1835/Prussia, widower.
Driscoll, Jerry, b.1857/IA, single.
Clark, John, b.1859/WI, single.

Census 1885, Fayette County 'Poor Farm'
Gleason, Edward, b.1832/NY, manager of Poor Farm.
Gleason, Augusta M., b.1839/NY, house manager.
Gleason, Frank E., b.1872/NY, son
Clinton, Thomas, b.1860/Buchanan.Co.IA, single, farm workman.
Sullivan, Lena, b.1866/NY, single, house worker.
Listed as enumerated in 1885,  'Pauper'
Chick, Hattie, b.1834/Canada, single.
Jennings, Mary P, b.1864/Fayette.Co.IA, widowed.
Cary, Sarah, b.1853/IL, widowed.
Nicholas, Mary J., b.1840/Floyd.Co.IA? (pretty early for Floyd.Co), widowed.
Buffington, Eliza, b.1835/TN, widowed.
Smith, Lizzie, b.1858/Fay.Co.IA, widowed.
Buffington, William, b.1849/Alamakee.Co.IA, married.
Reed Addie M., b.1811/NY, widowed.
Clark, Caroline, b.1828/CT, widowed.
Biggins, Bridget, b.1805/Ireland, widowed.
Cain, Mary A., b.1814/NY, widowed.
Cary, Mary, b.1840/IL, widowed.
Knowlton, Julia, b.1799/NH, single.
Grant, Almira, b.1820/Fay.Co.IA, widowed.
Rimmer, Hugh, b.1801/Eng, single.
Rimmer, Charity, b.1811/Ireland, widowed.
Kellerd, John, b.1795/Ireland, widowed.
Sawyer, Albert, b.1807/NH, widowed.
Cock, Theodare L., b.1849/PA, single.
Kellogg, William, b.1801/VT, single.
Stauts, Martin, b.1810/NY, single.
Mosgrove, Thomas F.,  b.1812/Ireland, single.
Wilber (Wilbur), Isaac, b.1826/NY, single.
Woolcot, Framan, b.1810/NY, single.
McCue, Edward, b.1830/Ireland, single.
Lockwood, Eugene, b.1856/Fay.Co.IA, single.
McGee, James M., b.1851/OH, single.
Fitzjerald, Morris, b.1797/Ireland, single.
Skinner, David, b.1805/VA, single.
Prescott, Alex, b.1869/England, single.
Smith, Jacob, b.1813/Germany, single.
Wilbur, Rafhael, b.1833/PA, sinigle.
Taylar (Taylor), James, b.1865/PA, single.
Fathergill, Russell,  b.1840/Fay.Co.IA, single.

Census 1900, Fayette County Farm:
Stewart, Eugene, b.Nov1867/IA, farm manager.
Steward, Ella F, wife married 1896, b.Aug1871.
Jacobson, Minnie, b.Jan1873/IL, house servant.
Orbell, Fred, b.Nov1866/NY, farm laborer.
Inmates listed as enumerated in 1900:
Grant, Almira, b.?/?, widowed, married 1899, 1ch/1living.
Smith, Lizzie, b.Feb1858/IA, single.
Coleman, Eliza, b.?/Ger.
Cook, William, b.?/?, widowed.
Vazlor, Sariah, b/?/?
Chick, Hattie, b.Apr1835, single.
Lockwood, Eugene, b. May1859, single.
Clark, Nancy, b.Nov1861/IA, single.
Rice, J.H., b.Sep1824/Ger, widowed.
Cook, Kate, b.?/Ger.
Hoover, Unknown, female, b.?/?
Scoville, Lenther, b.1828
Stangeland, Elizabeth, b.Jul1852/IA, widowed.
Strangeland, Rozeta, b.Apr1891/IA.
Searles, Carl, b.Jan1923/NY, single.
Smith, Henry, b.1837/?.
Wagerman, Rebeka, b.May1820/?, single.
Cousins, James, b.Aug1882/IA, single.
Wait, Mary E., b.Mar1829/?, widowed.
Wilber, Rachel, b.Aug1821/?, widowed.
Lean(Learn), Levi, b.Dec1815/?
Chisler, Paul, b.May1817/?, widowed.
Kerr, Norman, b.1870/?, single.
Ron(Ross), Jasper(Jap), b.Jan1832/OH, single.
Taylor, James, b.May1865/IA, single.
Wichery, Benarde, b.1842/Sweden, single.
Baily(Bailey), George, b.Nov1816, married.
Dooley, Brigett, b.1829/Ireland, single.
Pauler, O.E., b.1819/?, male, married.
Way, William, b.Apr1810/?, widowed.
Roman, Dave, b.Jul1807/?, married.
Simon, George, b.1828/?, married.
Groth, Frank, b.Jun1846/?, married.
Lockwood, E.P. b.?/?, male.
Munson, John, b.Jan1814/Germany.

Census 1910, Fayette County Farm:
Smith, Adelbert E., 1876/IA, married, Fayette County Home manager.
Smith, Myrtle O., 1880/IA, married, Fayette County Home matron.
Few, Frank J., 1880/MD, single, Fayette County Home farm hand.
Veolchaw, Lena M., 1888/IA, single, Fayette County Home nurse attendant.
Ford, Elisa, 1885/IA, Fayette County Home servant/worker.
Velochaw, Emma M.,  1884/IA, Fayette County Home cook.
Inmates listed as enumerated in 1910, listed inmates:
O'Reilly, Patrick, 1824/Ireland, single, immigrated 1849.
Nelson, Carl N., ?/Norway, widowed, immigrated 1866
Womelsdorf, William, 1836/Ger, widowed, immigrated 1857
West, John A., 1828/PA, widowed.
Palmer, Joseph H., 1829/VT, single.
Steiner, Samuel, 1840, single, Switz, immigrated 1882.
O'Connor, William, ?/Ireland, single, immigrated 1870.
Hobart, William, 1866/MI, single.
Robbins, Artie G., ?/IA, single.
Buffington, William M., ?/IA, single.
Kerr, Norman, ?/IA, single.
Allen, Harry H., 1872/IA, single.
Taylor, Arter E., 1878/IA, single.
VanKerken, Joseph P., 1843/NY, single.
Morse, Lydia L., 1838/OH, single.
Clark, Nancy L., 1866/IA, single.
Moninger, Isabelle, 1860/IL, widowed.
Hobergechet, Barbara, 1864/Austria (Bohemia?), married.
Powers, Mitaldia C., 1872/NY, single.
Garetseon, Martha, 1854/IA, single.
Moninger, Myrtle, 1887/IA, single.
Hoberecht, Mary, 1909(1y11m)/IA
Buhlman, John, 1828/Switz, widowed.
Wilbur, Racheal, 1833/?, widowed.
Grant, Almara, 1810/?, widowed.
Johnson, Kunudt, 1825/Norway, married.
Lynch, Bridget, 1830/Ireland, widowed.
Luce, Margaret R., 1834/PA, married.
Benson, Elizabeth, 1851/IA, married.
Covedale, William, 1852/England, single.
Aplin, Emily, E., 1841/VT, widowed.
Anderson, John C.,  1870/IA, single.
Seribn, Amelia,  1836/IL, divorced.
Saboe, Martin H., 1873/IA, single.
Farriell, Margaret, 1850/PA, married.
Button, Achsa J., 1842/NY, single.
Mosher, Harvey, 1853/NY, single.
Hunsburger, Lena, 1874/IA, single.
Shiek, Epolma, 1861/IA, single.
Lynch, Joseph P., 1880/IA, single.
Eastman, Annette, 1845/WI, married.
Machart, Henry, 1845/Germ married.
Butter, George H., 1844/IA, widowed.
Smith, Henry, 1849/NY, single.
Hawk, Josephine, 1872/IA, single.
Hoberzicht, Anton, 1852/Austria (Bohemia?), married.
Dofty, John, ?/IA, single.
Payne, Hattie, ?/IA, widowed.
Begalske, Louise, ?/Ger, single.
Quinn, Peter, 1876/IA, single.
Wilson, William, 1849/IA, divorced.
Hanson, Jennie, ?/?, married.
Coleman, Eliza, ?/Ger, single.

Census 1920, Fayette County Farm:
Wells, Charles, 42, 1878/MI, married, County Farm Manager.
Wells, Anna F., 40, 1880/IL.
Wells, Margaret, 13, 1907/IA.
Reisner, Laura, 22, 1898/IA, servant.
Smart, Charles H., 63, 1857/NY, assistant/laborer.
Enumerated as Inmates:
Russell, Nellie, 47, 1873/MN, married.
Craft, Johanna, 36, 1884/Ger, married.
Dockers, Almira, 67, 1852/MI, married.
Hunsberger, Saenn, 39f, 1881/IA, single.
Grimm, Alviilla, 49, 1871/Nova.Scotia, single.
Kalley/Kelly, Alice, 62, 1858/OH, married.
Jock, Jenetta, 20, 1900/OR, single.
Nelson, Mellie, f, ?/Denmark.
Davis, Jane, 57, 1863/PA, single.
Schrebner, Anelio, 69f, 1851/IL, married.
Coleman, Eliza, 70, 1850/U.S., single.
Hunsberger, Christina, 82, 1838/Ger, married.
Monigor, Bell, 73, 1847/IA, married.
Monigor, Myrtle, 33, 1887/IA, single.
Hansen, Jennie, 64, 1856/U.S., married.
Leiland, Emma, 67, 1853/IN, married.
Lunch, Bridget, 90, 1830/Ireland, widowed.
Payne, Hattie, ?, ?/IA, widowed.
Wendland, Fred, 59, 1861/Ger, single.
Lauridson, Anna, 47, 1873/Denmark, married.
Wilson, William, 51, 1869/Eng, widowed.
Hockman, Herman, 35, 1885/Ger, single.
Mosier, Howie, 65, 1855/NY, single.
Gifford, Bay, 76, 1844/WI, single.
Monier, Charles, 47, 1873/IA, single.
Cloverdole, William, 68, 1852/England, single.
Belgaske, Ludwig, 64, 1856/Ger, single.
Sable, Martin H., 45, 1875/Norway, single.
Lynch, Joseph, 41, 1879/IA, single.
Neilson, Lars, 84, 1836/Denmark, married.
Tofty, John, 56, 1864/IA, single.
Spoks, Edward, 48, 1872/Switz, single.
Simpson, Joseph, 65, 1855/IL, single.
Anderson, John, 48, 1872/IA.
Word, Elsworth, 50, 1870/IA, single.
Word, William 39, 1881/IA, single.
Averill, Jeff, 47, 1873/IA, single.
Thurmon, Louie, 41, 1879/IA, single.
Jennings, Ike, 5, 1915/IA.
Kelly, Syrill, 71, 1849/OH, single.
Fowler, Arthur, 42, 1878/IA, single.
Petro, John, 66, 1854/VT, single.
Robbins, Artie, 47, 1873/IA, single.
Sigmes, John, 73, 1847/In, single.
Comner, George, 62, 1858/IN, married.
Haines, James, 59, 1861/PA, married.
Jones, Frank, 60, 1860/MA, single.
Hall, ?, 61, 1859/IA, single.
Redfield, Edsen, 61, 1859/IA, single.
Carpenter, Henry, 78, 1842/OH, single.
Buffington, Will, 60, 1860/IA, single.
Scheidigger, John 65, 1855/Switz, widowed.
Dummerth/Dummermuth, Godfrey, 54, 1866/U.S., single.
Kerr, Norman, 65, 1855/IA, single.
Bolyen, Elizabeth, 69, 1851/OH, married.
Drew, Marie, 62, 1858/PA, widowed.
Morris, Amelia, 69, 1851/NY, widowed.
Clark, Nancy, 52, 1868/IA, single.
Dester, Kinneo, 54, 1866/IA, widowed.
Freer, Sophronia, 75, 1845/NY, widowed.
Ebert, Lizzia, 54, 1866/Ger, widowed.
Solferger, Elizabeth, 47, 1873/Ger, widowed.
Neilson, Lourine, 65, 1855/Denmark, married.
Marvin, Alta, 38, 1882/IA, single.

