Thomas Vincent Hunt
surname & burials
Fayette County Iowa

Born in England 1849, came to N.Y. in 1853; joined father 1857 in Fayette.IA
Grew up and attended school plus Upper Iowa University in Fayette.IA.
Master Stone Mason like his father Reuben St. Hunt.
Started teaching school in Fayette.IA, 1881.
Teacher (principal): known as 'Prof. Hunt' in Fayette, Independence, Postville, Delhi, Hopkinton, again Delhi, Iowa.

Thomas Vincent Hunt, overview:
Born:  9/6/1849/Shutford, Oxforshire.Co, England.
Died:  8/11/1904, Hm. of step-m/law Laura nee Burch Strong, Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA.
Parents: Reuben, Sr. & Elizabeth Wrench Hunt
Oldest of 10 children: Thomas, Walter Eugene, Amelia, Washington, Flora F., Fannie S., Reuben Wrench, William A., Jesse, Lucy A.
Thomas came to New York in 1854, with parents and siblings Walter Eugene and Amelia Eliz.
Father Reuben Sr. went to Fayette.IA in 1855, as a stone mason building the UIU Seminary (College Hall).
The family joined Reuben Sr. in Fayette, Iowa, 1857.  Thomas was 8 yrs.
Reuben had built a small house on the west side of south Wasington.St. at the base of College Hill.
Like his father Thomas was a master stone mason and cutter.
Thomas attended Fayette school and Upper Iowa University.
1875Oct17,Thomas married Grace C. Strong in Fayette.IA; continuted as a mason & plasterer.
   They would have four children: Alice Janette, , Arthur Vincent, Harriet Elizabeth, Helen Grace.
1879+, built home on NW corner of South Washington & Seventh St's, close to both sets of parents.
1881-1886, Thomas started his teaching career at Fayette, age 32;
   also continued as a mason & plaster out of the Hunt Furniture Store, NW corner Main/Water.St.
1886-1889, teaching in Independence, Buchanan.Co.IA
1889-1893, teaching in  Delhi, Delaware.Co.IA.
1893-1897, principal at Postville, Allamakee.Co.IA
1897-1902, principal/teacher at Hopkinton, Delaware.Co.IA
By 1902, returned to teach at Delhi.IA, apparently suffering serious kidney and/or abdominal trouble by this time.
Aft 1902, was seriously ill much of the time.
1904Sept, death from kidney/abdominal causes.
1907, home & lots in Fayette sold by family.
Thomas was a highly respected educator during a 23 yr. career; continued his interest as a stone mason.
Devout Methodist and Mason, active in civil affairs.
Kind husband & father, loyal citizen
His wife Grace Catherine would live until 1946..


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Descendants of Reuben Hunt
1 HUNT, Reuben Sr. b: 29 Apr 1823 in Eydon, Northamptonshire, England d: 09 Jul 1907 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 90, Fayette, IA.
.. +WRENCH, Elizabeth b: 04 Aug 1830 in Utica, Oneida Co, New York d: 06 Apr 1901 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 90, Fayette, IA. m: 21 Aug 1848 in Shutford, Oxfordshire, England Father: Thomas WRENCH Mother: Lydia Elizabeth PAGE

2 HUNT, Thomas Vincent b: 06 Sep 1849 in Shutford, Oxfordshire Co, England d: 11 Sep 1904 in Hm of m/law, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Burial: 13 Sep 1904 Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 70, burial #861, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA
... +STRONG, Grace Catherine b: 26 Mar 1853 in Constantine, St. Joesph Co, MI d: 04 Apr 1946 in Berkley, Alameda Co, CA Burial: 25 Apr 1946 Grandview Cem (ashes), sec A, lot 70, burial #2113, Fayette. Fay.Co.IA m: 17 Oct 1875 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa Father: Albert Horatio STRONG Mother: Ann G. COFFINGER

2 HUNT, Walter Eugene b: 26 Jun 1851 in Shutford, Oxfordshire, England d: 03 Nov 1945 in Indpendence.IA hosp; res of Fayette.IA. Burial: Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 225, Fayette, IA.
... +THOMPSON, Amanda Katura b: 12 Sep 1856 in Sec 36, W1/2, SW1/4, Westfield Twp, Grannis Hollow area, 3+mi E, Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa d: 26 Jan 1942 in Fayette.IA, at hm, early morning. Burial: Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 225, Fayette, IA. m: 31 Oct 1878 in Fayette, Iowa, in the home of Rev. H.S. Bronson Father: Samuel Andrew THOMPSON Mother: Martha SHERMAN

2 HUNT, Amelia Elizabeth b: 06 Aug 1853 in Shutford, Oxfordshire, England d: 19 Apr 1932 in Sioux Falls, SD Burial: Hartford Twp, Minnehaha Co, SD
... +VANDEMARK, Frank Eugene b: 08 Oct 1851 in Waukegan, Lake Co, IL d: 12 Feb 1931 in Hartford Twp, Minnehaha Co, SD Burial: Hartford Twp, Minnehaha Co, SD m: 01 Mar 1878 in Fayette, Iowa Father: Henry Alexander VANDEMARK Mother: Mary ADAMS

2 [1] HUNT, Washington John Edward b: 23 Feb 1856 in New Berlin, Chenango Co, NY d: 08 Aug 1933 in Manhattan, Indiana Burial: Hartford, SD
... +VANDEMARK, Louisa Charlotte b: 11 Jul 1848 in Waukegan, Lake Co, Illinois d: 02 Apr 1907 in Hartford, South Dakota m: 07 Mar 1880 Father: Henry Alexander VANDEMARK Mother: Mary ADAMS
*2nd Wife of [1] HUNT, Washington John Edward:
... +STAUCH, Clara Miller b: 04 Sep 1864 m: 14 Apr 1908 in Greencastle, Indiana Father: Hiram Lewis STANCH Mother: Sarah Jane TRESNER

2 HUNT, Fanny Sarah b: 29 Jun 1858 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: Abt. 01 Jan 1859 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 90, Fayette, IA.  34th burial in Grandview; unmarked grave.

2 HUNT, Flora Fanny b: 03 Feb 1862 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: 19 Oct 1915 in Post Falls, ID Burial: Coeur d'Alene, ID
... +BROADHEAD, Joseph Whitworth b: 28 Feb 1856 in Jamestown, NY m: 15 Apr 1884 in Britt, Iowa Father: Joseph BROADHEAD Mother: MARY

2 HUNT, Reuben Wrench b: 26 Jun 1865 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: 25 Mar 1948 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 312, Fayette, IA.
... +HOLMES, Laura Farr b: 10 Jan 1867 in Johnstown Center, Rock Co, WI d: 05 May 1949 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa Burial: Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 312, Fayette, IA. m: 26 Jun 1890 in Fayette, Iowa Father: Fredric Neman HOLMES Mother: Laura Susanna FARR

2 [2] HUNT, William Amos b: 06 Feb 1868 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: 17 Aug 1938 in Hoquiam, Gray's Harbor Co, WA
... +CALKIN, Emma E. b: 19 Aug 1871 in Cresco, Howard Co, IA? d: 10 Nov 1907 in Hoquiam, Gray's Harbor Co, WA m: 18 Nov 1890 in Montague, MI Father: Daniel CALKIN Mother: Esther M. UNKNOWN
*2nd Wife of [2] HUNT, William Amos:
... +TRUEMAN, Letetia b: Abt. 1869 in Canada d: in Hoquiam, Gray's Harbor Co, WA? m: 14 Aug 1909 Father: Unknown TRUEMAN

2 HUNT, Jesse E. b: 10 Aug 1870 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: 05 May 1871 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 90, Fayette, IA.

2 HUNT, Lucy Alice b: 16 Feb 1872 in S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA d: 1958 in Des Moines, Polk.Co.IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec d, lot 339, Fayette, IA. ... +JOHNSON, Willis Bunton b: 12 Sep 1873 in Fay.Co.IA d: 1937 in Des Moines, Polk.Co.IA m: 10 May 1899 in Hunt parents hm, S. Wash.St, Fayette Co, IA Father: Albert P. JOHNSON Mother: Helen BUNTON .

