Elijah Norton line
Fayette, Westfield.Twp, Fayette County Iowa
With some history of the 3rd Iowa Reg. 
Elijah's oldest child Haseltine Delos Norton
was killed (1861Sept17) in the Civil War at the Battle of Blue Mills Landing in Missouri.
Wm. Boyd Heckart (3rd Iowa) from Freeport, wounded, finished the war, brought back flag remnant.
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...Brother-in-laws, Elijah Norton and William Henry Harrison Augir/Augur and their families were some of the first settlers in Fayette.Co.IA.
......Augir/Augor/Augur tree  http://www.iowaz.info/surname/augir.htm
...In the early 1850's, they opened farms within a mile of each other; Wm. Augur in the SE corner of Center.Twp, Elijah Norton in the SW corner of Westfield.Twp.
...Wm. Augur left the county about 1870+; Elijah Norton would leave the county 1880+.
...Elijah Norton & Benjamin Budlong, by 1855/56, were one of the first two mercantile businesses in the newly platted village of Fayette.IA.  Notes early Fayette mercantiles on Barnard page  http://www.iowaz.info/surname/barnard.htm
.....Elijah Norton operated the mercantile with Benjamin Budlong from about 1856>1864+/-, along with his farming 2+mi SW of Fayette.
.....Budlong & Norton Mercantile (1855>1861), a wooden frame structure was on the SW corner of Water/Main.
.....In Feb1861, they moved into their new two story brick building across the street on the NW corner of Water/Main (still standing/utilized).
.......The Budlong building would become a furniture/undertaking business by late 1800's, and the Hurd Business College started in the upper floor  http://www.iowaz.info/surname/hurd.htm
.....Not long after Budlong & Norton opened their new store, Elijah Norton left the firm, with Benjamin Budlong continuing for a short time until the store/business changed hands.


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Elijah Norton related burials
 in Fayette Co, Iowa

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes


Colored rows = info/data updated; white rows = not updated, needing data. 

There are no known Elijah Norton family burials in Fayette.Co.IA.

Elijah Norton line descendent tree.
(best guess)

