Rev. Zephaniah Drake Scobey family from Morris County, New Jersey
to Fayette, Fayette County, Iowa

Page contents:  Scobey genealogy, burials (descendent tree notes contain data for individual family members);
time line notes from histories, papers, genealogy;
other descendent tress of interest (Cavanaugh /Reed, Mansfield Daniels, Peck/Durfee)

...Z.D. Scobey, 1817/Chester, Morris.Co.NJ-1897/Chicago (res of Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA).
.....Farmer, dairyman, M.E. minister, financier, lawyer.
...Son of David Scobey 1789/Chester.Twp,Morris.Co.NJ-1827/NYorNJ
.....and Content Wilkinson 1794/Dutchess.Co.NY-1864/Monroe.Co.NY.
......Married in 1848/NY, Eleanor Eliz. Anderson, 1824/MI-1875/Fayette.IA.
...Retired M.E. Minister (health),
...1859Aug,  moved from NJ/NY to Rockville P.O., North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.
...1869Aug, became the financial agent for struggling UIU and moved the family to Fayette, Fayette Co, Iowa.
...1877, remarried Catherine Alexander 1832-1914, dau of Robert Alexander & Eliz. Crist ('founders of UIU).
...The family operated Scobey grocery and other business endeavors until about 1923, by which time they were gone from Fayette.IA, having moved westward or to Chicago.
...They were grocers/merchants, lawyers & real-estate, stock buyers/shippers, ranchers, an Indian agent, a doctor; educated in Fayette.IA schools, involved with the M.E. Church, attended Upper Iowa University.

...There is one other Scobey connection in Fayette.Co.IA.  Susanna Bowers Scobey 1818/NH-1889/Fayette.IA x Allen Holmes 1818/NH-1887/Fayette.IA. 
...Susanna Bowers Scobey of NH & Zephaniah Drake Scobey of NJ/NY, with no direct connection, both have 'David's' in their lines.  This has been a difficult surname to sort out and track, with the tree having best guesses at the time at this time, but with significant new additions and corrections. There has been confusion and gaps on many Ancestry trees. 


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Page Chronology:  2013May01, initially uploaded.  Page contains Scobey descendent tree with data (collateral surnames may be available), Scobey burials & marker pics at Grandview Cem. in Fayette.IA,
time line maps/notes/pics, history notes; 2013Jun15, page updated with fresh trees and numerous added notes regarding Fayette.IA stockman and the Cavanaugh's of Fayette.IA, Mansfield Daniels info, Peck & Durfee trees/info.

...Web page objectives:   share data, jump start others, make contacts, use a simple web page format.
Do not trust any tree/report data as totally valid.   Use the data to jump start your own research....the information will the best guess at the time of working on a specific project.  Often World Connect or Ancestry trees/data were utilized as a foundation upon which to add material gleamed from obits, articles, histories, biographies, stories, burials, censuses and other data collected. 


Basic descendent trees of the major surname lines in Fayette Co, Iowa.
Trees were created from online, census, burial info/data and other data so there will be speculations/best guesses.
These trees can be added too or corrected should anyone want to copy/paste/email info.
Do not take any material/dates as absolute fact.  Use the data to jump start your own research.