Census 1930, Fayette County Farm:
Smith Adelbert E., 54, 1876/IA, County Farm Steward.
Gray, Archie, H., 24, 1905/IA, laborer.
Cordes, Park W., 26, 1903/IA, laborer.
Cordes, Lulu L., 20, 1910/IA, ward matron.
Cordes, Delores D., 6m/IA, dau of Park & Lulu.
Barnhouse, Acksah E., 19, 1911/IA,  laundress.
Hough, Nellie, I., 36, 1894/MD, warm matron.
Jubb, Ella M, 49, 1881/IA, night matron.
Ferguson, Lena L., 55, 1875/SD, ward matron.
Mundt, Anne E., 15, 1915/IA, office girl.
Keeley, May, 55, 1875/IA, cook,
Enumerated as inmates:
Butler, Jerry J, 79, 1851/French Canada, widowed,  married at age 28, immigrated 1855.
Lynch, Joe T., 53, 1877/IA, single, teamster for county farm.
Nothhead, Andrew, 76, 1854/Ger, widowed, married at age 27, immigrated 1889.
Hall, George H., 79, 1851/CT, widowed, married age 20.
White, Fred W., 65, 1865/IA, single, county farm laborer.
Dershan, George W., 73, 1857/IA, single.
Dummermuth, Gotfried, 52, 1878/Switz, single, immigrated 1890.
Averill, Jefferson, A., 57, 1873/IA, single.
Spahr, Edward, 50, 1880/IA, single, county farm carpenter.
Walters, John H., 81, 1849/OH, single.
Knight, Harry J., 52, 1878/IA, single.
Flint, Clayton H., 74, 1856/IA, widowed, married age 32.
Lembeck/Limbick, Fairfax W., 82, 1848/NY, divorced, married age 28.
Begalski, Ludwig R., 67, 1863/Ger, single, immigrated 1886, county farm laborer.
Simpson, Joe, 80, 1850/IA, single.
Powers, Mary E., 31, 1899/IA, single, county farm servant.
Dorsett, Eliza M., 83, 1847/IN, widowed, married age 22.
Docalman, John, 70, 1860/Ger, single, immigrated 1888.
Levingood/Livinggood, Carlina, 77, 1853/IA, single.
Johnson, Bertha, C., 20, 1910/MN, single.
Kappes, Katie, 39, 1891/IA, single.
Schubner, Amelia, 79, 1851/IL, divorced, married age 32.
Cole, Lillie M., 57, 1873/N, single.
Kraft, Johanah, 71, 1859/Ger, married, married age 22, immigrated 1899.
Cresman, Eliza L., 54, 1876/IA, married, married age 28.
Koehler/Kohler, Alice J., 66, 1864/OH, divorced, married age 18.
Davis, Jane, 64, 1866/PA, single.
Hawk, Josephine, 56, 1874/IA, single.
Winters, Irene H., 26, 1904/IA, divorced, married age 18.
Pessmer, Augusta, 48, 1882/Ger, single, immigrated 1890, county farm laundress.
Smith, Nettie, 52, 1878/IA, married, married age 21, county farm laundress.
Hoyt, Fannie C., 49, 1881/IA, married, married age 23, county farm laundress.
Payne, Hattie L., 60, 1870/IA, widowed, married age 17.
Graham, Alveda, 48, 1882/Denmark, widowed, married age 21, immigrated 1890.
Mack, Alta, 48, 1882/IA, married, married age 18.
Salberger, Elizabeth, 50, 1880/Switz, married, married age 18, immigrated 1885, county farm servant.
Jack, Pearl M., 42, 1888/IA, widowed, married age 34.
Moninger, Myrtle, 32, 1898, single.
Steffens, Margaret, 34, 1896/IA, single.
Hunsberger, Mary J., 63, 1867/IA, married, married age 21.
Amundson, Gena, 48, 1882/IA, married, married age 20.
Hansen, Jennie A., 74, 1856/IA, widowed, married age 19.
Hunsberger, Lena, 57, 1873/IA, single.
McCue, Catherine, 68, 1862/IA, widowed, married age 21.
Welch, Clara A., 61, 1869/IA, widowed, married age 23.
Kuhn, Wilhmina R., 33, 1897/IA, single.
Jack, Jeanette, 30, 1900/IA, single.
Lester, Linnie, 64, 1866/IA, widowed, married age 19.
Hoar, Frank C., 73, 1857/WI, married, married age 31.
Fish, John H., 67, 1863/IA, single.
Buesing, Arnold W., 29, 1901/IA, single.
Oelberg, John, 52, 1878/IA, single.
Blaser, Fred, 68, 1862/Switz, single, immigrated 1880.
Hammond, Charles H., 34, 1896/IA, single.
Busch, Henry, 34, 1896/IA, married, married age 23.
Moser, Harvey, 75, 1855/NY, single.
Childs, Isaac, 82, 1848/OH, single.
Zuechner, Edward, 82, 1848/Schlesien, Silesia, Germany, widowed, marred age 24, immigrated 1882.
Rhinehart, Albert, 77, 1853/U.S., married, married age 21.
Hackman, Herman, 52, 1878/U.S., single.
Jennings, Isaac,  44, 1886/IA, single.
Repp, Gottlieb, 79, 1851/Switz, single, immigrated 1880.
Dohm, Fred, 83, 1847/Ger, single, immigrated 1868.
Buffington, William 68, 1862/IA, single.
Hoth, William, 78, 1852/Ger, single, immigrated 1873.
Deppe, Max, 87, 1843/OH, single.
Kerr, Norman, 78, 1852/IA, single.
Carpenter, Henry, 80, 1850/OH, single.
Horn, Will, 63, 1867/IA, divorced, married age 30.
Amos, George, 68, 1862, single.
Amos, Anderson, 73, 1857, married, married age 19.
Walker, Alfred, 74, 1856/MO, widowed, married age 28.
Farrell, James, 40, 1890/IA, widowed, married age 19.
Neimes, John, 70, 1860/Ger, single, immigrated 1881.
Clark, Nancy, 64, 1866/IA, single.
Holmes, Mertice, 20, 1910/IA, single.
Monegar, Bell, 76, 1854/U.S., divorced, married age 30.
Nelson, Nellie, 68, 1862/IA, single.
Schmidt, Anna, 17, 1913/IA, single.
Freeman, George, 68, 1862/WI, married, married age 22.
Heitt, Elizabeth, 72, 1858/U.S., married, married age 21.
Moser, Willard, 82, 1848/NY, married, married, age 27.
Leland, Emma, 70, 1860/IN, married, married age 15.
Burns, Clinton, 44, 1886/IL, married, married age 24.

Census 1940, Fayette County Hospital/Home:
Thornberry, L.M., 57/IL, married, County Farm Superintendent, 1935 res. of  Pocahontas.Co.IA
Thornberry, Elsie, 58/IL, married, County Farm matron.
Peterson, H.C., 56/Denmark, married,  night ward man, 1935 res. of Waterloo.IA.
Peterson, Vera, 44/IA, married, night ward lady.
Kramer, Jake, 47/IA, married,  ward man.
Kramer, Ida, 37/IA, married, cook.
Balluff, Eva, 60/IA, widowed, ward lady, 1935 res. of Clayton.Co.IA
Hughson, Glen, single, 40/IA, farm hand.
Enumerated as Patients?
(unless noted otherwise, also 1935 res. of the County Home)
(unless noted birth was in Iowa).
Anderson, Hannah, 65, single.
Burnes, Rosella, 39, single, 1935 living rurual Fay.Co.IA.
Cole, Lily, 65, single.
Christman, Eliza, 60, single.
Davis, James, 74, single.
Downs, Pearl, 55, widowed.
Foley, Kate, 73, single.
Graham, Alvida, 68, widowed.
Garbee, Lena, 76, widowed.
Hanson, Jennie, 75, single.
Hawks, Jose, 65, single
Hoyt, Fannie, 60, widowed, 1935 living rural Fay.Co.IA.
Hausberger, Lena, 67, single.
Johnson, Bertha, 32, single, 1935 living rural Fay.Co.IA.
Jack, Jannette, 46, single.
Kappis, Kaite, 42, single.
Keig, Ethel, 35, single.
Kochler, Alice, 70, single.
Kneeland, Mary, 36, single, 1935 living rurual Fay.Co.IA.
Marvin, Alta, 53, single.
McKinney, Rose, 47, married.
Monigar, Bell, 89, single.
Monigie, Myrtle, 53, single.
McCue, Kater, 79, single, 1935 living rural Fay.Co.IA.
Nelson, Nellie, 72, single.
O'Halloran, Claudia, 34, single.
O'Connor, Mary, 70, single.
Payne, Hattie, 65, widowed.
Rose, Hattie, 55, divorced.
Solsberger, Elizabeth, 65, windowed.
Six, Mary, 38, single.
Smith, Nettie, 60, married.
Turner, Addie, 70, widowed.
Winters, Irene, 42, widowed.
Averill, Jeff, 69, single.
Averill, Fred, 43, single.
Baldwin, Clint, 65, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.Ia.
Burns, Clint, 65, married.
Bush, Henry, 70, married.
Brooks, George, 75, married.
Buesing, Arnold, 40, single.
Begalski, Louis, 60, single.
Butler, Ed, 70, married.
Cullins, Henry, 55, single.
Dummermuth, Earnest, 55, single.
Downs, Judson, 54, single.
Danks, Earl, 38, single.
Flint, Clayton, 85, single.
Freeman, George, 65, married.
Hammond, Charles, 40, single.
Hall, Fred, 71, married.
Hackett, Gordon, 88, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Hill, Peter, 56, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Knight, Dan, 50, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Kaufman, Charles, 54, married.
Knutson, Lawrence, 45, single.
Kamlowsky, John, 72, married.
Lynch, Olive, 40, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Lynch, George, 63, single.
Larson, Louis, 40, single, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Morse, Will, 50, single, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA
Monahan, Bill, 34, single, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Oakland, John, 76, married.
Oaken, Matt, 48, single, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Oelberg, John, 72,  single.
Shouri, Alman, 52, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Ward, Sarah, 85, widowed.
Soper, Addie, 82, widowed.
McClean, Amelia, 44, widowed.
Kasemeier, Louisa, 65, married.
Huntsberger, Mary, 73, married.
Holen, Lily, 50, married.
Saboe, Martin, 56, single.
Saboda, Ed, 55, single.
Schaffer, Peter, 43, single.
Stephens, Earnest, 38, single.
Spahr, Ed, 54, single.
Warner, 56, single.
Reed, Charles, 65, married.
Blenden, David, 70, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Carpenter, Henry,  78, single.
DeGraw, Ross, 58, married, 1935 in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Deckelman, John, 65, single.
Ferrell, James, 50, divorced.
Horn, Will, 65, single.
Knox, Joe, 69, divorced.
Latham, Velva, 57, single.
Ocken, Pete, 63, single.
Quinlin, Mike, 68, single.
Wolf, John, 72, married.
White, Fred, 65, single.
Ward, Charles, 52, single.
William, Gus, 68, single.
Zack, Lewis, 68, single.
Gaertner, Ray, 34, single.
Hathaway, Neil, 82, widowed.
Turner, Addie, 70, widow.
Winters Irene, 42, widow.
Averill, Jeff, 69, single.
Averill, Fred 43, single.
Baldwin, Clint, 32, married, 1935 living rural Fay.Co.IA.
Burns, Clint, 65, married.
Bush, Henry, 70, married.
Brooks, Geo, 75, married.
Buesing, Arnold, 40, single.
Begalski, Louis, 60, single.
Butler, Ed, 70, married, 1935 living rural Fay.Co.IA.
Collins/Cullins, 55, single.
Dummermuth, Earnest, 55, single.
Downs, Judson, 54, single.
Danks, Earl, 38, single.
Flint, Clatyon, 85, single.
Freeman, Geo, 65, married.
Hammond, Charles, 40, single.
Hall, Fred, 71, marrield.
Hackett, Gordon, 88, married, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Hill, Peter, 56, married, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Knight, Dan, 50, married, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Kaufman, Charles, 54, married.
Knutson, Lawrence, 45, single.
Kamlowsky, John, 72, married.
Lynch, Oliver, 40, married, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Lynch, Geo, 63, single.
Larson, Louis, 40, single, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Morse, Will, 50, singe, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Monahan, Bill, 34, single, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Oakland, John, 76, married.
Oaken, Matt, 48, single, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Oelberg, John, 72, single.
Shouri, Alman, 52, married, 1935 living in rural Fay.Co.IA.
Ward, Sarah, 85, widowed.
Soper, Addie, 82, widowed.
McClean, Amelia, 44, widowed.
Kasemeier, Louisa, 65, married.
Huntsberger, Mary, 73, married.
Holen, Lily, 50, married.


