xxxxx Heckert

Called John
xxxxx Child of John Michael Heckardt abt1703/Ger-aft1760/Berks.Co.PA &
Catherine Unknown abt1701/Ger-1759/Berks.Co.PA

Descendant Tree & Report, xxxx Generations
Surname analogs:  Heckert, Heckart, Heckard, Heckardt, Heckhart, Heckhardt




Heckart Pages

00000000 Heckert, Heckart, Heckardt Heckard a German surname
00000000 Franz.Heckert, son of Conrad & 1st immigrant 1736.

Michael line, 2nd immigrant 1748, no indication a direct relative of Franz.
Generation and child number:
10000000 Michael.Heckert x Catherine.Heberer
11000000 Anna Madalena Heckert x Adam Hain
12000000 Peter Heckert x Unknown
13000000 Wilhem.Peter.Heckert x Eliz.Gertrude.Fischer
13500000 Michael.Heckert x Catharine.Eliz.Schreyer
13510000 John.Adam.Sr.Heckart x Magdalena.Schneider
13540000 Yost.Heckart x Mary.Eva.Schneider

14000000 Appolonia Heckert x Peter Fischer
15000000 Anna Margaretha Heckert x Peter Lamm
16000000 Conrad Heckert x Susanna Unknown (need data)
17000000 Philipus Heckert x Anna Maria Hain
18000000 Christian Michael Heckert (need data)

Stone Valley Cemetery, Hickory Corners, NUMB.Co.PA

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Do not trust any tree/report data as totally valid.   Use the data to jump start your own research....the information will the best guess at the time of working on a specific project.  Often World Connect or Ancestry trees/data were utilized as a foundation upon which to add material gleamed from obits, articles, histories, biographies, stories, burials, censuses and other data collected.












Heckard, Heckart, Heckert Burials
Stone Valley Zion (Hain's) Church/Cemetery
Hickory Corners, north of Millersburg, east of the Susquehanna River,
Lower Mahanoy Twp, Northumberland Co, PA
Heckard Issac 1864 1865 12 A
Heckard Moses 1835 1867 8 A
Heckard Nathanel 1859 1861 12 A
Heckard Rebecca 1862 1863 12 A
Heckard Uriah 1846 1865 14 A Civil War
Heckard Whilhelmina 1866 1866 10 A
Heckart Fredrick 1788 1858 7 A
Heckart G 14 A
Heckart Jacob 1810 1881 1 B
Heckart Michael 1831 1906 4 A
Heckert Amanda N 1831 1882 4 A
Heckert Ann Mary 1805 1888 5 A
Heckert Carolina 1852 1857 12 A
Heckert Casper 1837 1864 14 A Civil War
Heckert Catharina 1829 1838 8 A
Heckert Catherina 1766 1828 7 A
Heckert Chas E 1859 1862 11 A
Heckert Emanuel 1834 1911 2 D Civil War
Heckert G 5 A
Heckert Henrietta A 1863 1864 14 A
Heckert Henry 1944 1862 16 A
Heckert Henry W 1841 1846 12 A
Heckert Infant of Daniel 1917 1917 3 D
Heckert Infant of Michael of 1867 1867 10 A
Heckert Johannes 1814 1862 9 A
Heckert John 1835 1850 14 A
Heckert Kasper 1759 1837 7 A
Heckert Lillie M 1862 1878 1 A
Heckert M G 12 A
Heckert Margaret 1816 1833 9 A
Heckert Maria Magdalena 1792 1870 15 A
Heckert Mary G 1865 1865 12 A
Heckert Mary E 1880 1923 3 D
Heckert Mila 1862 1863 11 A
Heckert Phillip 1796 1872 5 A
Heckert Rachael 1836 1897 1 A
Heckert Rebecca 1840 1904 2 D
Heckert Roy A 1913 1923 3 D
Heckert Sarah 1808 1858 14 A
Heckert Sarah Ann 1851 1857 12 A
Heckert Solomn 1787 1852 15 A
Heckert Wm 2 A



Do not trust as totally valid any tree/report data.  Often World Connect or Ancestry trees/data were utilized as a foundation upon which to add material gleamed from obits, articles, histories, biographies, stories, burials, censuses and other data collected.  My primary interest is generally the pioneer history and includes linking village and neighborhood surnames together for several of the early generations.  Family connections, locations and other data may have to be speculated in order to continue a complex series of inter-related projects.  My web pages are primarily personal study projects for note keeping, but can also jump start others.  I have a huge number of projects started and rarely return to edit/update material unless interest is rekindled.  Any web pages online are usually linked off the 'Index Page.'  Numerous projects are not put on web pages but are in draft form or in the form of photo albums on the 'Photo Hosting Site.'   I may have material for research use in storage, plus will/can upload other people's material if appropriate.




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