Descendants of Alexander Scobey
    1      SCOBEY, Alexander    b: 1715 in Scotland    d: Aft. 1750 in Morris.Co.NJ?                    Note 1: Scobey last reviewed: Barry.Zbornik Hannibal.MO                                                                                                                                                       
..        +WILLIAMS, Alice    b: 25 Dec 1717 in Towcester, Northamphtonshire.Co, England    d: 28 Jan 1766 in Towcester, Northamphtonshire.Co, England        m: 01 Oct 1745 in Monmouth.Co.NJ    Father: Jospeh WILLIAMS                                                                                                                                                               
.    2      SCOBEY, James    b: 1749 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 1819 in Chester.Twp, Morris.Co.NJ                                Note 4: B/D info: from Sons of Am.Revol Ap. approval 1958 for Leroy Alton Lincoln, bz/2013.                        Note 10: 13 Mar 1776 Enlisted for 1yr; would re-enlist; resigned at Valley Forge, PA on 08Dec1777; advanced Priv, Ensign, Serg.    Note 11: Sergent, Capt. Anthony Sharp's Co, 3rd Battion, 1st Establishmen (Col. Elias Dayton), New Jersey Line.        Note 13: 1800 Census: Roxbury.Twp, Morris.Co.NH.  Socbey: 2 families, Alexander & James.                                                                                                       
.....        +BROWN, Catherine    b: 1750            m: Abt. 1769 in Morris.Co.NJ                                                                                                                                                                   
.....    3      SCOBEY, John    b: 1770 in Morris.Co.NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.....    3      SCOBEY, Archibald    b: 1771 in Morris.Co.NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.....    3      SCOBEY, Alexander    b: 11 Feb 1775 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 06 Jun 1825 in Cincinnati, Clermont.Co.OH                                        Note 6: 1800 Census: Roxbury.Twp, Morris.Co.NH.  Socbey: 2 families, Alexander & James.        Note 8: Bet. 1816 - 1817 Tax.List: Chester.Twp, Morris.Co.NJ.  Scobey: 3 listed, Alexanders1816, David1817, Timonty 1817.                                                                                                                           
.....    3      SCOBEY, Samuel    b: 17 Jul 1779 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 14 Sep 1872 in Springville, Erie.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.........        +CRANDALL, Phoebe    b: 09 Feb 1784    d: 11 Mar 1824                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      SCOBEY, Jane    b: 1812 in Troy, Rensselaer.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                               
.............        +BONSTEEL, William    b: 1812 in Montgomery.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      BONSTEEL, Lusette    b: 01 Aug 1844 in East Otto, Cattaraugus.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                               
.................        +LINCOLN, Charles Zebina    b: 05 Aug 1848 in Grafton, Windham.Co.VT                                                                                                                                                                               
.....    3      SCOBEY, Mary    b: 20 Sep 1780 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 01 Sep 1867 in Pleasant Ridge neighborhood, Cincinnati.OH                                                                                                                                                                           
.........        +CASTNER, Peter    b: 01 Sep 1781 in NJ    d: 16 Jul 1851 in Cincinnati, Hamilton.Co.OH                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      CASTNER, Jacob Caster    b: 1817 in NJ    d: 11 Dec 1870 in Muscatine.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                           
.....    3      SCOBEY, Timohty Brown    b: 23 Feb 1786 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 31 Dec 1845 in Carmel, Hamilton.Co.IN                                                Note 8: Bet. 1816 - 1817 Tax.List: Chester.Twp, Morris.Co.NJ.  Scobey: 3 listed, Alexanders1816, David1817, Timonty 1817.                                                                                                                           
.........        +GEST, Chloe    b: 12 Nov 1784 in Morristown, Morris.Co.NJ    d: 26 Dec 1869 in Carmel, Hamilton.Co.IN            Father: Reuben GEST    Mother: Sarah HOWELL                                                                                                                                                           
.....    3      SCOBEY, Elsie    b: 1788 in Morris.Co.NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.....    3      SCOBEY, David Scoby    b: 11 Apr 1789 in Morris.Co.NJ    d: 26 Jul 1827 in Dutchess.Co.NY? or Chester.Twp, Morris.Co.NJ?                                    Note 5: Bet. 1816 - 1817 Tax.List: Chester.Twp, Morris.Co.NJ.  Scobey: 3 listed, Alexanders1816, David1817, Timonty 1817.    Note 6: 1822 Moved family from Morris.Co.NJ to Poughkeepsi, Dutchess Co, NY.                                                                                                                                   
.........        +WILKINSON, Content    b: 02 Oct 1794 in LaGrange, Dutchess.Co.NY    d: 26 Mar 1864 in Egypt, Monroe.Co.NY        m: Abt. 1811    Father: William WILKINSON    Mother: Ruth PETERS                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      SCOBEY, William Wilkinson    b: 23 Jul 1812 in NJ    d: 01 Oct 1813 in NJ                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      SCOBEY, William Wilkinson    b: 01 Apr 1814 in NJ    d: 25 Jul 1815 in NJ                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      SCOBEY, John Wilkinson    b: 06 Jan 1816 in NJ    d: 04 Feb 1816 in NJ                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      [4] SCOBEY, Reverend Zephaniah Drake    b: 15 Dec 1817 in Chester.Twp,  Morris.Co.NJ    d: 15 Apr 1897 in Auburn Park area, Chicago, Cook Co, IL    Burial: Aft. 15 Apr 1897 Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 35, buiral #707, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.                        Note 3: From Scotch/Welsh descent; Middle name 'Drake' likely from the early Drake families Morris.Co.NJ.    Note 4: 1822 Moved with parents from Morris.Co.NJ & grew up in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess Co, NY; age 4.        Note 6: 1837 Converted & entered the M.E. Ch. Attended Amen Seminary 4yrs; Oneida Inst. 3yrs.    Note 7: Bet. 1845 - 1855 Received into the NY M.E. Conference as traveling M.E. minister in NY/NJ.    Note 8: 10 May 1848 Married EleanorE Anderson at Rocky Glen area, Fishkill, Dutchess.Co.NY by Rev.JarvisZ Nichols of Cold.Spring.NY.    Note 9: 1850 Census: Canaan district, Litchfield.Co.CT.  Scobey: ZephaniahD32 M.E. minister, EleanorE25, SarahB7.    Note 10: Bet. 1855 - 1859 Seriously impaired health, retired from active ministry 1856, received M.E. Ch. support.    Note 11: Aug 1859 Moved family, age 42, to farm Rockville P.O., North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.        Note 13: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, E side of Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.    Note 14: Sep 1863 Delaware.Co.IA Treasurer and Recorder.        Note 16: 1865 Tax List; Real Estate Agent, Delhi, Delaware Co, IA. Sep1866, traveling agent for American Bible Society (selling biibles).    Note 17: Aug 1869 Moved to Wash.St, NxNE of Hotel, Fayette, IA, age 52, as financial agent for UIU, an M.E. Ch college.  Appointed trustee in 1868 as UIU set plans to relieve indeptedness.    Note 18: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.    Note 19: 1870 Census: Wash.St, bet.Water/State , next to Dr. Dixon Alexander, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.    Note 20: Abt. 1871 Admitted to practice law at District & State level in Iowa; practiced law in Fayette.    Note 21: Bet. 20 Dec 1872 - 1886 Appointed Fayette.IA Postmaster, held for 13yrs.  Fayette.IA clerk several yrs.        Note 23: 1878 Fay.Co.IA.Hist:  Fayette.IA, Scobey: Z.D. Fayette postmaster, Geo merchant & express agent, C.R.A. postal clerk for D.&N.W. RR.        Note 25: Oct 1882 Paper.Ad: Z.D. Scobey, Attorney at Law & Real Estate Agent, office in the Postoffice building, Fayette.IA.        Note 27: 1885 Census:  Water.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephaniah67 postmaster, 2nd wf Catherine53 dressmaker.    Note 28: 1888 Elected Clerk of District Court; moved to West Union, IA; later back to Fayette.        Note 30: 1892 Moved from Fayette.IA to dau Dr. Sarah in Auburn Park, Chicago; died in 1897/Chicago.    Note 31: Cause of death; Usteo Larcoma, cancer of eye.                               
.............        +ANDERSON, Eleanor Elizabeth    b: 19 Dec 1824 in Ann Arbor, Washtenaw.Co.MI    d: 19 Jan 1875 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: Grandview Cem, Sec A, Lot 35, Burial #219, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.    m: 10 May 1848 in Rocky Glen in Fishkill, Dutchess.Co.NY    Father: Charles ANDERSON    Mother: Sarah BRELSFORD                Note 4: From Irish/English descent.        Note 6: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.        Note 8: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.                        Note 14: Oct 1882 Paper.Ad: Almond & Scobey, Milliners & Dressmakers, Fayette.IA.                                                        Note 28: Cause of death: apoplexy, age 50, b. Ann.Arbor.MI.                                           
.............    5      SCOBEY, Dr. Sarah Brelsford 'Belle' 'Sadie'    b: 10 Feb 1849 in Canann district, Litchfield.Co.CT    d: 31 Oct 1923 in Hm at 7558 Harvard Ave, Normal Park,  Englewood, Chicago, Cook Co, IL    Burial: 03 May 1924 Grandview Cem, creamated/services in Chicago Nov1823, ashes buried, sec C, in SE corner of lot 401, burial #1417, Fayette, IA.                                Note 5: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.    Note 6: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.    Note 7: 1873 B.S. from UIU at Fayette.IA.  Teaching 1873-1976 in West Waterloo.IA H.S.    Note 8: 14 Mar 1876 Married AlexJ.Duncan, at home by M.E. Minister W.A. Allen.    Note 9: 1880 Census:  Main.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Duncan: AlexanderJ34 collection agent & real estate dealer, wf SarahB31, broTheodoreA31 grain dealer, mother SarahE56 , sis IreneE24, bro. TheoA31 grain buyer, retired UIU pres Wm.Bush52.    Note 10: 1885 Census:  Main.St, Fayette.IA.  Duncan: Alex lawyer, with mother & wf SarahB.    Note 11: Aft. 1888 Moved to Chicago after husband died; studied medicine at Hahnemann Medical College.    Note 12: 1893 Graduated from Hahnemann Medical College of Chicago & remained to practice rest of life in Chicago.    Note 13: Bet. 1895 - 1923 Practiced medicine, Normal Park, Chicago, IL.    Note 14: 1900 Census: Lake.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan:  SarahB nee Scobey51 physician, dau IreneC18 Duncan, dau AlexandraJ Duncan11; sis CarrieO Scoley/Scobey41 & niece Besse Scoley/Scobey18.    Note 15: 1910 Census: Normal.St, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: Dr. SarahB61 nee Scobey physician priv. practice, dau AlexandraJ21 cement co. sec, sis CarrieO Scobey51.    Note 16: Post-grad work with Dr. Bryon Robinson, Harvey Med. College & Maternity Hosp. in NY.    Note 17: 1920 Census: Union.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: SarahB65 nee Scobey denistry practice, dau AlexandraJ30 Duncan, sec. publishing co, sis. CarrieO Scobey58 cem. office manager.        Note 19: Member of IL Homoeopathic Med Soc, Am. Institute of Homoeopathy, Cook Co. Homoeopathic Med Soc, Englewood Homeoephathic Med Soc.                                Note 27: Nov 1923 Cremated Oakwood/Chicago; ashs taken to Fayette.IA for interment, May 1924.        Note 29: 02 Nov 1923 IL.Burial.Index: creamate Oakwood, b. Columbia.NY, physician, 7558 Harvard.Ave, Chicago.    Note 30: Cause of death: heart trouble after 8m illness.                                   
.................        +DUNCAN, Alexander James    b: 04 Mar 1846 in Union Vale, Dutchess.Co.NY    d: 22 Jun 1888 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: 24 Jun 1888 Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 401, burial #0515, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    m: 12 Mar 1876 in Z.D. Scoby hm in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Father: Daniel DUNCAN    Mother: Sarah E. UNKNOWN                Note 4: Attended Wilbraham Academy in Mass.        Note 6: Bet. 1864 - 1865 Attended UIU at Fayette.IA.                Note 10: 1874 Moved permanently to  Fayette village, Fay.Co.IA, engaged in real estate, loan, collecting.    Note 11: Mar 1876 Married SarahB Scobey; partnered with f/law a few months in Scobey & Duncan Grocery.    Note 12: Bet. Dec 1876 - 1888 Partnership with W.A. Hoyt, Attorney's & Real Easte, Main.St, Fayette.IA.    Note 13: 1878 Hist; Hoyt & Duncan, real estate, loan, collecting agents, Main.St, Fayette.IA.    Note 14: 1880 Census:  Main.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Duncan: AlexanderJ34 collection agent & real estate dealer, wf SarahB31, broTheodoreA31 grain dealer, mother SarahE56 , sis IreneE24, bro. TheoA31 grain buyer, retired UIU pres Wm.Bush52.                    Note 19: 1885 Census:  Main.St, Fayette.IA.  Duncan: Alex lawyer, with mother & wf SarahB.                Note 23: Remained active with UIU support/alumni & M.E. Ch.                    Note 28: Burial listing; cause typhoid, relative wife Dr. S.B. nee Scobey Duncan.                                           
.................    6      DUNCAN, Irene C.    b: 19 Aug 1881 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.    d: Jan 1970 in Hobbs, Lea.Co.NY                                            Note 7: 1900 Census: Lake.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan:  SarahB nee Scobey51 physician, dau IreneC18 Duncan, dau AlexandraJ Duncan11; sis CarrieO Scoley/Scobey41 & niece Besse Scoley/Scobey18.                Note 11: 1928 Living, Evanston, IL.                                                                                                               
.....................        +TINGLE, Harry Milton    b: 20 Jun 1880 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL    d: in Hobbs, Lea.Co.NY            Father: Henry E. TINGLE    Mother: Minnie BARNETT                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      TINGLE, Virginia Irene    b: 22 Jun 1908 in MI    d: 27 Apr 1989 in Cook.Co.IL                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................        +MADDEN, Frank John    b: 24 Nov 1899 in Mendota, LaSalle.Co.IL    d: 22 Dec 1983 in Wilmette, Cook.Co.IL                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      TINGLE, Duncan B.    b: 31 Mar 1910 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL    d: 09 Nov 1990                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................        +UNKNOWN, Dorothy                                                                                                                                                                                   
.................    6      DUNCAN, Alexandra J. 'Allie'    b: Jul 1888 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: Abt. 14 Mar 1977 in Hobbs, Lea.Co.NY    Burial: 16 Mar 1977 Grandview Cem, sec C, lot 401, burial #0515, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.                                            Note 8: 1900 Census: Lake.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan:  SarahB nee Scobey51 physician, dau IreneC18 Duncan, dau AlexandraJ Duncan11; sis CarrieO Scoley/Scobey41 & niece Besse Scoley/Scobey18.        Note 10: 1910 Census: Normal.St, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: Dr. SarahB61 nee Scobey physician priv. practice, dau AlexandraJ21 cement co. sec, sis CarrieO Scobey51.        Note 12: 1920 Census: Union.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: SarahB65 nee Scobey denistry practice, dau AlexandraJ30 Duncan, sec. publishing co, sis. CarrieO Scobey58 cem. office manager.                                        Note 22: Burial listing; died in Hobbs ?,  ashes, friend/relative Wilbur Miller.                                                                   
.....................        +UNMARRIED                                                                                                                                                                                   
.............    5      SCOBEY, George Potter    b: 27 Apr 1851 in Canann district, Litchfield.Co.CT    d: 01 Feb 1905 in Independence.IA State Hosp; res. of Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: 05 Feb 1905 Grandview Cem, sec A, lot 6, burial #881, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.                                Note 5: Bet. 1859 - 1869 On farm with parents, age 8-18, Rockville.P.O., Northfork.Twp, E. side of Delaware.Co.IA; moved to Fayette.IA with family 1869.    Note 6: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.        Note 8: Bet. 1869 - 1873 Attended UIU 3yrs, also completed Hurd's Business College associated with UIU, Fayette.IA; worked as clerk/merchant.    Note 9: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT store clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.        Note 11: 21 May 1873 Married Martha Eliz Boyce by Rev.Rodrick Norton, Fayette.IA Congregational Ch.        Note 13: 1878 Fay.Co.IA.Hist:  Fayette.IA, Scobey: Geo merchant & express agent, Z.D. postmaster, C.R.A. postal clerk for D.&N.W. RR.    Note 14: 1880 Census: Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: GeoP29 dry goods dealer, MarthaB28, EdmundB4, MaryE2, bro CharlesR24 mail agent.    Note 15: Aft. 1880 Bro's Geo & Charles Scobey were stock dealers taking horses/cattle into Montana, Chicago, Boston.    Note 16: Mar 1883 Elected mayor of Fayette.IA.            Note 19: Bet. 1880 - 1887 Merchandising firm of Scobey Brothers formed (Geo & Chas.), SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.    Note 20: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.        Note 22: 1887 Firm formed of Scobey (Fayette office) & Taylor, Farr (West.Union office) horse & livestock dealers.    Note 23: 1890 Taylor.Farr.Scobey, abt. $250,000 annually, 'largest live stock shipping trade' in the country.    Note 24: Kept fine Norman & French coach stock horses; shipped mainly to NY & Boston area.            Note 27: Fayette.IA merchant, hardware dealer, grain & stock trader all of life.    Note 28: 1900 Census:  SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.  Scobey:  GeoP49 grocery man, MattieE48, MaryE22 music teacher,  CharlesW19 UIU student, FrankH17 in HS.    Note 29: 1905 Census: SW corner Main&State grocery, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP, Martha, son ChasW, son FranH; ch of son EdB, g/dau VeraE, g/son Marion,    Note 30: 14 Feb 1905 Cause of death; listed dysentery.                                   
.................        +'MARY, Martha Elizabeth, Mattie' Boyce    b: 09 May 1852 in Plainfield, Kendall/Will.Co.IL    d: 23 Feb 1911 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: 26 Feb 1911 Grandview Cem, Sec A, Lot 6, burial #1038, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.    m: 21 May 1873 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Father: Joseph E. BOYCE    Mother: Mary Elizabeth TITSWORTH                        Note 6: 1859 Obit: moved from Waterloo.IA area to Fayette.IA, wth family.    Note 7: Attended Fayette schools, graduated from UIU; taught intermediate grades at Fayette.IA.    Note 8: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.            Note 11: 1900 Census:  SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.  Scobey:  GeoP49 grocery man, MattieE48, MaryE22 music teacher,  CharlesW19 UIU student, FrankH17 in HS.                    Note 16: 1910 Census; capitalist/grocer, living with son Charles W, Fayette, IA.            Note 19: Very active in M.E. Church & Fayette community.                                    Note 28: Cause of death; paralysis (suffered from various illnesses for years).                                           
.................    6      SCOBEY, Edmund Boyce    b: 10 Apr 1876 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 14 Nov 1931 in Hm. in Montebello, Los.Angeles.Co.CA                                        Note 6: 1880 Census: Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: GeoP29 dry goods dealer, MarthaB28, EdmundB4, MaryE2, bro CharlesR24 mail agent.    Note 7: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.            Note 10: 1892 Fayette.IA High School Class of 1892.    Note 11: Associated in Fayette.IA, Grocery business with father GeoP, took over business, & part time with bro. CharlesW.    Note 12: 1900 Census; Grocer, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.        Note 14: 1910 Census: Mechanic.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: EdwardB34 grocey store on Main.St, ZellaE34, VeraE7, MarionL5.        Note 16: 1920 Census; grocer; living on Mechanic St, Fayette, IA.    Note 17: 1924 Bros' EdB & CharlesW Scobey moved from Fayette.IA to Los.Angeles.Co.CA.    Note 18: 1925 Living at Redlands, San Bernardino.Co.CA.    Note 19: Aug 1928 Fayette.IA paper:  Operating grocery store in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA.                                Note 27: 1931 In wholesale electrical supply business with s/law harold Weaver, Whittier.CA.    Note 28: 1931 Cause of death; heart attack.                                           
.....................        +GILLETTE, Zalla Eliza    b: 1877 in Fayette Co, Iowa            m: 28 Dec 1898 in Sumner, Bremer.Co.IA    Father: L. B. GILLETTE                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      SCOBEY, Vera Gillette    b: 25 Nov 1902 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 14 Jul 1996 in Marion.Co.OR                                                                            Note 15: 1940 Census: Whittier.Blvd, Brea, Orange.Co.CA. Arnold: Jerrold39 advertising manager, Vera37 nee Scobey, Jerrold10, Benjamin9, Nancy1.                                                                                               
.........................        +ARNOLD, Jerrold Clement 'Jerry'    b: 04 May 1901 in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA    d: 17 Jul 1955 in Riverside, Riverside.Co.CA        m: 10 May 1926 in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA?    Father: Jerrold Clement ARNOLD    Mother: Anna O. COOK                                        Note 10: 1930 Census: Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA.  Arnold: JeraldJ28 advertising agency, Vera27, Jerald0.        Note 12: 1940 Census: Whittier.Blvd, Brea, Orange.Co.CA. Arnold: Jerrold39 advertising manager, Vera37 nee Scobey, Jerrold10, Benjamin9, Nancy1.                                                                                                           
.........................    8      ARNOLD, Jerrold Clement    b: 19 Jul 1929 in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA    d: Jun 1985 in Los.Angeles.CA                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................    8      ARNOLD, Benjamin    b: Abt. 1931 in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA                                                                                                                                                                               
.........................    8      ARNOLD, Nancy    b: 1939 in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      SCOBEY, Marian Lucille    b: 26 Dec 1904 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 19 Oct 1990 in Orange.Co.CA                                                Note 8: Jan 1925 Census: Rock.Falls, Ceroo.Gordo.Co.IA.  Duncan: GearldR25, Zella23, GearldK2, s/law HarrietC; Irma Conan19, Marion Scobey20, Marion Davidson21, Tarona Shutts22.    Note 9: Jul 1926 Toured Europe, 11 women, leader teacher of Romance languages, UofWisc.    Note 10: Oct 1926 Returned to Redlands.CA; re-entered Pomona Col, Cleremont.CA, graduated May1927.        Note 12: 1930 Census: Montebell, Los.Angeles.Co.CA.  Weaver: Harold31 elect. equip. salesman, Marion nee Scobey25 teacher.                                                                                                           
.........................        +WEAVER, Harold Trueblood    b: 27 Nov 1898 in Washington.Twp, Washington.Co.IN    d: 13 Apr 1981 in Oceanside, San.Diego.Co.CA        m: 15 Feb 1929 in Sumner, Bremer.Co.IA    Father: Abijah Jones WEAVER    Mother: Ivala UNKNOWN                                                                                                                                                           
.........................    8      WEAVER, Three Chidlren                                                                                                                                                                                   
.................    6      SCOBEY, Mary Leanor    b: 23 Mar 1878 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 23 Nov 1948 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA                                        Note 6: 1880 Census: Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: GeoP29 dry goods dealer, MarthaB28, EdmundB4, MaryE2, bro CharlesR24 mail agent.    Note 7: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.        Note 9: 1911 Living in West.Union.IA.                        Note 15: 1900 Census:  SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.  Scobey:  GeoP49 grocery man, MattieE48, MaryE22 music teacher,  CharlesW19 UIU student, FrankH17 in HS.            Note 18: 1925 Census; Westgate area, Fremont Twp, Fay.Co.Ia.                Note 22: 1931 Living in West Union, IA.                                                                   
.....................        +ESTEY, Elbert Harrison    b: 04 Nov 1873 in Fay.Co.IA    d: 18 Apr 1959 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA        m: 19 Aug 1903 in Fay.Co.IA or IL    Father: Charles Pomeroy ESTEY    Mother: Mary Emmaline SCOTT                                            Note 11: Well known West.Union.IA attorney.                                                                                                               
.....................    7      ESTEY, Robert Frank    b: 17 Jul 1907 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA    d: 25 Aug 1949 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................        +DARNELL, Mary Katheryn    b: 13 Sep 1913 in Sumner, Bremer.Co.IA    d: 28 Aug 1987 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA        m: 19 Aug 1934 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................    7      ESTEY, Elbert Scobey    b: 08 Jan 1918 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA    d: 13 Jun 1989 in LaCrosse.WI Luth Hosp; res of IA                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................        +UNKNOWN                m: 13 Mar 1945 in Muscatine.IA                                                                                                                                                                   
.........................    8      ESTEY, Unknown One                                                                                                                                                                                   
.........................    8      ESTEY, Unknown Two                                                                                                                                                                                   
.........................    8      ESTEY, Unknown Three                                                                                                                                                                                   
.........................    8      ESTEY, Ann Elizabeth    b: 1956    d: 1956                                                                                                                                                                           
.................    6      [2] SCOBEY, Charles Wilbur    b: 28 Apr 1881 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 21 Oct 1957 in Los.Angeles.CA    Burial: Assume in CA; wives buried at West.Union.Cem, Fay.Co.IA, bz/2013.                                    Note 6: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.        Note 8: 1900 Census:  SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.  Scobey:  GeoP49 grocery man, MattieE48, MaryE22 music teacher,  CharlesW19 UIU student, FrankH17 in HS.                    Note 13: 31 Jan 1906 Married Larua Stoner, met their sr. yr at DePaul.U, Greencastle.IN; moved to Fayette with mother in Feb1906, to enter grocery business.    Note 14: 1910 Census: State.St, Fayette.IA. Scobey: CharlesW29, LauraL31, mother MarthaB58.    Note 15: Bef. 1914 With father GeoP & bro EdB; Scobey & Co. Grocery, Fayete.IA.    Note 16: Jan 1914 Moved to West Union, ran 'Chicago Grocey,'  1st wf Laura Stoner died 2m later, married Harriet Jones 1915.    Note 17: 1918 Draft.Reg:  West.Union.IA, Chicago Gorcery, short, gray eyes, light hair, wife Harriet.    Note 18: 1920 Census: Jones St, West.Union, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: CharlesW38 grocer, 2nd wf HarrietB34 vocal music teacher, MaryF8.    Note 19: May 1923 Sold Chicago Grocery in West.Union.IA to O.E. Swanson of Independence.IA.    Note 20: 1924 Bros' EdB & CharlesW Scobey moved from Fay.Co.IA to Los.Angeles.Co.CA.    Note 21: 1930 Census: Wilson.Ave, Tujunga, Los.Angeles.Co.CA.  Scobey: CharlesW48 grocery proprietor, HarrietB45, dau MaryF18.            Note 24: Bef. 1931 Electric equipment shop with son/law Harold Weaver in LA.    Note 25: 1931 Living in Tujunga, CA.        Note 27: 1940 Census: Budlong.Ave, Los.Angeles.CA. Walker: Melvin38TX cafe manager, Mary27, f/law Charles Scobey58IA wid 4y college social service case aid.                                               
.....................        +STONER, Laura Louise    b: 11 Sep 1878 in Greencastle area, Madison.Twp, Putnam Co, IN    d: 08 Mar 1914 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: West Union Cem, Fay.Co.IA.    m: 31 Jan 1906 in Hm. of Laura's father, Hillsdale, Vermillion.Co.IN    Father: John Wesley STONER    Mother: Mary Francis HAMRICK                            Note 7: 1880 Census: Madison.Twp, Putnum.Co.IN.  Stoner: John31 farming, MaryF24, PeterP6, MabelC3, LauraL1.                                Note 15: Graduated H.S. at Greencastle.IN, followed by normal course at DePaul.U.        Note 17: 31 Jan 1906 Married Chas.W, met his sr. yr at DePaul.U, Greencastle.IN; never been to Fayette.IA, moved in with Mrs.G.P.Scobey, ChasW entered grocery business.                    Note 22: Abt. 1910 Health began to fail.    Note 23: Jan 1913 Moved from Fayette.IA to West.Union.IA, husb bought out Chicago.Grocery, Laura died 2m later.                                                               
.....................    7      [1] SCOBEY, Mary Florence 'Francis'    b: 1912 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 09 Jul 1944 in Hawthorne, Los.Angeles.Co.CA                                                            Note 11: 1940 Census: Budlong.Ave, Los.Angeles.CA. Walker: Melvin38TX cafe manager, Mary27, f/law Charles Scobey58IA wid 4y college social service case aid.        Note 13: Jul 1944 Living at 3237 W. 183rd St, Hawthrone, Los.Angeles.Co.CA, at time of death.                                                                                                       
.........................        +WEAVER, Harold                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................        *2nd Husband of [1] SCOBEY, Mary Florence 'Francis':                                                                                                                                                                                   
.........................        +WALKER, Melvin    b: Abt. 1912 in TX                                                                                                                                                                               
.................        *2nd Wife of [2] SCOBEY, Charles Wilbur:                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................        +JONES, Harriet B.    b: 1885 in Chicago, Cook.Co.IL    d: Mar 1931 in West Union, Union.Twp, Fay.Co.IA?    Burial: 21 Mar 1931 West Union Cem, Fay.Co.IA.    m: 09 May 1915 in Chicago, Cook.Co.IL                                                                                                                                                                   
.................        *3rd Wife of [2] SCOBEY, Charles Wilbur:                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................        +UNKNOWN, Lois F.    b: 1882    d: 1965 in Calif?    Burial: Inglewood Park Cem, Inglewood Mausoleum, Inglewood, Los.Angeles.Co.CA    m: Aft. 1931 in Calif                                                                                                                                                                   
.................    6      [3] SCOBEY, Frank Henry    b: 01 Apr 1883 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    d: 06 Jan 1957 in Los.Angeles.CA                                                Note 8: 1885 Census: N.College.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Scobey: GeoP34 cattle buyer/broker, Mattie33, Edmond9, MaryE7, ChasW4, FrankH2.        Note 10: Attended UIU at Fayette.IA for 3yrs.        Note 12: 1900 Census:  SW corner Main/State, Fayette.IA.  Scobey:  GeoP49 grocery man, MattieE48, MaryE22 music teacher,  CharlesW19 UIU student, FrankH17 in HS.    Note 13: Nov 1905 Working for Western Passenger Association in Chicago; Feb1906, promoted into mileage dept.        Note 15: 1911 Living in NY City.                    Note 20: 1920 Census: North.St, Tacoma, Pierce.Co.WA.  Scobey: FrankH39 tobocco store manager, Nellie39.    Note 21: 1930 Census: Pico Hayworth, Los.Angeles.CA.  Scobey: Frank45 drug/sundries store proprietor, 2nd wf Harriet35, boarders James Marrau60, Clara Gerald35.                Note 25: 1940 Census:  1859 West Adams, Los.Angeles.CA.  Scobey: FrankH57 drug/sundries saleman.                                                       
.....................        +UNKNOWN, Nellie    b: Abt. 1883 in RI            m: Bef. 1920                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................    7      SCOBEY, No Children                                                                                                                                                                                   
.................        *2nd Wife of [3] SCOBEY, Frank Henry:                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................        +MORROW, Harriet P.    b: Abt. 1900 in IL            m: 27 Nov 1924                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................    7      SCOBEY, No Children                                                                                                                                                                                   
.............    5      SCOBEY, John O'Brien    b: 03 Jul 1854 in Summit, Schoharie.Co.NY    d: 20 Apr 1910 in Hm. in Portland, Multnomah.Co.OR    Burial: Masonic Memorial Park, Bk96, Row45, Lot 1, Grave 8, Tumwater, Thurston.Co.WA                                    Note 6: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.    Note 7: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.    Note 8: May 1874 Graduated UIU, Fayette.IA, valedictorian, class of '74, with Geo. Arthur Mathews & J.C. Burch; 1877, received A.M. degree.    Note 9: Jun 1875 Fayette Daily News published by Burch & Scobey, ran 5 days of 'Early Hist. of Fay.Co.IA.'    Note 10: Bet. 1877 - 1879 After graduation engaged in newspaper work at Fayette; 1878 in Corning & Creston.IA (began reading law).        Note 12: Abt. Jan 1879 Moved to Brookings.SD as Prof. at State Agriculture College; Spring1789, admitted to bar, practed until 1892.    Note 13: Bet. Mar 1879 - 1892 Admitted to the bar whiel in SD, paracted in SD, member of SD Legis. 2terms before moving to Chicago.    Note 14: 24 Nov 1880 Married to MyrtleE Walker in Brookings.SD by Rev.H.E.Walker.    Note 15: Bet. 1886 - 1892 Moved to Chicago, continued law practice, publishing & printing.    Note 16: 1892 Moved to Pullman.WA, connected with the Ag. College.    Note 17: Bet. 1893 - Jul 1897 Moved to Olympia.WA as Receiver of U.S. Land Office; bought/published the leading daily paper, 'The Morning Olympian.' Served 1 term (1895) in WA legislature.    Note 18: 1900 Census: W. 4th St, Thurston, Olympia.Co.WA. Scobey: John O.B.45 regulating public money at U.S. District Land Office, MyrtieE38, Bessie18, WillaC14, ArthurM12, Helen1.    Note 19: Served one berm in WA legistlature.    Note 20: Mar 1902 Re-appointed to Land Office at Olympia.WA by Pres. Roosevelt.    Note 21: Operated 'Puget Sound Preserving Co,' canning/shipping fruits & vegetables.    Note 22: 1905 Closed out intersts in Olympia.WA; moved to Portland.OR, engaged in law practice & real estate.        Note 24: Abt. 1907 Turned over real estate to 2 oldes dau's Bessie & Willa, doing business in suite of rooms in Bd.of.Trade Building.                Note 28: 1910 Census: Ward2, Portland, Multnomah.Co.OR. Scobey: J.O.B.55 attorney, Murtle45, Besse24, Willa22, ArthurM20, Helen11.    Note 29: 20 Apr 1910 Cause of death; Bright's disease (acute nephritis, kidney infection).                                       
.................        +WALKER, Myrtie Elizabeth    b: 1861 in Wisc    d: 18 Sep 1946 in OR or WA    Burial: masonic Memorial Park, Bk96, Row46, Lot 1, Grave 2N, Tumwater, Thurston.Co.WA    m: 24 Nov 1880 in Brookings, Brookings.Co.SD    Father: Jacob Oren WALKER    Mother: Elizabeth TAYLOR                                Note 8: 1880 Census: Brooking.Co.SD. Walker: J.O.45 farming, Eliz43, Deedie21, Myrtie18, Susie13, Anna11.                                                                                                                           
.................    6      SCOBEY, Bessie    b: 21 Oct 1881 in Brookings, Brookings.Co.SD    d: 02 Nov 1970 in WA?    Burial: Masonic Memorial Park, Bk96, Row46, Lot 1, Grave 10, cremation, Tumwater, Thurston.Co.WA                                                        Note 11: 1900 Census: Lake.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan:  SarahB nee Scobey51 physician, dau IreneC18 Duncan, dau AlexandraJ Duncan11; sis CarrieO Scoley/Scobey41 & niece Besse Scoley/Scobey18.                                                                                                               
.....................        +UNMARRIED                                                                                                                                                                                   
.................    6      SCOBEY, Willa C.    b: 16 Sep 1885 in Brookings, Brookings.Co.SD    d: 13 May 1983 in Seattle, King.Co.WA                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................        +CAMPBELL, Roy English    b: 20 Jul 1885 in IL                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Arthur M.    b: Feb 1887 in IL                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Helen    b: Jul 1898 in Thurston, Olympia.Co.WA                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      SCOBEY, Charles Robert Anderson    b: 12 Jul 1856 in Woodbridge.Twp, Middlesex.Co.NJ    d: 02 Sep 1923 in Morris, Stevens.Co.MN                            Note 3: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.    Note 4: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.    Note 5: Bet. 1873 - 1875 Attended UIU, Fayette.IA; graduated Class of 1875.  Involved in debate & oratorical competitions.    Note 6: Bet. 1876 - May 1878 Engaged as Rail Rt. Agent, Davenport & NW RR at Fayette.IA, plus grocery/livestock business.    Note 7: 1878 Fay.Co.IA.Hist:  Fayette.IA, Scobey: Geo merchant & express agent, Z.D. postmaster, C.R.A. postal clerk for D.&N.W. RR.    Note 8: May 1878 Transferred to D & NW RR route from Farley, Delaware.Co.IA to Cedar.Rapids.IA.        Note 10: 1880 Census: Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: GeoP29 dry goods dealer, MarthaB28, EdmundB4, MaryE2, bro CharlesR24 mail agent.        Note 12: Abt. Jul 1883 Moved to ranch 10mi NxNW of Glendive, Dawson.Co.MT; stock/horse trader & rancher.    Note 13: 1893 Bouth the Snyder & Hodgson Butcher Shop in Glendive.MT.    Note 14: Bet. 1894 - 1896 Elected Supt. of Schools for Dawson.Co.MT; became MT legislator.    Note 15: Bet. 1898 - 1904 Appointed Indian Agent at Poplar.Cr.MT, in charge of Ft.Peck Agency; Acting Supt. of Poplar.River.MT Training School.    Note 16: Jun 1900 Census: Ft. Peck Indian Reservation, Valley.Co.MT.  Scobey: C.R.A.43 U.S. Indian Agent (took census), ElizJ30, EllenE11, AnnaL9, Z.D.5, C.R.A.1.    Note 17: While at Ft.Peck, Mansfield Daniels 1848/PA hospital steward & carpenter & wf Adele40/IA nurse, became close friends with C.R.A.Scobey; Daniels named Scobey.MT after Charles R.A.        Note 19: Abt. Mar 1905 Moved from MT to farm by Lake Pomme de Terre in Stevens.Co.MN.            Note 22: 1905 Census: Swan Lake, Stevens.Co.MT. Scobey: C.R.A.47NJ stockman/dealer, ElizJ35ND, EleanorE16ND, AnnisL14MT, SephaniahD10MT, CharlesR.A.6MT.    Note 23: Bet. 1906 - 1908 Moved from Swan.Lake, Stevens.Co.MT to Morris, Stevens.Co.MN.    Note 24: Bet. 1908 - 1923 Rurual Mail Carrier in Morris.MN area rest of life.    Note 25: 1910 Census: E.2nd.St, Morris, Stevens.Co.MN. Scobey: CharlesRA53 rural mail carrier, Eliz39, ElinorE21 teaching, Anna Luella19 private office stengrapher, CharlesRA12, DorothyG2, Maguarite0.    Note 26: 1914 Scobey, Daniels.Co.MT was incorporated & named by Mansfield Daniels for close friend, Charles Robert Anderson Socbey, Glendive.MT canttleman, Indian agent at Ft.Peck & Poplar, & MT Territory legislator, from Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA.    Note 27: 1920 Census: Morris, Stevens.Co.MN. Scobey: CharlesRA63 rural mail carrier, ElizJ49, CharlesRA20 civil engineer, Dorothy G12, JeanneL9.        Note 29: Aft. Jan 1923 Suffered severe stroke early in 1923, never recovered, died in Sept.1923.                                       
.................        +STRUCHEN, Elizabeth Jane Strachan    b: 25 Apr 1870 in Indian Territory (Oklahoma)    d: 26 Oct 1961 in Morris, Stevens.Co.MN        m: 21 Dec 1887 in Ft. Buford, Dakota Territory (Williams.Co.ND)    Father: Unknown Strachen Strachan STRUCHEN    Mother: Unknown RAE                Note 4: Parents b. Scotland.                            Note 11: 1930 Census: Morris, Stevens.Co.MN. Scobey: ElizJ59 working for US Depart of Commerce; s/law family Frank Carney41 cattle & horse dealer, Elleanor nee Scobey Carney41 dressmaker, MaryJ18, Ann16; sister Nellie Rhoades58.                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Eleanor Ellen    b: Nov 1888 in Buford, Williams.Co.ND                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................        +CARNEY, Frank    b: Abt. 1887 in MN                                Note 3: Father b. VA, mother IA.                    Note 8: 1930 Census: Morris, Stevens.Co.MN. Scobey: ElizJ59 working for US Depart of Commerce; s/law family Frank Carney41 cattle & horse dealer, Elleanor nee Scobey Carney41 dressmaker, MaryJ18, Ann16; sister Nellie Rhoades58.                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      CARNEY, Mary J.    b: 1912 in ND                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      CARNEY, Ann    b: 1914 in MT                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Anna Luella 'Annie'    b: Oct 1890 in Swan Lake, Stevens.Co.MT                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Zephaniah Drake    b: Oct 1894 in Swan Lake, Stevens.Co.MT    d: 08 Apr 1907 in Morris, Stevens.Co.MN                                                Note 8: Cause of death; diabetes.                                                                                                                           
.................    6      SCOBEY, Charles Robert Anderson Jr.    b: 21 Jan 1899 in Swan Lake, Stevens.Co.MT    d: 15 Oct 1970 in Tacoma, Pierce.Co.WA    Burial: Woodbine Cem, Puyallup, Pierce.Co.WA                                        Note 7: 1920 Census: Morris, Stevens.Co.MN. Scobey: CharlesRA63 rural mail carrier, ElizJ49, CharlesRA20 civil engineer, Dorothy G12, JeanneL9.    Note 8: 1930 Census: Fergus Falls, Otter.Tail.Co.MN. Scobey: CharlesR41 power co. stenograhper, MarjorieS31, JamesM3, CharlesR2.    Note 9: 1935 Census: Wahpeton, Richland.Co.ND.    Note 10: 1940 Census: Navy Yard City, Kitsap.Co.WA. Scobey: CharlesR41 ship fitter helper, Margery41, JamesM13, CharlesR11                                                                                                                   
.....................        +UNKNOWN, Marjorie S.    b: 20 Mar 1899 in MN    d: 17 Jan 1985 in WA    Burial: Woodbine Cem, Puyallup, Pierce.Co.WA    m: in MN                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................    7      SCOBEY, James M.    b: Abt. 1927 in ND                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      SCOBEY, Charles R.    b: 04 Apr 1928 in MN    d: 15 Jul 1981 in Seattle, King.Co.WA    Burial: Woodbine Cem, Puyallup, Pierce.Co.WA                                                                                                                                                                       
.....................    7      SCOBEY, Janet E.    b: Abt. 1933 in MN                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Dorothy G.    b: Abt. 1908 in Morris, Stevens.Co.MN                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      SCOBEY, Jeanne L. 'Maguarite'    b: Abt. Mar 1910 in Morris, Stevens.Co.MN                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      SCOBEY, Carrie Ophelia    b: 06 Jul 1858 in Woodbridge.Twp, Middlesex.Co.NJ    d: Oct 1923 in Chicago, Cook Co, IL    Burial: Grandview Cem, Sec A, Lot 35, burial #1391, cremation, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.                                    Note 6: 1860 Census: Rockville.PO, North.Fork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA.  Scobey: Z.D.45 farming 1600/642, E.E.35, SarahB11, GeoP9, JohnO.L.6, CharlesR.T.4, CaraO2.        Note 8: 1870 Census: Wash.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephenia52NJ farming & minister, $2800/525, Elenaor45ME, Sarah21NY teaching, Geo19CT grocery clerk, John16NY student, Chas14NJ, Carrie12NJ.            Note 11: 1900 Census: Lake.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan:  SarahB nee Scobey51 physician, dau IreneC18 Duncan, dau AlexandraJ Duncan11; sis CarrieO Scoley/Scobey41 & niece Besse Scoley/Scobey18.    Note 12: 1910 Census: Normal.St, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: Dr. SarahB61 nee Scobey physician priv. practice, dau AlexandraJ21 cement co. sec, sis CarrieO Scobey51.        Note 14: 1920 Census: Union.Ave, Chicago.IL.  Duncan: SarahB65 nee Scobey denistry practice, dau AlexandraJ30 Duncan, sec. publishing co, sis. CarrieO Scobey58 cem. office manager.                                                                                                   
.................        +UNMARRIED                                                                                                                                                                                   
.........        *2nd Wife of [4] SCOBEY, Reverend Zephaniah Drake:                                                                                                                                                                                   
.............        +ALEXANDER, Catherine 'Kate'    b: 25 Nov 1832 in LaFayette, Tippecoanoe.Co.IN    d: 24 May 1914 in Hm of niece Mrs. H.W. Troy, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA    Burial: 27 May 1914 Grandview Cem, Sec A, Lot 58, N side, burial #1127, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.    m: 07 Jun 1877 in Fayette, Fay.Co.IA; M.E.Ch by Rev.R.W. Peebles    Father: Robert ALEXANDER    Mother: Elizabeth Lard CRIST                        Note 6: Bet. 1851 - 1853 Taught school, father's home in Westfield village, Fay.Co.IA.    Note 7: Abt. 1860 Teaching, building, SW corner Water/King St, Fayette, IA.                Note 11: 1885 Census:  Water.St, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.  Scobey: Zephaniah67 postmaster, 2nd wf Catherine53 dressmaker.                                        Note 21: 1892 IA to Auburn Park, Chicago with husband.    Note 22: Bet. 1897 - 1912 Remained in Auburn Park, Chicago after death of husb.        Note 24: Abt. 1912 Moved back to Fayette, IA.                                                           
.........    4      [5] SCOBEY, Gilbert Wilkinson    b: 04 Jun 1822 in Beekman, Dutchess.Co.NY    d: 20 Jun 1870                                                                                                                                                                           
.............        +DATES, Cornelia    b: 07 May 1821    d: 09 Jan 1895        m: 20 Sep 1845 in Poughkeepsie, Dutchess.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                   
.............    5      SCOBEY, Conent Wilkinson    b: 14 Oct 1846 in Jersey City, Hudson.Co.NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.................        +GARDNER, Edward C. Gardiner    b: 17 Jan 1845                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      GARDNER, Walter    b: 27 May 1869                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      GARDNER, Gilbert    b: 02 Jan 1871    d: 03 Nov 1876                                                                                                                                                                           
.................    6      GARDNER, Sarah    b: 05 Sep 1877                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      GARDNER, Edward    b: 27 May 1879                                                                                                                                                                               
.................    6      GARDNER, William 'Willie'    b: 14 Nov 1884    d: 21 Nov 1884                                                                                                                                                                           
.................    6      GARDNER, Gilbert Wilkinson    b: 1890                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      SCOBEY, Charles David    b: 26 Aug 1848 in NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      SCOBEY, Mary Dates    b: 28 Jun 1851 in NJ                                                                                                                                                                               
.........        *2nd Wife of [5] SCOBEY, Gilbert Wilkinson:                                                                                                                                                                                   
.............        +ALEXANDER, Catharine                m: 07 Jun 1877                                                                                                                                                                   
.........    4      SCOBEY, Zebina (suspect)    b: Bef. 1827 in NJ or NY   