Thomas Vincent Hunt x Grace Catherine Strong

Descendants of Thomas Vincent Hunt
1 HUNT, Thomas Vincent b: 06 Sep 1849 in Shutford, Oxfordshire Co, England d: 11 Sep 1904 in Hm of m/law, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Burial: 13 Sep 1904 Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 70, burial #861, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Note 1: 22 Feb 2012 T.V. Hunt last reviewed; Barry.Zbornik Hannibal.MO Note 3: 1849 Born Shutford.Eng, oldest of ten ch, of Reuben Sr. Hunt & Eliz Wrench. Note 4: Bet. 1854 - 1857 Sailed 1854, Eng to NY; 1855 father to Fayette.IA; family joined 1857. Note 5: Bet. 1857 - 1874 Attended grammer/H.S., stone mason apprentice with father, attended UIU at Fayette.IA. Note 6: 1860 Census; 10y, with parents, S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Note 8: 1870 Census; 20y, stonemason, with parents, base of College Hill, Fayette, Fay .Co.IA. Note 10: Bet. 1875 - 1880 Married Grace Strong, built house on S.Wash.St, stone mason & plasterer. Note 11: 1880 Census; 31y, stone mason, wf Grace27(pregnant/Arthur), dau Alice2, NW corner Wash./7th, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Note 12: Bet. 1881 - 1886 Started 23 yr career as teacher/principal in Fayette.IA, continued as mason. Note 13: 1883 Teacher, Fayette Grammar Dept (advanced), 36 students, ave attend. 29. Note 14: 1885 Census; mason & plasterer, with bro. at W.E.Hunt Furniture St, NW corner, Main/Water.St, Fayette.IA. Note 15: 1885 WalterE.Hunt33, AmandaK (Thompson)28, dau FloraB2, bro ThomasV Hunt36. Note 16: 1885 Also teaching & enumerated with wf. Grace, near father Reuben, S. Wash.St, Fayette.IA. Note 18: Bet. 1886 - 1889 Teaching in Independence, Buchanan.Co.IA. Note 20: Bet. 1889 - 1893 Teaching in Delhi, Delaware.Co.IA. Note 22: Bet. 1893 - 1897 Principal at Postville, Allamakee.Co.IA. Note 23: 1895 Census; H.S. teacher, Postville, Allamakee.Co.IA, wf & 4ch, plus Fred27 & Geo23McClintock & Julia24& Hannah0 Gould. Note 24: Bet. 1897 - 1902 Principal/teacher, Hopkinton, Delaware.Co.IA. Note 26: 1900 Census; teacher, Hopkington, Delaware.Co.IA, wf & 4ch, dau Alice teaching. Note 27: Aft. 1902 Returned to teach at Delhi.IA; suffering serious renal/abdominal illness. Note 28: Continued active interest as stone mason throughout life. Note 29: Sep 1904 Died in Fayette, kidney/abcominal causes; highly respected educator during 23yr career.
.. +STRONG, Grace Catherine b: 26 Mar 1853 in Constantine, St. Joesph Co, MI d: 04 Apr 1946 in Berkley, Alameda Co, CA Burial: 25 Apr 1946 Grandview Cem (ashes), sec A, lot 70, burial #2113, Fayette. Fay.Co.IA m: 17 Oct 1875 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa Father: Albert Horatio STRONG Mother: Ann G. COFFINGER Note 15: Aft. 1904 Lived awhile in Indepdence.IA, after death of husb. Thomas. Note 17: 1911 Moved with dau Helen to University Place, near Lincoln.NE. Note 20: Aft. 1917 Lived in OR & CA, after death of dau. Helen in NE. Note 22: 1930 Census; with dau Alice (Ernest) Smith, Sherman.St, Hood River, Hood.River.Co.OR. Note 29: 1946 Cause of death listed, myocardial collapse after broken leg.
2 HUNT, Alice Janette b: 11 Apr 1878 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa d: in Seaside, Clatsop.Co.OR? Note 6: Attended grammer/H.S & UIU at Fayette.IA. Note 11: 1900 Living with parents, teacher, Hopkinton, Delaware.Co.IA Note 14: 1903 Teaching in Ouray.CO. Note 18: Aft. 1956 Aft. husb died went to live with 1st cousin Eunice Pauline Hunt Murrary in Seaside, Catsop.Co.OR.
... +SMITH, Ernest Chandler b: 18 Dec 1877 in North English, Washington.Co.IA d: 26 Apr 1956 in Seaside, Clatsop.Co.OR m: 18 Apr 1905 Father: Aaron Clark SMITH Mother: Alzina CHENEY Note 20: 1930 Census; attorney, $8k, Sherman.Ave, Hood.River village, Hood.River.Co.OR Note 21: 1930 ErnestC52IA, AliceJ51IA, Chandler10CO, Mary Alice10CO, m/law GraceCHunt77MI. Note 23: 18 May 1931 Sailed with family on 'Virginia,' Oregon to New York City. Note 26: 1942 Draft Card: 1020 Sherman.ST, Hood.River, Hood.River.Co.OR Note 27: 1942 Mailing address; Hall Bldg, Ore.Med.Sch, Portland.OR.
3 SMITH, John Chandler b: 22 Jan 1920 in Denver, Adams.Co.CO d: 2005 Note 2: Called Billie. Note 4: May have lived in Salem, OR Note 5: Pathologist, Western Reserve Hospital, Cleveland, OH Note 6: Medical Doctor Note 7: Retired from George Wash. U. Note 11: Last known address, 10608 Rosemont.Ct, Ft.MyersFL 33908.
.... +UNKNOWN, Norma m: in Salem.OR
. 4 SMITH, Four children
3 SMITH, Margaret Mary Alice b: 22 Jan 1920 in Denver, Adams.Co.CO d: 09 Mar 1991 in McMinnville, Yamhill.Co.OR Note 9: 1930 Census; 10y, with parents, Sherman.St, Hood.River, Hood.River.Co.OR. Note 14: 18 May 1931 Sailed, age 11, on the 'Virginia,' Oregon to New York City. Note 17: 1945 Census; with husb, retired, college educated, San Santa St, Sanford, Seminole.Co.FL Note 22: Lived in Walnut Creek, CA
.... +RUSSELL, William Clinton b: 30 Oct 1919 in Detroit, Wayne.Co.MI d: 02 Apr 1975 in Walnut Creek, Contra.Costa.Co.CA Father: Clinton William RUSSELL Mother: Anna Helen PERKINS Note 11: 1945 Census; 26y, Navy, Seminole.Co.FL
. 4 RUSSELL, William Scott b: 30 May 1955 in Detroit, Wayne.Co.MI d: in Walnut Creek, Contra.Costa.CA
. 4 RUSSELL, Two More
2 HUNT, Arthur Vincent b: 23 Jul 1880 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa d: 07 Sep 1945 in New Orleans, LA Note 11: 1917 Draft card; lumber inspecter, Pine.Bluff.AR, married, tall/stout, blue eyes, blond hair.
... +LEHMAN, Nettie b: 04 Nov 1888 in Emporia, Lyon.Co.KS or IL d: 03 Aug 1985 in New Orleans, LA m: 06 Jul 1915 in Stuttgart, Arkansas.Co.AR Note 4: Father b. Germany, mother IL. Note 7: 1910 Census; dry goods sales lady, roomer, 22/IL b.1888, Breese.St, Helena.AR. Note 8: 1910 With A.G.Harting70NJ & wf, lumber business, plus 4 others, 3 in lumber. Note 9: Bef. 1915 Apparently met husb. around lumber business in AR. Note 11: 06 Jul 1915 Living in Helena, Phillips.Co.AR at time of marriage.
3 HUNT, William Strong b: 10 Feb 1917 in Pine Bluff, Wash.Co.AR d: 02 Jul 1925
3 HUNT, Helen Jennette b: 23 Aug 1919 in Pine Bluff, Wash.Co.AR d: 1999 in New Orleans, LA
.... +MCMAHON, Leland W. m: 10 Aug 1943 in New Orleans, LA
3 HUNT, Thomas Vincent b: 12 Jul 1927 in Monroe, Quachita Parrish, LA d: 13 Jul 1927 in Monroe, Quachita Parrish, LA
2 HUNT, Harriet Elizabeth b: 02 Apr 1885 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa Note 11: Settled around San Francisco.CA. Note 15: Retired to Seaside, Catsop.Co.OR.
... +TATE, Frank Earnest
3 TATE, Robert
3 TATE, Helen
2 HUNT, Helen Grace b: 26 Dec 1891 in Delhi, Delaware.Co.IA d: 09 Jan 1917 in Lincoln.NE, hosp. Burial: Grandview Cem, Sec A, Lot 91, N side, burial #1208, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Note 11: 1911 Went with mother to Univesity Place near Lincoln.NE Note 12: Aft. 1911 Took business course in Wesleyan, in NE. Note 13: Employed as bookkeeper for Curtis, Towle & Paine, Lincoln.NE. Note 18: Abt. 1915 Health began to fail. Note 27: Age 25y24d, only burial listed in lot 91, unmarked grave, Grandview Cem, lot owner Newcomer. Note 28: Inscription on parents marker in lot 70, adj & N of lot 91.