County Home burials
 in Fayette Co, Iowa

Pics of a 2012 Visit to the County Farm Cemetery

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes


Colored rows = data added.  White rows = info not updated yet &/or needing data.   Trees for some surnames may be started in the iowaz master FTM file.

Anderson Andrew Anderson Unknown Hattie Mar1846/Norway. Dec 1847 5 Jun 1907 County Home Westfield Twp Age 60yr; Lot 21; No stone.  Ch; Emma1881, Mabel, O'Neil. 1880, butcher in West.Union. 1885, in Clermont. 1900, in Clermont, divorced but next door to Hattie & 3ch. Torey/2012Aug22
Anderson Julian     04 Aug 1845 14 Aug 1917 County Home Westfield Twp Age 72y10d. No stone.  Possibly a bro. of Andrew, bz/2012.  Census1900; Julian W. Anderson b.Oct1844/NY, locomotive engineer in Oelwein.IA,  wf Minnie b.Apr1864/IL.  No other info found regarding a Julian, bz/2012.
Bailey William Bailey   13 Oct 1814 31 Mar 1898 County Home Westfield Twp Age 83y5m18d. Taken from handwritten death records; spelling may not be correct; no info to verify burial.  Widower, cause of death, dropsy. This may be William P. Bailey  born abt1814/OH. Married to Elizabeth ‘Betsey’ nee Unknown, b.1824/NY.  Census1880; Wm66/OH (f/b MD, m/b NJ), laborer, wf E.56/NY (f/b,VT, m/b Can), Arlington, Fairfield.Twp.  Census1885:  Wm.P 68/OH farmer, Betsy 61/NY,  Main.St, Arlington.IA.   Census1895:  still in Arlington, with wife.  If this is the right William, he was only in the county home a short time, probably after his wife died aft 1895 census (no Eliz/Betsey burial listed, bz).  No other William Bailey's found  in Fayette.Co. but not a good fit.  There is also a George Bailey, age 84 at the county home on the 1900 census.  Is Geo a brother or completely different Bailey?  Geo. was buried at Oak Ridge Cem, Auburn, in 1900. Torey/2012Sep06, bz/2012Sep25.
Bergami Adam Bergami Unmarried abt 1800/Cottbus, Prussia 11 Feb 1884 County Home Westfield Twp Age 80yr. Taken from handwritten death records; spelling may not be correct; no info to verify  Immigrated 1847Nov23, alone, appears unmarried.  Living in Pl.Val.Twp when admitted to Poor Farm 1878, 'old age & infirmity,' Torey/2012Aug24
Blauser Fred Blauser Unmarried abt1862, Switz  14 Jun 1935 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 2; No stone. Name ‘Blaser’ on naturalization papers. Son of Fredrick Blauser b 1843/Switz-bef1905/? & Fannie Gottier 1840/Switz-bef1900/Fay.Co.IA. Bro to Mary A. Blauser Buehlman 1863/Switz -1947/CA. Immigrated abt1869, naturalized 1887Nov01, Fay.Co.IA. Census1870 &1880; Westfield.Twp with parents & sis, father laborer. Census1900; with wid father in Illyria.Twp. Census1905; living alone in Illyria.Twp. Census1920; in Sperry.Twp, Clayton.Co, farmhand for Harry Humphrey. By Census1930; inmate at the county farm.  Torey/2012Aug26
Buffington Eliza Jane Unknown John  (suspect) abt 1820 10 Mar 1899 County Home Westfield Twp Age 79yr (b. abt 1820 if 79y correct). Taken from handwritten death records. Born about 1835 in Tennessee.  Census1854, apparently wf of John enumerated in Franklin.Twp, Allamakee.Co.IA. Appears to have been widowed soon after marriage, as asylum inmate in Garnavillo.Twp, Clayton.Co.IA in 1860, age 27, a pauper. Likely mother of William Buffington, who appears, aged 7, in asylum with her.  Possibly a sister-in-law to George P. Buffington, a butcher, b 1833/Vermont, who lived in Monona, Clayton.Co.IA, as William appears on the 1870 census as a farm hand in Monona.Twp.  Not found on 1870 or 1880 censuses, although William, listed as coming from Albany, was already in Fayette County Home by 1880.  Eliza appears on 1885 census at County Home as a pauper.  Appears to remain there until her death in 1899.  Torey/2012Sep02
Buffington William M. Buffington Unmarried bef June 1854 Aft 1930 County Home Westfield Twp Likely burial.Assume son of a John Buffington. Born in Franklin.Twp, Allamakee.Co.IA, after 1854 census.  Never married.  Census1860; in paupers’ asylum with Eliza Jane, 2mi NW of Clayton Center, Clayton.Co.IA.  Census1870; farm hand with family of Hershell Nichols, in Monona.Twp, Clayton.Co.IA.  Census1880; in Fayette County Hm, listed as an illiterate labourer, coming from Albany.  In 1880 Schedule of Defective, Dependent & Delinquent Classes, listed as a pauper. Not on 1900 or 1905 census in Westfield.Twp.  May be the William Buffington, b 1860 in Iowa, who appears as a day labourer on a farm in Lee.Co.AR.  Otherwise, no indication where he was.  Back at Westfield by 1910 census.  Still there in 1930.  That is last time he appears, so assumed to have died before 1940 census.  Note: one of the few people who appears to get younger with each passing census.  Age 7 in 1860, age 13 in 1870, age 68 by 1930.  Little doubt this is the same man.  Torey/2012Sep02
Burkhart John Burkhart Unmarried Nov 15, 1856 May 12, 1905 County Home Westfield.Twp One of four marked graves, Born November 15, 1856 in Oswego Kendall County, IL, died May 12, 1905. Son of George Burkhart/Germany 1821-1862 and Margaretha Pfeiffer Burkhart/Germany 1827-1894.  Never married.   Brother of Maria Sophia, 1849-1911, Margaret 1852-1931, Christian Burkhart, 1847-1938, Julia Burkhart 1850, Elias Burkhart 1858-1882, Sarah Burkhart Sorg 1860-1942, Albert Burkhart 1863-1933 1860 census in Oswego, Kendall IL.  Mother and brother Christian appear on census but other children do not match. Confusingly, there is a Leonard Burkhart living nearby (and next door in 1870) and his wife is also named Margaret.  Some of the children on the 1860 census appear to be his.)  1870 census still in Kendall County, IL, age 13, with mother, remarried to John Roth, and siblings named above, plus two half-siblings. 1880 census, living with brothers Christian and Elias in Banks, Fayette County, 1885 Iowa census, brother Elias has died, so John is living with brother Christian, now married, plus younger brother Albert.  Interestingly, Norman Kerr was also working as  labourer on Christian’s farm in 1885. 1900 census living in Iowa Hospital for the Insane in Independence.  Torey/2012Sep17
Button Achsa J     1847 18 Apr 1917 County Home Westfield Twp Age about 71yr. Taken from handwritten death records; spelling may not be correct; no info to verify.  B. Otsego.Co.NY, Dau of Jared Button 1823-aft1900 & Lucyetta Unknown 1823-abt1883.  Census1850, 3y, with parents, Plainfield, Otsego.Co.NY.  Census1870-1880, Richland/Bethel.Twp, with parents. Census1885; in County Farm, father wid with ch in Bethel.Twp. Census1895-1900, alternating between Independence Hosp for Insane and County Farm. Torey/2012Aig24
Cannon Mary Unknown Cannon Lawrence ?/Ire-bef1850/Ire abt 1786 aft 1885 County Home Westfield Twp Possible burial.  B.abt1786/Ire.  Emigrated 1842Jun14, widow with sons William b.1812/Ire & John b.1816Ire.  Husb, possibly Lawrence.  Likely victims of potato famine that peaked 1841.  Census1850; Albany.NY, with sons John & Wm (his wf & ch).  Census1856; in Union.Twp with son John (his wf & dau), & adj to son Wm & fam. Census1860;  May with son Wm (sec 3, Union.Twp farm).  John adj Union/Dover.Twp farm(wf Eliz & 2dau).  Census1870;  Mary in Union.Twp, with son Wm & family.  John has died, his wife remarried to F. H. Alooney? and the 4 Cannon children living with her.  Cenus1880; William Cannon 400a, sec 3, 2.5mi NxNE of West Union.  Mother Mary is at the county home, listed as age 95.  She appears on the 1880 DDD schedule as ‘blind due to old age’.  Census1885; Mary at poor farm, 100y.  It is likely she died and is buried there. There is a tombstone for a Mary Cannon in St. Peter’s Cem, Clermont. William died in Clermont in 1899 & buried at St. Peter;s,  so it is likely this is Mary's tombstone.  However, the marker, recorded from the 1930s WPA Graves Registrations, gives the dates as born 1774, died 1879, which makes one think it was erected well after the fact, given that in June 1880, Mary was still  alive and by the 1885 census, William was still living on the sec 3, Union.Twp farm on the 1896 plat. and did not move to Clermont until after that point.  So later generations my have placed the marker under the belief she was there because Wm was or simply as a memorial.  Torey/2012Sep05
Carpenter Henry Carpenter   1842 19 Aug 1940 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 10; No stone.  Unknown person.  Need info.  Census1860, a Henry b. 1846, is living with A.F.  Cornelia Stillwell.  Census 1920, Henry b. 1842/OH, in Fay.Co. Home.  Census 1880, Henry F. b.1848, wife Amanda29, Charles6, Bertha1, carpenter in Wadena.
Chamberlin Mary L      16 Sep 1842 31 Jan 1915 County Home Westfield Twp Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify.  There are simply too many Mary Chamberlain's b. 1842 to know which one she might be, but none are were found in Fayette.Co.  Torey/2012Sep06.  Tried to link MaryL into the Chamberlin/Chamberlain's of Fay.Co.IA, with no luck, bz/2012Sep16,25.
Chick Harriett, Hattie Chick Chick dau of Hiram.  Unmarried Apr 1835 Aug 1, 1909 St. Peter Eldorado Hattie is listed as buried at St. Peters Cem in Eldorado.  If by chance that is just a memorial, then it is likely she is unmarked at the County Home Cem.  Hattie as born in Canada.  Dau of Hiram Chick 1798/VT-d.1865/Fay.Co.IA (buried in Three Pines Cem) & Lois Elliot Chick 1806/NH- aft 1880.  Siblings: Lois Chick1825,  Calvin Chick 1829, Charles Chick1846  Xerxes Chick1851- 1935  .  Cenus1850; Hattie is in Barnet, Caledonia.Co.VT with parents and siblings.  By 1856 Iowa census, family is in Eldorado area, Dover.Twp.  Censu1860; with parents & siblings in Dover.Twp.  By 1870 census, father has died, living with mother, younger brothers and maternal grandmother.  Census1880;  still in Dover.Twp, now alone with mother.  Mother is described as ‘infirm’ and Hattie as what looks like ‘senofalous’ (very bad handwriting - probably means ‘cephalous’, which is a congenital defect usually resulting in learning difficulties, i.e. some type of mental retardatio) .   Hattie likley went into the county home when her mother died, as she first appears there on 1885 census, identified as single. Hattie stays at county home through 1895, 1900, 1905 censuses. Appears to die before 1910, as does not appear on census again.  Torey/2012Sep05
Coarser Roy     abt 1875 25 Mar 1915 County Home Westfield Twp Age about 40yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify.  Only Coarser burial listed in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012Sep15.
Cook Kate Unknown Unknown abt 1874? 21 Jun 1903 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Census 1895; William Cook (listed as unknown male Cook)  born about 1811 according to the 1895 census and Kate Cook b. abt 1874 have been defeating.  Both appear for the first time on 1895 Iowa census at the county farm. Both are present on the 1900 census, still at the county farm.  Both die within a few months of each other in 1903. I can find absolutely nothing on either of these using dates/locations given. Logic says they were connected to each other . My best guess is that Kate’s birth date is wrong and is a mis-transcription of 1814 and William, despite his very English-sounding name, is also from Germany.  On the 1856 Iowa census in Bloomington, Muscataine.Co.IA, there is a  William Cook, b 1822 and Katarina Cook, b 1822, both from Germany, along with their eleven-year-old son Lewis? and six-year-old daughter Katarina, all born in Germany.  The family had been resident in the state for three years at the time of the census. But 1822 is quite a ways off either 1811 or 1874.  I have not been able to track them from Muscatine.Co.  There is also a William Cook, b 1814, in Linn.Co.IA on the 1870 census, who is a widower, in which  case Kate would not be family.  Suffice to say, they are coming up a blank.  Torey/2012Sep06
Cook Unknown
Cook Kate?   21 Aug 1903 County Farm Westfield.Twp No stone.  See Kate Cook above.  Torey/2012Sep06
Corsey Mary     abt 1837 3 Oct 1892 County Home Westfield Twp Age 55yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify.  Only Corsey burial listed in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012.  No person of this name to be found in the area.  Appearing for the first time at the county home on the 1885 census is a Mary Cary, b 1840/Illinois, a widow.  Could this be her? I can’t find anything relating to Fayette County for Mary Cary, Mary Carey, Mary Cory or Mary Corsey.  There is a Mary Casey, b 1841/IL on the 1880 census in Elk, Clayton County, marred to John Casey b 1838/England who works in the woollen mill.  Also at the county home on the same census is Sarah Cary, b 1853/ Illinois, also listed as a widow. She is on the county home census in 1885 and again in 1905, this time as Sarah Casey, but gone after that.  Could these two be related?  I can’t find anything on Sarah either.  Torey/2012Sep17
Cowan Jennie E. Mathis Cowan Samuel Warren b.1847Dec11/WI-aft1900/SD? 7 Nov 1853 12 Jan 1908 County Home Westfield Twp No stone. Only Cowan burial listed in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012.  Born Jane E. Mathis Nov 7, 1853/Indiana. Dau of William W. Mathis b 1808/VA  & Hannah Harper Mathis b 1827/PA. Sister of George S Mathis, Ruth Mathis Henderson, Nathan Mathis, James E. Mathis, Frances ‘Fanny’ Mathis, Lovina Mathis Coates.  Wife of Samuel Warren Cowan b 1847/WI d 1930/WA.  Mother of Guy Warren Cowan 1877-1954 and Ora Erastus Cowan 1881-1939.  Jennie on 1860 and 1870 census with parents and siblings  in Windsor, Fayette County. With husband and son Guy on 1880 census, living in Banks, Fayette County. 1885 census Jennie isn’t found but husband is living in Sanborn, SD with son Guy, age 7 and listed as divorced. Later same year he married to Estalline Bunton. He, Esta and Guy still in SD on 1900 census, latterly moved on Clark County, Washington.  Assume son Ora was with Jennie initially.  He first turns up in 1895, living with Sherman Crandall family in Windsor.  Also on 1900 census with Crandalls. Moved to Kansas by 1905, where he remained.  Jennie is next found on  1895 Iowa census in Mills, IA as a ‘patient in hospital’ so it is probable entire family left Fayette area for north-western IA/South Dakota between 1881-1885, but Jennie had mental breakdown at this point and was left in Mills while Samuel went on to South Dakota.  Same census Jennie then listed at Iowa Hospital for the Insane in Independence, Buchanan.Co.IA.  Almost certainly same person, as dates and full name, including middle initial match.  Seems likely someone from home area in Windsor (the Crandalls?  Is there a family connection?) brought Ora and Jennie back to the Fayette locality at this point. 1900 census Jennie still at Iowa Hospital for the Insane. 1905 Iowa census, Jennie is as the county poor farm.  Torey/2012Sep05
Crossman Phebe M. Lott Crossman Silas A. 1843 18 Jun 1897 County Home Westfield Twp Age 55y, b.1843/IL.  Dau of Thomas Harmon Lott b 1814/KY and Laura J? Eastman? Lott b 1816/.  Siblings;  Thomas1845/IL, William W1851/IA,  John L1856/IA, Leonard1858/IA, Laura1861/IA, Lawrence1862/IA, Jane1864/IA. Census1850;  in Waddams, StephensonCo. IL with father, sis Laura J. & bro Thomas.  Laura may be one of the Eastman's related to Anna and Oliver O. Eastman who lived in Fayette County, as also on the 1850 census is Polly Eastman, apparently Laura’s mother.  Polly was born in Vermont in 1783 and dies in Wisconsin, two locations this other group of Eastman's also inhabited.  1856 Iowa census family is in Pleasant Valley, Fayette County.  Laura is gone and someone named Clarissa F. Lott 1836/VT is living with them.  It’s not quite clear if she is Thomas’ very young wife but it seems likely.  Her maiden name was most likely Kinney.  1870 census and Phebe is still living at home with Thomas and Clarissa and several siblings.  There is also Harriet Lott, b 1867, who appears to be Phebe’s child, given the way she is listed on the census.  1880 census, Phebe has married Silas A. Crossman, b 1833/OH.  They are still living in Pleasant Valley.  Harriet is with them, now named Harriet Crossman.  Father Thomas H. is living with them as well.  Something catastrophic happens between 1880 and 1885, as by 1885 father Thomas is living in SD with son Lawrence and Phebe is keeping house for brothers Benedict and Jacob Witschi in Pleasant Valley.  Silas and Harriet have vanished, possibly died.  She is still living in Pleasant Valley in 1895.  Presumably she must enter the county home about the time Benedict and Jacob.  Torey/2012Sep09
Domke Anna Marie Douschle Domke August Ferdinand 1844/Prussia-1901/Fay.Co.IA 04 Feb 1843 12 Jul 1901 County Home Westfield Twp Age 58y5m8d.  Died at the County Home.  Burial is with husb in the West.Unon.Cem, add1, bk5, row6.  Farmed near Eldorado abt 1874-1892, moved to sec 5, Westfield.Twp (Domke farm) in 1891. Ch; Rudolph Julius, Wm Henry, Loiusa Augusta, Gustan Adolf, Jennifer Helena, Amanda Matilda, Pauline Theodora, Laura M. Elonora, Theodore August, Ervin Herman, Selma Lorraine.  All children unmarried, and remained on home farm after parents died,  several attending UIU at Fayette and becoming career educators.  Farm remained with the children until after the 1927plat.   Domke burials/trees for Fayette.Co.IA linked off Iowaz Index Page
Eastman Anna, Annette Eflin Simmons Eastman Joseph Preserved 1822/NYorIN-1906/Auburn.IA?, 2rd husb, married 1884Dec03;  1st husb? married in MN, Wm James Robinson b. 1850/Eng Apr 10, 1854 4 Apr 1912 County Home Westfield Twp Age 66y. Listed as buried in West Union Cem, however that may be a memorial.  Actual burial either unmarked at County Hm Cem or West.Union.  Dau of  Barnabas W. Simmons 1825/Rutland.Co.VT-1913/Skagit.Co.WA & Ester Jane Cook 1825/Windsor.Co.VT-1905/Skagit.Co.WA.  Ch with Joe Eastman at Auburn.IA; Cyrial1885-1887, Cedric1888-?  Torey & bz/2012Sep11.  Eastman burials/trees for Fayette.Co.IA linked off Iowaz Index Page
Eldsteir Becky     No date 15 May 1905 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Only Eldsteir burial listed in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012.
Gearhart Mrs.     No Date 13 May 1885 County Home Westfield Twp Taken from handwritten death records; spelling may not be correct; no info to verify.   One other burial in Fay.Co.IA; Helen M. Gearhart 1858-Nov1939, Woodlawn Cem, Oelwein.  Possible spelling analog Geereart.
Goldsmith Agatha (Agnes)     abt 1823 (1831?) 7 Aug 1892 County Home Westfield Twp Age 69yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify.  Census1885;  Agnes Goldsmith b. 1831/Ger, single, in Center.Twp, NWofNW, sec 9, listed housekeeper with Alexander Wilder b.1844/NY, family. She would have entered the county home bet 1885-1892.   Could find no other info at this time. Torey/2012Sep06
Grant Almira, Elmira Unknown Grant? Unknown abt 1812 Aft 1915 Census County Home Westfield Twp