Scobey burials
 in Fayette Co, Iowa

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes


Colored rows = info/data updated; white rows = not updated, needing data. 

Scobey Carrie Ophelia Scobey Scobey unmarried Jul  6,1858 Oct 1923 Grandview Fayette Sec A, Lot 35, Chicago cremation, burial #1391.  Dau of Zephaniah Drake Scobey 1817/Morris.Co.NY-1897/Chicago & Eleanor Eliz. Anderson 1824/MI-1875/Fayette.IA.
Scobey Catherine 'Kate' Alexander Scobey Zephaniah Drake 1817/Morris.Co.NY-1897/Chicago, m.1877, 2nd wf. 25 Nov 1832 24 May 1914 Grandview Fayette Sec A, Lot  58 (Alexander plot), N side, burial #1127.  Dau of Robert Alexander 1794/Knox.Co.TN-1862/Fayette.IA & Eliz Lard Crist 1796/Dearborn.Co.IN-1877/Fayette.IA, founders of Westfield village and UIU at Fayette.  No Children.
Scobey Eleanor Elizabeth Anderson Scobey Zephaniah Drake 1817/Morris.Co.NY-1897/Chicago, m.1848, 1st wf. Dec 19, 1824 Jan 19, 1875 Grandview Fayette Sec A, Lot 35, burial #219.  B. Ann.Arbor.MI, cause apoplexy.  Dau of Charles Anderson 1794/?-1831/? & Sarah Brelsford 1804/?-1879/NY?.  Ch:  Dr. Sarah Belle1849, Geo Potter1851, John O'Brien1854, Charles robert Anderson1856, Carrie Ophelia1858.
Scobey George Potter Scobey Boyce Martha Eliz. 1852/Plainsfield.IL-1911/Fayette.IA 27 Apr 1851 1 Feb 1905 Grandview Fayette Sec A, lot 6,  burial #881.  Cause; dysentery.  Son of of Zephaniah Drake Scobey 1817/Morris.Co.NY-1897/Chicago & Eleanor Eliz. Anderson 1824/MI-1875/Fayette.IA.  Ch: Edmund Boyce1876, Mary Leanor1878, Charles Wilbur1881, Frank Henry1883.
Scobey Martha Elizabeth Boyce Scobey George Potter 9 May 1852 23 Feb 1911 Grandview Fayette Sec A, lot 6,  burial #1038.   Age: 58y9m14d. Cause; paralysis.  Dau of Joseph E. Boyce 1815/Suffex.Co.Eng-1898/SD or Fayette.IA & Mary Eliz Titsworth 1823/OH-1882/Fayette.IA.  Ch: Edmund Boyce1876, Mary Leanor1878, Charles Wilbur1881, Frank Henry1883.
Scobey Zephaniah Drake Scobey Eleanor Eliz Anderson 1824/MI-1875/Fayette.IA, 1st wf; 2nd wf, Catherine Alexander 1832/IN-1914/Fayette.IA. Dec 15, 1817 15 Apr 1897 Grandview Fayette Sec A, lot 35,  burial #707.  Age 79yr, 4m.  Cause listed: usteo larcoma of eye. Son of David Scobey 1789/Morris.Co.NJ-1827/Chester, Burlington.Co.NJ & Content Wilkinson 1794/Dutchess.Co.NY-1864/Monroe.Co.NY (other husb's, Fayette Latham & Charles Thompason).  Ch:  Dr. Sarah Belle1849, Geo Potter1851, John O'Brien1854, Charles robert Anderson1856, Carrie Ophelia1858.
Scobey Harriett B Jones Scobey Charles Wilbur 1881/Fayette.IA-1957/Los.Angeles, m.1915/Chicago, 2nd wf. 1885 21 Mar 1931 West Union West Union Burial date.  No children. Parents not located, 2013/bz..  Charles Wilbur Scobey, son of Geo.P. Scobey 1851-1905.
Scobey Laura Louise Stoner Scobey Charles Wilbur 1881/Fayette.IA-1957/Los.Angeles, m.1906/Putnan.Co.IL, 1st wf. 11 Sep 1878 8 Mar 1914 West Union West Union Laura b.Greencastle area, Madison.Twp, Putnam.Co.IN.  Dau of John Wesley Stoner b.1848/Putnam.Co.IN & Mary Francis Hamrick b.1856/IN.  Ch: Mary Florence 'Francis' 1912/Fayette.IA-1944/L.A.Calif (married Melvin Walker b.1912/TX)
Scobey/Scoby Unknown     No date No date ILLYRIA Cem ILLYRIA Twp Row 2, full lot, no markers, L.K. Scobey.

Grandview Cemetery, Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA


Time line maps, notes, pics.
Cavanaugh page contains duplicated plus other info/data regarding the stockman's link between Fayette.Co.IA & Montana.

...Z.D. Scobey Lineage from Morris.Co.NJ to Fayette.Co.IA.
....Alexander1715/Scotland >> James1749/Morris.Co.NJ >> David1789/Morris.Co.NJ >> ZD 1817/Morris.Co.NJ-1897/Fayette.IA

...1822, Zephaniah Drake Scobey, age 4,  moved from Morris.Co.NJ to Poughkeepsie, Dutchess.Co.NY, where he grew up.  
...ZD's father was David Scobey 1789/Morris.Co.NJ-1827/NJorNY.

...1859Aug:  The Z.D. Scobey family moved from the east coast to the Rockville P.O. area, Northfork.Twp, Delaware.Co.IA, about 30mi from the Mississippi River, SW of Dubuque.IA.  They would remain in Delaware.Co until 1869Aug, when Z.D. took a position as financial controller of the M.E. Church Collage, 50mi NW, Upper Iowa University at Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA.  UIU was financially struggling at the time. While in Delaware.Co, ZD farmed but also traveled peddling bibles in NE Iowa. The Scobey family was very involved with township leadership and education while in Delaware.Co.IA, which traits continued in nearly all the children/grandchildren at Fayette.IA and beyond. 
...1863Sept, DesMoines.IA:  From Delaware.Co.IA; nominations include Z.D. Scobey for county Treasurer & Recorder. 
...1865Sep, Burlington.IA:  Lt. Co. Van Anda of the 21st Iowa, in a letter to Z.D. Scobey, published in the Delaware.Co Union Press, urges the erection of a monument inscribed with the names of the brave  men from that county who have fallen in defense of their country (during the Civil War).

...1866Sep, Davenport.IA:  Rev. Z.D. Scobey of Delaware.Co.IA, Agent for the American Bible Society, has visited 300 families in Floyd county and found 33 of that number destitute of any part of the Scripture.
...1868Sep, Dubuque.IA:  UIU at Fayette has made plans for relieving the institution from indebtedness in two years.  Trustees appointed are:  H.W. Houghton, Z.D. Scobey, H.B. Lakin, L.W. Hart, H. Bush, C. Hurlburt, J. Bowman

...1869Aug, Z.D. Scobey moved the family from the Rockville area of Delaware.Co.IA to take a position as financial controller at struggling UIU at Fayette.IA.  The Scobey family would remain in Fayette.IA, and be educated at UIU, with the last of the surname leaving by the mid 1920's.

...1870Sep, Dubuque.IA:   Rev. Z.D. Scobey of FayetteIA,  Zepheniah Darke Scobey because he could not help it (being a Rev), secondly a a dairy man, being engaged in milking during the first few years of his existence, thirdly a farmer, which he left because he became ambitious of saving souls and entered the ministry, fourthly county treasurer of Delaware.Co.IA, because preaching did not pay, fifthly enlarging his sphere and becoming agent of the  American Bible Society, has sixthly stuck up his shingle as practicing attorney at Fayette.  As may be inferred, Zepheniah is a Yankee.

...1873-1875 The rails were laid to Fayette and Fayette.Co.IA,  which linked to Marion, Linn.Co.IA and villages to the east.  Rails were laid northward to Calmar where the spur linked with other rail lines moving northward into MN and west through Dakota Territory.  Trains from Fayette northward had to wait until 1875, when the 1st cut at Fayette, the 'abutment bridge' a half mile west, and the 2nd cut 2mi west would be finished.  From 1875 on, there was a great boom in farm production and trading due to rail transportation opening the markets all over the country.  Before 1875, agriculture and merchandising depended on draft horses and oxen to transport products to/from the Mississippi River ports 40-60 miles to the east and rail hubs 60 miles to the south.  From 1875 to the early 1900's was a 'boom' time in Fayette.Co.IA.   The established first and second generation pioneer families dominated the farms and Main.St businesses, with smaller numbers moving directly to the area from states to the east of the Mississippi. As the rails open westward, a number of Fayette.Co.IA stockman began accompanying horses and cattle to the western ranges in NE Montana territory.  They were instrumental in opening up the stock trade between the western ranges and cities to the east such as Chicago, Boston, New York.  Several of the families settled in Montana and western states to include CA and the pacific northwest.

...1873Dec, Waterloo.IA:  West Waterloo.IA Schools, Rm.9 had the best attendance, teacher Ms. Sarah B. Scobey.
...1874Jun, Waterloo.IA:  West Waterloo Schools, Rm. 9, teachers C.W. Von Coelln & Ms. Sarah B. Scobey.
...1874Oct, Davenport.IA:  Mr. Charles Robert Anderson Scobey will represent Upper Iowa University at the oratorical contest next month at Iowa City.

...1875Jun, Fayette.IA:   Before graduation from UIU, John O'brien Scobey was involved in newspaper in Fayette.IA.  Jun1875, the 'Fayette' Daily News,' published by John C. Burch & J. O'B Scobey ran articles for five days regarding the 'Early History of Fayette County, Iowa.'  This was three years before the '1878 History of Fayette County Iowa,'  was released.
...Spring of 1929, the Fayette Leader re-published the 'Early History of Fayette County Iowa' articles.  J.C. Burch, from Los.Angeles, then sent a letter to Dr. J.M. Parker, in which he referred to the five days in Jun1875, when the 'Fayette Daily News' was issued by Burch & Scobey.  J.C. Burch wrote:  " I most assuredly would enjoy looking over our youthful efforts (while UIU students, both Fayette natives) to print a daily on the old Washington band press.  I recall going into the different townships to collect the data for that part of the paper, but most vividly I remember that for the few days of its firs issue we worked all night, catching a few hours sleep in the morning.  Oscar Jones was our printer's devil and manipulated the roller in inking the forms; he would go to sleep standing up, and then one of us would relieve him for half an hour and let him drop into a chair for about forty winks."