Descendants of Albert Horatio Strong
1 [1] STRONG, Albert Horatio b: 12 Apr 1811 in Bolton, Tolland Co, CT d: 06 Jan 1901 in Fayette, Fayette Co, IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 155, Fayette, IA. Note 3: Grew up, farm in Connecticut. Note 4: Work, dyeing house, Hartford, Conn, as young man. Note 5: 1834 Took Erie Canal to Bufalo, on to Detroit; stage to White Pigeon, MI. Note 6: Abt. 1835 Entered farm, White Pigeon, MI. Note 9: Jul 1854 MI by wagon to farm in Chickasaw Co, IA. Note 10: 1865 Moved to Fayette village, Fay. Co, IA. Note 13: 1870 Census; butcher, Fayette, IA, tax $5600/1520, wife Laura, dau Grace. Note 15: 1880 Census; Fayette, IA since 1857, wife Laura S. Note 18: 1885 Census; butcher, Water St, Fayette, IA, wife Laura, son Wiltsie22clerk. Note 21: 1895 Census; retired in Fayette.
.. +COFFINGER, Ann G. b: 28 Apr 1818 in Auburn, New York d: 30 Dec 1865 in Fayette, Fayette Co, IA Burial: Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 155, Fayette, IA. m: 06 Jan 1837 in St. Joseph Co, MI Note 4: 30 Dec 1865 Died same year family moved to Fayette, IA.
2 STRONG, Harriet Eliza b: 06 Oct 1837 in Florence, MI d: 10 Jan 1864 in Ft. Calhoun, NB
... +JENKINS, George W. m: in Chickasaw Co, Iowa
3 JENKINS, Harry b: 29 Dec 1860
3 JENKINS, Anna b: 16 Jan 1862
2 STRONG, George Washington b: 05 Feb 1839 in Florence, MI Note 4: Abt. 1863 Co. C. 38 Iowa Inf Note 6: 1878 Living in Ward Co, ND
... +TENNIS, Harriet Catherine
3 STRONG, Mary Harriet b: 16 Dec 1866
.... +JOHNSON, Unknown
. 4 JOHNSON, Carrie
..... +HARSHBERGER, Unknown
3 STRONG, Georgianna b: 27 Aug 1862
.... +ROEBKE, Harry
3 STRONG, Albert Samuel
. 4 STRONG, Merrill Edward
3 STRONG, Inez
3 STRONG, Joseph
3 STRONG, Wanda
3 STRONG, Jane Jennie b: 29 Oct 1869 in Fayette, Fayette Co, IA d: 1958 in Velva, McHenry Co, ND
.... +MUSS, Nels Mathias b: 1869 d: Aug 1945
. 4 MUSS, Irene b: 1896 d: 1897
. 4 MUSS, Olive b: 11 Jun 1898 d: 10 Aug 1945
. 4 MUSS, Olga b: 1899 d: 1900
. 4 MUSS, Vera b: 08 Dec 1902 d: 03 Apr 1974
. 4 MUSS, Harold b: 16 Dec 1907 d: 15 Apr 1988
2 STRONG, Jennette b: 02 Jun 1841 in Florence, MI d: 08 Apr 1887 in Paris, Monroe Co, Missouri
... +HAWKINS, Joshua D.
2 STRONG, Albert Gallatin b: 18 Oct 1843 in Florence, MI d: 15 Dec 1861 in Civil War hosp, St. Louis, MO Note 4: Oct 1861 Civil War, Co B, 7th Iowa Inf
2 STRONG, Willard b: 21 Apr 1845 in Florence, MI d: 02 Mar 1858 in Chickasaw Co, Iowa
2 STRONG, Grace Catherine b: 26 Mar 1853 in Constantine, St. Joesph Co, MI d: 04 Apr 1946 in Berkley, Alameda Co, CA Burial: 25 Apr 1946 Grandview Cem (ashes), sec A, lot 70, burial #2113, Fayette. Fay.Co.IA Note 15: Aft. 1904 Lived awhile in Indepdence.IA, after death of husb. Thomas. Note 17: 1911 Moved with dau Helen to University Place, near Lincoln.NE. Note 20: Aft. 1917 Lived in OR & CA, after death of dau. Helen in NE. Note 22: 1930 Census; with dau Alice (Ernest) Smith, Sherman.St, Hood River, Hood.River.Co.OR. Note 29: 1946 Cause of death listed, myocardial collapse after broken leg.
... +HUNT, Thomas Vincent b: 06 Sep 1849 in Shutford, Oxfordshire Co, England d: 11 Sep 1904 in Hm of m/law, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Burial: 13 Sep 1904 Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 70, burial #861, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA m: 17 Oct 1875 in Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa Father: Reuben HUNT Mother: Elizabeth WRENCH Note 1: 22 Feb 2012 T.V. Hunt last reviewed; Barry.Zbornik Hannibal.MO Note 3: 1849 Born Shutford.Eng, oldest of ten ch, of Reuben Sr. Hunt & Eliz Wrench. Note 4: Bet. 1854 - 1857 Sailed 1854, Eng to NY; 1855 father to Fayette.IA; family joined 1857. Note 5: Bet. 1857 - 1874 Attended grammer/H.S., stone mason apprentice with father, attended UIU at Fayette.IA. Note 6: 1860 Census; 10y, with parents, S. Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Note 8: 1870 Census; 20y, stonemason, with parents, base of College Hill, Fayette, Fay .Co.IA. Note 10: Bet. 1875 - 1880 Married Grace Strong, built house on S.Wash.St, stone mason & plasterer. Note 11: 1880 Census; 31y, stone mason, wf Grace27(pregnant/Arthur), dau Alice2, NW corner Wash./7th, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Note 12: Bet. 1881 - 1886 Started 23 yr career as teacher/principal in Fayette.IA, continued as mason. Note 13: 1883 Teacher, Fayette Grammar Dept (advanced), 36 students, ave attend. 29. Note 14: 1885 Census; mason & plasterer, with bro. at W.E.Hunt Furniture St, NW corner, Main/Water.St, Fayette.IA. Note 15: 1885 WalterE.Hunt33, AmandaK (Thompson)28, dau FloraB2, bro ThomasV Hunt36. Note 16: 1885 Also teaching & enumerated with wf. Grace, near father Reuben, S. Wash.St, Fayette.IA. Note 18: Bet. 1886 - 1889 Teaching in Independence, Buchanan.Co.IA. Note 20: Bet. 1889 - 1893 Teaching in Delhi, Delaware.Co.IA. Note 22: Bet. 1893
*2nd Wife of [1] STRONG, Albert Horatio:
.. +BURCH, Laura Samantha
b: 05 Jul 1827 in London, Ontario, Canada d: Aft. 1910 m: 07 Jan 1867 Father: John Strong BURCH Mother: Lydia S. HOGABOEME Note 3: Parents, father VT, mother NY; went to Can. 1839.



Thomas Vincent Hunt family
burials in Grandview Cemetery,  Fayette Co, Iowa

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes



Hunt Thomas Vincent Hunt Stone Grace Catherine 1853/MI-1946/CA 6 Sep 1849 11 Sep 1904 Grandview Fayette Sec A, lot 70, burial #861.  Died at m/law's home in Fayette.IA; resident/teacher at Delhi at the time.  Son of Reuben Hunt Sr, 1823/Eydon.Eng-1907/Fayette.IA & Elizabeth Wrench 1830/Utica.NY-1901/Fayette.IA.  Ch; Alice Janette (Smith), Arthur Vincent, Harriet Eliz (Tate), Helen Grace
Hunt Grace Catherine Strong Hunt Thomas Vincent 1849/Shtuford.Eng-1904/Delhi.IA 26 Mar 1853 4 Apr 1946 Grandview Fayette Sec A, lot 70, burial #2113.  Dau of Albert Horatio Strong 1811/CT-1901/Fayette.IA & Ann G. Coffinger 1818/NY-1865/Fayette.IA.  Ch; Alice Janette (Smith), Arthur Vincent, Harriet Eliz (Tate), Helen Grace
Hunt Helen Grace Hunt Hunt dau of Thomas Vincent Dec 26, 1891 Jan 1917 Grandview Fayette Sec  A, lot 91, N side, burial #1208 (lot owner Newcomer, only burial, lot is adj & S of parents in lot 70, unmarked, name on parents marker).  Age 25y24d, died in Lincoln.NE hosp.  Unmarried.  Dau of Thomas Vincent Hunt 1849/Shtuford.Eng-1904/Delhi.IA & Grace Catherine Strong 1853/MI-1946/Berkley.CA.

Thomas Vincent Hunt, lot transactions
in J.E. Robertson 2nd Addition to Fayette.IA
1874Mar21, block 1, lot 5, bought.
1879Aug16, block 1, lots 4 & 5, bought.
1890Apr02, block 1, lots 2 & 3, bought.
1907Oct22, block 1, lots 4 & 5, family sold after T.V.'s death in 1904.


Paper Clips:

1878...Walter Eugene Hunt took over Budlong's Furniture/Undertaking on the NW corner of Main/Water St's.  His brother's would periodically work with him during the early years;  Reuben Wrench, Thomas Vincent and William Amos.   In 1896, W.E. Hunt would sell out to Edmund's and buy a dairy farm 1/2mi S of Fayette, farming adjacent to his brother Reuben Wrench until 1920, when W.E. Hunt would retire to the SE corner of Main/Seventh St.

1881...Thomas Vincent Hunt started his teaching career in 1881 at Fayette, age 32.  In 1886, he moved to Indepedence.IA to teach.  He would remain in education 23yrs as a teacher/principal until his death in 1904, at age 54.

1882Sep26Fayette.IA, Fayette Corporation Officers:  Mayor, G.Pierce; Recorder, John.Fowell's; Treasurer, W.E. Hunt;  Marshall, Harrison.Allen; Councilman, Thomas. Fowless, M.Montgomery, D.Schoonmaker, C.C.West, Geo.Parsons; Town Trustees, P.B.Whitney, R.Hunt, and G.Pleree; Township Clerk, W.W.Peeples.

1882Sep26Fayette.IA, UIU College Column; The destinies of Aonia have been given into the hands of the following officers for the ensuring term....Chaplain, Miss Flora Hunt.

1882Nov11Fayette.IA...Hunt Furniture add pic.

1882Apr03Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt has lost a very fine scarf somewhere between Fayette and West Union.  If you find it please return it to his furniture shop in Fayette.

1883Apr24Fayette.IA, The Fayette Teacher's Association will be held at the Public School House (old grade school of the 1900's, SW corner of King/State), Sat, 2:30pm, 1883.  All are invited.  Sade A. Cavanaugh, Sec'y.  Program....Reading, Mr. T.V. (Thomas Vincent) Hunt.