1880 census, at County Home, listed as born in Iowa, 1812 (which seemed unlikely!)  1880 Schedule of Defectives, Dependents and Delinquent Classes listed as coming from Brush Creek, married, able-bodied and insane.  On another page of the same schedule, her insanity was listed as “melancholia,.” which began in 1878, when she was age 66.  (Early onset Alzheimer’s is my guess based on how long she lived.) (So she came to the home in 1878, not before 1870, as it first appeared.) She never left the county home from that point onward and continued to be  listed as ‘insane’.  On 1895, 1905 and 1915 Iowa censuses as well as 1900 and 1910 US censuses, always at the county home.  In the 1910 census she was listed as having had two children and one was still living.  I can not find any trace of her anywhere before she appears at the county home.  There is an Almira Grant, b 1818 married to a Henry Grant, b 1811/NY living in St. Clair, Huron County, MI in 1850 with two children, Alfred C b 1844 and Mary Ann b 1846.  This may be them, as all the right configuration, but no indication this group ever went on to Iowa.  There are also numerous Henry Grants appearing on land registers in 1860s, but none on the censuses.  As she seemed to live in Brush Creek before going to the county home, perhaps there is another way of looking that I’ve missed. 1880 census listed her as widowed.  In newpaper article in 1912, it is the County home which is praised for its good work (not Almira!) for having so many very elderly people survive so long  Torey/2012Sep17