       Descendants of Richard Norton

1   NORTON, Richard b: 1517 in Sharpenhow, Kent.Co.England d: in England Note 1: 28 Aug 2020 Norton surname last worked on:  2004. 2007, 2016, 2020, Barry.Zbornik Hannibal.MO  iowazAThotmail.com
.... +WINGATE, Margery b: 1528 d: 1571 in England
2   NORTON, William b: Jan 1557/58 in Sharpenhoe, Streatly, Bedforshire.Co.England d: 19 Oct 1622 in London, Greater London, England
...... +HAWES, Margery b: 1554 d: 1575
... 3   NORTON, Nicholas b: 1562 in Whitle Lackington, Somerset.Co.England d: 1616 in Broadway, South Somerset District, Somerset.Co.England
......... +BROTHERTON, Hepzibah b: 1583 in Broadway, Dorset.Co.England d: 1610 in Somerset.Co.England
..... 4   NORTON, Nicholas b: 1610 in Batcombe, Broadway, Somertset.Co.England d: 17 Apr 1690 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA
........... +ISAAC, Elizabeth b: 1612 in Weymouth, Norfolk.Co.MA d: 08 Oct 1690 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA
........ 5   NORTON, Benjamin b: 1659 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA d: 09 Aug 1733 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA
.............. +BOULTER, Hannah b: 27 Apr 1665 in Hampton, Rockingham.Co.NH d: 1733 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA
........... 6   NORTON, Nicholas b: 1687 in Eastham, Barnstable.Co.MA d: Oct 1755 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA
................. +DAGGETT, Martha b: 1688 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA d: 1720 in Martha's Vineyard, Dukes.Co.MA
............. 7   NORTON, Jabez Daggett b: 14 Oct 1714 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA d: 14 May 1785 in Mattapoisett, Plymouth.Co.MA
................... +ALLEN, Elizabeth b: 24 Oct 1716 in West Tisbury, Dukes.Co.MA d: 01 Dec 1805 in Martha's Vineyard, Dukes.Co.MA
................ 8   [1] NORTON, Elijah b: 16 Feb 1738/39 in Edgartown, Dukes.Co.MA d: 06 Nov 1815 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
...................... +BURROWS, Freelove Burroughs b: Sep 1738 in Groton, New.Condon.Co.CT d: 12 Mar 1776 in Darmouth, Bristoll.Co.MA m: 19 Jan 1769 in Dartmouth, Bristol.Co.MA Father: Lemuel BURROWS Mother: Freelove PACKER
.................. 9   NORTON, Burroughs b: 12 May 1771 in Dartmouth, BristolCo.MA d: 1813
........................ +BULLARD, Betsey b: 07 Jun 1771 in Oakham, Worcester.Co.MA d: 1860 in Sherborn, Middlesex.Co.MA m: 12 May 1793 in Oakham, Worchester.Co.MA Father: Silas BULLARD Mother: Mary FURNESS
..................... 10   NORTON, Margaret b: 1793 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
..................... 10   NORTON, Aiden b: 1795 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
..................... 10   NORTON, Harding 'Hardin' b: 29 May 1796 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA d: 31 Jan 1878 in Erie.Co.NY
........................... +UNKNOWN, Mary b: 1805 m: Bef. 1825 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
........................ 11   NORTON, Burroghs W. b: 1825 in Cattaraugus.Co.NY d: 1906
........................ 11   NORTON, Lydia L. b: 1828 in Erie.Co.NY d: Jan 1891
........................ 11   NORTON, George B. b: 1837 in Erie.Co.NY
........................ 11   NORTON, Charles b: 1842 in Erie.Co.NY
..................... 10   NORTON, Alpheus b: 1797 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA d: 1880
..................... 10   NORTON, Melissa b: 1799 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
..................... 10   NORTON, Burroughs b: 1800 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA d: 1891
..................... 10   NORTON, Elizabeth 'Betsy' b: 1801 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA d: 1803
..................... 10   NORTON, Naomi b: 1803 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA
..................... 10   NORTON, Elijah b: 06 Jul 1804 in New Braintree, Worcester.Co.MA d: 13 Jan 1888 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha.Co.SD Burial: Mt. Pleasant Cem, Sioux.Falls, Minnehaha.Co.SD Note 3: 1840 Census:  Holland area (12+/-mi NE of Springville(Concord), Erie.Co.NY.  Elijah Norton, family of 5, 1m<5, 1m5-9, 1m30-39, 1f<5, 1f30-39. Note 4: 1850 Census:  Rochester, Racine.Co.WI.  Norton:  Elijah46MA painter $450, Sabra40NY, Haseltinie16NY painter, Jospheine13NY, Homer11NY, Francina10NY, Franklin5NY, Julia4WI. Note 5: 1855 Census:  Rochester.Twp, Racine.Co.WI. Note 6: Bet. 1855 - 1856 One of first merchants in Fayette.IA plat; Norton-Budlong (Hamilton 1817/NY-1868/IL) Mercantile on SW corner Main/Water.St's. Note 7: 1858 Fayette.IA.Paper.Ad:  Budlong & Norton, 'at old stand' (SW corner Water/Main), hams, shoulders, pickled port, cast steel plows, have retired from other mercantile busiiness. Note 8: Feb 1861 Moved into new brick Norton-Budlong building, NW corner Water/Main built (local brick)> Edmund's Furniture/Undertaking; followed by W.E.Hunt's F/U 1880-1890's (stonemason family, rebuilt structure)>  Fox Furinture/Undertaking> Billy Paul's John Deere1950s. Note 10: 1860 Ag.Census, Fay.Co.IA (SW corner of Wesfield.Twp):  E. Norton, 50a improved, 70 unimproved, 3 milk cows, 2 oxen, 3 cattle, 1hog, 60bu wheat, 60bu corn, 40bu potatoes, 300lb butter, 10ton hay, Note 12: 1868 Plat.Fay.Co.IA.1879:  E. Norton, 40a, SW1/4 of SW1/4, farmstead in extreme SW corner of Westfield.Twp, 5mi SW of Main.ST, Fayette.IA. Note 13: 1868 Plat:  Also another 40a 1.5mi N of farmstead, NE1/4 of SW1/4, Sec 30, Westfield.Twp; also another 40a not showing up on plat, probably timber/woods plots. Note 14: 1870 Census:  Westfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.  Norton: Eliza/Elijah66MA farmer $3145/460, Sabia62NY, Melvin24WI farmer, Franklin24NY, Joseph22NY, Julia20WI. Note 16: 1879 Plat.Fay.Co.IA.1879:  E. Norton, 40a, SW1/4 of SW1/4, farmstead in extreme SW corner of Westfield.Twp, 5mi SW of Main.ST, Fayette.IA. Note 17: 1880 Census:  Westfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.  Norton: Elijah 1804MA farming kidney disease, Sabra1809NY, Edward Butler 1864IA adopted. Note 18: 1880 Ag.Census:  Elijah Norton, 10a tilled, 10a pasture, 20a timber; 10a hay/20tons, 2 horses, 2 milk cows, 2 cattle, 2 calves, 3 hogs, 50 chickens, 9a corn, 1/2 potates, 25 cords wood.
........................... +AUGIR, Sabra Augor Augur b: 01 Dec 1808 in Schuyler, Herkimer.Co.NY d: 26 May 1887 in Sioux Falls, Minnehaha.Co.SD m: 29 Sep 1830 in Erie.Co.NY Father: Robert Augur Anger Auger Augir AUGOR Mother: Abigail HOUGH
........................ 11   DELOS NORTON, Haseltine b: 17 Feb 1834 in Holland area (12+/-mi NE of Springville(Concord), Erie.Co.NY d: 17 Sep 1861 in Battle of Blue Mills Landing, Liberty area, Clay.Co.MO Burial: Sep 1861 Initial burial: Mt. Memorial Cem (in SW corner with up to 24 other Union soldiers of Battle of Blue Mills), Wm.Jewell.College, Liberty, Clay.Co.MO Note 5: Bef. 1861 Educated, writer, scholar.  Originated & taught a penmanship system, expecting to publish, "Norton's Progressive System of Penmanship." Note 8: 24 Apr 1861 Was in the  first group of 18 from Fayette.Co.IA to 'enroll' name and  enlist, at University Chapel, Fayette.IA. Note 9: 20 May 1861 Enlisted Co F, 3rd IA Infantry Regiment, age 27, from Fayette, Westfield.Twp, Fayette.Co.IA; mustered 1861Jun08. Note 10: 08 Jun 1861 Mustered, Port of McGregor, Clayton.Co.IA. Note 12: 17 Sep 1861 Killed in action at the Battle of Blue Mills Landing, near Liberty, Clay.Co.MO. Note 22: 1912 Burial?:  27 Civil War soldiers in Mt.Memorial.Cem (on Wm.Jewell.U campus) were moved to Ft.leavenworth Nat.Cem upon request of families; at least 6 soldiers remained in Mt.Memorial.
.............................. +UNMARRIED