1883Jul03Fayette.IA,  The Republican caucus was held on Sat. Jun 23 in public, in the open air, on the platform and stairs of Duncan's Hall, in full view of Main & Water streets.  Mr. Hurd, Paine, Thomas Hunt, Crissy involved.

1883May29Fayette.IA, Fayette Public School Report month ending May 25, 1883.  Primary Dept:  33boys, 24girls, total 57, ave/day39.  Hattie A. Thornton, Teacher.  First Intermediate:  16boys, 25girls, total41, ave/day32, Lizzie Sayles, Teacher.  Second Intermediate:  20boys, 19girls, 36total, ave/day29, Sade A. Cavanaugh, Teacher.  Grammer Dept:  boys15, girls21, total36, ave29,  Thomas V. Hunt, Teacher.  High School Dept:  boys8, girls20, total28, ave/day10.  P.R.Woods, Principal.  (Total School Enrollment = 198)

1886, Thomas V. Hunt moved from Fayette.IA to teach at Independence. IA.

1887Dec10Fayette.IA, Reub. Hunt's new dray is a clipper.  Window poles and other curtain fixtures, easy-chairs and settees, upholstered in all the latest styles, at Hunt's Furniture.  Don't forget that W.E. Hunt keeps coffins of all sizes so that there is no cause for you to hand back in the collar if you think you have seen enough of this world and its kankering kare.

1888Jun02Fayette.IA,  Note from T.V. Hunt of Independence.IA to Rev. F.M. Coleman, M.E. Ch in Fayette...Dear Bro. I learn that Bro. May of Independence is soon to lecture in Fayette on 'Caving in Mammoth Cave.'  I urge people to strongly hear him.  It is an interesting subject, treated in a way that will hold the attention of the audience.  Having hear the lecture, I can assure you that you will feel well paid for listening to it.  Lecture begins at 8pm, admission 25c, proceeds go to finish paying for church papering.

1888Jun02Fayette.IA, Reub. Hunt Jr., received a serious wound from a log chain on Tuesday forenoon, requiring the aid of a surgeon.  The "tearing' was on the inner portion and north end of the leg.  How it happened we did not hear.  He is doing as well as can  be expected.

1888Jun09Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt attended the Indianapolis prohibition convention, and came home full--of glory and enthusiasm for that infantile casue.  We have not hear him discourse, ourself, but get it second-handed.

1888Jul07Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt, dealer in all kinds of furniture.  Beds, bureaus, sofas, lounges, waht-nots, picture frames, mouldings, clothes bars, curtain and lambrequin frixtures, and everything kept in stock even in city stores.  He has the exclusive use of Richardson's Carpet Exhibitor, a very remarkable machine, that everbody in the county oaght to see.  he ahs a large assortment of carpet samples which the Exhibitor makes appear like a very large room all carpeted.  Any sample selected can be delivered by order in three days.  He has employed Frank Jones, Chairmaker, to assist him in manufactures and repairs.  Whenever you want anything in the house furnishing line, do not pay general freight rates on imported goods in small quantities, but patronize home institutions  by calling W.E. Hunt, The Furniture Man, Fayette, Iowa.

1888Aug25Fayette.IA, A surprise party was had at Reuben Hunt's on Tues evening becasue he and his wife had lived together 40yrs.

1889Oct25Fayette.IA, Reub. Hunt has about negotiated the sale of his dray business.

1890Jan03Fayette.IA, Furniture of all desirable grades and prices.  Picture mouldings of the finest styles and carpet samples in endless variety at W.E. Hunt's, Fayette, Iowa.  R.W. Hunt, has fitted out a new dray, order slate at Graham's barber shop.

1890Jan17Fayette.IA, I want some of that money due me on account.  I expect to get some of it.  If I don't the next notice will e a personal one.  W.E. Hunt (Furniture/Undertaking).   R. W. Hunt, Drayman, has fitted out a new dray and bids for a share of the public patronage.  An order slate will be found at Graham's barber shop or the accommodation of customers.

1890Feb14Fayette.IA, To the qualified electors of the incorporated town of Fayette notice is hereby given that the municipal election of said incorporated town will be held in Hunt's Hall (a portion of the Furniture/Undertaking building on the NW corner of Main/Water) on Monday, Mar 3rd, 1890, at which time there is to be chosen a Mayor, two Councilmen, Recorder, Treasurer, and Assessor for ensuring terms.  The following question shall be submitted.  Shall the town council be authorized to issue bonds not exceeding $2000 for the purpose of securing suitable fire protections?  The polls will open at 9am and close at 6pm.  J.E. Budd, Mayor, J.E. Fowells, Recorder. 

1890Mar14Fayette.IA, We think after the election the school board is now composed of Ed. Kelley, W.E. Hunt, B. Stevenson, Dr. McLean, Geo. Hill, and M.J. Hartman.

1890Apr11Fayette.IA, R.W. Hunt has broken ground for a new residence, in south town.

1890Apr18Fayette.IA, R.W. Hunt's house is on its upright and pretty nearly enclosed from the weather.   Many fingers make quick work.

1890Apr25Fayette.IA, R.W. Hunt's house, 16x24, story and a half, was completed except the plastering and inside casing one week ago.  It was the 'soonest' job on record.

1890May02Fayette.IA, Tom. Hunt is called "Prof." by his society circle at Delhi.  By the Delhi News we learn that Reuben Hunt, Sen., was "down to Tom's" over Sunday a short time since, accompanied by his wife.  This is an item worthy of note from the fact that the couple are not much given to taking trips of any notable distance.  W.H. Robertson has sold his saw-mill and presumably his engine with it.

1890Jul04Fayette.IA, R.W. Hunt was married on the evening of June 26th to Miss Laura Holmes, daughter of Fred. HolmesThey were married in their own new house recently finished and furnished.  It was a decidedly practical was of commencing life's voyage.

1890Oct17Fayette.IA, Reub. Hunt has sold his dray biz. 

1891Mar06Fayette.IA, We understand R.W. Hunt has become a partner in the furniture business with his brother, Walter E. Hunt.  Mr. Massey, the new butteer-maker at the creamery, is taking hold of his work as though he understands his business.  Marvin's saw mill as arrived and is nearly ready for business.  It is a nice, modern machine, and if he has power enough it will do a heap of work.  Cap.t Kingman, the former long time Fayette House clerk is reported in feeble health in West Union.  Cap; you should live 20yrs yet, to spin see yarns for the land-lubbers.

1891Mar13Fayette.IA, Hunt Bro's have a car load of new furniture ordered.  They propose to run the furniture business right in the front and take to now back alley for anything in the country.  Another huge snow storm last Sat & Sun.

1891Mar20Fayette.IA, Eighteen Fayette High School graduates of 1891, will address the public at the Opera House Fri, Mar 27, 1891.  The order will be:  Day Grannis, Frank O. Bench, Marilla Mathes, Cathren E. Wakefield, Thos. E. Fowells, Lucy E. Mumby, Cora B. Bench.  Wm. E. Boice/Boyce, Nellie C. Hayward, Carrie A. Barden, Nellie M. Burget, Sarah I. Bailey, Cora M. Bunnell, Lottie B. Davie, Harry H. Allen, John W. Kelly, Lucy A. Hunt, May L. Burgess.   Marvin is sawing logs with an 8hp engine but it requires high pressure to do it.   UIU spring term opened Tues, with 460 students.

1891Mar27Fayette.IA, Washington Hunt of Sioux Falls, SD, son of Reuben Sr., was in Fayette lately.

1891Apr24Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt has a young colt which he is proud of.  Its line of ancestry we are unable to give, as it isn't mentioned in the Fayette County Album, but it may become another Allerton.  It is of Prince McCord, Tribune and other fast 'blood.'

1891Jun12Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt is having his furniture store painted a cream color, and will have it pencilled in black, we are tolds.  Estey and Johnson are doing the work. Efforts are being made to have the gutters on Main.St flagged for two blocks.  We insist on having those saw logs and trees taken out of the boulevard immediately.  The city grader has scraped up several streets in pretty good style.  It is way ahead of the old plow and scraper system.  As a matter of pastime we 'took in' two steam saw mills in full blast Tues. afternoon.  This looks like business in a town the size of Fayette.  the old tumble-down horse-shed at the rear of the M.E. Ch, is not creditable to the financial status of that society, besides being a nuisance.  People hitch their teams there and leave to bite, squeal, kick, paw the boards and raise cane generally.  It is a stingy, unchristian contrivance all around.  Horse-shoeing and other work on demand, Dick Noble has returned to Fayette and taken charge of the blacksmith shop by the bridge (SE corner).

1891Jul31Fayette.IA, Will Hunt returned from the Pacific slope over a week since, and we judge from some remarks we heard him make that he thinks about as well of Iowa as Oregon or Washington.  Reub. Hunt sawed his thumb the other day then quietly fainted.  The little buss-saw did it.  He reads the papers, knows better than to "monkey with the buzz-saw" but forgot while looking to see if a lot of juveniles were monkeying with anything else.   A new 'water works' tank has been constructed to supplant the high and mighty tub-on-wheels.  The south side saw mill was running on Monday.  Ward, Finch &U Dempster appear to be interested in the west side livery stable. Bedell has ice to sell at all seasons.  The "Canada" (north of the bridge) saw mill was splitting logs on Tues.  One mill at a time appears to be the order of exercises.  The largest attendance is looked for at the Aug. races (horses) at Rush Park that has ever been at any 'spped' meeting in the northwest.  Mrs. Peter Graf's new house and barn both show size and shape.  The town is filling up.  Main St. is being occupied its entire length.