Grant Horace Grant Unmarried? No date 10 Jun 1908 County Home Westfield Twp Strongly suspect Horace is the son of Almira Grant, if for no other reason, that Horace is as invisible on all the censuses data as Almira. He is not Horatio W. Grant, also listed as Horace W. Grant, b 1843 in Illinois and living in 1885 in Cedar Rapids with brother John.  He is also not Horace P. Grant b 1852 in Illinois and living in Colony (Edgewood, Clayton.Co.IA) in 1870 and he’s not Horace B. Grant, living in Des Moines.  How can someone never appear on any censuses?  But neither of these two Grants can be identified anywhere other than the County Home  Horace appears to have come to the County Home bet Summer 1905-1908, as he is not listed at the Home in 1900 & 1905.  Torey/2012Sep02
Grey Mary     No date 31 Oct 1902 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Only Grey spelling burial in Fay.Co.IA.
Griffin John     No date No date County Home Westfield Twp Taken from handwritten death records; spelling may not be correct; no info to verify,  No other Griffin burials listed in Fay.Co.IA.  Possible optional spelling, Griffith.  Five Griffith burials.  bz/2012Sep17
Hagerman Rebecca, Becka Hagerman   No date 17 Aug 1906 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Dau of Isaac & Maria Hagerman (see below).  Census1880, living alone, notation 'old Fn.'  Torey/2012Aug24
Hagerman Maria   Hagerman Isaac 1789/NY-1870(thyphod) No date 1 Sep 1880 County Home Westfield Twp Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Ch; Augustus1822, Leonora1823, Rebecca1824-1906, John1825, Isaad1827-1896, WmO1831-1915.  Census1950; Maria, Rebecca, WmO together in Dodge.Co.WI.  Census1854, Geo, Augustus, WmO in Illyria.Twp; parents arrived shortly after.  Cenus1860; in IllyriaTwp adj to sons Geo, Augustus, John.  Census1870, with dau Rebecca & child Edward6, adj to son Augustus.  April1880, admitted to Poor Farm, 90y, 'old age & infirmity.'  Torey/2012Aug24
Hayes Charles     18 Oct 1821 12 May 1898 County Home Westfield Twp Age 76y6m24d. Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Census1895:  enumerated Westfeild.Twp, i.e. County Hm.  Could not find any other data, bz/2012.
Hecht Christian, Christopher, Christoff. Hecht   Abt 1840 5 Apr 1908 County Home Westfield Twp Age 70yr; Taken from handwritten death records.  Born Hessen, Germany  in abt 1840. Most likely arrived in 1881 aboard the ‘Canada’ along with members of an extended Huber family. Naturalized in Manchester, Delaware County on 1886Oct19.  Census1900; listed servant,  living with three adult Huber children in Dubuque.IA .  Census1905; living at the County Home.  Torey/2012Sep02
Herman John     abt 1852 4 Jul 1907 County Home Westfield Twp Age 55yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial; Lot 22.  The common name makes it difficult to search. Possibly John Herman, b 1854 in Prussia, married to Margaret, b 1860/Prussia, and father of John b 1877/IA and Joseph b 1879/IA living in Sumner, Bremer County in 1880.  The family disappear entirely from this point on.  I find no Hermans in Fayette County and he is not at the county home in 1905. Torey/2012Sep10.  Possibly 'Barny' Herman in SWofSW, sec35, Fremont.Twp, 1885 Census:  Barny30/Ger, Rate30WI, JohnH4, Mathew1, all ch. born in Fay.Co.  bz/2012Sep15. 
Haberzecht, Haberzeth Anton Haberzecht Schouk Barbara 1864/Austria (Bohemia?)-1936/Waterloo.IA 1855 1 Dec 1910 County Home Westfield Twp Age 57yr; Taken from handwritten death records.  Born 1855 in Austria, immigrated July 1903 from Turnau, Austria, arriving on ship Frankfurt from Germany, occupation listed as farmer.  Accompanied by wife Barbara Shouk Haberzeth  b 1864/Austria-1936/Waterloo, IA and children Anna b 1892/Austria (married William Trickey), Josef (anglicised name to Joel) 1894/Austria, Hermine (anglicised to Minnie) 1897/Austria-1954 (married Peter Schaffer} and Rudolf b 1901/Austria.  Living in Arlington in 1905.  Another daughter, Mary born in 1909 in Arlington. Census1910; Anton is in the county home (he died there Dec 1, 1910), and wf Barbara is there, recorded as ‘Barbara Hobergechet’ and Mary, age 1, and dau ‘Mary Hoberecht’.  Not clear where older children were.  Barbara seems to have got back on her feet, as by 1915 was living in Waterloo, Black Hawk County with children, where she and they continued to appear.  Torey/2012Sep05/
Holmes Sallie (Sarah G.) Holmes Unmarried 1866-1867 3 Aug 1907 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Death at County Home, take from handwritten records.  Buried in West Union Cem.  Dau of Samuel W. Holmes 1839/PA-1902/West.Union.IA & Martha A. Unknown 1829/PA-1902/West.Union.IA.  SamuelW came to West Union bef Oct1869 and ran a grocery downtown on Clatyon Alley.  Speculate SamW & MarthaA died from typhoid in 1902 as son Clarence had severe typhoid in 1902.  Siblings:  ElizaO 1868/PA-?/?, Clarence Samuel 1869/IA-1955/West.Union, farmed near West Union entire life, (married Ida B. Thompson 1871/Fay.Co.IA-1960/Waterloo.IA, dau of George Thompson & Harriet Van Dorn).  Cannot find Sallie after the 1880 census.  May have been in the County Farm after parents died in 1902, bz/2012Sep30.
Hunt C. H. Hunt   1829-1836 6 May 1906 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Census1885:  dentist, (NE1/2 of lot22?), bk 6, McGreor.IA Charles1836/NY, Armenta1850/IN, Lettie DeHaven1874/Clayton.Co, Lizzie Dehaven1877/Clatyon.Co.  Elgin.IA Paper Obit: Came to Elgin 'some year's ago. Died at Hotel Dewey in Elgin.IA. Bro. Dr. Hunt was in Omaha.NE. Son Charles was in Waukon.IA. Buried County Farm. C.H. Hunt was a native of McGregor.IA. Came to Elgin, opened dental practice, then went to Oelwein, Des Moines, New Mexico, followed by Denver (probably CO) where he made his home. (Recently) came back east to see his 'old home' (McGregor). Came to Elgin 3wks ago to visit, is thought he was homesick for his old home that brought him to Elgin General supposition Dr. Hunt was a suicide. He was 77y. Buried at the County Farm before his son arrived, who took care of debts & costs. No stone.
Kane Mary Ann Unknown   Aug 6, 1813 16 Jul 1898 County Home Westfield Twp Age 85y11m10d.  Taken from handwritten death records, spelling may not be correct, no info to verify.  Mary Cain appears to have been born Aug 6, 1813, based on the date of death given. Census1880: cannot find her Mary Ann. There is a George Cain, b.1860/MI, single, farm hand, living in Illyria.Twp in 1880, but George or Mary Ann do not appear to be part of the Cain’s of Pleasant Valley. After 1889, have not successful tracing George, either. Census1885: Mary Ann appears for the first time, 71y/NY, widow, at the Fayette.Co Farm. Census1895: at the County Farm. Surname given as ‘Cain’ up to the point where her death was recorded a the County Farm. There is a Mary Kane, widow, age 63, born in New York on the 1880 census in Peoria, IL who seems to be on her own. She is 'keeping house' at a boarding house but not owning it. All young men staying there who appear unrelated to her or to each other. It seems a bit of a stretch that this is her, as how then did she end up in the county home in Fayette, IA within five years' time? But that is the only Mary Kane/Cane/Cain found born in NY at about the right time who can't be accounted for on other censuses/with family.  Torey/2012Oct01
Kerr Norman Kerr Unmarried 1855, Bremer.Co.IA 28 Sep 1936 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 3; No stone.  Possibly son of Joseph Kerr 1830/OH-bef 1860/Bremer.Co.IA & Martha Unknown 1835/OH-bef1870 Bremer.Co.IA. Census1856; Jeff.Twp, Bremer.Co.IA, Joseph, Martha, Noah1y. Census1860; Wash.Twp, Bremer.Co.IA, Martha, Noah, dau L. Census1870; Martha, dau Alice8i, living with Clarke family Wash.Twp, Bremer.Co.IA. Census1870; Norman Kerr 13y, in Dayton.Twp, Bremer.Co.IA with older Scottish couple surnamed Black. Census1880; Norman Kerr (listed unable to talk) in Banks.Twp, Fay.Co.IA farmhand David Husband. Census1885; gone from Banks.Twp farm, appears to have entered the county home sometime between 1885 and 1890. He remained at the home the rest of life. Torey/2012Aug26
Kerwin Betty     abt 1812 22 Mar 1881 County Home Westfield Twp Age 69yr; Taken from handwritten death records, spelling may not be correct, no info to verify; May be KERSAU.  No other Kersau burials in Fay.Co.IA.  Kerwin burials are in are around Oelwein & Oran.Twp.  Possibly Kershaw family buried around Arlington.IA. bz/2012.
Lackey Ferd or Furd     abt Jan 1829 6/15? Apr 1909 County Home Westfield Twp Age 80yr, 2m, 9dy; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify.  All Lackey burials at Taylorville, except 1 in Groat, Arlington area family.  bz/2012.
Laso Peter     abt 1852 19? Feb 1910 County Home Westfield Twp Age about 58yr; Taken from handwritten death records, spelling may not be correct, no info to verify.  No Laso burials; possibly of an Italian Lago family, as 3 buried at Woodlawn in Oelwein, bz/2012Sep16.  Name is probably misspelled, making it very hard to know what it is/search it. May be the Peter Loziew, b 1856/NY, son of Vaughn Loziew of Smithfield, Fayette County, who appears on the 1870 census, but that too is probably a misspelling.  Does not appear on any of the county home censuses.  Torey/2012Sep17