Delos Norton letters from the Civil War
(link downloads a PDF file, published 2022Oct in Fayette.Co.IA Society newsletter)

........................ 11   NORTON, Josephine Jane Ann b: 06 Dec 1836 in Holland area (12+/-mi NE of Springville(Concord), Erie.Co.NY d: 20 Aug 1919 in Douglas.Co.SD Burial: Rosehill Cem, Parker, Turner.Co.SD Note 11: May 1859 Fay.Co.IA Teacher Examination, certificates given to:  Francena.L.Norton & Josephine.J.Norton of Westfield.Twp.
.............................. +HILTON, Rev. Amos William b: 26 May 1833 in England d: 20 Sep 1882 in Turner.Co.SD Burial: Rosehill Cem, Parker, Turner.Co.SD m: Aft. 1871
.......................... 12   HILTON, Josephine Amelia b: 1873 in SD d: 1962
.......................... 12   HILTON, Norton James b: 08 Sep 1874 in Cherokee.Co.IA d: 07 Jul 1946 in Delavan, Tazewell.Co.IL Burial: Rosehill Cem, Parker, Turner.Co.SD
.......................... 12   HILTON, Adelia Dakota b: Oct 1876 in SD d: 27 Oct 1959 in Turner.Co.SD Burial: Rosehill Cem, Parker, Turner.Co.SD
.......................... 12   HILTON, Charles Bisohp b: 31 Mar 1880 in SD d: 12 Apr 1961 in IA Burial: South English Cem, Keokuk.Co.IA
........................ 11   NORTON, Rev. Homer Eugene b: 18 Feb 1839 in Holland area (12+/-mi NE of Springville(Concord), Erie.Co.NY d: 09 Aug 1911 in Berwyn, Cook.Co.IL Burial: Aspen Grove Cem, Burlington, Des.Moines.Co.IA
.............................. +EGGLESTON, Mary Ella b: 02 Apr 1849 in New London, New.London.Co.CT d: 31 Aug 1901 in Maywood, Cook.Co.IL m: 17 Feb 1869 in Burlington, Des.Moines.Co.IA
.......................... 12   NORTON, George Haseltine b: 1871 d: 1938
.......................... 12   NORTON, Charels Homer b: 1873
.......................... 12   NORTON, Ella M. b: 1875
........................ 11   NORTON, Francina Louisa b: Apr 1840 in Holland area (12+/-mi NE of Springville(Concord), Erie.Co.NY d: 24 Jun 1864 in Walworth.Co.WI Burial: Oak Ridge Cem, East Troy, Walworth.Co.WI Note 11: May 1859 Fay.Co.IA Teacher Examination, certificates given to:  Francena.L.Norton & Josephine.J.Norton of Westfield.Twp.
.............................. +UNMARRIED
........................ 11   NORTON, Franklin Augur 'Frank' b: 05 Jun 1844 in Rochester, Racine.Co.WI d: 1900 in Denver, Denver.Co.CO Burial: Fairmounty Cem, Denver, Denver.Co.CO
.............................. +WATSON, Mavina E. b: 1846 in NY
.......................... 12   NORTON, Lillie A. b: 1871
.......................... 12   NORTON, Minnie A. b: 1872
.......................... 12   NORTON, Hazeltine E. b: 1874
........................ 11   DELOS NORTON, Melvin b: 1846 in Rochester, Racine.Co.WI
........................ 11   NORTON, Julia Emelia b: Aug 1846 in Rochester, Racine.Co.WI d: 22 Sep 1916 in Fresno.Co.CA Note 8: 1880 Census:  Listed in Fayette.Co.Home (sec 6, Westfield.Twp),  Julia Norton, blind.
.............................. +CHAMBERLAIN, Leonard C. b: Mar 1843 in Canada d: 05 Apr 1928 in Sawtelle, Los.Angeles.Co.CA m: 01 May 1873 in Cherokee.Co.IA
.......................... 12   CHAMBERLAIN, Franklin Homer b: 1874 d: 1935
.......................... 12   CHAMBERLAIN, Milton b: 1877 d: 1900
.......................... 12   CHAMBERLAIN, Merrill Meritt b: 1880 d: 1960
.......................... 12   CHAMBERLAIN, Ezra Jahiel b: 1882 d: 1948
........................ 11   BUTLER, Edward (ward/adopted) b: 1864 in Father: Jame J. Butler b.1865 Note 8: 1880 Census; listed aopted son of Elijah Nortn1805/MA, Westfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 10: Also adopted by Loren Butler (see listed under Loren for any more notes), bz/2011.
..................... 10   NORTON, Joel b: 13 May 1813 in NY d: 05 Feb 1888 in Concord, Erie.Co.NY
........................... +BROOMFIELDS, Mary b: 26 Oct 1813 in NY d: 18 Oct 1887 in Concord, Erie.Co.NY
........................ 11   NORTON, Sarah A. b: 1836 in NY d: 1904
........................ 11   NORTON, William b: 1839 in NY
........................ 11   NORTON, Mary b: 1845 d: 1850 in Waupun, Fond.du.Lac.Co.WI
........................ 11   NORTON, Joseph Wlado b: 1847 in Waupun, Fond.du.Lac.Co.WI d: 1914
........................ 11   NORTON, Frank B. b: 1855 in Waupun, Fond.du.Lac.Co.WI d: 1857 in WI
................ *2nd Wife of [1] NORTON, Elijah:
...................... +WEST, Hannah b: 1742 d: 1820 m: 25 Nov 1775 in New Braintree, Worchester.Co.MA
.................. 9   NORTON, Ten Children                 


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Elijah Norton farm location


Sometime after the 1880 Census Elijah & Sabar Augur Norton left Fayette.Co.IA, moving westward
where they passed away in Sioux Falls, Minehaha.Co.SD, Sabra in 1887, Elijah in 1888.