1891Aug07Fayette.IA, The 'dau. of the Postal Card' (editors dau) has spend most of the past week at Delhi and vicinity, going down with Miss Alice Hunt a week ago Thursday, and returning last Wed.  Silver Lake is something of a summer resort in Delaware.Co.IA.  There are not only two livery stables in Fayette.  For a small and unpretentious burg, this town has more societies, secret and otherwise, than any other we know.  We should like to see that Clark street extension (west) put in shape for travel even though it has to be done by subscription.  Teams can wind around through it in the daytime, as they can through any timber road, but no team could go through it at night unless preceded by a locomotive head-light.  Peter Graf has a large crop of apples this year, some say 1500 bushels, and that he commences picking for shipment.

1891Aug14Fayette.IA, Lucy Hunt teaching at Fayette.

1891Sep04Fayette.IA, New has been received of the death of Harrison Butler, at West Union, and Mr. Stewart, father of James Stewart, ex-treasurer of the county of Bethel Twp.  Undertaker W.E. Hunt attended the burial of Mr. Stewart.

1892Jan02Fayette.IA, Thomas Hunt built a new barn (T.V. retained his home and lots on the NW corner of Wash/7th St's in Fayette).  Hunt Bro's (Walter Eugene & Reuben Walter) have remodeled their furniture building so that Budlong, who built it some 30 odd yrs ago (1860+), would hardly know the same.

1892Apr29Fayette.IA, We suppose it is a fact that J.M. Edmunds has purchased the business interests of Hunt Brothers in the furniture business, possession to be given and taken whenever convenient for both parties.  This move will doubtless surprise many, but it nee d not.  Any man in this peculiar latitude is liable to buy and sell anything---not prohibited by law, and the adaptability of the Yankee nation to any sort of trade or business is one of the wonders of the balance of the world.

1892Sep02Fayette.IA, Reuben Hunt Sen., has put in a brick front to his residence near the Washington street railroad bridge.

1893Jan20Fayette.IA,   Edmund's is selling furniture at Hunt's old stand cheaper than ever, and always has a full line in stock.

1893Mar17Fayette.IA, The school election resulted in electing W.B. Stevenson and W.E. Hunt directors and defeating the bond business two to one.

1893Mar24Fayette.IA, Washington Hunt came down from his home at Sioux Falls, last Friday evening.  He is getting older, like the balance of us.

1893Mar26Fayette.IA,  The School Board met Monday night and elected the following corps of teachers, graded in the following order:  C.F. Geiser, Principal; Ms. Anna Hale, Mrs. Terry, Ms. Fowells, Ms (Lucy Alice) Hunt, Ms. Hayward.  This eliminates Principal Chapman, Ms. Bailey and Ms. Mathews.  Some are mad, some glad.  There were evidently some reasons for the changes or they would not have been made.  Whether the change will be any better remains to be seen by trial.  The barn attached to the Fayette House has undergone a through renovation the past week and the office rebuilt and a telephone put in.  Something has picked the section house that stood near the turn-table and deposited it in the field twenty rods away.

1893May05Fayette.IA, Mrs. Twitchell moved her household goods last Monday from H.F. Munger's to the house belonging to T.V. Hunt on South Washington street.

1893Jul28Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt took out a new hay-loader last Friday from the warehouse of Graf and Son.  Mr. Calkin of south-town (south end of Fayette), caught 30 rock bass out of one pool last Thur. afternoon.  Mr. Trail saw what was up and caught 13 at the same place.  A new cylindrical, horizontal street sprinkler was brought on Main.St, Mon. evening.  It is private property under the management of Comstock and James.

1893Aug04Fayette.IA, Thos.V. Hunt will instruct the rising generation at Postville next year.

1893Sep08Fayette.IA.  T.V. Hunt and family went to Postville Mon., where T.V. is engaged to take charge of the public schools.

1893Nov17Fayette.IA, The Fayette Gun Club is figuring on a grand hunt as soon as the snow comes and covers the ground.  Dr. R.B. Rich, Veterinary, Fayette.IA.  A burglary was committed at the Pioneer Meat Market, Sun. night.  The raiders entered through a window protected only by a wire screen.  They secured $8 in cash.  Knight Brothers have disposed of their saw mill machinery and it has been moved away.  There was no more demand for two saw mills than two universities or two hotels. Joe H. Marvin will grind feed every Sat by steam power, on stone burrs, and on other days if there is demand. Having the only saw mill in town at present he has fitted that up for business.

1894Aug23Fayette.IA, T.V. Hunt and family, of Postville, are making their summer vacation visit in Fayette, the parents of elders residing here.

1895Jun27Fayette.IA,  Prof. T.V. Hunt of Postville, gave $100 to UIU toward 1892 endowment of $24,000.

1896Nov26Fayette.IA, That story about Will Hunt is correct.  He came with a wife, formerly Ms. Calkins, once a resident here.

1896Dec10Fayette.IA, Declamation Contest Program, 1. "Patsy," Flora Hunt.

1897Apr01Fayette.IA, Reported the fore part of the week that T.V. (Thomas Vincent), at Postville was not improving, with the chances rather against him.  Don't know how the news came or whether or not it is authentic.

1897May06Fayette.IA, T.V. Hunt has been elected principal of the schools at Hopkinton (Delaware.Co.IA), an indication that he is recovering from his long siege of sickness.

1897Jul01Fayette.IA, T.V. Hunt and family came over from Postville the latter part of last week for a "summer vacation."

1898Mar31Fayette.IA, Mrs. Thomas Hunt of Hopkinton, is visiting at the home of her father, Albert H. Strong.

1898May26, Dr. McLean reports the arrival of the third daughter (Ina Laura) of Reub. (R.W.) Hunt's.

1898Jun23Fayette.IA, Will Hunt and mother (Elizabeth Wrench Hunt) have gone to Chicago to see Ms. Lucy Hunt, who has been a nurse in a hospital.  She has been very sick with typhoid fever and believing that she could not live, Will and his mother were summoned.

1899May18Fayette.IA,  Thurs. morning, just as we were going to press we learned of the marriage of Ms. Lucy Hunt to Willis B. Johnson, curing the previous evening.  Rev. Gammons performed the ceremony at the home of the bride's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Reuben Sr. Hunt on S. Washington St, in Fayette.IA.

1899Jun08Fayette.IA,  Miss Lucy Alice Hunt, formerly of Fayette, has been elected to the grammer department of the Volga City schools (Clayton.Co.IA).

1899Aug24Fayette.IA, Will Hunt and his wife (Emma Calkins) chaperoned a party of two on a Dutton Cave (near West Union) expedition Monday.

1899Sep08Fayette.IA, A sister of Mrs. Will Hunt came for an extended stay. (Probably Clara F. Clakin b1882/Winn.Co.IA).  William Amos Hunt, was elected treasure of the Cemetery association.  W.J. (Washington John) Hunt of Sioux Falls (SD), who has not been here for six years (1893-1899), was in town over Sunday, visiting parents and brothers.

1899Oct19Fayette.IA, Through the funds supplied by the Epworth League, Mrs. Will Hunt and Mrs. F. Montgomery have been elected to a membership in the L.P.A.

1899Nov23Fayette.IA, The Senior Class play "Miles Standish," of the public school will be Nov 28, 8pm, at the Opera House, 25c adults, 15c sch. children, reerved seats no extra charge at Winston's.  Flora Hunt will be Priscilla.  Some fine wool is being turned out at the Klock mill.    Considerable improvement is reported in the road to West Union at the point near the "darkey burying ground (Pleasant Hill Cem),"  A stone wall has been built on both sides of the road; the road has been widened and a fence erected, making it much safer for travel.

1899Nov30Fayette.IA, The entertainment given by the actors of the high school Tues. night drew a large audience.  The second part (play), Miles Standish, was also well given, the simple, straight-forward acting of Ms. Flora Hunt, as Priscilla, being especially good.

1899Dec12Fayette.IA, A.J. Berkstresser's new building will probably be finished this week.  When it is ready Mr. B. will move his gallery (photography) into it and will be joined by Will Hunt, who has left the furniture store of J.M. Edmunds.  They will run a photo and art gallery,  Mr. Hunt doing the picture framing, which he is certainly competent to do having had many years experience.  Walt. E. Hunt is at present with Edmunds.

1899Dec28Fayette.IA,  Ralph Calkins, whose home is at Montague.MI,  who comes here from Ann Arbor, where he is a dental student, is the guest of Will Hunt and wife.  He spent last winter in Georgia in a military camp.

1900Jan04Fayeette.IA, Walt. Hunt has ceased clerking at J.M. Edmunds' furniture store, Austin Fox taking his place.  A party was given at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Will Hunt Tues. evening, in honor of their relative and guest, Ralph Calkins.