Learn Levi Lewis Learn Remained single. Dec 14, 1815 4 May 1905 County Home Westfield Twp Unmarked.  Son of Joseph Learn 1785-1880 & Eliz. Gerr 1793-1872.  Bro of Charles H., Abraham, Catherine, Samuel, John R., in Fay.Co.IA.  Have Learn data/tree, bz/2012.
Limbeck Fairfax Wellington 'Fax' Limbeck Hallman Judith Catherine 1859Jan12/Winn.Co.IA-1932/Saskatoon.Can, div bef 1900, remarried John 'Jack' Cahill. Mar 1847 4 Dec 1935 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 1; No stone. Born NY. Son of Nicholas Limbeck 1805/Bavaria-1880/Ossian.IA & Mary Eliz. Siegel (or Zeigler) 1819/Ger-1891/Ossian.IA.  Bro John Wallace married Phelina Agnes Hallman, sis of Judith.  Hallman's were from the Freeport area of Winn.Co.  Census1850: with parents, Schroeppel, Oswego.Co.NY.  Census1860: with parents, Ossian, Winneshiek.Co.IA.  Census1870: farm hand, wit parents, Ossian.IA.  Married1876:  Judith Hallman.  Census1885: Ossian.IA.  Bef1900: divorced.  Census1900: stableman in Calmer.IA.  Census1910: farm hand near Frankville, Winn.Co.IA.  Census1930: inmate at County Farm. bz/2012Sep19.  Have Limbeck tree.
Lockwood Edward P. (Ed) Lockwood Unmarried 1836/NY 2 May 1905 County Home Westfield Twp No stone. Son of Lewis R. Lockwood 1807/NY-1880/Bremer.Co.IA & Mary Alice Potts 1809/?-feb17879/?. Bro's Lewis Newell1830 (long time Oran.Twp farmer) & Eugene H.1848.  Torey/2012Aug22
Lockwood Newell Eugene Lockwood Unmarried Nov 1856 bef 1910? County Home Westfield Twp In 1900, listed in County Farm. Cannof find in 1910 Census, assumed deceased and died at County Farm. Possible unmarked burial, not listed in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012. Son of Lewis Newell Lockwood 1830/NY-1918/Oran.Twp & 2nd wf Hannah H. Seamens 1836/NY-1865/Oran.Twp.  Nephew of Ed.  Torey/2012Aug22
Mabb William Dwight Mabb Drake Lavina 1836/NY-1913/Fay.Co.IA 10 May 1835 5 May 1905 County Home Westfield Twp Insane, died of Smallpox.  Son of Thomas Mabb 1806/NY-?bet1870/1880, Fay.CoIA & Nancy Mariah Unknown 1810/NY-?bet1860-1870, Leroy.Twp, Bremer.Co.IA.  Ch; Frank N, Edward Donald, Estella, Thomas, Anna M.  One of four marked graves, bz/2012. 
McGimsey Melville Gordon McGimsey Peltier Soula M. 'Lula' 1874/MO-bef1940, 1st husb; 2nd husb Frank L. Good Mar 4, 1869 Sep 23, 1913 County Home Westfield Twp Age 40yr; Taken from handwritten death records.   Born Mar1869/IN. Notes....Census1870; Wyoming area,  Jones.Co.IA, age1, son of Francis M. McGimsey 1839/IN-?/? & Caroline Comer 1840/MO-1934/Red Oak, Montgomery.Co.IN. Brother of Charles 1866/IN-1921/?, Allen W.1867/IN-?, Sarah J. 1872/IA-1913/IA, Samuel, 1874/IA-bef 1934, and Fredrick M. 1877IA-bef 1934. There is also a Edward M. b 1864 listed on the 1870 census but not in Caroline Comer McGimsey’s obituary. Probably died young. Melville is husb. of Soula M 'Lula' Peltier (dau of Louis Peltier & Sarah Bolcum) b. May1874/MO probably died bef1940. Meville1869, is the father of Marion Gordon McGimsey 1899-1939. Census1880; Melville is with parents & siblings in Walnut, Pottawattamie.Co.IA.  Sep1886, became night clerk at Hotel Anderson in Atlantic.IA.  DesMoines.IA  Directory1892;  listed as clerk for Haberdasher Co. Apr1892, in Marion, Linn.Co.IA.  Aug1895, night clerk at Daniel's Hotel, Marion.IA. Dec1895, married 'Lulu' Peltier at her parent's home in Monticello.IA. Sep1896, painter, Marion.IA. Mar1897, infant of Melville passed away, Marion.IA.  Census1900: painter & paper hanger, N. Frederick, Oelwein.IA, wf SoulaM b.May1874/MO (1ch/1living, does not recognize infant deceased in Marion.IA in Mar1897, bz/2012) & son Marion Gordon 1899Mar/IA-1939/Tampa.FL.  In 1909, Lulu was seriously ill for several months. Census1910: bartender in Wm. Ligelbach’s saloon, 1st St W, Oelwein.IA,  wf Lulu (2ch, 1living, correct, bz/2012) & son MarionG11.  Apr1912, Melville became violently insane, appeared demented, arrested, taken before 'insane commission at West.Union for placement, imagines he is a millionaire.  June1912, wf Lulu vistied Mel in County Hm.  Sep1912, Mel dies/buried at the County Hm.  Bet1913-1917, Lulu remarries Frank L. Good; they live in Cedar Rapids (1920census), then in Denver (1930census).  Torey&bz/2012Sep22.  Have McGimsey tree.
Medberry Marion David Medberry Kilgore Sarah Ann 1835/PA-1889/Illyria.Twp 1834 31 Dec 1892 County Home Westfield Twp Age 68; No stone.  Huntington disease. Marker with wife in Illyria Cem.  Son of BenjaminF Medberry 1795/NY-1865/PA & Lydia George 1794/MA-1883/PA.  Ch; John Kilgore, Frank Leander, George Elmer, Charles Hugh.
Mitchell Agnes I Mitchell Mitchell dau of John 27 Aug 1919 9 Mar 1986 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 95. One of four marked graves. Dau of John Mitchell 1893-1968(?) & Geneva Uniknown 1896-?. Sister to John1915, Elba1917, Florence1922, Edna1923, Irene1924.On the 1920 census Agnes appears on the census with her parents and brother John and sister Elba. 1930 census, father John and mother Geneva are in Minneapolis, whereas all the children are in Jefferson, Fayette County, listed as lodgers with Ezra Wood, age 63 and his wife. By the 1940 census. Agnes was in the Oelwein Home for Epileptics and the Feeble-minded. She came to the county farm after this time. Torey/2012Aug24
Mulson, Malzahn John Mulson   05 Jan 1814 19 May 1901 County Home Westfield Twp Age 87y4m14d. Taken from handwritten death records.   In 1880, John Malzahn in on agricultural schedule in Black.Co.IA.  Census 1885 & 1895: John is living in Banks.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.  Census1900:  John is at the CountyHome listed as John ‘Munson’.  He may be related to Fredrick 'Fritz' Malzahan, b. 1811/Ger who lived in Fredrika, Bremer.Co.IA.  Torey/2012Sep05
Nelson Carl N. Nelson   abt 1823 17 Oct 1915 County Home Westfield Twp Age 98yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial
Nelson Wf of Carl N. Unknown Nelson Carl N.   abt 1892 County Farm Westfield Twp Suspected burial as reference in1892 Oelwein.Reg, charge for digging her grave while she was at Poor Farm.  Torey/2012.
Nelson Nellie     abt 1873 7 Aug 1940 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 9; No stone.  Age 32y in 1915 Census. Assume dau of Carl N, as both from Norway & in U.S. 32 yrs, 1915 census, bz/2012.
Nutting Fitch (Fitzgerald?) Nutting Nutting son of Jared No date 21 Oct 1909 County Home Westfield Twp Age 71yr; No stone. Son of Jared Nutting 1802/VT-1865/Clermont.Twp & Alice Wilkins 1806/VT-aft1880/MO. Also listed as Fitgerald in Nutting; actual location unknown, bz/2012. Census1870, with wid mother & 3sis on sec 19 farm, Clermont.Twp. Census1880; servant for Geo/Mary Bloomfield, Windsor.Twp, unalbe to read/write. Census1893, in Nevada, Story.Co.IA. Census1905; in Fay.Co.IA Poor Farm. Torey/2012Aug24
Perry Elinora Eleanor Waite Perry Benjamin F.  1811/?-1874/? Sep 1819 3 Nov 1913 County Home Westfield Twp Unmarked grave. Sent to 'Christian Home' in Council Bluffs in 1810 to be given home for rest of life in exchange for her money; entered the Fayette County Home in 1912.  Dau of Alvah Waite 1792/NY-1861/NY & Elcy Eleanor Unknown 1789/NY-1884/NY. Sister of Jonathan Waite 1815/NY-1891/St.Edward. Boone.Co.NE.  Aunt of Harriet Waite Burns Widger.  Torey/2012Sep17
Risner Nicholas, 'Nick' Risner Unmarried 1858 9 Jan 1907 County Home Westfield Twp Age 50.  Lot 20; Taken from handwritten death records; No info verify burial.Nicholas appears to be son of John Risner b.1830/Ger and Margaret Unknown b.1830/Ger, and brother to Charles Risner b.1855/IA. The John1830 family are somehow related to a Fredrick Risner, b.1826/Bavaria and his wife Maria b.1826/Bavaria, who end up in Kansas. Some Ancestry trees combine John1830 & Fredrick1826, but they are possibly brothers. Census1860: farming $800/200, Richland (Bethel) Twp, Fay.Co.IA, John1830/Ger, wf Margaret1830/Ger son Charles1855/IA, son Nick1858. Census1870: Charles1855 is on census with Fredrick1826 & his wf. Maria and their children, Albertha, Fred Jr. Rudolf, and Albert, are with Fredrick1826. Nicholas appears on the 1870 census in Chickasaw County with a John Riesner b 1820/Bavaria and his much younger wife Catherine b 1845/WI and a younger girl, Elizabeth, b 1862. I'm pretty sure this is Nicholas' father and a new step mother, plus sister too young to appear on previous census (and possibly cause of mother's death.)  Census1880: Charles and Nicholas are living next door to each other, both listed as farmers, in Fredricksburg, Chickasaw, IA. 1885 Charles is in Correctionville, Woodbury County, working on the railroad. He is killed, according to a family tree, in a well cave-in in 1891.  His grave appears on Findagrave in Correctionville confirming the 1891 date.   Nicholas, meanwhile, goes off the grid. I can’t find him in 1885 or 1900. In 1905 he turns up as ‘Nick Riser’ in Clermont, living with Albert, Della, Rush and Bessie ‘Riser’, whom I assume is Fred Risner’s son Albert. Brother Charles also had a son, b 1885, named Albert. Nick seems to have gone into the county home after this.  It doesn’t appear he married.  Torey/2012Sep23
Ritz Jacob Ritz Unmarried 1826 2 Jan 1912 County Home Westfield Twp