...Above:  Sec 9, Smithfield is 3.5mi S of Main.St, Fayette.IA, on today's Hwy 150. 
...Scobey's of this family ended up in Dakota Territory, Montana, Minnesota, Oregon, Washington, California, and Chicago. 
...They were grocers, merchants, lawyers & real estate, grain & stock dealers and a medical doctor (Sarah Belle nee Scobey Duncan of Chicago. 
...The Scobey's were educated in Fayette.IA schools, involved with the M.E. Church and attended UIU before finally leaving the village. 
...GeoP Scobey & bro. Charles R.A. Scobey became stock/horse dealers buying locally and shipping to the western ranches & stations (towns)
along the 'new' RR's in the early 1880's.  They also sold stock in Chicago and on the eastern markets, such as Boston.
...There was a cluster of Fayette.Co.IA, families there were early stock shippers (see the Cavanaugh page for some surnames),
and were early pioneers on the western frontier, settling from Iowa to the Pacific coast.  The buyers made many trips on the rails
with their stock, often becoming land speculators or settlers in the areas of their choice. 
...By the mid-1920's all the  Scobey's were gone from Main.St, Fayette.IA, but they continued to visit relatives and friends in the area by rail and auto.

...1878May, Monticello.IA:  From Fayette.IA news; Mr. Co.C. Cole, formerly editor of the Fayette News is taking the place of Charles R. Scobey, Mail Route Agent on the route from Fayette to Davenport & Northwestern Road.  Mr. (C.R.A.) Scobey has been transferred to the route from Farley in Delaware.Co. to Cedar Rapids. 
...1878Jun, Atlantic.IA:  C.W. Tempening, of Corning.IA, has a 320 page book of his poetry printed by Scobey (John O'Brien) & Hopp, of Corning.IA.
...1879Jan, Atlantic.IA:  Scobey (from Fayette.IA) & Hopp have sold the Corning Union to John C. Burch of Fayette.IA, who was once before connected with the Corning paper.

By1882--The Scobey brothers George P. & Charles R.A., along with other Fayette.Co.IA area 2nd generation men were
already moving cattle and horses by rail, northward through St.Paul/Minneapolis, into the grasslands of Dakota & Montana Territory.


...1882Oct, Fayette.IA:  Z.D. Scobey, Attorney at Law & Real Estate Agent, office in the P.O. Building, Fayette.IA.
...1882Oct, Fayette.IA:  Paper.Ads;  Almond & Scobey, Milliners & Dressmakers, Fayette.IA (ZD's 2nd wife Catherine Alexander 1832-1914, dau of Robert Alexander, 'UIU founder').   Charles Esty, Ornamental Painter and Grainer, Sign-writing and paper hanging executed in a satisfactory manner, Fayette.IA.  G.R. Edmonds, dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries, Crockery & Queensware, Cutlery, Highest market price paid for Country Produce.  Opposite the Fayette House Hotel.  L.Metzger Groceries, corner of Main & Water St's.  Bank of Fayette, S.B. Zeigler & Co, W.C. Kidder, Cashier.   W.H. Derby, Harness Maker.  Hoyt & Duncan, Real Estate Agents.  W.A. Whitney, J.P., W.H.  W.H. Gaynor, Boots & Shoes.  Waterbury Drugs & Books. E. Hammond, plasterer & stone mason, located on Canada side (north of bridge).   A.W. Callender, Attorney at Law, Notary Public & Collection Agent, money to loan on real estate security.  J.H. Boyce, dealer in watches, crocks & jewelry, agent for the best sewing machine in the world, books, stationery, music, organs.  G.Pierce, mayor, town trustee & J.P.  Chas. Lain's  Quintette Band, fully prepared to fill engagement at home or abroad, for dances, festivals, dramatic entertainments, anything requiring a first class orchestra.  Peeples and Parke, Dry Goods & Groceries.  W.F. Boyce, dealer in lumber, all grades constanly in stock, hard/soft coal, yard & office near the Depot (south end of Mechanic St).  Elias Fussel, restaurand & bakery.  Mrs. Oviatte, millinery & hair goods.  Marcus Y. Baker, homopathic physician, office on Main St, south of Snyder's Store.  Dr. Alexander, one of the oldest physicians in the County, still to be found at the old place on Main.St.  The Doctor and 'Old Daisy' (horse) still travel their daily and nightly rounds among the sick.  Parker & Mclean, physicians and surgeons, in Ellis building.
...1882Nov, Fayette.IA:  Fayette is the place to sell your oats.  We want 30,000 bushels and will pay the highest market price.
  Moulton & Scobey.
...1882Nov, Fayette.IA: George Scobey is off with another car load of horses.  Brush Creek wants telephone connection with West Union if the wires are strung via Albany.
...1882Dec, Fayette.IA:  George P. Scobey left town followed by a string of horse flesh.  He will car them at Calmar for St.Paul.  The northwestern horse market must be immense.
...1883Jan, Fayette.IA:  John O'B. Scobey is in town for a visit among relatives and friends previous to a winter's siege at Yankton among Dakota's law-makers.
...1883Feb27Fayette.IA,  The Scobey Brothers (George Potter Scobey & Charles Robert Anderson Scobey, sons of ZD)are after the horse-flesh.
...1883Mar, Fayette.IA:  P.P. Hancock has purchased the Scobey 40a by Centre.Twp School House, for $700 (several miles east of Fayette)  Alba Knight bought the house on the Scobey land and will move it to his place.
...1883Mar, Fayette.iA.  Geo.P. Scobey was elected Fayette.IA mayor.
...1883Apr3, Fayette.IA:  Geo P. Scobey has a 10lb boy.
...1883Apr3, Fayette.IA:  John O'B Scobey who once resided on the classic shores of Plum Creek in Delaware.Co.IA, is president of the territorial council in Dakota.  It took Fayette.Co to polish him up to make his mark in the world.
...1883Apr, Fayette.IA:  Charles R. A. Scobey is now a regular on the Chicago, Forreston & Dubuque (rail) run, with big money monthly. As he has no family to look after, all he needs do on getting a transfer is to pack his collar box, grab his tobacco pouch and be absent.
...1883Apr24Fayette.IA, C.W. Sperry and Geo. Scobey went north Thursday evening.  Charley (Scobey) expects to visit St. Paul, Minneapolis, Grand Forks, Bismark and wherever he pays fare to.  Their business is their own.  Probably they are looking about to see if the horses they sold last fall are all dead.
...1883May22Fayette.IA, Scobey Brothers and Others are contemplating a "hoss ranche" in Montana.  If they do Charles will doubtless pouch on Helena and let somebody else run night lines for Uncle Sam (Fayette depot postal clerk). 
...1883May, Fayette.IA:  J.H. Boyce, town recorder, Geo P. Scobey, mayor.
...1883Jun, Fayette.IA:  P.B. Fussel has traded his residence to Mayor (Geo.P) Scobey.  Fussel now owns the long barn on Main.St.
...1883Jun, Fayette.IA:  Charles R.A. Scobey proposes to drop the (railroad) mail service (job) about July 1st, intending on going to Montana.
...1883Jun26Fayette.IA.  It is told us, on what authority we do not know, that the mother of the Barber boys has returned from Montana vowing vengeance on this town.  (The Barber Boys were Fayette.Co 'outlaws' lynched for the shooting death of Deputy Shepard of Lima, in Wadena.  Fayette.Co. Sheriff Farr had deputized Shepard to go arrest the Barber Boys, who had been sighted in Wadena.  This is the same Farr of the 'firm' of Scobey, Taylor, Farr, who were stock dealers with offices in Fayette and West Union, shipping between Iowa, Montana and eastern states. bz/2012).
...1883July12Fayette.IA, W.A. Hoyt,  G.P. Duncan, C.R. Duncan, A. Scobey, D. Schoonmaker and Dominic Cavanaugh are all "in cahoots" in the Montana cattle business.  C.W. Sperry ships cattle to the same ranch but brands in his own name.  Hank Boyce and Ern. Holmes have gone to Montana.  There were nine men and two train loads of stock who and which left here (Fayette) Saturday for Montana via St. Paul and Bismark.  The Glendive Times (Montana) notices the opening of a cattle ranche on Thirteen Mile Creek, by Duncan & Schoonmaker, of this place (Fayette.IA), and predicts an influx of Iowa population in consequence.

...1883July12Fayette.IA, Charley Scobey has quit kicking old mail pounces around and throwing out maledictions and tobacco juice at every junction in Illinois between Dubuque and Chicago, and has donned a blue woolen shirt with pearl buttons, a broad-brimmed hat and sombrero, a two weeks old beard and a hungry look, a Winchester rifle and double-action revolver loaded for elephant, and when astride a cream-colored broncho, looks like a veritable cow-bow in a panic and hearts of a funeral procession.  He and Dominic Cavanaugh, another wild Irishman born in American, have been into the woods daily on their bucking mustangs, striking attitudes and rehearsing their frontier speeches, so that they will not be taken for tender-feet when they appear on the plateaus of Montana.  By Harris, if our hair was a little more plentiful and lengthy and we had on our ancient moccasins, it would be difficult to keep us from going on their trail and giving them a St. Regis and St. Lawrence county war whoop that would make them hunt cover too expeditiously to be seen.  But is is thirty years since we came civilized, that is, what little we have left.  The boys will take more comfort up in Montana than they have any business with.
...1883Jul, Fayette.IA:  From the Glendive, Dawson.Co.MT Times, Geo. Scobey has been laid up with neuralgia.  'The (Cattle) Company' (group of Fay.Co.IA stockman) shipped about a thousand head of cattle to Glendive, on which the freight was $3000.  They have 20 head of fine young brood maries, and the whole outfit is nicely settled on their ranch.  The Times wishes there were seventy Fayette county people there instead of seven.
...1883, Dominick Cavanaugh who went to Dawson county, Montana, with Andrew R. Duncan, from Fayette,  and entered into the cattle business, but sold out in 1884 and invested in horses.  Mr. Cavanaugh was county assessor for two terms and in 1894 was elected sheriff, was re-elected in 1896 & 1898.  Sheriff Dominic Cavanaugh would be murdered Dec 24, 1898 (paper articles in later notes).
...1883Jul26Fayette.IA, A Montana firm bought 5000 head of cattle on the Sun River and Telton range about a year ago for $135,00 cash.  They were sold to a Colorado syndicate recently for $235,000, the increase in the value and the increase in the head netting $100,000 in one year.  Chicago Tribune.
...1883Jul26Fayette.IA, From the Glendive (Mont.) Times we learn that George Scobey was laid up with neuralgia; that the company shipped about a thousand head of cattle there, on which the freight was $3,000; that they have twenty head of find young brood mares, and the whole outfit is nicely settled on their ranch; and the Times wishes there were seventy Fayette county people there instead of seven.
...Aug02Fayette.IA, Boyce, Scobey, Schoonover had just manners enough to come home from Montana the day our last paper was out, so all the other papers for 30 miles around could get the news first just to be mean and break down a 'nasty,' newspaper.  But we'll get even with them yet, we'll tell something on them they never did.  Charley Scobey has commenced the study of geology and seven-up since locating in Montana.  At the train containing their stock was passing through the Bad Lands, were the ground seemed to be or was smoky and burning, and desolation marked the landscape for its own, Charley stood on the hurricane deck, and with folded arms and solemn countenance imparted the following information; "boys, this used to be Hell, here, but the country got so bad they had to move it."  The last that was noticed of him and Dominic (Cavanaugh) they were consulting some ancient books concerning the location of kings and diamonds and other things in that new country.
...1883Aug30Fayette.IA, Armstrong, until lately Butler's partner in the 'Union,' (West Union paper) has gone to Glendive, Montana, with a train load of cattle.  Some have cheek enough to say Butler will start up Salt Creek on a flatboat on the 10th of Oct.
...1883Aug30Fayette.IA, (political chatter about Iowa prohibition and temperance due to Fayette and UIU being Methodist Church dominated)  "The Montana Cattle Firm" are solid for Ed Rice.  It is not told us whether Charlie (Scobey) and Dominic (Cavanaugh) are coming down to talk for the new "temperance ticket" or not.  It will likely depend on whether the wolves tip over their jug or not.  Come down, down, boys, they need thee every hour.  The cause languisheth, for something to drink.
...Note:  Dominic Cavanaugh was murdered
on Christmas Eve, 1898, while he was sheriff of Dawson County,   That tragic event left his wife Lillian, with three small children to raise by herself.  Born 1872July22, in Butler.Co.IA, Lillian had moved with her parents to the lower Yellowstone in 1886.  About 21yrs old when she married Dominic Cavanaugh, she prove to be a resilient and self-reliant woman.  The year following Dominic's death, Lillian sold her interest in the OU ranch to her b/law James Jr. Cavanaugh, and moved into Glendive.  There she bought Miss Eleanor's Millinery Shop.  In spring and fall, Lillian would travel to nearby communities with her stock of hats.  In 1916, dau Esther Cavanaugh married Desmond O'Neil, the son of train driver (engineer) Ed O'Neil.  After some 42yrs together, Desmond died in 1958.  Some time after Desmond's death, Lillian finally sold her millinery business in Glendive and moved in with her widowed daughter, Esther.  Lillian was then more than 85yrs old and had been selling ladies hats all over Dawson County and eastern Montana for more than 60yrs.   Lillian Cavanaugh died in 1963 at the age of 91.  Esther died in 1977.

...1883Aug, Fayette.IA:  Boyce, Charley Scobey & Schoonmaker came home from Montana. 

From the Play, "An Uncommon Journey" (about the murder death of Sheriff Cavanaugh):    Dominic Cavanaugh is credited with arrival in Yellowstone country "in the early '80s; p.o. Glendive; brand OU; range Thirteenmile Creek."  Hoopes also showed a partnership of Cavanaugh and Duncan in 1885 (Dr. Andrew R. Duncan, the first NPRR physician in Glendive).  The 'Glendive Independent on 1885Aug01 reported on the "Duncan and Cavanaugh" partnership on Thirteenmile Creek.  The OU Ranch of Duncan & Cavanaugh was one of the first in the Montana area.  Cavanaugh was primarily interested in horses, consequently his ranch survived the winter of 1886-1887.  In 1893, Dominic married Lillian Walmsley, whose family had homesteaded on nearby Morgan Creek in 1888.  They had three children; Dominic Jr, Ray/Raymond and Esther
.....In 1893 Major C.R.A. Scobey bought the Snyder & Hodgson butcher shop in Glendive.  In 1894, C.R.A. Scobey was elected superintendent of schools for Dawson County.  He came back to Glendive from the ranch to work in that capacity until 1898, when he (C.R.A. Scobey) was appointed Indian Agent at Fort Peck by Wm. McKinley's administration.  He was re-appointed in 1902 by Theo. Roosevelt, who Charles knew personally, inviting Charles to the Whitehouse to receive the commission. He served in that capacity until 1904.   'Major' C.R.A. Scobey and his wife, Elizabeth, had seven children: five dau's and two son's.  One girl and one boy died young.  In 1905, Scobey and family left Montana, moving to a farm by Lake Pomme de Terre, Stevens.Co.MN.  In 1908, he was a rural mail carrier until months before his death.  In 1912, the Scobey family moved into Morris, Stevens.Co.MN.  Charles R. A. Scobey died 1923Sep02, Morris.MN, age 72.  His wife Elizabeth, died 38yrs later, 1961Oct26, age 91. 

Mansfield Daniels, genealogy:
Daniels.Co.MT (part of Sheridan) was named after Mansfield Daniels just after his death.
Mansfield named the village of Scobey after his close friend from the Ft.Peck Agency, C.R.A. Scobey

Descendants of John Daniels
    1      DANIELS, John    b: 04 May 1833 in Somerset.Co.PA    d: 10 Jan 1880 in Albion, Marshall.Co.IA    Burial: Albion Cem, Marshall.Co.IA                Note 1: May 2013 Daniels surname last reviewed:  Barry.Zbornik Hannibal.MO                        Note 7: Abt. 1868 Moved from PA to Albion, Marshall.Co.IA, carpenter by trade.    Note 8: 1870 Census: Albion (pop.475), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels John34 tinsmith, Lavine33, Mansfield12, Jesse10, Mary8.        Note 10: 1880 Census: Albion (pop.495), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels John47 carpenter, Lovina41, Jessie19 grocer, Mary16, Ross9, Elivra6.                                                                                                                   
..        +TURNEY, Lavina    b: 31 Dec 1837 in Fayette, Somerset.Co.Pa    d: 1878 in Albion, Marshall.Co.IA    Burial: Albion Cem, Marshall.Co.IA    m: Abt. 1857 in Somerset.Co.PA    Father: Andrew TURNEY    Mother: Mary AUGUSTINE                                                                                                                                                           
.    2      [1] DANIELS, Mansifled A. 'Mannie'    b: 02 Apr 1858 in Addison, Somerset.Co.PA    d: 15 Apr 1919 in Scobey, Daniels.Co.MT    Burial: Marietta Cem, Marshall.Co.IA                                Note 5: Abt. 1868 Moved, age 10, with parents from PA to Albion, Marshall.Co.IA, father was carpenter by trade.    Note 6: 1870 Census: Albion (pop.475), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels John34 tinsmith, Lavine33, Mansfield12, Jesse10, Mary8.    Note 7: Bet. 1872 - 1876 Clerked, age 14, at Wheeler's Gen.Store in Marshalltown.IA; took correspondence course.    Note 8: Bet. 1876 - 1880 Worked carpenter's trade with father around Marshal.Co.IA.    Note 9: 06 Apr 1880 Married Adele M. Timmons at Albion, Marshall.Co.IA.    Note 10: Jun 1880 Census: Main.St, Albion (pop.495), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels: MansfieldA22 merchant, wf Addie Timmons20.    Note 11: Jun 1880 Census: Albion (pop.495), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels John47 carpenter, Lovina41, Jessie19 grocer, Mary16, Ross9, Elivra6.    Note 12: Bet. 1880 - 1890 Traveling commercial salesman (cigars), hm in Albion.IA, wf conducted hotel/boarding house in Albion.    Note 13: Bet. 1890 - 1896 Operated General Merchantile & Plumbing in Albion.IA; health became impaired.    Note 14: Apr 1896 Moved to Poplar, Roosevelt.Co.MT via Great Northern RR; Gov work for Ft. Peck Indian Agent 'Major' Charles Robert Anderson Scobey (became close friends).    Note 15: Aft. 1896 Became the official carpenter for the Ft. Peck Agency, wf served as Agency nurse.    Note 16: 1900 Census:  Ft.Peck Indian Reservation, Valley.Co.MT.  Daniels: M.A.42 hospital steward, Adele40 nurse.    Note 17: 1901 Appointed U.S. Land Agent at Poplar.MT; made 1st trip to 'Old Scobey' on W bank of Poplar.Riv, 2mi SW of present Scobey, then Sheridan.Co.MT.    Note 18: Aft. 1901 Started ranching around Old Scobey, began Gen.Store at 'Old Scobey', 5th area settler, 3rd postmaster until discontinued abt 1916, accumulated 2,260a.    Note 19: Aft. 1901 Close partner with b/law Jacob Timmons, establishing large ranch along Poplar.Riv in MT, 15mi S of Canada.    Note 20: Scobey, Daniels.Co.MT, was named by Mansfield Daniels for close friend, C.R.A Socbey, Glendive.MT canttleman, Indian agent at Ft.Peck & Poplar, & MT Territory legislator.    Note 21: Daniels.Co.MT, was named after Mansfield Daniels.        Note 23: 20 Jan 1909 Re-married to Mabel Etta Brooks, a VT teacher, in Roylaton, Windsor.Co.VT; returned to Scobey.MT ranch area after marriage.    Note 24: Jan 1909 Listed U.S. Commissioner, residence Poplar, Roosevelt.Co.MT at time of 2nd marrage.        Note 26: 1910 Census: Glasgow village area, Valley.Co.MT.  Living with Wm26MN farmer & Rose26MN.  Daniels: Mansfield52 general store, 2nd wf Mabel32 nee Brooks, dau Addie0.    Note 27: 1912 Erected 12 rm 'manson for $20k on hill over of Poplar River, 60mi from Poplar.MT, ballroom, waterworks, gas lights.        Note 29: Abt. Feb 1919 Suffered paralytic stroke; naming a county Daniels was started before his death.                                       
.....        +TIMMONS, Adele M. 'Addie'    b: 06 Apr 1860 in Iowa    d: 26 Jul 1907 in Marietta, Marshall.Co.IA    Burial: Marietta Cem, Marshall.Co.IA    m: 06 Apr 1880 in Iowa    Father: Unknown TIMMONS                                Note 7: 1880 Census: Main.St, Albion (pop.495), Marshall.Co.IA.  Daniels: MansfieldA22 merchant, wf Addie Timmons20.            Note 10: 1895 Census:  still at Albion, Marshall.Co.IA.    Note 11: 1900 Census:  Ft.Peck Indian Reservation, Valley.Co.MT.  Daniels: M.A.42 hospital steward, Adele40 nusrse.                                                                                                               
.....    3      DANIELS, No Children                                                                                                                                                                                   
.        *2nd Wife of [1] DANIELS, Mansifled A. 'Mannie':                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....        +BROOKS, Mable Etta 'Mabele'    b: 03 Jun 1878 in Royalton, Windsor.Co.VT    d: Aft. 1930 in Royalton, Windsor.Co.VT        m: 20 Jan 1909    Father: Shelden Smith BROOKS    Mother: Mary CORBIN            Note 3: Parents b. VT.        Note 5: Graduated H.S. at Bethel.VT; Normal course at Barre.VT            Note 8: 1901 Met Mansfield Daniels at Am. Exposition in Buffalo.NY; was a freind of Adele Timmons his 1st wf.                Note 12: 20 Jan 1909 Married Mansfield Daniels at Royalton.VT; removed to 'Scobey,' MT ranch; apparently returned to VT to birth first 2 ch (birth records).                            Note 19: Aft. 1919 Remained on Scobey Ranch until moving back to VT.            Note 22: 1930 Census: Royalton, Windsor.Co.VT.  Daniels: MabelB51 wid boarding house manager, MansfieldS15, Mildred G. Hill19.                                                                   
.....    3      DANIELS, Marjorie Addie    b: Mar 1910 in South Royalton, Windsor.Co.VT                                                                                                                                                                               
.........        +ATWOOD, Davis Barrows    b: 16 May 1907 in Carver, Plymouth.Co.MA    d: 25 Mar 1977 in Norton, Bristol.Co.MA                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      ATWOOD, Richard E.    b: 14 Aug 1928 in Chittenden.Co.VT    d: 10 Mar 2007 in Inglis, Levy.Co.FL                                                                                                                                                                           
.....    3      DANIELS, Maydene Angie    b: 04 Jul 1911 in South Royalton, Windsor.Co.VT    d: 14 Jul 1981 in Los Angeles, Los.Angeles.Co.CA                                                                                                                                                                           
.........        +UNMARRIED                                                                                                                                                                                   
.....    3      DANIELS, Shelden Mansfield    b: 24 Oct 1914 in Scobey area,  Daniels.Co.MT    d: 10 Apr 1999 in Salt Lake City, Salt.Lake.Co.UT    Burial: Redwood Memorial Cem, Plot Reverence 392-A, Taylorsville, Salt.Lake.Co.UT.                                                                                                                                                                       
.........        +SMITH, Ella Elizabeth    b: 13 Aug 1912 in Salt Lake City, Salt.Lake.Co.UT    d: 02 Jun 1986 in Salt Lake City, Salt.Lake.Co.UT        m: 26 Jul 1938 in Salt Lake City, Salt.Lake.Co.UT                                                                                                                                                                   
.........    4      DANIELS, Selden Mansfield    b: 1944    d: 2007                                                                                                                                                                           
.    2      DANIELS, Jessie S.    b: 1861 in Addison, Somerset.Co.PA    d: 09 Feb 1892 in Albion, Marshall.Co.IA    Burial: Albion Cem, Marshall.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                       
.    2      DANIELS, Mary    b: 1864 in Addison, Somerset.Co.PA                                                                                                                                                                               
.    2      DANIELS, Ross    b: 1871 in Marshall.Co.IA    d: Aft. 1920 in MT?                                                                Note 12: 1921 In charge of deceased bro's Mansfield Daniels',  Scobey.MT ranch.                                                                                                           
.    2      DANIELS, Elvira    b: 1874 in Marshall.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                               
.    2      DANIELS, Unknown    b: in Penn or Iowa                      