1900Jan11,Fayette.IA, The Berkstresser Photo Gallery is now located in the new building and Berkstresser and Hunt (Will), are ready for fusiness, althought the appliances and furnishings are not fully arranged.  A good stock of picture mouldings has been received for the framing department.  The proprietors will have an opening reception within a week or ten days.  Meanwhile the firm is ready for business.

1900Feb01Faeytte.IA, Nellie Hunt recited a selection at the dedication of the new Fayette High School building.

1900Mar15Fayette.IA, Mr. Skinner moved into the Hunt house Tues.  Ms. Julia Sanders, of Rudd, is visiting her bro. John Sanders at Will Hunt's.

1900Apr05Fayette.IA, Thos. Hunt, Principal of schools at Hopkinton has been visiting his bro. Will this week. Ms. Alice Hunt if visiting relatives this week.

1900Apr12Fayette.IA, Reub. (R.W.) and family spent Sunday near Alpha.

1900Jul10Fayette.IA, Mr. & Mrs. Albert H. Strong, who have been visiting at the home of T.V. Hunt, at Hopkinton, returned last Mon.

1900Jul19Fayette.IA, Mr. & Mrs. A.H. Strong who have been visiting at the home of T.V. Hunt, at Hopkinton, returned home Monday.

1900Aug23Fayette.IA, Will Hunt has sold his home to Mr. Alderson, consideration $1000.  It is said he will remove to Oregon as soon as his wife is able to travel.

1900Aug30Fayette.IA, A dau. of R.W. Hunt has been visiting at the home of Sidney Cobb for a week or more.

1900Sep20Fayette.IA, Will Hunt and wife and Ms. Calkins departed Friday for Mich., to visit Mrs. Hunt's brothers.  He will remain about two weeks when he will leave for Oregon to select a place for location   His wife will go later.  Auburn Lime, I will deliver lime in Fayette for 25c per bushel, telephone or address, C.A. Stickland, Douglass (Auburn), Iowa.

1900Oct04Fayette.IA, Will Hunt has been in town in town since our last issue.

1900Oct11Fayette.IA, Will Hunt departed for Portland.OR, last Thur.  His wife is at Montague.MI and will probably remain there until the first of Jan.

1900Oct18Fayette.IA, We hear that Will Hunt is an employee of the same establishment in Portland.OR, in which Chas. Colbert secured employment.

1900Dec27Fayette.IA, T.V. Hunt was in town this week.  Ms. Alice (Lucy Alice) Hunt, of the Lime Springs schools is spending vacation with relatives in town.  Will Hunt has secured a position at Haquiam.WA, which will keep him there during the winter.  His wife has joined him at Portland.OR, and they expect to located in the Washington town soon.  Maple Grove Farm and Dairy, W.E. Hunt, Prop.

1901Feb14Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt made a business trip to Auburn village on Tues.

1901Mar07Fayette.IA, We are informed that A.D. Doland and Rebuen (R.W.) Hunt have made an exchange of farms.  Mr. Doland's comprised 47a at $65/a and Mr. Hunt's 100 at $45/a.

1901Mar14Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt purchased the milk route and business of J. Skinner, which A.T. Crowe has conducted.

1901Apr04Fayette.IA, Ms. Alice (Lucy Alice) Hunt of Lime Springs (Howard.Co.IA), is a visitor among friends this week.  Mrs. (Amelia) VanDemark, of SD, is here on account of the illness of her mother Mrs. Reuben Sr. Hunt.  Mrs. Strong went to Hopkinton last week to visit her step-dau., Mrs. Grace (T.V.) Hunt.

1901Apr11Fayette.IA, Death of Mrs. Rueben Hunt.  Thurs. morning, Apr 4, 1901, abt. 6am, occurred the death of Mrs. Reuben Hunt, Sen., after an illness of several days.  Elizabeth Wrench was born of English parents in Otsego.Co.NY, Aug 4, 1830.  The same year her parents returned to Shutford, Oxfordshire, England.  She was married to Reuben Hunt in 1848.  They came to America 1854, and settled in new Berlin, Chenanago.Co.NY.  Since 1857 she has lived in Fayette.  She was the mother of ten children, six sons, and four daughters.  Her husband, with five sons and three dau's. survive her.  In 1896 she united with the M.E. church, where the funeral was held Sat. at 10:30am.   We wish to extend our heartfelt thanks to all who so kindly assisted us during the sickness and death of our beloved wife and mother.  Reuben Hunt and Family.

1901Apr11Fayete.IA, It is reported that since the departure of Will Hunt and wife for Oregon, the latter has been improving in health; also that her brother Scott is employed in a basket factory and her sister Clara is assisting in a telephone office.

1901Apr19Fayette.IA, Reuben Hunt Sen., has gone to Minkler for a protracted stay, at the home, we understand, of (s/law) W.B. Johnson.

1901May09Fayette.IA,  Plans of UIU Alumni; from Lime Springs (Howard.Co.IA) Correspondent, all teachers are to return except principal Prof. Grannis and his assistant, Miss (Lucy Alice) Hunt.

1901Jun13Fayette.IA, Alice (Janette) Hunt, of Hopkinton, is the guest of relaives.

1901Jun20Fayette.IA, The Lime Spring Sun says that Miss (Lucy Alice) Hunt will attend UIU, next fall.

1901Jul31Fayette.IA, Reub. Hunt sawed his thumb the other day and then quietly fainted.  The little buzz-saw did it.  He reads the papers, knows better than to 'monkey with the buzz-saw' but forgot while looking to see if a lot of juveniles were monkeying with anything else.  Will Hunt returned from the Pacific slope over a week since, and we judge from some remarks we heard him make that he things about as well of Iowa as Oregon or Washington.

1901Sep05Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt has nearly finished an addition to his house at his dairy farm south of Fayette.

1901Oct03Fayette.IA, Walt. E. Hunt and wife departed Wed. for Buffalo and points in Pennsylvania.  They will be absent for two weeks visiting relatives, and may visit Washington (D.C.) before returning.

1901Oct24Fayete.IA, Walt. E. Hunt and wife returned Mon. from their eastern trip.

1902Feb20Fayette.IA, R. W. Hunt will change his residence from Fayette to Westgate, where he will have a position in the creamery at that place, beginning Mar. 1st.  He has rented his farm to Preston Brown.

1902Jul03Fayette.IA, Mrs. Thos. Hunt was in town last Week.

1902Aug21Fayette.IA, Mrs. Strong invited a number of young ladies to meet Miss Alice (Janette) Hunt (dau of T.V. Hunt) Sat. evening.  Miss Alice Hunt of Delhi, spent a few days of the week with her grandmother, Mrs. Strong.  Miss (Lucy Alice) Hunt will be assistant principal at Marcus (Cherokee.Co.IA), this year.

1902Oct23Fayette.IA, Mrs. Lucy Hunt Johnson of Sumner.IA and Mrs. Vandemark, nee Milly Hunt, and dau., of Hartford.SD, have been guests of their father Rebuen Sr. Hunt.

1902Oct30Fayette.IA, Party of Fates.  ON the evening of Oct 25, at the homes of A.N. McGarvey 2mi south of Fayette, Misses Gertie Knight and Flora Hunt gave a Party of Fates, in honor of Miss Helen B. Robertson, of Independence.  Miss Harriett Hunt won the peanut race.

1902Nov06Fayette.IA, Mrs. Amelia (Hunt) Van Demark returned Tues. to her Dakota home, after a few weeks' visit with her father Reuben Sr. Hunt.

1903Jan08Fayette.IA, Mrs. Strong returned the latter part of the week from a visit with her step/dau, Mrs. Thos. Hunt and family, who reside in Delhi (Delaware.Co.IA).

1903Feb10Fayette.IA, Invitations were out for the marriage on Wed, Feb 18th, of Miss Fannie Coleman and Fred D. Holmes, at the home of the bride's parents, Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph Coleman.  The groom is a son of Fred Holmes, of this place.  The coulee will be at home after Mar 15th at Fayette, and will reside in the house formerly owned by Reuben Jr. Hunt at the foot of college hill.

1903Feb26Fayette.IA, R.W. Hunt and family, of Westgate were in town Tues.

1903May08Postville.IA, Miss Harriet Hunt, of Delhi, dau. of Prof. T.V. Hunt, has accepted a position as stenographer in the office of Attorney Chaplin at McGregor.IA.

1903Jun11Fayette.IA,  A son of Mrs. Amelia (Hunt) Vandemark has been visiting at the home of Walter Hunt.

1903Jun25Fayette.IA, Thos. Hunt visited his father Rueben Sr. Hunt last week.

1903Jul09Fayette.IA, Mrs. Strong went Mon. to Delhi.IA for a visit with the family of Thos. Hunt.

1903Aug06Fayette.IA, The sons of Walter Hunt and Sam Luce went to Frederika on Tues for an outing.

1903Aug20Fayette.IA, Thomas Hunt of Delhi, arrived in Fayette yesterday.

1903Aug27Fayette.IA, Mrs. Willis Johnson and two children of Westgate, are visiting Reuben Hunt, Sen.  Mrs. Reuben Hunt, Jr., and dau's have been visiting friends and relatives.

1903Oct15Fayette.IA, Reuben Hunt was in Westgate the fore part of the week.

1903Nov11Fayette.IA, Walt. Hunt has had a cement floor into the basement of his new barn on his dairy farm south of Fayette.