Ritz  Born in Switzerland in 1826, came to the US in 1857 and was naturalized in West Union, Fayette County in 1860.  Jacob never married and from the time he arrived he worked as a tailor and lived with another tailor named Henry Wonnenburg from Prussia and his family.  Jacob appears on the censuses with Henry in 1860, 1870, 1880, 1885, and right through to 1900 when Henry is 77 and Jacob 75 and they are living with Henry’s daughter Minnie and her family.  By 1910  Henry has died but Jacob, age 85, is still living with Minnie,. her husband and family.  It is assumed he must have become too frail for Minnie to continue caring for him and went to the county home sometime during the last two years of his life.  Torey/2012Sep17

Robinson Anna Jones Robinson Thomas 1797/KY-1888/West.Union.IA 31 May 1805 2 Jan 1881 County Home Westfield Twp Age 75y7m2d. Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial. Buried at West Union with husband, bz/2012. Original Yard, bk3, row1. East side of marker unreadable. Obit indicates death at dau Eleanora (Curis) Bent's home in West.Union and not at the county Farm, Torey/2012Sep19.  Dau of Justice Jones 1768-1830 & Sarah Warner ?/?-1845/IL. Ch; Sarah Jane, Henriette Walters, Eleanora Donahoo, Carolien Kimble, Edward Justice, Dr. Stephen Eddy, Charlotte Ann (Twitchell), Mary Isabella.
Ross Jap (Jasper) Ross   Jan 1852 8 Apr 1904 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Census1880:  Jasper Ross 30/IN, harness maker, in hotel at Oelwein.IA.  Census1885:  Jasper Ross 1854/OH, single, laborer, in Hotel, Elgin.IA.  Census1895:  Jasper Ross 40/NY, Elgin.IA.  Census1900: 1852/OH,  inmate, Fayette.Co Home.  Have not identified parents, bz/2012Sep25.
Sawyer Mrs   G F No date 25 Jul 1892 County Home Westfield Twp Age 88yr, 1m; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  No husb G.F. Sawyer listed buried in Fay.Co.IA, bz/2012Sep17
Schmidt Jacob Schmidt   abt 1812 Jun 9 1891 County Home Westfield Twp Age 77yr.6m; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial. Schmidt  Likely Jacob Smith, b 1812 in Prussia, a widower.  He appears on the 1870 census in Scott.Twp, Fayette.Co, living with farmer  Fred Morehouse from England.  His occupation on this census is listed as ‘pauper’ and he is identified as ‘insane’.  1880 he is living with. On the 1880 census Jacob is as a servant  in the household of farmer John Morehouse in Putnam.Twp, Fayette.Co.  John, also from England, appears to be Fred’s brother, as they appear together with a Margaret Morehouse, probably a sister, on the 1860 census in Brush Creek (Arlington), Fairfield.Twp. By the 1885 census, Jacob is in the County Home. Torey/2012Sep17
Scnorn? Ella Jane     abt 1861 22 Dec 1910 County Home Westfield Twp Age 49yr, ?m, 10dy; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Spelling likely Schnoor or Schnor of families around Bethel.Twp and Hawkeye area. bz/2012Sep17
Scoville Luther Scoville   04 Sep 1829 3 Sep 1901 County Home Westfield Twp Age 71yr, 11m, 30dy; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Born abt 1829 in New York.  Son of Daniel Scoville b 1791/VT-bef 1854, and Anna (maiden name unknown) Scoville, b 1792/VT.  Brother to William Scoville  b 1821/Orleans, NY, d 1 May 1904 in Waucoma, Fayette.Co.IA. Luther on 1850 census in Wheeling, Cook.Co.IL with parents, brother William and William’s wife Phoebe Stannard Scoville. 1854 &1856 Iowa census in Eden area, Eden.Twp, Fayette.Co.IA,  with William, Phoebe and their children, plus mother Anna.  William was working as a hotelier (inn keeper) and Luther was a farm laborer. William moved to Osage, Mitchell.Co.IA by 1860, where he was working as a stage driver and enlisted for 2 years in the Civil War.  Luther lived with the family of Henry Brown, a farmer who had previously farmed near the Scoville's in Eden.Twp and had now relocated to Winneshiek.Co.IA  Luther appears on the 1860 census in Washington.Twp, WinneshiekCo.IA, with the Browns, as a farm labourer, identified as ‘idiotic’ on the census.  In 1870,William and his family have returned to the hotel in Eden and Luther is once again living with him.  By 1885 the entire group have moved to Waucoma, where both William and Luther are working as farm laborers.  1895 census finds Luther at the county home in Westfield.Twp.  Information provided by Alec Dwelis, a descendant of Henry Brown’s brother.  Torey/2012Sep18
Shepard James W Shepard Unmarried? 19 Feb 1854 Oct 3, 1927 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  Son of Andrew Shepard 1824/Carlton, Boone.Co.KY-1882/EofLima in Illyria.Twp & Rebecca Ann Easton 1836/IN or Boone.Co.KY-1914/Ashland, Saunders.Co.NE.  Rebecca remarried in 1885, Joseph H. Seavey 1830/NH-?/Ashland, Saunders.Co.NE.  Siblings of JamesW:  ElizM, Joseph Franklin, Ezra B, Levi E, Lula Mary, Etta J, Laura N, Allan J, Amy Irene.  Torey/2012.
Shesler Albert Shesler, Shisler Deeds Dollie 1874/IL-1947/Fayette County Hosp (Co. Home), resident of Fayete village. May 16, 1869 Jul 14, 1943 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 13; No stone. Ch; several infants bef 1912, Edna Violet, Edith Violet. Assuming son of Paul Shesler/Shisler abt1818/Perry.Co.OH-1904/Mason.City hosp (Fay.Co.IA resident). Mother appears to be a third wf of Paul, enumerated with Paul at Lansing in the 1870 Census as, A.E. 31y/PA, with Albert1y, and five other children b. 1856-1863, with their mother possibly May Guist, 2nd wf of Paul. Albert's obit state he came to Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA, with his parents when 10y old or about 1879. Albert maried Dollie Deeds in 1894. Bet. 1896-1915, the were farming 80a, sec 19, 2.5mi NW of Arlington, followed by moving to Manchester, then shortly to Fayette village, as apparently they struggled to make payments on the farm. Albert worked as a day laborer in Fayette, Dollie was a laudnress at home. Census1930: Albert61/IA laborer, Dollie55/IL home laudress, own home val. $2k, abt 2nd block fromVolga Riv on Menchani St. In 1934, Albert was an inmate at the Independence Hosp, so likely he was in/out of institutions some of his later years. He was listed as died at the Fay.Co. Home but his obit states after an operatio at the Mason City Hosp, so he was likely an inmate at the County Home, bought back and bured there, as not listed in Taylorville, where Dollie is buried with her Deed's family. 'Old Mr. Shisler was buried at the County Farm in 1904, which would be Paul, Albert's father. The couple apparently lost several babies/infants to include Edith Violet and Edna Violet. No surviving adult children have been found/mentioned. bz/2012Sep29.  Shesler burials/tree for Fayette.Co.IA linked off Iowaz Index Page
Shesler 'Old Mr.' (Paul, Pawlus)  Shisler, Shesler Info on wives of Paul is sketchy.  Wife1:  Susannah Stait 1822/OH-1845/OH?.  Wife2:  Mary Louisa Guist 1820/OH-1888/Bad.Ax.Co.WI  There may be a 3rd wife:  A.E. Unknown, 1839/PA-aft1879/?. 1817-1819 abt Feb 20, 1904 County Home Westfield.Twp Unlisted in county farm deaths. Unknown burial other than paper article. Arlington news 1904Feb25P4: Old Mr. Shesler died from pneumonia at he county farm last Sunday morning & was buried there. He was 87yrs old & had been an inmate for a number of years. This has to be Pawlus/Paul Shesler/Shisler, father of Albert, bz/2012. son of Paul Shisler 1779/PA or Ger-bef.1850/Perry.Co.OH? & Eliz Alter 1793/MD-1861/Vernon.Co.WI. Wives: First wife; 1841, Susannah Strait (Ch: LouisaT1843, Martin Van Buren1845). Second wife: 1848, Mary Louisa Guist (Ch uncertain, possible 5 enumerated in 1870). Possible third wife; bef 1870 Census, A.E. Unknown (this may be mother of Albert1869). Census1850: farming, 31OH, Monroe.Twp, Perry.Co.OH,Pawlus Shishler31, (2nd wf) Mary30 (Guist), Louisa9, Martin5; adj mother & siblings, Eliz60/MD, Wm20, Melinda21, AndrewJ18, Lucinda16. Census1860: farming, Franklin village, Bad.Ax.Co.WI, Paul41, Mary41, Marton14, mother Eliz82/MD, (dau Louisa19, likely married). Census1870: farming, Lansing.Twp, Allamakee.Co.IA, Paul Shisler50OH, wf? A.E.31PA, Geo14PA(WI?), Isha12PA(WI?), John10WI, Romina8WI, Wm7WI, Albert1IA. Son Albert's obit state came to Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA about 1879 with parents. Cannot find Paul1818 in 1880 or 1885 Census. Census1895: Paul Shisler, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA, as are son Albert & wf Dollie. No mention of Paul's wife/wives after 1870 census. After 1895, Paul not found except for 1904 paper article indicating 'Old Mr' Shilser died at the County Home and was buried there. Paul apparently had been in the county home several years before death. Many unknowns, speculatons and best guesses regarding this Shelser/Shilser family that moved from Perry.Co.OH and centralized in Vernon.Co.WI, along the Miss.River across from Allamakee Co, IA, bz/2012Sep28.  Shesler burials/tree for Fayette.Co.IA linked off Iowaz Index Page
Smith Cora     abt 1836 6 Aug 1906 County Home Westfield Twp Age 70yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.
Smith Lizzie (Elizabeth) Smith Suspect Smith dau of Thomas & Mitilda of Fairfield.Twp. abt 1849 4 May 1903 County Home Westfield Twp No stone.  She may be the dau of Thomas b 1823/NY and Matilda nee Unknown Smith b 1825/NY of Taylorsville, Fairfield.Twp, (Not to be confused with Thomas H. Smith of Illyria.Twp or Thomas Smith of Pleasant Val. Twp.) They appear on the 1860 census with children Elizabeth, b 1849 and George b 1857 in Fairfield.Twp.  Thomas registered for the draft from Fairfield in 1863. I then lose the family entirely until the mother, Matilda, turns up on the 1895 Iowa census in Eden.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. No sign of Thomas after 1863, so could he have been a casualty in the war?  Lizzie appears on the1880 census, age 30. There is no date given for when she arrived. She also appears on the 1880 DDD schedule described as an 'idiot from birth'. She continued to reside at the county home until her death.  Torey/2012Sep28
Staadt Martin     abt 1809 28 Nov 1892 County Home Westfield Twp Age 83yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.Spelling may be Staack, of the Oran.Twp area.  bz/2012Sep17