...1898n (C.R.A. Scobey) was appointed Indian Agent at Fort Peck Agency

...Scobey village (1913), the county seat of Daniels.Co.MT, was named after C.R.A. Scobey
(by close friend from the Ft.Peck Agency, Mansfield Daniels, whom Daniels.Co.MT is named after.
...C.R.A. Scobey never lived in Scobey, Sheridan/Daniels Co, MT.  However, C.R.A. Scobey lived in the area as Indian Agent of the Fort Peck Agency from 1898-1904.


... Having farmed until 1876, Mr. Almon Rawson removed to Brush Creek and with his brother-in-law, G. E. Rice, started the Brush Creek Bank, which they carried on together for ten years, when he purchased his partner's interest is now sole proprietor. He also has a large horse ranch on which he keeps thoroughbred Clydesdales and other high grades of horses, having about sixty in all. He has made several importations. In former years, in company with b/law G.E.Rice, Almon Rawson dealt extensively in cattle, one deal with Hiram Sweet amounting to $14,300, and another in Montana to $18,500. He was one of the organizers of the bank at West Union and was a member of its first board of directors, and in the Brush Creek Creamery Company (Arlington.IA) with which he is connected he holds the position of treasurer.  Fay.Co.IA.Bio.1891

...1887 George P. Scobey of the firm of Scobey, Taylor & Farr, dealers in horses and other live stock, is a resident of Fayette (Iowa). The firm has an office in West Union, and also in Fayette. Mr. Scobey was born in Litchfield County, Conn., April 27, 1851, and is a son of Z. D. and Eleanor E. (Anderson) Scobey.  With them he came to Iowa, in March, 1859, and the succeeding ten years of his life were spent in Delaware County, when the family came to Fayette. His education was acquired in the Upper Iowa University, after which for three years he was employed as merchant's clerk in Fayette, and then engaged in merchandising in that town for himself (George Scobey) in company with his brother, C. R. A. Scobey, under the firm name of Scobey Brothers, which connection continued some seven or eight years, when they sold out (Bro. C.R.A. had settled on ranch land in the Glendive, Dawson.Co.MT, area. GeoP would continue the Scobey Store on the SW corner of Main/State in Fayette.IA).  Mr. (GeoP) Scobey then engaged in his present business and formed the existing partnership with Messrs. Taylor & Farr in 1887. This firm does the largest livestock business of any in the country. Their annual business amounts to $250,000 and upwards. In addition to their usual shipping trade, they import and keep constantly on hand a number of fine Norman and French coach stock horses. Mr. Scobey is the resident partner at Fayette, and does much of the business of the firm at home and in Eastern markets.  1891 Bios/Fay.Co.IA.
...1887Oct, Fayette.IA:  By a card tacked up in a carpenter's shop we noticed a 'hoss' firm has been organized in Fayette county doing business on West Van Buren St, in Chicago, reading 'Scobey, Taylor & Farr.'  It should read 'Scobey's Bro's, Taylor & Farr.'  All except John O'B Scobey are residents of Fayette.Co.IA.  (John O'B Scobey was publishing in Chicago at the time and also entered into the stock trade with the group).
Fayette.IA:  Ms. Carrie O. Scobey manipulates the typewriter in her brother John O'B's office at 339 Dearborn St, in Chicago.  Geo. P. Scobey is after all the horses between the ages of 5-8, weighing from 1100 to 1600 lbs, we presume for shipment to the West Van Buren St. stables in Chicago.
...1887Nov05Fayette.IA, Hiram Sweet has been gone Montana-wards for about ten days.  Scobey has shipped, recently, more cattle to Montana.  There appear to be about as many cattle going up there as coming down.
...1887Nov26Fayette.IA, Ensign Sweet (son and partner of Hiram) and wife came down (to Fayette) from Montana last Sat. night.  We understand he intends running the Ransom farm next season.  H. Sweet has settled down for the winter after having sold $8000 worth of his Montana cattle in the Chicago market.  He has enough stamps to take him through the winter at the present prices of fuel.
...1887Nov, Fayette.IA:  Geo P. Scobey has shipped more cattle to MontanaThere appear to be about as many cattle going up there as coming down.  Note:  Cattle were being shipped by rail to Montana grasslands, then back for marketing in Chicago & other cities to the east by several Fay.Co.IA stock buyers.
...1888Feb09,  The winter of 1887-1888 was reported severest in ten years.  Many people and cattle perished in Montana.
...1888Feb18Fayette.IA, Geo. P. Scobey paraded five Norman stallions on the streets ( ) where many stock-raisers, who chanced to be in town, had a chance to look them over.  He is getting out a catalogue of his stock horses, with history and pedigree, we presume.  They will be printed we hear, at Bro. John's office in Chicago.
...1888Feb25Fayette.IA, G.P. Scobey ships next Tues. a car-load of mare colts to Montana.  He embarks at Sumner over the Chicago, St. Paul & Kansas City, saving $25 a car on freight.

...1888Mar, Fayette.IA:  Geo Scobey left for Montana.  Dominic Cavanaugh returned to Glendive with him.  Ms. Carrie Scobey has changed her address (job) in Chicago.  Geo.P. Scobey has accepted $3000 for 'Bertrand" his pet Norman horse.  Geo Scobey is in New York with horses.
...1888Mar10Fayette.IA, G.P. Scobey did not and now will not sell "Bertrand" (stallion) this season.  he will son be billed for the season.
...1888Mar17Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey is in New York with horses.  Geo. Scobey's horse doctrine is out in pamphlet form (stallions and breeding stock).
...1888May05Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey is home from a protracted stay in New York city and state.
...1888May12Fayette.IA, We have had an invitation to move the Postal Card (paper) office to a town in Montana (Glendive).  Not yet; our mission is not ended.  Ensign Sweet (partner with father Hiram Sweet in stock trading and ranching) started on Monday evening for Philbrook, Mont.  His wife has been east on a visit, and will join him somewhere up the line, St. Paul or Minneapolis.
...1888Jul07Fayette.IA, W.A. Hoyt & Alex. James Duncan, law, collection, loan, real estate, office over the bank, Fayette, Iowa.  Bank of Fayette, A.W. Liken, W.A. Hoyt, Dr. Marcus Young Baker, Theodore A. Duncan (bro of Alex).
...1888Jul14Fayette.IA, Arthur Crawford, of Maynard, sold a 2 1/2 months old colt, sired by "Austerlitz," Geo. P. Scobey's Norman stallion for $100.

...1888Aug, Fayette.IA:  John O'B Scobey has retired from the business management of the Farmers' Voice, Chicago, and is succeeded by John Hoitt.
...1888Sep, Fayette.IA:  John O'B Scobey has purchased the 'Dairy World,' a milk & cheese paper, at Chicago.  It is a publication 8yrs old, and was taken in exchange for Dakota soil (land owned by John Scobey).
...1888Oct, Fayette.IA:  Z.D. Scobey is gradually recovering from being sick.
...1889Feb18Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh, of Glendive, Mont., dropped in on us Friday morning, as hale and hearty as a jack rabbit, and about as good for a long race.  He reports his sister Alice well and contented, following her profession of teaching.
...1889Oct18Fayette.IA, C.R.A. Scobey and family came down from Montana last week.  Charles weighs about 200 pounds since he was appointed Indian agent at Fort Peck (in 1898).
...1889Oct25Fayette.IA, Chas. Scobey has returned to Montana.
...1889Nov01Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh and his sister Alice were both candidates on the Democratic ticket for county office in Dawson.Co.MT, at the recent election, and both were elected.  Dominic was elected assessor, and we presume Alice was elected school superintendent, although the newspaper tabulated statement did not say what anybody running for or after.
...1889Dec13Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey was in Boston last week with a car load of horses.
...1889Dec27Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey is home from his third trip to Boston this fall and winter, with horses.

Peck & Durfee Trading Posts

From Iowa to Montana by
1860'sTrading Posts of Durfee/Hicks

...Elias Hicks Durfee (1828/NY-1875/Leavenworth.KS), moved from Wayne.Co.NY to Leavenworth.KS,
b/law by marriage to Higbie sisters, Campbell Kennedy Peck 1831/NY-1879/Keokuk.IA) from Keokuk, in southeast Iowa.
1880's-1900's stockman, merchants, government workers
Charles Robert Anderson Scobey (1856/NY-1923/MN) from Fayette, in northeast Iowa,
....and 'to-be' close friend
Mansfield A. Daniels 1858/PA-1919/MT) from Albion, Marshall.Co, in central Iowa.

Descendants of Abijah Peck
    1      PECK, Abijah                                                                                                                                                                                   
.    2      PECK, Abijah Jr.    b: 30 Sep 1768 in Danbury, Fairfield.Co.CT                                                                                                                                                                               
.....        +STEDMAN, Clarissa    b: 1772                                                                                                                                                                               
.....    3      PECK, Nathan    b: 10 Dec 1791 in Galway, Saratoga.Co.NY    d: 26 Aug 1836 in Watervliet, Albany.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.........        +KENNEDY, Nancy    b: 1791 in Saratoga, Saratoga.Co.NY    d: 27 Aug 1854 in Clifton Park,        m: 22 Jun 1827 in Saratoga,                                                                                                                                                                   
.........    4      PECK, Campbell Kennedy    b: 08 Apr 1831 in Watervliet, Albany.Co.NY    d: 03 Dec 1879 in Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA                                                Note 8: 1856 Census:  Keokuk, Jackson.Twp, Lee.Co.IA.  Peck: C.K.22 merchant, alone.        Note 10: 1860 Census: Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA.  Peck: Campbell28 merchant $7370/1000, HellenA21, Nellie1; servants, Wm. Lelman19IA, Louisa Brenk15/Holland, Henry Willhelma17/Holland.    Note 11: 1863 Draft.Reg:  Campbell Peck 32, merchant, Keokuk.IA, married.    Note 12: 25 May 1864 Commissioned Captain, Co C, 45th IA Inf; mustered out at Keokuk.IA on 1864Sep16.    Note 13: 1864 The 45th served 100day garrison duty at Memphis & Charleston RR, in 1864 push to end war within 100days.        Note 15: 31 Mar 1869 Appointed Post Master at Ft. Buford, Dakota.Territory.        Note 17: 1870 Census: Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA.  Peck: C.K.38 Indian Trader $10k/30k, wf H.A.33, dau Nellie10, son Cody8.                                                                                       
.............        +HIGBIE, Hellen Augusta    b: Apr 1836 in Penfield, Monroe.Co.NY    d: 1905 in Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA        m: Aft. Jun 1856 in Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA    Father: Nathan Higbee HIGBIE    Mother: Guilema WING                                Note 8: 1880 Census: Grand.Ave, Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA.  Peck: HellenA41 wid, Nellie21, CodyK17 accountant, two servants.                Note 12: Mar 1890 Applied for Civil War Pension in Missouri as widwo.                                                                                                           
.............    5      PECK, Nellie    b: 24 Apr 1859 in Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA                                                                                                                                                                               
.............    5      PECK, Cady Kennedy    b: 28 Aug 1862 in Keokuk, Lee.Co.IA    d: 09 Jan 1913 in Chiicago, Cook.Co.IL                                                                                                                                                                           
.................        +VON PACKARD, Ethel La                m: 30 Jul 1898 in Chicago, Cook.Co.IL                                                                                                                                                                   
.........    4      PECK, Robert Kennedy    b: 22 Jun 1827 in Watervliet, Albany.Co.NY    d: 29 Aug 1837 in Clifton Park,                                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      PECK, Nathan Garnsey    b: 12 Apr 1829 in Watervliet, Albany.Co.NY    d: 17 Jul 1923 in Juction City, Geary.Co.KS                                                                                                                                                                           
Descendants of Thomas Durfee
    1      DURFEE, Thomas    b: 1643 in England    d: Jul 1712 in Portsmouth, Rockingham.Co.NH                                                                                                                                                                           
..        +HALL, Deliverance        d: 1721                                                                                                                                                                           
.    2      DURFEE, Thomas    b: 1670 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI    d: 11 Feb 1728/29 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI                                                                                                                                                                           
.....        +FREEBORN, Ann    b: 28 Mar 1669 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI    d: 1729 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI        m: 1690 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI                                                                                                                                                                   
.....    3      DURFEE, Job    b: 1710 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI    d: Apr 1774 in Tiverton, Newport.Co.RI                                                                                                                                                                           
.........        +EARLE, Mary    b: 19 Feb 1702/03 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI    d: 1743 in Tiverton, Newport.Co.RI        m: Bef. 1735 in Portsmouth, Newport.Co.RI    Father: John EARLE    Mother: Mary WAITE                                                                                                                                                           
.........    4      DURFEE, Gideon    b: 06 Feb 1737/38 in Tiverton, Newport.Co.RI    d: 12 Sep 1814 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.............        +BOWEN, Anna    b: 21 Aug 1738 in Tiverton, Newport.Co.RI    d: 20 Oct 1821 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.............    5      DURFEE, Pardon    b: 24 Jan 1770 in Tiverton, Newport.Co.RI    d: 25 Apr 1828 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.................        +REEVES, Ruth        d: 29 Apr 1858 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY        m: May 1794 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                   
.................    6      DURFEE, Elias    b: 09 Mar 1796 in NY    d: 01 Jun 1864 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY                                                    Note 9: 1850 Census: Marion, Wayne.Co.NY. Durfee: Elias54 farmer $10k, Mercy48, EliasH21 store clerk, SamuelM19 farming, Sidneyf17, GeoH8, Charlotte Pooly18, Jermone Duel234.        Note 11: 1860 Census: Marion, Wayne.Co.NY. Durfee: Elias64 wid farmer $9750/2500, Sydney26 farmer $2500/600, Sylvia24, Hicks31 produce dealer, GeoF17 farmer, Leva Horn17 domestic Hillis Bailard23 laborer, Charlotte Summers22 servant.                                                                                                               
.....................        +MASON, Mercy    b: 05 Aug 1802 in Farmington, Ontario.Co.NY    d: 02 Feb 1860 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY        m: 28 Dec 1820 in Farmington, Ontario.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                   
.....................    7      DURFEE, Ann Maria    b: 19 Jul 1826 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 25 May 1874 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................        +DURFEE, Pardon    b: 06 Jul 1825 in Palmyra, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 1897 in Newark, Wayen.Co.NY            Father: Oliver DURFEE    Mother: Lucy STARKWEATHER                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Elias Hicks    b: 29 Dec 1828 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 13 Sep 1875 in Fort Leavenworth, Leavenworth.Co.KS                                        Note 6: 1850 Census: Marion, Wayne.Co.NY. Durfee: Elias54 farmer $10k, Mercy48, EliasH21 store clerk, SamuelM19 farming, Sidneyf17, GeoH8, Charlotte Pooly18, Jermone Duel234.        Note 8: 1860 Census: Marion, Wayne.Co.NY. Durfee: Elias64 wid farmer $9750/2500, Sydney26 farmer $2500/600, Sylvia24, (Elias)Hicks31 produce dealer, GeoF17 farmer.            Note 11: 1861 Moved from NY to Leavenworth, Leavenworth.Co.KS; organized with b/law, Durfee & Peck Trading Post Company.    Note 12: Likely joined b/law Charles Peck at Keokuk.IA just before Civil.War, bz/2013.        Note 14: 1867 Trading office was at No.48, Main.St, Leavenworth.KS.    Note 15: The Durfee & Peck Trading Co office also at St.L or St.Charles.MO on the route up the Missouri River into the Iowa, Dakota, Montana.                            Note 22: 1870 Census: Marion, Wayne.Co.NY. Durfee: EliasH41 fur dealer $13,400/1500, LucieA38, CharlesH15, Eva8/KS; Timothy Chamberlin70CT retired farmer & wf Juliette64NY.    Note 23: 1870 Ag.Census: Durfey; Elias 134a farm $13,400, bro.SydneyF 45a $4500.                                                               
.........................        +HIGBIE, Lucia Marian 'Lucy'    b: 14 Apr 1832 in Duanesburg, Schenectady.Co.NY    d: 1906 in Kansas City, Wyandotte.Co.KS        m: 24 Nov 1852 in Penfield, Monroe.Co.NY    Father: Nathan Higbee HIGBIE    Mother: Guilema WING                                                                                                                                                           
.........................    8      DURFEE, Charles Higbie    b: 08 Jun 1855 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 28 Jan 1902 in Kansas City, Jackson.Co.MO                                                                                                                                                                           
.........................    8      DURFEE, Eva    b: 03 Mar 1862 in Baldwin City, Douglas.Co.KS                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      DURFEE, Martha Gardner    b: 05 Jun 1822 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 26 Aug 1889 in Howell, Livingston.Co.MI                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Harriet    b: 30 Jan 1824 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 10 Jul 1899 in Lyons, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Samuel M.    b: 15 Aug 1831 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 19 Dec 1859 in NY?                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Charlotte Pooley    b: May 1832 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                               
.....................    7      DURFEE, Sidney F.    b: 16 Aug 1833 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 02 Jan 1878 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Charles    b: 18 Jun 1837 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 29 Apr 1849 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, Julia S.    b: 03 Feb 1840 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 17 Jan 1845 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY                                                                                                                                                                           
.....................    7      DURFEE, George H.    b: 14 Dec 1842 in Marion, Wayne.Co.NY    d: 21 Mar 1878 in KS or NE                                                                                                                                                                           
.................    6      DURFEE, Seven More

...1821,after; Fur trading on the Upper Missouri River was changing as 'companies' merged, declined, started up.  Government regulations were also involved.  Web searched will produce an abundance of history data.
...Side wheel packet steam boats were operating by 1834 up the Missouri River as far as Montana Territory.  Even though smaller water craft were still being used on the Missouri, most commercial trader traffic was on the wood burning steam packet boats and later some stern wheelers.
...1864, The steamer Benton was launched and operated by Durfee & Peck most of its short life as it hit a snag sank in 1869.  In 1868 the Benton carried 250 tons of goods up the Missouri.
...1868,before,  Bro/law's Durfee & Peck were Indian Traders at Ft. Union (privately run fur trading post) and Ft. Buford (U.S. Army military post) on the Missouri River in Dakota Territory, both on the same route Lewis & Clark followed.  Indian trading posts/locations were very transitory, often only lasting a only a year or so. 
...Supply trips from the Durfee & Peck Office at St.L/St.Charles.MO, went up the Missouri river to the trading posts, usually in the early spring when water levels were higher and more stable.  The boats returned with fur and buffalo pelts.  When the water level allowed trips continued throughout the seasons.