1903Sep01Fayette.IA, Miss Alice (Janette) Hunt left Tues. to resume teaching in Ouray.CO,  Mr. Smith, who was been assisting during her father's (T.V. Hunt) illness, also left for his home.  There is some indication that Mr. (T.V.) Hunt may be able to recover, as his condition has been a trifle improved.  Reuben Hunt (Sr) came up from Arlington Tues., for a few days.  He has been making his home during the summer with his dau. & s/law, Mrs. & Mr. W.B. Johnson. 

1904Feb05Fayette.IA, The Christian Endeavourers held a basket social Tuesday evening at the home of Walter Hunt.  There were 33 baskets and the proceeds were $30.  P.G. Widger went to market with ten horses on Sunday's stock train, and Ben Hancock went with a car of stock for Graf Bro's; in the same train was a car of hogs, all white.

1904Mar03Fayette.IA, Miss Rachel McGee and her father moved the latter part of the week to the Thos. Hunt house.  Reuben (R.W.) Hunt Jr. was in town Mon. to take the train for Arlington, where he and Willis Johnson were to take charge of the creamery having been selected for that place after the change a Westgate.  Mr. Hunt will remain in Arlington but a short time, as he received a telegram Mon, informing him that he could take charge of a creamery at Hartford.SD, at a good salary.  He will more there in about two weeks.

1904Apr21Fayette.IA,  Thomas Hunt is reported seriously ill.  A letter from one of our subscribers at Hartford.SD, says F.E. Van de Mark deals in Poland China hogs, Short Horn cattle and Shropshire sheep; that R.W. Hunt is head butter-maker in the Hartford creamery; that W.P. Hunt is manager of the Farmer's Elevator, and that "they all like to get the Postal Card to keep posted in the events of their old home town."

1904May05Fayette.IA, Earl Knight and John (Samuel) Hunt (son of Walter E.) returned Sat. from a canvassing trip in Winnesheik.Co.IA.  Mrs. Strong went to Delhi Sat, Thos. Hunt is said to be in a critical condition, with little chance of recovery.    The Fayette House (hotel) office is being prepared for new wiring.

1904May12Fayette.IA, Reuben Hunt, Sr., who passed the winter at Delhi and Arlington, returned home to Fayette, yesterday.

1904May20Postville.IA, Arthur Hunt, son of Prof. T.V. Hunt, very pleasantly surprised his Postville friends on Mon. by dropping in on them for a day's visit, his first one since leaving here with his parents some seven years ago (1897), during which time he has grown from a kid into a fine looking and prepossessing young man, who carries sunshine with him wherever he goes.   For the past five years (1899-1904) he has been roaming around through the lumber districts of various states in the sunny south purchasing fine woods to be made up into furniture by the Memphis Furniture Co., with headquarters at Memphis.Tn.  He was called home to Delhi several weeks ago by the alarming illness from kidney trouble of his father (T.V. Hunt), who we are pleased to state has safely passed the critical point and is recovering.   Arthur left Tues. for Fayette to visit.

1904Jun16Fayette.IA, A very pretty June wedding occurred last evening (abt. Jun 7)(in Hoquiam.WA) at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.A. (William Amos) Hunt, when Ms. Clara F. Calkin and Mr. James V. Totten were united in marriage in the presence of about thirty invited guests.  Rev. G.A. Bale officiating.  Attendants were Ms. Gertrude M. Fisher and Mr. Angus M. Campbell.  The Bridal party was led by little Frances Morgan and Eunice Hunt.  The bride is well known and highly esteemed young lady of Hoquiam, (Gray's Harbor Co, WA).  Mr. & Mrs. Totten will be at home after July 1, on J Street between 6th & 7th Hoquiam.WA.

1904Aug18Fayette.IA, John Hunt, accompanied by Harry Shepard, arrived from Chicago this week for a visit.  John (John Samuel) expects to return the latter part of the week accompanied by his brother Reuben (Walter Reuben, sons of Walter Eugene).

1904Sep15Fayette.IA, Death of Thomas Vincent Hunt in Fayette.IA.
....Obit, Fayette.IA Postal Card, 1904Sep15, p5---Death of Thomas Hunt, Occurred Sunday Afternoon, September 11, 1904, at 6 P.M., at the home of Mrs. Strong (Laura S. Burch Strong, second wife of Albert H. Strong, father-in-law to Thomas), after a long illness.  Thomas Hunt was born in Shutford, (Oxfordshire.Co.),England, September 6, 1849, and came to the United States in 1854, the family settling in the Finger Lakes Region of New York State, where they resided for five years and then came to Fayette.  ( Reuben Hunt Sr. came to Fayette is 1855 as a stone mason on College Hall, UIU. After UIU, Reuben went to Ames as a brick layer on the first Iowa State U. building.  Eliz and children joined Rueben in Fayette, bz/2002)  .  The subject of this sketch resided here till 1886 (Fayette).  Since that time he has been engaged in teaching in Independence, Delhi, Postville, and Hopkinton, returning to Delhi, in which place he was teaching when taken ill.  He was married to Miss Grace (Catherine) Strong in Fayette, October 17, 1875, and to them were born a son and three daughters, all of whom morn the loss of husband and father.  Mr. Hunt was an enthusiastic instructor, always having the interests of his pupils at heart, always solicitous for the welfare of young people.  It was his ambition to teach for a quarter of a century, but he was taken sick on the opening day of the spring term of this year (1904), and was obliged to realize, to his great grief that his cherished ambition must go ungratified.  His limit of endurance was reached after 23 years of endeavor.  He became a member of the Methodist church over 30 years ago, and was prominent in its work, being most of the time in some official position, besides being president of Epworth Sunday school much of the time.  During his five months of sickness, which was marked by almost unendurable pain, from which the most powerful opiates afforded only temporary relief, those nearest him were touched by his unfailing courage and patient endurance.  The funeral was held at the Fayette Methodist Church Tuesday at 1:30., Rev. Cattermole conducting the service, assisted by Rev. Reen, of Delhi, Dr. Fleming, and Rev. J.L. Paine.  The music was in charge of Mrs. J. W. McLean. Floral offering were very numerous, among them being a harp sent by the Delhi High School, a sickle by the young ladies bible and Sunday school class, and a profusion of cut flowers from many friends.  The casket was covered with a beautiful emblem in white flowers from the Delhi Epworth League.  The interment was made in Grandview cemetery in Fayette where his mother was buried years ago.
....Obit, The Fayette (Iowa) Reporter ---Prof. T. V. Hunt Dead---Thomas Vincent Hunt, son of Reuben Hunt and Eliazbeth Wrench Hunt was born in Shutford , Oxfordshire County, England, September 6, 1849, and died at Fayette, Iowa, Sunday, September 11, 1904, age 55 years, 5 days.  When but five years old he came with his family to Chenango County, New York State.  After about five years the family moved to Fayette where he grew to stalwart manhood.  Working with his father Reuben, he became a master stone mason and stone cutter, which vocation he never fully laid aside.  He was a graduate of Upper Iowa University in Fayette.  His home was in Fayette until 1886, and at age 37 he moved to Independence, where he taught three years, to Postville four years, to Hopkinton four years, then to Delhi again three years, then back to Fayette to pass over the river from amid associations of his youth.  He was converted at the age of 19 years.  He was married October 17, 1875, to Miss Grace (Catherine) Strong, who with four children---Alice, Arthur, Harriet and Helen---besides a venerable father, four brothers and three sisters survive him.  he has not been able to leave his bed since April 7th last, and only those who cared for him know how intense was his suffering or how patiently it was endured.  The funeral was help from the Fayette Methodist Church last week Tuesday, five pastors assisting in the service.  Floral offerings were profuse and beautiful.  Postville friends will sympathize with the bereaved family in the loss of one whom they knew as a kind husband and father, a devout Christian and a loyal citizen.

1904Sep29Fayette.IA, R. W. Hunt who was in attendance at the funeral of his brother Thomas Hunt, returned Friday to his home in Hartford.SD.

1904Oct13Fayette.IA, Mrs. Giles of Randalia, has taken the place of Ms. Flora Hunt at the G.P. Scobey home.  Ms. Hunt having gone home to remain until she begins school duties.  Mrs. W.E. Hunt started Mon. for the St. Louis Exposition.

1904Nov17Fayette.IA, The Hunt boys returned from Chicago last week, and will remain during the winter.

1905Jan12Fayette.IA,  News is received here of the serious burning of a dau. of Will Hunt at Hoquiam.Wash.  The little girl was in the kitchen playing with a small umbrella and with it pulled a kettle of boiling water over, severely scalding herself.  Her recovery now seems probably.

1905Feb09Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt and Frank Sherman attended the butter makers' convention in Mason City last week.  Mr. Sherman's butter score was 92.  Mr. Hunt stayed at the Wilson Hotel where a sort of riot broke out one night among a lot of drunken traveling men who broke doors and windows and severely injured a man whom  they were pursuing.  Mr. Hunt barely escaped molestation and says it was one of the wildest scenes he has been in proximity too.

1905Feb23Fayette.IA, The 25th anniversary of the M.E. Home Missionary Society was observed by the local society at the home of Mrs. Claypool.  Mrs. Strong and Mrs. Thos. Hunt were the only ones of the original members present.