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the 3rd Iowa, misc. notes

Were some of the first Union troops, out of NE Iowa, into the conflict. Mustered out by steamer from McGregor.IA to Hannibal.MO.
Organized at Keokuk.IA, May/June1861.
Mustered into service at Keokuck.IA, June 8 & 10.
Left for Hannibal.MO, 1861June29. Assigned to take control of the Hannibal/St.Jo Railroad across Missouri.
Fought on 9 Jul 1861 at Hagers Grove, MO. Fought on 11 Jul 1861 at Monroe City, MO. Fought on 17 Jul 1861 at Shelbyville, MO. Fought on 20 Aug 1861 at Kirkville, MO. Fought on 2 Sep 1861 at Shelbyville, MO. Fought on 17 Sep 1861 at Blue Mills Landing, Liberty, Clay.Co.MO Moved out of Missouri into Tennessee.
Fought on 6 Apr 1862 at Shiloh, TN. Fought on 7 Apr 1862 at Shiloh, TN. Fought on 9 Apr 1862 at Shiloh, TN Fought on 25 Jul 1862. Fought on 19 Sep 1862 at Iuka, MS. Fought on 21 Sep 1862 at Bolivar, TN. Fought on 3 Oct 1862 at Hatchie River, TN. Fought on 3 Oct 1862 at Corinth, MS. Fought on 5 Oct 1862 at Metamora, TN. Fought on 5 Oct 1862 at Hatchie River, TN. Fought on 20 Dec 1862 at Holly Springs, MS. Fought on 18 Feb 1863 at Moscow, TN. Fought on 20 Feb 1863 at Moscow. TN. Fought on 15 Mar 1863 at Memphis, TN. Fought on 18 May 1863 at Island 82, On Steamer "Crescent City". Fought on 3 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 4 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 12 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 16 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 20 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 21 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 23 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 26 Jun 1863 at Vicksburg, MS. Fought on 12 Jul 1863 at Jackson, MS. Fought on 27 Feb 1864 at Pearl River, MS. Fought on 27 Feb 1864 at Canton, MS. Fought on 10 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA. Fought on 11 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA. Fought on 21 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA. Fought on 22 Jul 1864 at Atlanta, GA. Fought on 11 Aug 1864 at Atlanta, GA. Fought on 13 Aug 1864 at Atlanta, GA
....The 3rd Reg fought out of existence at Atlanta. 
.......Some captured/surrendered, others incorporated into the 2nd Iowa.

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 An Overview:  the 3rd Iowa Infantry (existed 1861>1864)