...Durfee & Peck known trading posts were:  Ft.Sully.DT1869, Ft.Stevenson.DT1868, Ft.Union.DT1867, Ft. Buford.DT1867.  Durfee had posts at:  Mouth of Arkansas.River,  present location of Wichita.KS & other locations as an Indian trader with Kiowas, Comanches & Apaches in 1866. 
...Basically, Durfee & Peck, for a few short years in the 1860/70's could be considered the 'Wall-Mart' of the Missouri River flowage.

...1870, Montana Territory Pop:  Beaver Head 722, Big Horn 38, Choteau 517, Deer Lodge 4367, Galltin 1578, Lewis & Clarke 5040, Madison 2684, Meagher 1387, Missoula 2554; Total 20,595 'whites.'   Principal cities: Helena 3105, capital Virginia City 867.  Horses 5764, Cattle 36,738, Sheep 2024, Hogs 2599.

Fort Peck Agency, Montana:
...1867 the Ft.Peck stockade was built as a trading post by Abel Farwell as part of the Durfee & Peck chain of trading posts along the Missouri River.  
...1867-1871, Ft.Peck, was the hub or river transportation coming upstream on the Missouri.
...1871, the Milk River Indian Agency was moved from the mouth of People's Creek on the Milk River to Ft. Peck stockade and represented the Assiniboine, and the  Brule, Teton, Hunkappa & Yanktonai Sioux tribes.
...1871-1879, Ft. Peck stockade served as a trading post and Indian Agency.  It never represented an Army outpost due to its terrain location.  The narrow strip of river bank shale 30-40 ft above the river, on which the stockade set was crumbling away.  The stockade was close enough to the Missouri River that sternwheelers could land at a wharf.  By about 1918, with the river channel changing, all traces of Ft. Peck were gone.
...The Ft. Peck stockade was a 100yd square with cottonwood log walls 12ft high set vertically, with 3 bastions (angular outward projections 'guarding' the outside of the wall), with four gateways on the front and two bastions on the rear. Inside the stockade were quarters for people, storehouses, blacksmith shop, stables, corral and a slaughterhouse.  Fort Peck was not an Army Post, but would at times serve as temporary headquarters for military men and commissioners sent out by the Government to negotiate with the Indians during the period before Custer's demise. Camps of passive Indians were generally found near the fort.
...In 1918, a channel shift by the Missouri River removed all traces of Ft. Peck.

...Web searches will readily produce information on the history of Montana and Dakota territories.
...The agency at Ft. Peck was 'responsible' for Assiniboine & Sioux in the MT counties of Roosevelt, Valley, Daniels, Sheridan. 
...Today the land area is abt. 3,289 sq.mi with a population of 10,321 at the 2k census.

...1871May, St.L.Paper:  The contract for supplies for the Indians on the Upper Missouri River has been awarded to Durfee & Peck, of Leavenworth.KS.  The steamer E.H. Durfee will begin to load immediately.
...1871Aug, Sioux.City:   An anonymous letter to Maj. Gen. Hancock, commanding Dept. Dakota, charges Messers. Durfee & Peck, who have charge of all trading posts on the Upper Missouri, with gross frauds, and abusing rights & privileges given by the Government.  The claims is Durfee & Peck have induced Ge. Stanley, Dist. Commander, to issue a general order prohibiting citizens or soldiers using goods purchased for their own used from any other person other than at Post Sutler.  It is also claimed Durffe & Peck refuse to carry to certain posts on their line of steamboats which as bee purchased for personal use  from any other than at Ft. Sutler.  It is claimed they have with countenance or connivance of the military authorities  prostituted their position to advance the their interests.

...1879July, The Indian Agency was moved to Poplar.Creek.MT, but retained the name Ft. Peck Indian Agency.  The trading post at old Ft. Peck was abandoned.
...1886, The Fort Peck Reservation was established, named after Col. Campbell Kennedy Peck of the trading post firm of Durfee & Peck. 
...By the early 1880's, as the rails moved across Iowa, Minnesota, Dakota Territory, Montana Territory, several men became stockman from Fayette County, Iowa, and started  shipping/escorting cattle and horses back/forth to the western grasslands.  C.R.A Scobey was one of the Fayette.IA men that had been shipping and traveling by rail between Fayette.Co.IA and Dakota/Montana free range with cattle and horses.
...1883.Summer,  Charles Robert Anderson Scobey 1856/NY-1923/MN moved from Fayette.IA to ranch N. of Glendive. Dawson.Co.MT.

...1898, C.R.A. Scobey was appointed Indian Agent at Fort Peck with headquarters at Poplar.Creek.MT.

...1896+, Mansfield Daniels moved from Iowa to Ft.Peck.MT Agency.
...Mansfield A. Daniels 1858/PA-1919/MT, moved with parents 1868 at age 10y, from PA to Albion, Marshall.Co, in central Iowa.  Mansfield grew up as a clerk, salesman, general merchant in Marshall.Co.IA.  In 1896, he moved by rail to the Ft.Peck Indian Reservation in NE Montana and worked as Agency carpenter for Indian Agent 'Major" Charles Robert Anderson Scobey.  In 1901, Mansfield was appointed U.S. Land Agent at Ft. Peck headquarters which was at  Poplar, in today's Roosevelt.Co.Mt.  Between 1901 and his death in1919, Mansfield,with is b/law Jacob Timmons established a major ranch along the Poplar River of about 2260a.

Scobey, Montana

Scobey, Daniels.Co., NE Montana, is 285mi NE of Great Falls.MT, 12mi from Canadian border.
...Abt 1901, 'old' Scobey was founded on the W bank of the Poplar River
by Mansfield Daniels (from Marshall.Co.IA).  Mansifield Daniels would name Scobey.MT after his friend Charles Robert Anderson Scobey (from Fayette, Fayette.Co.IA).

...Scobey.MT, would be located near the old crossroads of the Wood Mountain Trail and Outlaw Trails.
...1901, Mansfield Daniels and b/law Jake (Jacob C.) Timmons established a large ranch along the Poplar River 15 miles south of the Canadian border in 1901.
...Travelers/settlers began stopping at the ranch; additional rooms were added, supplies acquired.
...The Mansfield farmstead served as an inn and general merchandise, the first business in what would become 'old' Scobey (abt1901-1914). 
...1901, Major Charles Robert Anderson Scobey, agent on the Fort Peck Reservation and good friend of Mansfield Daniels, was instrumental in getting a post office for the new "settlement" which was named in his honor. 
...Business ventures began around the new post office and 'old' Scobey was formed to include; hotel, general store, saloon, blacksmith shop, livery stable, farm/ranch implement dealer, and others.
...Daniels wanted the Great Northern RR to extend a branch line to 'old' Scobey from the mainline through Poplar village, northward following the Poplar River drainage system to Scobey P.O.
...1912,  Daniels built a 20 plus room mansion, which included a ballroom, gas lighting, and waterworks at 'old' Scobey, as a RR was 'coming to town.'
...1913, The RR spurred off the main line at Bainville near the ND border, extended north to Plentywood, then westward toward 'old' Scobey.
...But the Great Northern had already determined the rails would end 1.5mi NE of Mansfield's town site of 'old' Scobey.
...1913.summer, A 'Hotel' was opened along the RR as a bordello by ‘One-Eyed’ Molly.  Nearly every building/business moved from the 'old' Scobey town site on the river bottom,1.5 miles northeast to form the new Scobey.
...1913.Thanksiving, the first train arrived in 'new' Scobey,' which had moved during the summer to the new location.
...1914, Scobey.MT, was incorporated, in its new location on the RR.

...The rails and free land brought a flood of homesteaders who attempted dry land wheat farming.

...1920, Daniels.Co.MT was formed from portions of Sheridan & Valley Counties in NE Montana. The name was in honor of pioneer rancher/merchant Mansfield Daniels who died in 1919.  The ‘Hotel’ was converted to the Daniels.Co.MT courthouse.
...1920+, cattle range & ranchland started rapidly converting to dry prairie land wheat farming and became the biggest transporter of wheat in the country.
...1924, Being at the end of the Great Northern rails helped Scobey become the largest primary wheat shipping point in North America between 1924-1926.
...1930's, 'The Dirty '30's', Drought & the great depression on the dry lands until the recovery of the War Years.

Scobey family, continued.

Back to the Scobey family out of Fayette.IA, 1890's plus:

...1890Apr04Fayette.IA, H.E. Burch, of Helena, Mont., came to town on Saturday night last week.  He will visit a short time in Nebraska before returning to Montana.  Geo. Scobey and son Ed. are east with a shipment of horses.
...1890Apr, Fayette.IA:  Geo Scobey & son Ed B, went east with a shipment of horses (Geo. continued trips to Boston).
...1890Apr11Fayette.IA, Chas. Gaynor and Chas. R. Noble started last Sat. for Montana, taking their families and household goods.  They are interested in a horse ranche near Glendive.
...1890Apr25Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey went east again on Tues.  He is getting more railroad rides than anybody.  Geo. Scobey returned on Mon. from another horse trip to Boston.  A portion of the train he was on going down was wrecked although it did not include his cars of stock.  Look Here:  The standard bred stallion, Grimes, No. 5274, weight 1300 pounds, stands at Scobey's barn Thursday and Friday.  Also Prince McCord 1100 pounds.  Some and see them.  Taylor & McCord of West Union.
...1890May16Fayette.IA, Montana cattle shipments this year will reach nearly 100,000 head, an increase of at least 30,000 head over last year.  Geo. Scobey made a double trip to Boston, this time, without returning home.
...1890Jun20Fayette.IA, J.M. Edmunds went on Tues. with Geo. Scobey towards Buffalo.NY with horses.  Jim will look farther and beyond and come home later.
...1890July04Fayette.IA, Ed Bray is home from sheep shearing in Montana.  Indian outbreaks continue.
...1890July11Fayette.IA, Scobey started a car load of horses Thus. morning for Rawlings.NY, where we believe, has sold, with the present shipment, 240 horses.
...1890Aug22Fayette.IA, H. Sweet staid in Montana very briefly, arriving home one week ago.  Two of Geo. Scobey's Norman stallions had a meeting on Wed. morning about dayling and had one of the worst fights on record.  John Fryer, their groom, was out among them as soon as possible, but had several narrow escapes before they were corralled.
...1890Sep05Fayette.IA, Chas. Gaynor arrived home from Montana on Monday evening, bringing his household goods with him.  They remained at the outposts of civilization about as long as one could expect.
...1890Dec, Fayette.IA:  Z.D. Scobey, is again prostrated with a chronic malady, a heart trouble, and his wife summoned from Chicago.

...1891Jan30, Fayette.IA:  Geo. P. Scobey rented a large sale stable in Bullfalo.NY.  He has purchasing agents here and everywhere to keep him supplied with stable horses.  A car load of horses left for 'Taylor, Scobey & Farr's Ranch' at Buffalo.
...1891Mar13Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh, of Glendive, Mont., is in town this week, younger and livelier than ever.  He thinks Montana is far superior to Iowa for a young man to get a start in the world.  Don Palmer of Brush Creek, has gone to Buffalo.NY to sell horses for Taylor, Scobey & Farr.
...1891Mar27Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh started home to the wooly wilds of Montana on the 10:22 passenger, Wed.

...1891Apr, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Geo. Scobey left for Buffalo.NY.  Geo. Scobey has sold 2 of his noted stallions, Austerlitz & Parthos, leaving only Bertrand in the stables.
...1891May, Fayette.IA:  Geo. Scobey is sick at Buffalo.NY.  The children returned but Mrs. S. remained.
...1891Aug28Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey has had 600 large sale bills printed, announcing a public sale of all his portable property, including household furniture.  He will sell those noted horses, Bertram and Partos.  He contemplates a removal of his family to Buffalo.NY, if everything proves auspicious.

...1892Jan15Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey is "making dates" when he will be at various towns (in Fayette.Co.IA area) to purchase horses regardless of grades, sizes or pedigrees.
...1892Jun, Fayette.IA:  Lightning killed the Scobey family cow.
...1892Jul07, Miss Alice Cavanaugh, a former well known resident of Fayette county, now Supt. of Schools at Glenville, Montana, has been visiting Miss Delia Blunt and other old time friends at West Union and attended the 4th of July celebration in Fayette.
...1892Aug05Fayette.IA, Hiram Sweet reports a drunken row and fight on or near his Montana cattle ranche, in which two or three men were killed and a half-breed range-rider cut up so badly he looked as if he had come from a dissecting table.  The boys have to have their amusements even in the great and free northwest.  Geo Scobey went northwest (Montana) with a car load of horses last Saturday.
...1892Aug, Fayette.IA:  Geo. Scobey went northwest with a car load of horses
...1892Nov25Fayette.IA, Generally reported that Geo. Scobey has purchased the stock in trade in Pooler's building (grocery and general merchandise).

...1893Jan, Fayette.IA:  Paper Ad; Remember that Geo. Scobey's is the place to purchase groceries and the finest brands of flour.  Also bran and ground feed.  Everything new and fresh.  Competition prices.
...1893Jan, Fayette.IA:  Ad; Scobey Grocery (will become Scobey & Duncan by summer time).


...1893Feb, Fayette.IA:  Geo. Scobey, for next mayor of Fayette.  All kinds of feed at Scobey's.  Geo. Scobey wants to buy horses.  You can buy groceries and sell horses at Scobey's.
...1893Feb10Fayette.IA, Geo. P. Scobey wants to buy horses
...1893Mar, Fayette.IA:  J.O'B Scobey and Geo. W. Hopp are new stockholders in teh consolidation of two daily papers published at Olympia.WA.
...1893Apr, Fayette.IA:  Geo. Scobey has leased the corner building occupied by Humiston's Restaurant since it was erected.  Humiston's wll move to the Gaynor Building next to Boyce's Store.
...1893Apr, Fayette.IA:  Go to Scobey & Duncan's for all kinds of groceries, flour and feed.  We want to buy your eggs and sell  you your goods.  Do not forget that a set of Fairbank hay scales well be located and in first class running order.  Come and get weighed.  Gold Mine Flour beats any in Fayette.  Try a sack. 
...1893Apr, Fayette.IA: Having moved into the Emery Building, Scobey & Duncan have plenty of room and will keep everything in our line and sell at the lowest.
...1893Apr, A car load (rail car) of North Dakota potatoes are at Scobey & Duncan's.
...1893Jun, Fayette.IA:  Ad; Socbey & Duncan

...1893Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ed B. Scobey is the boss at the corner Grocery and is holding things level.
...1893Dec, Fayette.IA:  Scobey and Duncan have a big public sale of household furniture from Chicago, that has been in use during the World's Fair.
...1894Feb, Fayette.IA:  Foreign stamps for sale 15c/100 at Scobey & Holmes.  Try a sack of Challenge Mills Graham Flours from Scobey & Duncans.
...1894Mar, Fayette.IA:  Geo. Scobey is getting quite a reputation as an auctioneer at sales of stock and farm property.
...1894Apr14Fayette.IA, Vermont Boy (stallion), by Jack Sheppard, he by Rysdyk's Hambletonian.  Jack Sheppard's dam Laura Keene by Seely's American Star.  Vermont boy's dam by Wicked Will by Hill's Black Hawk; second dam by Vermont (Rysdyk's) Hambletonian.  Vermont boy can be found at all times on the farm of John T. Fockler, 3 1/2 miles sourth of Fayette, by parties desiring to use him.  Terms, $4.00 single service, $7.00 for season, $10.00 to insure.  Parties parting with mares will be held for service fees.  No responsibility for accidents.  John T. Fockler.....Vermont boy, owned by John T. Fockler, is a dark bay horse with black points, the best of style and make up; a sure foal getter and can show the finest styled horses for carriage drivers of any stallion in northeastern Iowa.  We have been buying his colts for the past two years.   They are of the best disposition, bring the highest market price.  They are up-headed, best of necks and will please the eye of any good horseman for style, size and general make-up.  Geo. P. Scobey, Peter G. Widger, Fred Holmes, J.J. Schrack  (these were major stock dealers/breeders in Fayette village, bz/2012).
...1894Jun, Fayette.IA:   Buy your groceries and meats and have them delivered promptly.   Scobey & Duncan now operate the Pioneer Meat Market next door south, and sell all kinds of fresh and salt meats.  Everything first class.


...1894Jul05Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh, of Glendive Mont., stopped off here a couple days last week on his way home from New Hampshire, where he had been to sell some horses raised on his north ranche.   He is the same Dominic as when he used to farm it in this vicinity.
1895Mar14Fayette.IA, Dominic Cavanaugh sends us a "note" from Montana which we appreciate.
...1896Mar05Fayette.IA, Geo. Scobey shipped a car load of fine draft horses to St. Paul Monday afternoon, which was accompanied by Ed.  (Geo. Scobey & Duncan went into the grocery, hardware, general merchandise business on Main.St Fayette.IA but continued feed and horse buying).
...1899Dec29Fayette.IA, In the St. Paul Pioneer Press of Sunday was found the following dispatch from Glendive, Mont., dated the 24th inst: Dominick Cavanaugh, sheriff of Dawson county, was murdered during the night.  His body was found in the rear of the county building, where he lived, at an early hours.  From the broken skull and indentations on his hat and the back of his head the blow as probably from behind.  There is no clue to the murderer. Mr. Cavanaugh was raised in this county and vicinity of Fayette and left here more than a dozen years ago and for a number of years was part owner in a horse ranch.  Later he became sheriff of Dawson county.  If we remember rightly he missed a term or two but last Fall was again elected.  The natural supposition is that some outlaw who should long ago have been hanged, had a grudge against him and being a coward took him by surprise and at a disadvantage.  Dominic has been a subscriber to this paper for sixteen years.  We very much regret to thus chronicle his death, and especially by the hand of a villainous and cowardly assassin.


...1905Jan, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Geo P. Scobey went to West Union to remain for awhile.  Geo. P. Scobey was taken to Independence to be placed in the Hospital where the attenants know how to deal with such a case.  He was  becoming somewhat violent and hard to manage, so it was thought best for all concerned.  Mr. Scobey has given no evidence for several months that he recognized even members of his own family.  His physical condition has not changed materially for a long time, his mental condition is very sad with practically no hope for a restoration.  He has friends and acquaintances all over Northern Iowa.  Charles Scobey has returned to DePaul University.  Frank Gillette and wife of Eagle Bend, MN, were guests of his sister, Mrs. Ed. B. Scobey in Fayette.
...1905Feb1, Fayette.IA:  George Potter Scobey, proprietor of Scobey & Duncan Grocery from 1893 to 1905 passes away.