1905Feb30Fayette.IA, John Knight has recevied an order of a new dray from a man in Hartford.SD.  the order came through the hands of R.W. Hunt.  The dray will cost the purchaser in the vicinity of $140, and naturally will be a good one.  Mr. Knight recently installed a machine for cutting tenons of the outer end of spokes so they fit as close and as true in line as machinery can make anything. 

1905Mar09Fayette.IA,  Ray Belknap moved into the Thos. Hunt house on south Washington Street.  E.C. Fussell shipped a blooded bull Monday to Wm. Knaak, at Clear Lake.

1905Apr06Fayette.IA, W.W. Luce is moving into the Reuben Hunt Sr., house, which as been repapered and renovated.

1905Apr13Fayette.IA, Mrs. Thos. Hunt has been enjoying a visit from her dau's.  Ms. Alice Hunt having been absent this year teaching in Colorado.  Ms. Harriet Hunt, employed in a lawyer's office in Independent, and was a student at UIU a couple of years ago.

1905Arp20Fayette.IA, Smith-Hunt Wedding.  At the home of the bride's mother, Mrs. Thomas Hunt, took place on Tues. at 2pm, the wedding of Ms. Alice Janet Hunt and Mr. Ernest C. Smith, Rev. Claypool performing the ceremony.  Only near relatives were in attendance, and during the ceremony the bridal couple were unattended, a wedding of tasteful simplicity having been planned.   Luncheon was served.  The couple took went to Chicago a few days to visit before going to Ann Arbor, Mich., where they will reside for the present.  Mr. Smith is a graduate of the Cedar Falls Normal and is a law student in Ann Arbor.  Mrs. Smith is well known here, having been a resident and frequent visitor.  She was a student at Lenox College and Cedar Falls Normal, and has been in educational work for several years, the past two years as assistant principal at Ouray.CO.  She expects to continue to study at Ann Arbor to some extent.

1905Apr21Fayette.IA, Marriage Announcement, Alice Hunt Married, A neatly printed card received yesterday announces the marriage of Alice Jannette Hunt to Mr. Ernest C. Smith, on Tuesday, April 18th, the event taking place at the home of the bride’s mother, Mrs. Grace Hunt, in Fayette, Iowa. The bride is a most charming and amiable young lady, a resident of Postville a number of years ago, with her parents, Professor and Mrs. Thomas Vincent Hunt, and numerous friends here will join in extending their well wishes to her and hers. Mr. And Mrs. Smith will be "at home" after May first, 216 S. State St., Ann Arbor, Michigan.

1905Sep07Fayette.IA, Misses Lila and Edna Lockwood and Flora Hunt returned Tues, after visiting a week in Minkler.

1905Sep21Fayette.IA, Cemetery Association, at the annual meeting at the Opera House, determined to have a receiving vault built at the cemetery.  The vault will be large enough to hold 20 bodies, and erected somewhere on the north side of the grounds.  The probabilities are that it will have a stone or concrete front, and main part be of earth, sodded over.  It would be the disposition of the association to have the vault located in the side hill were there any way to reach it, but in the present bad state of the old road (abandoned trail leading west, midway up College Hill, below the cemetery) and considerable outlay of money would be needed to repair the road.  All modern cemeteries have receiving vaults in which the dead are placed after the frosts enter the ground.  Here they are kept until mild weather permits the digging of graves, and then the interment is made.  The work on the vault is to be commenced soon as it is the intention to have it completed this fall.  The following officers were elected:  Dr. Marcus Young Baker, Pres; F.M. Robertson, V.P.; L..A. Graves, Sec; Ada Whitley, Correspondent Sec; Mrs. Grace Hunt, Treasurer; May Jones Ass't Treasurer.

1905Sep28Fayette.IA, W.E. Hunt went Monday to Iowa City to attend the grand chapter of Masons.  The T. V. Hunt residence is for rent, inquire of Mrs. Grace Hunt.

1905Oct26Fayette.IA,  Mrs. Grace Hunt invited a number of friends to assemble at Mrs. Strong's Tues evening in honor of Ms. Abbie Miller.

1905Dec28Fayette.IA, W.B. Johnson and family and Mr. Rebuen Hunt, Sr, of Monticello, who have been visiting in the Fayette vicinity, returned home last evening.

1917Jan31Oelwein.IA, Helen G. Hunt, Obit:
Helen G. Hunt, youngest daughter of Thomas Vincent and Grace Catherine Strong Hunt of Fayette.IA, was born in Delhi.IA on Dec 26, 1892.  Her father preceded her in death some years ago while they were living in Fayette.  Helen going with her mother Grace in 1911 to University Place near Lincoln.NE.  She took a business course in Wesleyan and since her education has been in the employ of Curtis, Towle & Paine as a bookkeeper.  A little over a year ago her vigorous health began failing but her work was carried on until Sat. night, Jan 6th.  Sunday she spent with her mother and sister, Mrs. F. F. Tate, who had been summoned from San Fancisco and on Sunday evening Helen entered the hospital to undergo a critical operation on Monday.  Despite the skill of surgeons and physicians and the care of nurse and the watching of mother and sister, Helen passed peacefully into eternity Tues. night.  those left to mourn are her widowed mother, Mrs. Grace C. (Strong) hunt, of University Place.  Two sisters, Mrs. E.C. Smith of Hood.River.OR, Mrs. F.F. Tate of San Francisco.CA and one brother Arthur V. Hunt of Pine.Bluff.AR.  Mrs. Smith arrived at University Place Sat. morning and the funeral was held Sun. afternoon at 2:30PM at the Chapel of Castle Roper and Mathews in Lincoln and Mrs. Smith accompanied the remains to Fayette.IA arriving Tues. morning and interment was in Grandview Cem. near her father.  Helen with her parents spend many of her girlhood years in Fayette and their many friends were sorry to learn that she was taken from this life when so young and they extend their heartfelt sympathy to the mother and sisters and brother.

1917Aug01Oelwein.IA:  Mrs. Thomas Hunt arrived in Fayette from University Place near Lincoln.NE, the first of the week and is visiting Mrs. F.S. Walker and with other friends.  She will be remembered as Ms. Grace Strong and formerly resided in Fayette.

1917Aug22Oelwein.IA: Mrs. Thomas Hunt who had been visiting her friends in and near Fayette, left the first of the week for a visit in Postville before going to CA to make her home with her daughter.

1941Jul16Oelwein.IA:  Rueben Walter Hunt of Fayette received a gift Sat. from his sis/law, Mrs. Thomas V. Hunt of Alameda.CA.  The gift was an old fashioned gimlet (hand tool for drilling small holes) owned by her husband (Thomas Vincent Hunt), which originally belonged to his father Reuben Sr. Hunt, one of the early pioneers of Fayette.  The tool shows much usage and is an oddity to many people of this age.

1946Apr24Fayette.IA.Postal.Card, Grace Catherine nee Strong Hunt, Obit:
Burial services for Mrs. Grace C. Hunt of Berkeley, Calif., were held Thursday afternoon, May 1, 1946, at 4pm, at the grave in Grandview cemetery in Fayette, with Rev. W. R. Noland in charge.  Grace C. Strong, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Strong, was born March 26, 1853, in Constantine, Mich.   She came to Fayette as a young girl with her parents, and on Oct. 17, 1875 was married to Thomas V. Hunt.  They made their home in Fayette until 1886 when they moved to Independence where Mr. Hunt was a teacher in the school for three years (1886-1889).  He also taught at Fayette, Postville, Delhi, Hopkinton, returning to Delhi before his death in Fayette, Sept. 11, 1904.   Mrs.  Hunt lived for some time at Independence after the death of her husband Thomas, then at Lincoln.NE.  In the later years she made her home in Oregon and California.  Later Mrs. Hunt went to California where she made her home.  On April 2, 1946, she fell, fracturing her leg, and never recovered from the shock, and died April 4, 1946, shortly after her 93rd birthday.  Mr. & Mrs. Hunt were the parents of four children; Alice (Earnest E. Smith) of Hood.River.OR, Arthur Vincent who died at New.Orleans.LA on Sept 7, 1945; Harriett (Frank F. Tate) of Berkeley.CA; Helen who died Jan 9, 1917 at Lincoln.NE.   She is a sis/law of the late Walter Eugene Hunt.  Mr. Rebuen Walter Hunt of Fayette is a brother-in-law, and nieces and nephews in Fayette include Miss Jean Hunt, Mrs. Martha Hunt Noble and Mr. Walter Rueben Hunt.   Last services were held at the 'Little Chapel of the Flowers' at Berkeley.CA on Sat. morning, and attended by both of her children. 

1953, Information Notes: It was recorded by a relative that his first recollection of Eunice Pauline Muray was at the -2- Ranch where she kept house for Roy Hunt, until his death December 10, 1953. Since that time she has been living with Alice Hunt Smith in Seaside, Oregon. She plans to make a move sometime before November 1, to Government Camp, Oregon, on Mt. Hood. she is again doing her good deed in helping a relative, as she will be the housekeeper for her cousin Ralph Calkin and his daughter. He is the son of Scott Calkin who lived for many year in Fayette, Iowa.

1956...After Ernest Chandler Smith,  died, Alice Hunt Smith (dau of Thomas Vincent Hunt) went to live with 1st cousin Eunice Pauline Hunt Murray (dau of William Amos Hunt) at Seaside, Catsop.OR.







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