...Col's,Nelson G. Williams & Aaron Brown (of Fayette.IA); Lt.Col's., John Scott, Matthew M. Trumbull, James Tullis, Jacob Abernethy; Majs., William M. Stone, Aaron Brown, G. W. br/Crosly.
...The 3rd Iowa was organized at Keokuk in May/June1861, and was mustered into service on June 8 & 10. ...It left Iowa 1861June29, without its field officers, going by steamer to Hannibal.MO
...Then west on the Hannibal/St.Jo RR without knapsacks, haversacks, canteens, cartridge boxes or ammunition, only equipment being empty muskets.
...Two companies stopped at Chillicothe.MO, one at Grand River bridge and the others at Utica, where Col. Williams joined the regiment and the commissions arrived for the Lt.Colonel and Major. ...On July 8, three companies under Capt. Herron formed a junction at Monroe(City) with a detachment of Col. Smith's command and were engaged at Hager's woods (Hagers Grove, Shelby.Co.MO), retreating to find the train in flames, the track destroyed and themselves surrounded. ...Reinforcements from Palmyra (Marion.Co.MO) rescued the little command and soon after the whole regiment arrived. Headquarters were established at Chillicothe, where seven companies were stationed, the others engaging in railroad guard duty near. ...On Aug12 the regiment proceeded to Macon.MO in command of Lt.Col. Scott, and from there to Kirksville (Adair.Co.MO) where it was joined in a few days by Gen. Hurlbut with the 16th Illniois.
...On Aug30 the column moved to Shelbina (Shelby.Co.MO) in pursuit of Green, and there took the train for Brookfield.MO, which was reached on Sept03.  In the meantime Col. Williams received orders for a movement  south of the (rail)road, and with the 50 well men of the 3rd in camp, 60 who had been on duty at St. Joseph, and the convalescent invalids, he proceeded (back) to Hannibal, secured the remnants of six companies of the 2nd Kan, that had just returned from Wilson's Creek (Battle of Oak Hills, the first major conflict west of the Mississippi) and a company of Missouri cavalry, the entire force numbering less than 700 men.
...Leaving the railroad at Shelbina, the command marched to Paris (Monroe.Co.MO), from which Col. William ordered a retreat after one day's stay. Attacked at Shelbina on Sept04, he continued the retreat by rail. ...Gen. Pope arrived at Brookfield (Linn.Co.MO) at this time and took charge of affairs. ...Gen. Hurlbut, whose campaign had consisted chiefly of proclamations, and Col. Williams were ordered to St. Louis in arrest.
...The regiment was engaged at Blue Mills landing, 1861Sep17, where Lt.Col Scott's command, consisting of 500 of the 3rd, about 70 home guards, and a squad of artillery with one 6-pounder gun, was ambushed, but retired in good order to Liberty at nightfall, with the gun which had been brought off by hand. It met at that point Col. Smith's command, which had been expected earlier in the day.
...The little force of about 600 had repulsed 4,000 of the enemy, but had lost 118 in killed and wounded, of whom 94 were of the 3rd Iowa
...Joining Sturgis' force at Wyandotte (Kansas.City area), it remained until Oct18, when it moved up the Missouri River, then back east across Missouri to Quincy.IL then to St. Louis, and remained there until after Christmas, when it was ordered out in detachments for railroad guard duty on the North Missouri railroad (Hannibal/St.Jo RR).
...Col. Williams was released from arrest, and about the last of February resumed command.
...On 1862Mar03, the regiment was assigned to Brig.Gen. Hurlbut's command, moved with it to Pittsburg landing and participated in the battle of Shiloh. It was under terrific fire and after the other troops were cut off, when the enemy turned the flanks of the Iowa brigade on the first day, it cut its way through the enemy's lines, Maj. Stone in command being captured. ...It was engaged in the siege of Corinth and after the evacuation went into camp, engaged in the repair of the railway and made a march to Holly Springs. ...It remained at Memphis from July to Sept. 6, when it moved to Bolivar.TN. It was engaged at the Hatchie river, carrying the bridge by a desperate charge at the crisis of the battle and losing nearly 60 out of 300 engaged. ...Returning to Bolivar, it joined the march south in November, but returned and went into camp at Moscow where it remained from the middle of Jan., 1863, until in March when it moved to Memphis. ...Col. Williams and Lt.Col Trumbull having resigned, Maj. Aaron Brown (of Fayette) was commissioned colonel, Capt. James Tullis became Lt.Col and Lieut. G. W. Crosly was appointed major. ...While on the way to Vicksburg the boat was fired on near Greenville.MS, but the regiment speedily dislodged the enemy. ...It took position in the trenches on 1863May25 and was actively engaged until the capitulation of Vicksburg. ...It took part in the assault at Jackson, where it behaved with great gallantry and sustained heavy loss. It went it into camp near Natchez but returned to Vicksburg in December1863 and went into winter quarters near the Big Black. Here over 200 reenlisted as veterans, were furloughed home after the Meridian expedition, and the non-veterans under command of Lt.Col Tullis joined the Red River expedition. ...On their return they were ordered home for muster-out. The veterans returned to Cairo.IL, where they joined the 17th corps and moved with it to join Sherman's command for the Atlanta campaign. ...Soon after, the officers whose term of service had expired left for home, and the veterans and recruits were consolidated into a battalion of three companies, Lieut. Jacob Abernethy of Co. F being recommended as Lt.Col,. ...At the battle of Atlanta the battalion was destroyed, Abernethy was slain, Capt. Griffith mortally wounded, and a large proportion of the command killed, wounded or captured, though the men fought with the desperation of despair for the colors, and when almost wiped out, the few remaining tore up the flag, divided the pieces and brought the shreds with them on their return (Captured troops, including were sent to Andersonville prison camp.  Wm. Boyd Heckart, survived Andersonville and brought back a piece of the 3rds flag to Freeport.IA).
survivors were assigned to the 2nd Iowa and served with it through the Carolina campaign.

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Battle of Blue Mills near Liberty, Clay.Co.MO

iagenweg, 3rd Iowa index page:
Widipedia, Blue Mills Landng action: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Action_at_Blue_Mills_Landing
Battle of Blue Mills Landing (YouTube)

Delos Norton letters from the Civil War
(link downloads a PDF file, published 2022Oct in Fayette.Co.IA Society newsletter)

Fayette County Pioneer, Page 1, 1861Oct07
...For the Pioneer, Army Correspondence, from Macon City (Missouri), 1861Sep21-- to Friend Gharky (from J.A. Cruzan).
...On last Sunday morning (Sept15) a detachment of out Reg (3rd Iowa Volunteer Regiment), numbering about 500 men, started towards St.Jospeh.MO, for the purpose of attacking a force of secessionists, who had lately visited and plundered St.Joseph, and were then marching down the Missouri River.
...Our troups left the Hannibal & St.Jo Railroad at the village of Cameron.MO, and on Sunday afternoon commenced marching across the country towards the Missouri River.
...Tuesday morning (Sept 17) our troops arrived at the town of Liberty, Clay.Co.MO, 40mi from the railroad.  The secessionists were supposed to be not far from Liberty.  Lt. Col. Scott immediately made preparations to attach them.
...Scott had been joined on the route to Liberty by some Missouri Home Guards, making his command about 600 men.  The Regiment left their baggage, provisions, etc., at Liberty village, stationing a guard of about 100 men at that place.