...1905Feb16, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Geo. P. Scobey & sons Charles and Frank moved in with Ed. B. Scobey's family (bro. of Geo. P).  Charles expects to stay in Fayette a few weeks before returning to his class work at DePaul University and will be assisting in the store.   Ad:  Oranges are good and cheap, is the time to eat them.  We have some of the best.  We have the best line of flour, tea and coffee in town.   Scobey & Duncan.


...1905Apr, Fayette.IA:  Notice of Dissolution; The partnership grocery business known as Scobey & Duncan has been dissolved by the withdrawal of Sarah B. Duncan, and the business will be conducted at the same place (SW corner of Main/State St's), continued under the firm name of Scobey & Co.  1905Apr19, Martha E. Scobey, Ed.B. Scobey, Sarah B. Duncan.
...1905Spring, Fayette.IA,  SW corner of Main/State:  After Geo. P. Scobey passed away,  Scobey & Duncan's Grocery became Scobey & Co. Grocery.  (Scobey & Co Grocery would be operated by Geo's sons)
...1905Jun, Fayette.IA:  Ad; Just received a car load of No.1 Michigan salt, put up in bright, new fresh barrels.  See us before you buy, we will give you the very best salt in right new barrels at a rock bottom price.  Scobey & Co.
...1905Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ad: We have a very fine line of staple and fancy glass and a large new line of fancy chins.  Out stock of Groceries is unusally large and always the freshest and best.  We are the sole agents in Fayette for Chase & Sanborn Coffees and the Prairie Queen Flour.  Scobey & Co.



...1906Jan25, Fayette.IA:  Geo. A. Oliver, mayor calls public meeting in the GAR Hall over Scobey & Co. store.
...1906May, Fayette.IA: AD; Scobey & Company, staple and fancy groceries, extra francy navel oranges, Calif. extra jumbo celery, cucumbers, bananas, those fine cuban pineapples, fancy new eating potatoes, strawberries, fancy Florida tomatoes, green peas, wax beans, lettuce, radishes, spinach, new cabbage. 
...1906May, Fayette.IA:  Scobey & Co have been having their store repapered.  Work on a cement crossing from Scobey's store corner, east on Main.St has begun.
...1907Mar, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Charles Scobey is quite ill with typhoid fever.  Nov1907; she continues to improve.
...1907Apr, Fayette.IA:  Word received that Z.D. Scobey son of Charles, died Easter Morning, April 08, at Morris.MN of diabetes.
...1907May, Fayette.IA:  New telephones on the farmers' line were put in the Scobey grocery, Rathburn grocery and Fox furniture store.  Six inches of snow fell at Cedar Rapids.
...1907Dec, Fayette.IA:  Ms. Stoner, sister fo Mrs. Chas. Scobey has been here for several weeks to assist in the care of Mrs. Socbey, and has gone back to Elgin.IL.
...1908Apr, Fayette.IA:  The Scobey residence on North Street has been wire for electric lights.  Mrs. Ed.B. Scobey has been quite sick with tonsilitis.  Mrs. Geo.P Socbey went to her son's home to assist.
...1908Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ad; Scobey & Co. Grocers.  Agents for Chase & Sanborn's Famous Coffees,  Prairie Queen Flour, Gold Medal Flour, Clear Quill Flour, headquarters for fruits & vegetables, new honey.  Heintz 57 varieties; all 15c, apple butter, mustard, tomato soup, vegetarian baked beans, baked kidney beans, tomato catsup, India relish.  Bake beans wit tomato sauce 25c, preserved sweet midget Gherkins 35c.  Pure olive oil 40c, 75c, $1, full gallon $2. Baked beans with tomato sauce 10c, 15c, & 25c.  Full line plain & stuffed olives.  Pure apple cider vinegar 30c/ga.
....1906Aug30Fayette.IA, Sunday a train of 83 cars loaded with Montana cattle went through Oelwein enroute to Chicago.  Those who got a glimpse considered them the finest they had seen in a long time, and it was estimated that they would bring about $60,000.
...1908Sep, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B Scoby is to have kitchen fixtures for connection with the city water system at  his residence (middle of E side of King.St between Water & State), and next year expects to raise  the roof and have bath room fixtures.
...1908Oct, Fayette.IA:  Scobey & Co received a car of potatoes from Edgewood.IA, containing 515 bu.  Potatoes have been somewhat scare on Main.St and Ed.B. Socbey went to Edgewood where he bought the car load. 
...1908Dec, Fayette.IA:  Scobey & Co; pure sorghum 75c/gal.  Belle Top Needle Etched tumberls, $1/doz.  Because of shortage of dairy butter and demand for lower priced butter we have put in and will carry in stock Swift & Co's Jersey Oleomargarine.'  We have received a car of cattle feed, mainly all oil meal at $1.60/100lb, $32/ton.
...1909Feb, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Ed.B Scobey is sick with erysipelas.  Mrs. Gillett came from Sumner to help Mrs. Scobey.
...1909Apr, Fayette.IA:  Due to the devastation of rats which have succeeded in working their way underneath the walls and into the cellar of the store occupied by Scobey & Co., the owner, Mrs. Coselman, expects to be obliged to put in a cement floor under the building costing nearly $300.
...1909May, Fayette.IA:  Scobey & Co, have anew computing scale.
...1909Jul, Fayette.IA:   Scobey & Co ad; Groceries, flour, feed.  Prairie Queen Flour $1.70/sack, Gold Medal Flour $1.70, Star (Blended) Flour $1.60.  Chase & Sanborn Coffee.  We are headquarters for everything good in the grocery line.  We will use you right.
...1909Sep, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B Scobey is having a cistern constructed at his home (on King.St).
...1910Jan, Fayette.IA:  R.W. Boyce and Frank Henry Scobey left for Chicago.  Mr. Boyce intending to go on to NY where it is probably he will enter newspaper work.  Electric lights have been installed in the A.W. Callendar house which is to be occupied by Charles Scobey and wife.
...1910Jan, Fayette.IA:  We will have on the track (RR) soon a carload of No.2 Missouri shelled corn (for animal feed) at 78c per bushel from the car.  Scobey & Co.
...1910Mar, Fayette.IA:  We are handling a high grade of Penn. coal oil bought direct from refiners and not jobbers.  A high grade oil is the only kind to burn in an incubator (chicken) and have success.  The Penn Oil and Supply Co. are back of our personal guarantee. Scobey & Co.
...1910Apr14, Fayette.IA:  News has been received that John O'Brien Scobey is very ill with rheumatism & Bright's disease (acute/chronic nephritis, kidney infection) at Portland.OR, confinced to bed since March 28.
...1910Apr21, Thur, Fayette.IA:  Just as we go to press a telegram announces the death of Mr. John O'B Scobey yesterday at 4pm, in Portland.OR.
...1911Aug10, Fayette.IA:  Ed Scobey found A.T. Crow sitting near the band stand, overcome by heat.  he had been working on the vacant Canfield lots across the road from the hotel, when he came very warm and thought of starting for the barn.  With Ed, Dr. Dickinson and a young man with a top buggy in from the country, took Mr. Crow to Ed's house. Mr. J.W. McLean followed.  Mr. Crow was put to bed and id not recover consciousness until late in the afternoon, his son Milton having reached here from Crane Creek (Auburn.Twp) by that time.
...1911Nov, Fayette.IA:  We have have some Vermont Pure Maple Sugar in ten pound pails.  We have some extra fancy comb honey, 18c/lb, also some nice stained honey. Scobey & Co.

...1912Jul, Fayette.IA:  How are your Bugs?  We are introducing an exterminator for lice, mites, bedbugs and every thing in the insect line, that really does rid your house, barn, stock and poltry of those pests, for one year.  Nolan Bros. Lice Killer will do all we claim.  Scobey & Co.
...1912Aug, Fayette.IA:  Scobey & Co. installed a new cash register much larger than their old one.  The change was made necessary because of increased business.  Ed Scobey and family went for a ten day outing at Big Pine Lake, MN.
...1912Aug, Fayette.IA:  Graham Denniston and wife expect to move into the Callender house as soon the Charles Scobey family move to the C.E. Estey house recently vacated by the Craig family.
...1914Dec, Fayette.IA:  Ad;  At Scobey's, we have a nice assortment of fancy china cups and saucers, plates and salads.  Some very nice pieces of glassware and Rayo niceled lamps.  Staple and fancy groceries.  Fruits and vegetables, Xmas candy, nuts, holly, wreaths, trees.  Ed. B. Scobey.
...1915Nov, Fayette.IA:  Ad; Fancy blood red salmon and slat mackerel, pure Wisconsin buck wheat flour, Virginia Sweet pancake flour, self rising buckwheat flour, pure maple syrup, Prairie Queen and Gold Medal flour.  Chase & Sanborn Coffee, roasted in Chicago day of shipment, let us fresh grind it day of purchase.  Ward's find cakes ready to serve 10c.  New dill pickles are in, also sweets, sours, and spiced sweet mixed, headquarters for olives.  Grapefruit, oranges, bananas, NY grapes and barrel apples.  Everything indicates big prosperity is just around the corner.  Bumper crops being harvested--963 million bu. of wheat, 1,309 bu of oats, 2,814 million bu. of corn--a total yield with minor crops of over $9billion dollars.  There is a billion dollar balance trade in favor of the U.S.  One million autos are running today with 800 thousand being made this year.  Business is taking a new stride.  People are spending their money.  Factories are opening up.  Faith is taking the place of fear.  Staple and Fancy Groceries, your patronage is solicited.  Ed. B. Scobey.
...1915Dec, Fayette.IA:  Some time ago. Ed.B. Scobey purchased the building (Clover Farm Store location of 1950) now occupied by Humphry & Platt Grocery and has rented it to Graham Denniston, now in Waverly, who will be taking over the men's clothing stock of F.O. Brown.  There is a rumor Humphry and Plat may put up a new building on Main.St next year.
...1916Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ed. B. Scobey installed a new Burroughs Adding machine in his business, which means not only a time saving but  accuracy in compiling accounts.
...1916Sep, Fayette.IA:  Ad; City Meat Market, Schoeppe & Smith Props, B.A. Smith, Mgr. We deliver to any part of the city.  We carry in stock pork sausage, bologna, weiners, minced ham, head cheese, liver sausage, etc.  Aldo our own cured.  Dried beef, pure home rendered lard.  In stock at all times best of beef, pork, veal, mutton, poultry, all of which will be our own dressing. 
...1917Sep, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B. Scobey has installed in hsi store a Butter-Kist popcorn machine.  The machine is run by electricity and entirely automatic.  He also is having his home re-shingled.
...1919Jan, Fayette.IA: Main.St was filled with smoke due to a defective furnace in Scobey's Grocery.
...1920Jul, Fayette.IA:  Scobey Grocery moved one door south (meat market buidling), as the State Bank of Fayette bought the building on the SW corner of Main & State St's.
...1923Feb, Fayette.IA:  Ed. B. Scobey sold his Grocery Business to R. W. Manuel after 30yrs in the business The Scobey Grocery Store had been known in Fayette since 1873, conducted by  Geo. P. Scobey, Ed's father.
...1922Nov15Fayette.IA, The stock car situation will ease up after the 15th of the months, when the Montana cattle are out of the way.  There are, however, about 1700 carloads out there to move yet....1923Mar:  Ed.B. Scobey & wife went to Rockford.IL to visit their dau in college, then will go to Chicago.
...1923Apr, Fayette.IA:  The Scobey Grocery building is being torn down for a new Fayette State Bank building.  The old structure is about half demolished.
...1923May, West.Union.IA:  Charles W. Scobey has sold his Chicago Grocery in West.Union.IA to O.E. Swanson of Independence.IA.  Mr. Scobey came to West Union in 1914 from Fayette.IA, where he had a successful career as a member of Scobey Bros (Scobey & Co).  The will be moving to Arizona or California in hopes of some relief for Mrs. Scobey of her asthmatic trouble.  K.R. Palmer from Boxholm.IA, has purchased the C.W. Socbey home in the SW part of West.Union.
...1923Jun, West.Union.IA:  Mrs. C.W. Scobey & dau Mary Frances departed for Chicago, saying farewell to West.Union friends.  Mary Frances goes on to Greencastle.IN to visit relatives.  Charles Scobey will join them in Chicago after closing up Fay.Co.IA business.  From Chicago they plan to go to Tacoma.WA to visit his bro. Frank Henry Scobey, then on to Los.Angeles, where they expect to locate permanently.
...1923Sep, Oelwein.IA:  Ed.B. Scobey of Fayette has sold his home on Mechanic St. To Frank Helms.  The Scobey family are moving to the flat in his store building occupied by Graham Denniston on the west side of Main.St, between Water & State.
...1923Oct, Fayette.IA:  Word comes from Chicago that Dr. Sarah Scobey Duncan is very ill.
...1924May, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B Scobey will arrive from Calif. being on his way in his car.
...1924Jul, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B. Scobey has purchased a grocery store at Whittier.CA.  He has secured on of the oldest and best stores in Whittier.  Flat for rent & furniture for sale (above Scobey building on Main.St, FayetteIA, the 'Clover Farm Store' of Andres), contact Ed.B.Scobey.
...1924Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ralph Webster Manuel, b. Mar29,1880/Canton.MN, passed away Aug17,1924, after a short illness due to neuritis and heart trouble He was the son of Samuel and Florence Manuel, having come to Fayette in 1908.  Ralph graduated from UIU in 1913, and then engaged in various lines of business, at one time being postmaster.  In 1923, Ralph Manuel purchased the grocery stock of Ed.B Scobey and was doing well in the business of his choice.
...1925Feb, Fayette.IA:  Joshua R. Williams, UIU class of 1905, is located at Scobey, Daniels.Co.MT.  The village was named by local Scobey.MT rancher Mansfield Daniels, for his friend Major Charles Robert Anderson Scobey, a cattleman from the Glendive.MT area (mid-eastern boarder area near South Dakota), who served as a Montana Territory legislator and an Indian Agent from Poplar.MT in charge of the Fort Peck district.  Daniels.Co.MT, in the NE corner on the Canadian border was named after Mansfield Daniels.  Joshua R Williams writes, " we have 8 teachers in Scobey.Mt and about 180 pupils, of which about a third are Indians or part Indian.  There is only one Indian in high school.  Last year was a good one for Montana.  I raised over 3600 bu of wheat, with an average of about $1.50/bu.  It is not $1.80/bu at Scobey.MT.  Over 2 Million bushels of wheat will be shipped from Scobey this season.  For the 4th successive season Scobey is the chief wheat shipping point in the world.  My farm is 14 miles from Scobey.  The town is named after the Fayette.IA Scobey's."
...1925Mar, Fayette.IA:  Ed.B. Scobey will be managing Redlands.CA People's Thrift & Finance Corp, which is moving its offices to 5th St.  Formed a year ago, they make a specialty of loans on character, and have grown too large for the parent company, Reality Co. of Redlands to handle. 
...1927Feb, Fayette.IA:  Ed. B. Scobey of Redlandsl.CA may visit Fayette during the coming summer.   The Peoples Finance and Thrift Co, as retained him in his position for the coming year.  he writes all are well.  Dau Vera is married and lives in Whittier.CA. Dau Marian is taking her last year of work at Pomona Collage.  Ed B. & Mrs. Scobey have donated their telephone and telephone stock in Fayette to the Methodist Ladies Aide Society.
...1927Sep, Fayette.IA:  Mr/Mrs. Ed B. Scobey of Redlands.CA are in Fayette visiting relatives and friends.
...1927Oct, Fayette.IA:  From the 'Redland.CA Daily Facts,'  Although Iowa and middle west has suffered tremendous losses the past months and more losses yet in sight, with some banks ready to clsoe their doors, conditions are on the mend.  Iowa and sister states are climbing the grade, according to Ed. B. Scobey, secretary-manager of the Peopel's finance and Thrift Co, of Redlands.CA, who returned late in the month from a three week stay at Fayette.IA.  Although it rained practically the entire time Scobey was in Iowa, he reports that improved roads made driving a pleasure, even though it did rain.  Gravel has been applied to most of the roads and one is able to navigate them without fear of sinking in the mud anymore.
...1928Jun, Fayette.IA:  Mr/Mrs Ed B. Scobey, dau Marian of Redlands.CA & dau Mrs. Vera Scobey Arnold of Whittier.CA arrived for visit with relatives/friends in Fayette, West Union and Sumner, also Chicago, while looking after business interests in the area.
...1928Aug, Fayette.IA:  Ed. B. Scobey is again operating a grocery store in Whittier, Los.Angeles.Co.CA.
...1928Sep, Fayette.IA:  Mr/Mrs Wittenbaug, living in Ed.B Socbey residence have moved to near Starwberry.Pt.IA.  Mr/Mrs J. W. Kelly have purchased the Ed. B. Scobey residence on Mechanic.St.
...1928Sep, Fayette.IA:  Mary Frances Scobey (g/dau of Geo. Potter Scobey) has a part in "California Night of Music" at the Hollywood Bowl.  She is a dancing pupil of Norma Gould's.
...1929May, Fayette.IA:  For Sale--My store building now occupied by the Dickman Clothing Store.  The sale would include a 60' building lot facing on King.ST in back of store.  The building is now bringing in $60/m rent.  Or I would consider trade for income property or residential property n the vicinity of Los.Angeles.  If interested please address E.B. Scobey, 6464 Dennison.ST, Los.Angeles.CA.
...1929Aug, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. J.H. Boyce entertained Mrs. Charles Roy Scobey and dau Mary Frances Scobey of Los.Angeles, Mrs. E. H. Estey of West Union & Mrs. Dr. James D. Parker at a luncheon followed by an afternoon devoted to bridge.
...1930Oct, Fayette.IA:  Charles S. Parker had purchased the building to the north of the post office, formerly the Noble Grocery (meat market building, south of Scobey & Co Grocery/bank corner) and owned by Ed. B. Scobey.

...1939Mar, Fayette.IA:  A.G. Andres Co stock of goods moved from the Denniston building when it was sold to Marcus Baker for Baker's Dime Store, one door south into the Scobey building, and will become Andres Clover Farm and Dry  Goods.
...1939Sep, Fayette.IA: Zolla Scobey sold to Elise B. Fobes, lot 10 & part of lot 11, in block 13.
...1940Jul, Fayette.IA:  Mrs. Ed B. Scobey bought lot 1, in block 12.
...1944Jul13, Fayette.IA:  Mary Francis Scobey Walker 3237 W 183 3rd St, Hawthorne, Los.Angeles.Co.CA, dau of Charles Scobey, passed away July 9th.
...1946Nov14, Fayette.IA:  Geo. W. McFatrich died at River Forest, IL, age 76.  He attended UIU, and is a cousin of Scobey & Boyce.  He was a Fayette doctor & oculist before moving to IL.  He was president of the Murine Co.