Stevens Ernest Stevens   10 Sep 1900 18 Mar 1981 County Farm Westfield Twp Lot 101, One of four marked graves.  Census; 1915: Oelwein.IA, student, b.1900/Waverly.IA. DraftCard1918:  Living with mother Mrs. Myrtle (Ray) Hanner farmily 1st St SW in Oelwein.IA, molder apprentice at foundry for C.G.W. RR.  Census1920: Oewlein.IA Hanner family, Ray41, Myrtle32, Lorance9, Gail8, Thelma4, Ernest Stevens19/IA RR foundry moulder.  Ernest's mother was Myrtle Estella nee Newell 1876-1941, dau of Max Newell & Hanna Robinson.
Swartz, Schwartz Fred Swartz   abt 1838 12 Feb 1900 County Home Westfield Twp Age 63yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Surname analogs;  Schultz, The Swartz spelling is clustered in burials at Woodlawn in Oelwein. Found only one Fred living in Fayette.Co,  married to Mary, b 1832.  He is alive and well in June 1900 and in 1910 so not this Fred.  Torey/2012Sep06
Thompson Lucy Elizabeth Olmstead Thompson Rufus 1800/VT (or NH)-1871/Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Aug 13, 1812 Jan 1, 1895 County Home Westfield Twp Age 82yr, death 1894Jan1. Taken from handwritten County Farm death records, listed as only 'Mrs.' with no info to verify burial. Ancestry trees give b.1812Aug13/Detroit.MI, d.1895Jan01/IA, which would be 82y old. Parents unknown. Ch: Matilda1830, Eliz Ann 'Libby'1831, Maranda1833, Louisa1835, RufusA1837, Ezra 'Esry'1839, David1841, Alvira "Alivne'1842, SamuelS1846, Wm1848, Patience Alvira1851. Cenus1830: 1m+2f, Dexter.Twp, Washtenaw.Co.MI. Census1840: 3m+5f, Putnam.Twp, Livingston.Co.MI. Census1850-1856: Rufas an M.E. Minister, Worthington area, Dodge.Twp, Dubuque.Co.IA. In 1857 Rufus bought the 'Gulch' sawmill, sec 34, Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA, 'to keep his boys busy.' Census1860-1870: Rufus & family run mill, timber, farm. Rufus dies in 1871. Lucy likely stayed on the mill site until sold and/or went with children until entering the county farm sometime before her death 1895Jan1. Lucy has not been found in the 1880 census. Torey/bz/2012Oct03.
Wade Daniel   Wade Baronne, Mary 1817PA-?/? 1811 6 May 1880 County Home Westfield Twp Age 70yr; Taken from handwritten death records.  B. abt 1811/VA.  Married to Mary Baronne b 1817/PA on 1836May22 May in Wayne.Co.OH.  Father of George W. Wade1836/OH.  Census1840; in Medina.OH. Census1850; in Hancock.OH.  Census1852;  in Brush Creek (Arlington) Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.  Census 1854, 1856, 1860, 1870; farmer in Fairfield.Twp with wife & son, who by 1870 is married & living nearby on his own farm.  Appears on 1880 mortality schedule as a widower, dying of apoplexy in April at the county home.  Torey/2012Sep05
Wyss Rudolph Wyss, Weiss Unmarried. May 1850 23 Sep 1909 County Home Westfield Twp Age 63yr (should be abt69). Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  Rudolf Wyss, b.1850May/Switzerland. Rudolf arrived on the ship William Penn 1866Sep27. Naturalized at West Union 1873Dec19. Could not find him in 1870. Census1880: Rudolf Wiss, farm hand with Rosina Kohlar farmily in the Kohler neighborhood 3m S of Elgin, SE corner of Pleasant.Val.Twp. Census1885: Rudolf Weis, laborer, single, on his own in Pleasant Valley Twp. In 1899 he applied for a passport and went to Berne, Switzerland. Passport: Rudolph Wyss, b.May1850, sailed for Berne, 1899Jan06, for up to 2yrs. Likely was in Berne over the 1900 census. Census1905: Rudy Wyss, Elgin.IA, appears to be in a small boarding house. Entered the county home sometime bet 1906-1909. Torey/2012Oct3
White Fred White   abt 1865 3 Oct 1940 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 11; No stone.  Not listed in another cem, bz/2012. Confusingly, there are two Fred W. Whites living in Fayette.Co.IA.  One, who is born 1861/Iowa, married to Kitty and living in West Union before moving to KS is not our Fred W. White.  He can be distinguished by the earlier birth date and the fact his parents were born in MA.  Our Fred was born in 1865/IA and his parents came from England.  I believe he is Fred White, born in Smithfield, Fayette County, son of John White b 1816/England-1888 and Elizabeth (maiden name unknown) White b 1830 England-1890 (appear to be buried in Long Grove Cemetery) and brother to William White, b 1849/England,  John White Jr. b 1854/England, Ellen White, 1854/England, Emily White 1857/England, Ann White, 1869/England,  Elizabeth A. White b 1861/Canada, and Hannah White, 1869/Iowa.   Fred appears on the 1870 census with his parents and seven siblings in Smithfield.  1880 census, he is still at Smithfield with parents, John and Elizabeth.  1900 Fred is in Fairbank, Buchanan County, working as a farm labourer on the Thomas Shields farm. 1910 census he is a farm labourer on the Elmer Nichols farm in Lester, Black Hawk County.  1915 Iowa census sees him move to the Paul Heth? farm in Franklin, Bremer County.  1920 census he is still there, listed as a farm labourer and not able to read or write.  1930 he is  enumerated at the County Home and appears to stay thee for the remainder of his life, as he is also listed in 1940.  Torey/2012Sep17.
Wilbur Isaac Wilbur   abt 1824/NY 30 Dec 1893 County Home Westfield Twp Age 69yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Age 69yr; Taken from handwritten death records. Son of Richard Titus Wilbur/Wilber 1788/NY-1870/Albany.area & Sarah Unknown. In 1856 with father Frog Hollow farm. In 1860 at County Farm. After 1880, bro Richard of West Union area supported at County Farm.  Torey/2012Aug22
Wilbur Rachel Unknown   Aug 1835/PA 15 Apr 1910 County Home Westfield Twp Age 77yr; Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial.  In 1870- 1900 census; listed wid & pauper.  Sister likely Eliz. 1820-1894 nee Unknown Detrick, married to John Detrick 1818-1887, sadler/shoemaker, of post 1860 West Union.  Admitted to Poor Farm 1870Mar14 as pauper & 'not able-bodied.'   Eliz Detrick paid Rachel's expenses 1870's-1890's, and her dau Emma took over costs until death. 1910 Census, indicates birth of one child, deceased.   Torey/2012Aug22
Williams Gus Williams Unmarried? abt  1875 19 Jan 1943 County Home Westfield Twp Lot 14; No stone.  Gus is not listed as buried in another cem,  Census1930: Gust. Willams, lodger67/IA, single, lodgeer with Will Bears58 famly in Clermont.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Census1940:  in Fayette County Home, age 68/IA, single, education 6th gr. No other info found.  bz/2012Sep25.
Womelsdorf, Williamsdolf William Womelsdorf   1832-1836 17 Jan 1916 County Home Westfield Twp Age 74y.  Name appears to be William Womelsdorf.  Census1910; at county home & only certain sighting, listed b.1836/Ger, widower, emigrated 1857, never naturalized.  ****Most likely candidate  is William Womelsdorf, b.1836 Hesse-Darmstadt, Ger.   Census1860, he is in Philadelphia, single, in hotel, blacksmith.   Census1880; in Sterling, Whiteside.Co.IL,  blacksmith, wf Agnes Dosch, b.1849/Baden/Ger, son Wm1870, Lena1872, Eliz1874, Anna1876.  Census1900;  Agnes is divorced in Bellevue, Jackson.Co.IL with son William30, & 2 more sons, Louis1882 &George Henry1886 plus her mother, Elizabeth Dosch84. Census1905; 1905; Agnes plus sons  William & Henry, still in Belleuve.IL.  Agnes dies in Aug 1905.  Our William appears to be in Dubuque on his own.  He appears in a 1904 Dubuque city, IA, directory as a machinist, and on the 1905 census in what is either a very large boarding house or likely an institution, as 97 people appear at the same address.  If this is him, how did he end up in Fayette?
Two other William Womelsdorf''s are in PA, one b.1840/U.S., lived in Luzerne.Co.PA, in Civil War, d.1872. ****The other, William E. Womelsdorf, b.1846/U.S., 1st wf Emmaline and 2nd wf Martinetta.  **** Both American born & remained in PA.  ****There was a William G. Womelsdorf, b.1856/N.J., who ended up in Black.Hawk.Co.IA, then Des Moines, Polk.Co.IA,   Torey/2012Sep09
Witschi Benedict Witschi Unmarried 1845 bef 1900 County Home Westfield.Twp Suspected burial. Unmarked. Son of Benedict 1816/Switz-bef1880/Pleasant.Val.Twp & Elizabeth Unknown 1817/Switz-?/?. Census1860; parents & sons on farm in Pleasant.Val.Twp. Census1880; father is gone, brother Benedict on family farm, caring for mentally handicapped bro Jacob and 'generally disabled' mother. Jacob entered County farm, bet 1885-1890, probably at death of mother. In 1890s, Benedict paying Jacob's keep. Census1900; Jacob has disappeared & Benedict is in the County Home 1900 & 1905. Census1910, Benedict has disappeared. Given that Jacob was disabled from birth and Benedict appears to have never married due to spending all his life and his money caring for his relatives, it can be assumed Benedict also died at the County Home. Torey/2012Aug26
Witschi Jacob Witschi Unmarried 1849 bef 1910 County Home Westfield Twp Suspected burial. Unmarked. Son of Benedict 1816/Switz-bef1880/Pleasant.Val.Twp & Elizabeth Unknown 1817/Switz-?/?. Census1860; parents & sons on farm in Pleasant.Val.Twp. Census1880; father is gone, brother Benedict on family farm, caring for Jacob and 'generally disabled' mother, family farm in Pleasant Valley. Census1880 of Defectives. Dependents and Deliquent Classes, Jacob listed as “idiot from birth.” Jacob entered County farm, bet 1885-1890, probably at death of mother. In 1890s, Benedict paying Jacob’s keep. In 1900, Jacob has disappeared & Benedict is in the County Home 1900 & 1905. Torey/2012Aug26
Wolfgram Elsie B Wolfgram Wolfgram dau of Herman August 24 Sep 1900 25 Jun 1902 County Home Westfield Twp Age 1y9m1d. Taken from handwritten death records; Spelling may not be correct; No info to verify burial. Note: Listed buried at Hope Cem in Harlan.Twp, several miles NW of Maynard, with b. 1900Sep04, d. Jun 25, 1902. Note: death date correct, age calcs to birth on Sep 24 1900 for 1y9m1d, while birth listed for Hope Cem is Sep 04, 1900, which may be typo. bz/2012. Dau of Herman August Wolfgram 1871/Ger-1938/Sumner.IA & Ida R. Rowe 1874/Ger-1950/IA. Herman had a major farm NW of Maynard in Harlan.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. On Ancestry; EliseB is an unknown 'baby dau' of Herman's, bz/2012. Siblings: Emma, Wm August, Herman Jr, Ernest, Anna, HildaA. 2012Sep25/bz.  Have tree.








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