...In the afternoon (of Sept 17) the battalion of about 500, moved forward.  Lt. Col. Scott seems not to have acted with his usual foresight, as he failed to take precaution of keeping out scouting parties and result shows his gross error in not doing so. 
...When about 4 miles from Liberty as out troops were marching down in battle line, a terrible fire was opened upon thm from a large force estimated at 4,500; they were stationed in a ravine, where once had been a creek.  This ravine run in  such a direction as to form a half circle; and the road down which out troups were marching led directly towards the center of this half circle; thus our troops received fire not only from the front but also on both sides. 
...The whole battle field, except the clearing for the road, and a swamp (marsh) upon the right of the road, was thickly covered with trees and undeerbrush.  Out troups had one six-pound field-piece belonging to the Ohio 39th Reg, but such was the severity of the enemy's fire, that the entire gun squad were either killed or disabled while they were firing but three cannon shots.  Of course the cannon could not be used after this, as non of our regiment are experienced in handling artillery.

...After the first fire out boys fought for about two hours in the regular "Indian style," each man taking to a tree, log, or some other cover. 
...At the end of that the two hours out boys were compelled to retreat; which they did, falling back gradually contesting every foot of ground. 
...Company F, had the honor of being "Color Compnay," Sergeant Lakin of Fayette, bearing the flag.  When our troups were retreating he was utterly regardless of the leaden hail which pattered around him, mounted a long, and waving the flag in the faces of thousands of our country's foes entreated our troops who had fought so long and bravely , to stand by their falt and enver yield to its foes, but all in vain; man could not stand the perfect storm of leaden bullets that poured in upon our brave boys. 
...Parties were sent out with a white flag, to gather up our wounded.  a few had been taken by the secessionists across the Missouri River; they were kindly cared for, and word sent to Col. Scott to send after them, which he did the next day (Wed1861Sep18). 
...Our wounded were all skillfully attended to by Assistant Surgeon Cool.

...When our troops fell back upon the town of Liberty, they found the Illinois 16th, and 4 Companies of the Ohio 39th Regiments.  Had it been possible to have found a junction with these troops before engaging the enemy, the result would have been different. 
...It looks to me like foolhardiness on the part of Col. Scott to attack an enemy with such odds against him.

...Our ammunition wagon and a few guns fell into the hands of the enemy.  The field piece was saved only by superhuman exertions on the part of the men, they being compelled to drag it off the field by hand, all the artillery horses having been show down or ran away.  They were compelled to retreat but not until they had given the enemy such an exhibition of Iowa course and bravery , that although they outnumbered out troops 9 to 1, they dared not pursue and test it further.
...All honor to brave Larkin, he is the hero of that battlefield.  Fayette may well be proud of him.  Co F's bravest son, may he carry out banner, so endeared to us by  recollections of the fair donors, on many a battlefield, and may he never, and he shall never again plead in vain, to his comrades to rally around and support the flag.

...The loss of our troops in this engagement was 17 killed and 75 wounded.  The enemy's loss is reported at 200 killed; the number wounded not known. 
...Co. F's loss was Hasseltine Delos Norton (son of Elijah and Sabra Augir/Augur Norton) killed.
...Slightly wounded:  2nd Lt (Dr.) Aaron Brown, Cpl Leonida Davis, Sgt J. Abernethy; Privates, E. Follett, Chas Lyons, J.N. Johnson, Jake Swank, Frank Pendleton, Fred Whitely;
...Severely wounded:  Privates; D. Johnson, John Hawn, Thomas Saunders, Charles Winchell.

...Great sorrow is felt throughout the entire Company at the loss of H.D. Norton.  He was universally beloved and respected by his comrades.  Kind and forbearing and always willing to lend his services to those in need, his place cannot be filled.  He died fighting bravely, and was buried by his comrades upon the field (of battle) where his blood was shed in the cause of his compnay.  "Peace to his ashes."
...Lt. Anderson of Co. D, (Decorah/Freeport area) the late Sheriff of Winneshiek.Co.IA, received a mortal wound in the temple.  He is y et alive, but there is no hope of his recovery .
...Little Jo. Johnson received a bullet in the top of his head.  It entered about 4in from the forehead and came out about 2in from the place of entering.  Jo declared that he never was so glad before that nature made him so short; and it would have been "very convenient to have been left one inch shorter."
...Six of our wounded came down on the train today, all of whom are getting along finely with their wounds.  I am indebted for the facts contained in this letter to Jacob Swank, Esq.  Jade is wounded in the shoulder, but take the matter philosophically.

Out battallion is not reported to be moving towards Lexington.MO.  No telling when we shall see them again.  Yours in haste, J.A. Cruzan.

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The Battle of Blue Mills

Fayette County Pioneer, page 2, 1861Sep30 (Monday)
...The Battle of Blue Mills
...The St. Louis Democrat of Sep23 (Monday), contains a full account of the battle of Blue Mills Landing, with a list of the killed and wounded of the Iowa Third Regiment.  These men were engaged in the Shelbina fight, and the Democrat says they have since then been anxious to redeem their character.
...They have at last had the opportunity they have so anxiously desired and no one who reads this list of killed and wounded will attribute that disgrace to the officers who led, nor the men who fought with so much bravery and steadiness at Blue Mills.
...We might relate particular instances of bravery on the part of the officers and men but where all fought so gallantly and steadily, it might seem invidious to mention individuals. 

...This force driven out of Northern Missouri leaves that section of the State clear of large bands of rebels, and now that Gen. Prentiss has replaced Gen Hurlbut we are sure that he will be able to maintain the peace of this section of the State. 