Historical Notes & Bios

George P. Scobey
Page 673 - 1891, 'Portrait & Biographical Album of Fayette Co. Iowa'
George Potter Scobey 1851/Litchfield.Co.CT-1905/res.of.Fayette.IA.
son of Zephaniah Drake Scobey 1817/Chester.NJ-1897/Chicago & Eleanor Eliz Anderson 1824/Ann.Arbor.MI-1875/Fayette.IA.
 ..."GEORGE P. SCOBEY, of the firm of Scobey, Taylor & Farr, dealers in horses and other live stock, is a resident of Fayette. The firm has an office in West Union, and also in Fayette. Mr. Scobey was born in Litchfield County, Conn., April 27, 1851, and is a son of Z. D. and Eleanor E. (Anderson) Scobey, a sketch of whom appears elsewhere in this work. With them he came to Iowa, in March, 1859, and the succeeding ten years of his life were spent in Delaware County, when the family came to Fayette. His education was acquired in the Upper Iowa University, after which for three years he was employed as merchant's clerk in Fayette, and then engaged in merchandising in that town for himself in company with his brother, C. R. A. Scobey, under the firm name of Scobey Brothers, which connection continued some seven or eight years, when they sold out. Mr. Scobey then engaged in his present business and formed the existing partnership with Messrs. Taylor & Farr in 1887. This firm does the largest livestock business of any in the country. Their annual business amounts to $250,000 and upwards. In addition to their usual shipping trade, they import and keep constantly on hand a number of fine Norman and French coach stock horses. Mr. Scobey is the resident partner at Fayette, and does much of the business of the firm at home and in Eastern markets.
 ...On May 21, 1873, he was united in marriage with Miss Mattie E. Boyce, who was born in Plainfield, Carroll County, Ill., May 9, 1852, and with her parents, Joseph E. and Mary (Titsworth) Boyce came to Fayette, which has since been her home. Her mother died September 21, 1882. Her father survives and is now a resident of Sioux Falls, S. D. Four children, three sons and a daughter grace the union of Mr. and Mrs. Scobey: Edmund B., born April 10, 1876; Mary Eleanor, March 23, 1878; Charles Wilbur, April 28, 1881; and Frank Henry, April 1, 1883. All were born in Fayette. The parents are members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, in which Mr. Scobey is a Trustee, and both are actively identified with church work. In politics he is an earnest Republican, and has served two terms as Mayor of Fayette. Socially he is a member of Pleiades Lodge, No. 248, A. F. & A. M., and of Ansel Humphreys Chapter, No. 80, R. A. M. He has been a resident of Fayette continually since 1869, and for many years has been known as a prominent and respected business man of the county."
Westfield.Twp, Fayette.IA.IA, 1878 Hist:
...The Fayette Town Council, in March, 1877, was composed of H. S. Brunson, Mayor; Charles A. Lyman, Recorder, and J. E. Robertson, P. B. Whitney, William Burch, R. Hunt, and A. N. Goodrich, Trustees. Geo. P. Scobey was chosen Treasurer; William Stanley, Marshal, and Warner Aylsworth, Street Commissioner.
...At the Fayette school election in March, 1877, Allen Holmes and Thomas Fowells were elected Directors. On the same day, a five-mill tax was levied for school house purposes, which was expended, during the following Summer, in repairing the building thoroughly, putting in new seats and fencing the grounds, the cost of the improvements being about $1,000. The teachers for the school year 1877-8 are Mr. Kropfler and Misses Rice, Woodard, Scobey and Holmes.
...The M.E. Church edifice was begun in the Spring of 1876. The Building Committee were H. S. Brunson, Robert Gaynor, Adam Fussell, J. B. Sperry, J. E. Robertson and A. Winston. It was dedicated January 7, 1877, Rev. B. F. Ives, of New York State, preaching the dedicatory sermon. The cost, including furnace and bell, was about $7,800. The present membership of the church is about 220. The Trustees are H. S. Brunson, J. E. Boyce, Robert Gaynor, Adam Fussell, J. B. Sperry, J. E. Robertson, Z. D. Scobey, E. B. Chamberlain and C. E. Hulbert.
....A. Fussell is Superintendent of the Sabbath school; T. B. Hunt, Assistant; John Winston, Librarian; D. M. Parker, Secretary and Treasurer. The usual number of pupils is about 175. There are 300 volumes in the library.
...Ladies' Foreign Mission Society - Mrs. Sarah E. Duncan, President; Mrs. Keasey, Secretary; Mrs. Z. D. Scobey, Treasurer

ELBERT H. ESTEY, Fitch’s '1910 History of Fayette.Co.IA,' p.1194:
...Holding prestige among the successful attorneys of Fayette and adjoining counties, Elbert H. Estey, while yet a young man, has proven his worth to rank with the leading professional men in a community long noted for its high order of talent, especially along legal lines, and the study of such a life cannot fail of interest and incentive, as he is distinctively representative of his sphere of activity and has contributed in no small measure to the general uplift of West Union and the locality which is his home and field of operation, at the same time establishing a reputation for honor and integrity. Mr. Estey is a member of the firm of Clements & Estey, and he was born in the city of Fayette, this county, November 4, 1873. He is the son of Charles P. and Mary (Scott) Estey, the father a native of Vermont and the mother of Ohio, the latter being the daughter of William Scott, who was among the early settlers of Dover township and where the family is still represented.
...Elbert H. Estey's paternal grandfather, Warren Estey, was an early settler of Winneshiek county. Charles P. Estey lived for a time at Postville, Allamakee county, but he came to Fayette about 1871. His family consisted of three daughters and one son, Elbert H. of this review being the youngest; his sisters are, Carrie, who married Rev. M. T. Miller, of Colorado, a minister in the Methodist Episcopal church; Addie, who has remained unmarried is a talented lecturer and reformer, engaged in the work of the Woman's Christian Temperance Union, located at Des Moines, Iowa; Blanche is the wife of Rev. George C. Fort and is located at Salina, Kansas. All the family except the youngest sister are graduates of the Upper Iowa University. The father of these children is a painter and decorator, having made this his life work and he is very adroit in the use of the brush, his services having always been in great demand. He and his wife make their home in Fayette, where they are highly esteemed by a wide circle of friends.
...Elbert H. Estey, after completing his college course, performed in a very commendable manner the duties of court reporter in the thirteenth judicial district for a period of two years, during the term of Judge William A. Hoyt. All the while he studied law during his spare moments, having decided early in life to devote his energies to the legal profession. He took a law course at the State University of Minnesota, where he made a good record and from which institution he was graduated in June, 1896. He soon returned to Iowa and opened an office in the city of Waterloo and he practiced there with a very satisfactory clientele for a period of seven years and became one of the leading members of the bar of that place, but desiring to return to his home county, he began practice in West Union on December 1, 1905, and has been here to the present time, his record at the Fayette county bar having been one of honor and credit and has won the admiration of his clients and contemporaries at the bar. He was associated with the late David W. Clements, one of the leading lawyers of this district, the firm of Clements & Estey having been a most potent one in all local courts.
...Mr. Estey was married on August 19, 1903, to Mary E. Scobey, daughter of George P. and Martha B. Scobey, a prominent early family of Fayette, where the father was long a leading merchant and where his death occurred on February 2, 1904. The mother is still living. One son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Estey, Robert, born July 17, 1907. He and his wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church, and politically Mr. Estey is a Republican. Fraternally, he is a member of the West Union Lodge No. 69, Ancient Free and Accepted Masons, and the West Union lodge of the Knights of Pythias.

WILBUR FISK BOYCE, Fitch’s '1910 Histtory of Fayette.Co.IA,' p1264
...The financial and commercial history of Fayette county would be incomplete and unsatisfactory without personal mention of those whose lives are interwoven so closely with the industrial and financial development of this portion of the state. When a man, or a number of men, set in motion the machinery of business, which materializes into many forms of practical utility, or where they have carved out a fortune or a name from the common possibilities, open for competition to all, there is a natural public desire, which should be gratified to see them as nearly as a word artist can paint them. The examples they furnish of patient purpose and steadfast integrity strongly illustrate what it is in the power of each to accomplish. Some men belong to no exclusive class in life; apparently insurmountable obstacles have in many instances awakened their faculties and served as a stimulus to carry them to ultimate success. The gentleman whose life history is here outlined lived to a good purpose and achieved a much greater degree of success than falls to the lot of the average individual. By a straightforward and commendable course he made his way to a respectable position in the business world, winning the hearty admiration of the people of his county and earning a reputation as an enterprising, progressive man of affairs, which the public was not slow to recognize and appreciate.
...Wilbur Fisk Boyce was born on the 21st day of June, 1846, in Kendall county, Illinois, and was a son of Joseph Boyce. an early merchant and for many years a prominent citizen of Fayette, having retired in later life. In 1857 Mr. Boyce accompanied his parents on their removal to near Waterloo, Iowa, and in1861 accompanied them to Fayette and from that time up to the date of his death, which occurred on January 18, 1906, he was closely identified with Fayette county. At Fayette he passed from youth to manhood and became the clerk of his father, who was then carrying on a general store. When his father sold out, the subject remained as clerk for four years. He then, in 1876, entered business for himself, purchasing a lumber yard, which he continued to operate until his death, a period of about twenty-eight years. If you would know the history of his dealings in the lumber business, ask the hundreds of men who were his customers. He was a man of keen discernment and could generally calculate successfully the outcome of a transaction, his judgment being highly valued by his business associates and others with whom he had dealings. Shrewd and sagacious, he gave careful attention to every detail of his business affairs, and this was the keynote to his success. Honorable in his dealings with others, he earned and retained a high position in the esteem of all who knew him. Public spirited and progressive, he gave unstintedly his support and influence to every measure which had for its object the advancement of the best interests of the community, and much of the success of the Upper Iowa University was attributed to his valued services as a member of the board of trustees of that institution, in the welfare of which he was particularly interested.
...Politically, Mr. Boyce was a Republican and he took all intelligent and active interest in the success of his party. He was converted when about twenty years of age and was ever after faithful to his religious duties. As time passed he was given positions of trust in the church, having served many years as chairman of the board of stewards and also as a trustee. For twelve years he served as a member of the town council and on the school board for a number of years. He was a good citizen in all the term implies and his death was deplored in all circles of society. His geniality was greater than the average and in his home life he was a model, and loved best of all the quiet of his own fireside. In all relations with his fellow beings he was an example worthy of emulation.
...On October 19, 1869, Mr. Boyce was married to Julia Ann Robertson, daughter of James E. and Elizabeth (Alexander) Robertson, and to this union were born two children, Eva Louise, deceased, and George Edmond, an optician at Waterloo. Aside from his wife and son, Mr. Boyce left a sister, Mrs. Mattie Scobey, and a brother, J. H. Boyce, both of Fayette.
Levi L. Farr, Page 426 - 1891 Portrait & Biographical Album of Fayette.Co.IA
..."Levi L. Farr, of the firm of Scobey, Taylor & Farr, dealers in and shippers of horses and other live stock, has carried on business in this line in West Union since 1887. He is a native of Illinois. On the 2d of May, 1839, he was born in De Kalb County, gracing the union of James and Electa (Hollenbeck) Farr. His father was born in the Empire State in 1798, and died in the fall of 1873, at the ripe old age of seventy-five years. His mother, who was born in Pennsylvania, on the 23d of July, 1812, is still living and makes her home in West Union. In early life his parents were both residents of Ohio, whence they removed in 1836, to De Kalb County, Ill., where they were among the early pioneers.
...Levi Farr, whose name heads this sketch, spent the days of his boyhood and youth in the usual manner of farmer lads, and in the schools of the neighborhood acquired his education. On attaining to mature years he chose as a companion on life's journey, Miss Catherine Gable. They were joined in wedlock in De Kalb, on the 3d of January, 1859. The lady was born near Buffalo, N. Y., and her father was William Gable. They have three children, daughters: Gena, the eldest, is the wife of J. G. McMasters, of West Union, now County Recorder; Rena and Helen reside with their parents.
...The year 1862 witnessed the arrival of Mr. Farr and his family in this county, and in Fayette he took up his location. On the 22d of September of that year, prompted by his patriotic spirit, he responded to his country's call for troops, and enlisted with the boys in blue of Company C, Sixth Iowa Cavalry, serving three years. His regiment was assigned to the department of the West, on duty among the Indian reservations, and participated in the battle of White Stone Hill, Dak., September 3, 1863, where the Sixth Iowa performed the task of surrounding the Indians and driving them in. When night closed down around them, the Indians succeeded in beating a retreat, and the regiment went into camp on the battlefield. On the 28th of July, 1864, the Sixth Iowa Cavalry took part in the engagement with the Indians at Tahkahokutah, where the red men were driven out of their position among the rocks. On the 8th of August, the regiment had a skirmish with a heavy force of Indians on the Little Missouri, after which it went into winter quarters at Sioux City, Iowa, and was there mustered out October 17, 1865.
...On his return from the war, Mr. Farr resumed the occupation of farming in this county, which he followed in pursuit of fortune until 1878, when he was elected to the office of County Sheriff. So ably did he discharge the duties of that position, that he was re-elected and served for six years, and then acted as Deputy Sheriff for four years. In 1887 he formed a partnership with O. E. Taylor in the livery business, and subsequently in the horse and live stock business. In addition to their extensive trade in buying and shipping horses, this company keeps on hand a number of the finest heavy draft French stock. As a business man and citizen, Mr. Farr's course has been one to command confidence and respect. He made a faithful and competent Sheriff for six years, and was always reliable in the discharge of duty. In politics he is a stalwart supporter of Republican principles, and has exerted his influence and given his support for the advancement and welfare of that party. Socially he is a member of West Union Lodge, No. 25, A. O. U. W., and of Abernethy Post, No. 48, G. A. R. of West Union."

The Fayette Journal:  About 1867, Daniel VINES started the Fayette Journal and in a short time O. C. COLE bought into the business, some new material was added and the name was changed to the Volga Valley Times. Under this name and ownership the paper was published until 1874, when it was sold to J. D. BURCH and John O'Brien SCOBEY, after a brief period of suspension. They renamed the paper the Fayette News. They published for a year and sold out to S. D. HELMS, who sold to A. E. WINROTT and Theodore FREER, who changed the name to 'the Clarion.'  Freer sold to Winrott and the Clarion became a two-town organ, The HOBSON brothers of West Union taking half an interest. The two-town arrangement didn't last long. Mr. Winrott continued the paper until 1883, when he moved it to Calmar.

' Portrait & Biographical Album of Fayette.Co.IA,' 1891, p.360:
...Robert Alexander, deceased. Of the worthy citizens whose lives have blessed Fayette County none deserves a higher encomium than Robert Alexander and his wife Elizabeth. He was a man of splendid business capacity, and of vast possessions accumulated by legitimate means which he used in a signal way to advance the cause of education and Christian culture. He was born near Knoxville, Tenn., May 2, 1794, and in his youth removed to within a few miles of Nashville, where he served an apprenticeship to the hatter's trade. In 1814 he went with his brother Thomas to Brooksville, Franklin County, Ind., where he divided his time between his trade and the schoolroom. It was there he married Miss Elizabeth Crist, the wedding being celebrated April 25, 1816. The lady was born December 5, 1796, at Lawrenceburg, Ind. The same year of their marriage they removed to Connersvile, Ind., where he pursued his trade four years very successfully after which he went to Falls Creek, near the present city of Indianapolis. The extreme fertility of the soil suggested a change of occupation and we find him, about that time, engaging in agricultural pursuits but the climate proved to him unhealthy and caused his removal in 1825 to LaFayette, Ind. The journey was made with ox-teams and on the way he purchased apple trees at Crawfordsville, that he might soon have a growing orchard. On arriving at LaFayette, Ind. he had $150 in cash and his household which he unloaded at the foot of a tree. He soon felled the tree, split rails and made a pen which he covered with clapboards. His prudent wife hung up bed quilts about the pen, making it like a cozy playhouse. Soon a hewed log cabin was erected and the work of developing the farm begun. At the end of ten years he sold out for $10,000 and in 1836 moved to Parish Grove on the great thoroughfare to Chicago. There he kept a tavern and extensively engaged in farming. When the Black Hawk War came on he bore his part in the struggle, as he ever did when duty called him.
...In June, 1849, Mr. Alexander arrived in this county and purchased a large tract of land to which he added from time to time until he owned nine thousand acres. When it was proposed to establish a seminary in Fayette, he was one of the very first to contribute to the enterprise. His maiden donation was $5,000, to which he soon added an equal amount. The building was partly completed when it was found necessary to borrow $12,000. Mr. Alexander, being the only man able to secure so large amount, offered a mortgage on one thousand five hundred acres of land as security, which was accepted. Hard times came on, the debt piled 'mountain high,' $48,000 being its total. By law only the fifteen hundred acres could be taken, but rather than have the school encumbered and he seem in any way evading his obligations, he turned over four thousand acres of his land. His dealings were ever marked by honesty and integrity. He was accommodating and benevolent, and as the early settlers came into the county he entertained them and helped them get locations without compensation. Until some sixty years of age he made no profession of religion; at that time however, he united with the Methodist Episcopal Church and lived consistently in that faith, as his wife had done from the age of fourteen years. Politically, he was an old-line Whig until the rise of the Republican party, to the principles of which he ever afterwards adhered. He died November 23, 1862, and his wife survived him fifteen years, dying April 1, 1877. She was a woman of rare mold, intensely religious, intelligent, prudent and withal possessed of great good sense. Of their ten children only six lived - Mrs. Sabra Robertson, Mrs. Elizabeth Robertson, Noah, Mrs. Hannah Chamberlain, Mrs. Emeline Hulbert and Mrs. Catherine (nee Alexander) Scobey (2nd wf of ZD Socbey)."

John O'Brien Scobey 1858/Middlesex.Co.NJ-1910/Portland.OR,
son of Zephaniah Drake Scobey 1817/Chester.NJ-1897/Chicago & Eleanor Eliz Anderson 1824/Ann.Arbor.MI-1875/Fayette.IA.
'History of Pugent Count Country, Washington,' by Wm. Farrarnd Prosser, 1911, p.156
...As a leading representative of the industrial interests of Olympia, Mr. Scobey stands today as the head of the Puget Sound Preserving Company (food canning compnay), and he is also receiver (controlling funds) in the U.S. Land Office, having been appointed by President McKinley and reappointed by President Roosevelt.  A native of New York State, he was born in Summit Schohaire.Co, July5,1854, the father's side come from Scotch/Welsh ancestry, the maternal side of Irish/English decent, but for many generation both families have resided in America.  Zephaniah D. Scobey, his father was born in New York State Dec15,1817, and pursued his education in NY.  He was afterward ordained as a M.E. minister, and for half a century was connected with the Old NY M.E. Conference.  He retired from the ministry in 1856, but afterward preached occasionally.  In 1858 Z.D. emigrated to Delaware.Co.IA, where he purchased a farm and established his home.  He was elected treasurer and served two terms of Delaware.Co.IA.  Z.D. was also an agent for Upper Iowa University at Fayette.IA, and acted as Fayette postmaster for 12yrs.  For some time Z.D. was also clerk of Fayette.Co.IA.  Later Z.C. removed to Chicago, where he died April15,1897, age80y.  Z.D. married Ms. Ellenor Eliz Anderson, b.Ann.Arbor.MI, in Glenham.NY, in 1845.  Like her husband, she was a devout member of the M.E. church.  The Z.D. family consisted of five children:  Dr. Sarah B. (Scobey) Duncan, a graduate of Hahnermann Medical College of Chicago and practicing medicine in Chicago; George P. Scobey conducts a grocery store in Fayette.IA; Charles Robert Anderson Scobey is an Indian agent at Poplar.Creek.MT, and has charge of the Fort Peck Indian agency; Carry O. Scobey lives in Chicago with her sister Dr. Sarah B. Duncan.
...Z.D.'s son John O'Brien Scobey, is the only child living in Washington State.  He graduated from UIU in his home town of Fayette.IA, as the valedictorian of the class of 1874.  Afterward he entered the journalistic field connected to the newspapers in Fayette.IA, later in Corning.IA, where he began the reading of law.  Spring.1879, J. O'B was admitted to the bar and practiced law until 1892.  In 1886, he moved to Chicago until 1892, when he removed to Pullman.WA, and was connected with the Ag. College for a year.  In 1893, he moved to Olympia.WA and with others purchased the 'Morning Olympian,' which he published until Jul21,1897, when he was appointed Receiver of the U.S. Land Office by President McKinley.  March.1902 he was reappointed to the Land Office by Pres. Roosevelt.  In Dakota Territory (SD), J. O'B served 2 terms in the legislature and also served one term in the Washington legislature. 
...Since arrival in Olympia.WA, J. O'B Scobey has been an active factor in business circles.  John O'B organized the Puget Sound Preserving company, which has become famous for its strawberry jam.  The enterprise has become extensive and profitable, a large business being carried on in the canning of fruits and vegetable.   Twenty-five employees are in the factory, and Mr. Scobey is meeting with excellent success in this business.  He has 27a devoted to raising strawberries, raspberries, cherries, currants.  He also has splendid fields of plums and prunes.  He also purchases large quantities of fruit for his cannery, and ships his products to the east where there is a large demand for goods put up by the 'Preserving Company.'
...Nov24,1880, J. O'B Scobey married Ms. Myrtie E. Walker, at Brookings.SD, a native of WI, dau of Jacob Walker.  Their children are Bessie, WillieC, ArthurM and Helen. 




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