...The killed and wounded for the number engaged, is exceedingly large.  We are unable to give a correct statement of the enemy's killed and wounded, but it must have been very great.  We herewith append an additional list of the killed and wounded on our side.

...Killed 5, missing 6, wounded 84 (slightly unless noted)

...Killed: Privates--H.D. Norton, Co F; Darlan, Bedell, J.W. Mix of Co I; Brownell, Co K.
Officers:  Major Stone, 3rd Iowa.
Co.A--Dubuque.Co:  Jno. Crager, Hiram Bradly.
Co.B--Marion.Co:  Andrew Murry (missing), Cecil (severly), Sperry, Molesworth, McCunkle, Moore.
Co. C--Clayton.Co:  Phillips, Merrill, Sancke, Slerles.
Co. D--Winneshiek.Co:  Miller (mortally), J. Cone, Wm, Boyd Heckart.
Co. E-- Miller, Parder, McWhate, Grove, Jennings.
Co. F--Fayette.Co: Johnson, Lyon, Sevak, Anderson, Fisher, Fuller.
Co. I--Butler.Co:  Foote, Smalley , Seeke, Warren.
Co K--Blackhawk.Co:  Wood, Caller, Taylor, Jones.


Note:  Wm. Boyd Heckart (from Freeport), Co.D,  arm wound, left moderately crippled) from Freeport, son of Adam Jr. (BZ's ggUncle) Heckart  (some info below on Wm. Heckart and the 3rd Iowa after leaving Missouri).
...Wm. Heckart fought with the 3rd Iowa until the Regiment 'passed out of existence' during the Battle of Atlanta.  The remnants captured/surrendered.  Wm. Heckart was held at Andersonville Prison camp several months, eventually returning home to Freeport with a piece of the 3rd's Battle Flag and with a partially crippled are from the Battle of Blue Mills at Liberty.MO.

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The 3rd left Missouri after the Battle of Blue Mills in Sept1861 and
moved into Tennessee, fighting next at Shiloh in early April1862.

...Source: The Union Army, vol. 4, Shiloh after battle report:
Report of Capt. Matthew M. Trumbull, Third Iowa Infantry. HDQRS. THIRD IOWA INFANTRY, April 17, 1862.
...SIR: I have the honor to report the part taken by the Third Iowa Infantry in the action of the 6th and 7th instant:
...The Third Iowa occupied the extreme right of the Fourth Division, being the first regiment of Col. and Actg. Brig. Gen. N. G. Williams' brigade, and was posted during a greater portion of Sunday, the fence near the cotton field.
...The enemy repeatedly threw large bodies of infantry against us, but never with success. He was repulsed every time, and with great slaughter. The regiment was also subjected to a storm of grape, canister, and shell, which lasted several hours. ...The Third Iowa maintained its ground until evening and did not then give way until the troops on their right and left had been broken and we were entirely outflanked and almost surrounded.
...The regiment was then compelled in a great measure to cut its way out. Of the firmness, coolness, and courage of the men under a heavy fire it will be unnecessary for me to speak, as they were almost constantly during the battle under the immediate eye of the general commanding the division.
...The regiment went into battle on the second day under the command of 1stLt G. W. Crosley, of Company E, and, as I am well assured, nobly maintained the honor of the flag. ...Should I designate meritorious officers I should have to name nearly every officer in the regiment. I think, however, none will feel envious if I specially mention Lt. Crosley. I desire to call the attention of the general commanding the division to the gallantry and good conduct of Sergt. James Lakin (from Fayette.IA), of Company F, who carried the colors (flag) on the first day, and of Corp. Anderson Edwards, of Company I, who carried the colors on the second day, of the battle. ...Our loss is heavy. I herewith enclose a list of our killed, wounded, and missing. I have the honor to remain, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant, M. M. TRUMBULL, Capt., Third Iowa Infantry, Cmdg. Regt. Brig. Gen. STEPHEN A. HURLBUT, U. S. A., Cmdg. Fourth Division, Army.


Another Overview of the 3rd Iowa

...SOURCE, Benjamin F. Gue, Biographies And Portraits Of The Progressive Men Of Iowa, Volume 1, p. 91-2.
...This regiment numbered about 970 men when mustered into the service at Keokuk on the 10th of June, 1861. The field officers were Nelson G. Williams, colonel; John Scott, lieutenant-colonel, and Wm. M. Stone, major.
...The regiment left for the seat of war on the 29th, landing at Hannibal, Mo. It did service for several months in eastern Missouri, sometimes divided and again united.
...On the 17th of September Lieutenant-Colonel Scott, with about 500 of the Third Iowa, seventy home guards and a squad of artillery with a six-pound gun, attacked a rebel army of about 4,000, under General Atchison, near Blue Mills Landing.
...The rebels were concealed in a dense woods and their numbers unknown. There was a short, sharp fight when Scott's little army was driven back by overwhelming numbers and with heavy loss, amounting to 118 men.
...In March1862 the regiment joined Grant's army at Pittsburg Landing and fought bravely at Shiloh on the 6th and 7th of April. Colonel Williams was disabled, Major Stone was taken prisoner, and the loss in killed, wounded and captured was very heavy. In October, under Lieut.-Col. M. M. Trumbull, the Third fought bravely at the battle of the Hatchie. Colonel Williams resigned in November 1862; Scott had resigned in June, and Trumbull resigned in November, and Aaron Brown (a medical doctor, farmed 2mi SW of Fayette) now became colonel; James Tullis, lieutenant-colonel, and Geo. W. Crosley, major.
...The regiment did good service under General Grant at the siege and capture of Vicksburg. It was in the battle before Jackson, July 12th, fought bravely and suffered heavy loss.
...The regiment was divided in 1864, and a portion of it, under Tullis, joined the Red River expedition under General Banks. The two parts of the regiment were never reunited again and in the battle of Atlanta the last battalion of the gallant (3rd) regiment fought itself out of existence.
...In its last desperate conflict on that bloody field Colonel Abernethy, its commander was slain; Captain Griffith, the brave old color-bearer in many battles, fell mortally wounded, while the handful of undaunted men gathered around the flag, amid a shower of shot and shell, fighting madly in its defense.
...As the little remnant of the gallant old regiment was overwhelmed by numbers, before surrendering they tore the old flag in a dozen pieces, and concealed them in their clothing, so that it was never captured by the enemy.

.....Photo:  A piece of the 3rd Iowa flag save by William Heckart, who survived in Andersonville prison for three months after ater the Battle of Atlanta.  William returned to Freeport, Winneshiek.Co.IA, to find out his father/family had left for Butte.Co.CA in 1865.  William would follow to California in 1866. The flag piece was given to John Strayer, William's uncle by marriage, whom William has lived with while his father Adam Jr. Heckart was at the gold fields in 1849 and away other times.  The Strayer's remained in Freeport (the flag piece in the possession of BZ, John Strayer's ggSon).

As the little remnant (remaining solders of the 3rd at the Battle of Atlanta) of the gallant old regiment was overwhelmed by numbers, before surrendering they tore the old flag in a dozen pieces, concealed them in their clothing so that it was never captured by the enemy. Thus, amid the thunder of artillery, the screeching of shells, the rattle of musketry and the wild shouts of men in their death struggle, the last remnant of the Third Iowa passed out of existence.

Descendants of William Boyd Heckart
1 HECKART, William Boyd b: Bet. 26 Oct 1838 - Oct 1839 in Sec 3,4 farm on Salt Riv, T57N,R11W, 5mi SW of Shelbyville, Shelby.Co.MO d: 13 Aug 1933 in Oroville, Butte Co, CA Burial: Clear Creek Cem, Butte Co, CA Note 3: Son of John Adam Jr. Heckart & Elizabeth Boyd. Note 5: Bet. 1838 - 1848 Grew up (age 0-10) at Walkerville Mill run by Heckart's/Strayer, Salt.Riv.Twp, Shelby.Co.MO Note 6: Bet. 1848 - 1853 Age 10-15, Heckart/Strayer running Old Clinton Mill, Wash.Twp, Monroe.Co.MO. Note 7: Bet. 1853 - 1861 Age 15-23; in 1852-53 Heckart/Strayer built/ran Freeport Mill, Decorah.Twp, Winneshiek.Co.IA Note 8: Bet. 1861 - 1862 Age 23/24, enlists, Co G, 2nd IA Inf, 2nd Reg, private. Note 9: Aft. 1862 Age abt 24, transferred at corporal to Co D, 3rd IA Inf, 21st Reg. Note 10: Served Georgia campaign, Sherman's March to the Sea. Note 11: Wounded twice; served at Gettysburg, blinded eye, crippled arm. Note 12: Jul 1864 The 3rd IA was overwhelmed & passed out of existence at Atlanta. Note 13: Jul 1864 Portion of Co D, 3rd IA, captured at Atlanta, saved piece of battle flag; age 26, 3m in Andersonville prison. Note 14: 1865 Returned (age27) to Freeport.IA after Civil War, weakened/wounded. Note 15: Bet. 1865 - 1866 Father Adam had left for Butte.Co.CA, 3rd trip, capt. of 40 wagons, 140 people. Note 16: Bet. 1865 - 1866 Nursed back to health by John & aunt Eliz Heckart Strayer at Freeport.IA. Note 17: 1866 Wagon train (age 28) to join family on Heckart Ranch, Penze area, Butte.Co.CA Note 18: Feb 1873 Registered as farmer, Pence's Ranch, Butte.Co.CA. Note 19: Jun 1874 Registered as a miner in Plumas.Co.CA Note 20: 20 Sep 1876 Land transaction, T021N, R003W, sec 14, Butte Co, CA. Note 21: 1880 Census; 42y, ranching with father Adam, Penz area, Oregon.Twp, Butte.Co.CA Note 22: 1881 Listed: owning 240acres, Butte Co, IA. Note 23: 1884 Miller on Heckart's Pentz area Ranch, Butte Co, CA. Note 24: Jun 1889 Filed for war pension in CA, as invalid, Co D, 3rd IA Inf & Co G, 2nd IA Inf. Note 25: 1900 Census; running Heckart Ranch with bro Frank, mother, siblings, Butte.Co.CA. Note 26: 1900 ElizHeckart81, Wm60, Louise50, Franics48, Emma45; Boyd's, g/n Cora1886OctMO, Wm1888FebCA. Note 27: 1910 Census; working the Heckart Ranch, adj to bro Frank, Butte.Co.Ca. Note 28: 1920 Census; working the Heckart Ranch, adj to bro Frank, Butte.Co.Ca. Note 30: 1930 Census; retired, adj sis Emma, Virginia.Ave, Ora.Vista, Butte.Co.CA.
.. +MARRIED, Never

After Atlanta,
survivors of the 3nd Iowa were incorporated into the 2nd Iowa.

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