Templeman, surname & burials
Weaver Limestone Quarry in Fayette, IA, opened in 1928 under the management of Paul Templeman,
and became the Fayette Stone Company in 1950 under the ownership of Paul Templeman.

Fayette, Fayette County Iowa

...In 1928 Merle Otho Weaver of Weaver Construction Co. and Quarry Manager, Paul Templeman opened the limestone quarry near the railroad depot on the southwest edge of Fayette.IA.
...M.O. Weaver b.1892 and Paul Templeman b.1898, were both born in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA
...Abt. 1917, both M.O. Weaver and Paul Templeman registered for the draft in Pocahontas.Co.IA
...M.O. Weaver started as a young drayman for road work before 1920 in Pocahontas.Co.IA and goes on to start Weaver Construction Co.
...Weaver Construction would become a dominant road contractor throughout Iowa with quarries in various locations.
...In 1928, M.O. Weaver Construction opened the quarry on the SW edge of Fayette, near the RR depot, under the management of Paul Templeman.
...The Fayette quarry was used for crush lime aggregate generally for road work, and also agricultural powdered field limestone.
...Weaver Construction was primarily interested in road aggregate, thus agricultural lime was produced by others owning machinery near the quarry.
...In Jan 1950, M.O. Weaver, Inc. reorganized and the Weaver Stone Quarry at Fayette.IA came under the ownership of Paul Templeman as the Fayette Stone Company.
...Lifetime 'friends' and business associates, M.O. Weaver would die in 1956,  Paul Templeman in 1979.
...Burials, trees, notes are below.

M.O. Weaver Construction Co. Stone Quarry, Fayette, Iowa, about 1949, Manager Paul Templeman.
In 1950, became the Fayette Stone Company under the ownership of Paul Templeman.



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Descendants of Unknown Templarman Templeman
1 TEMPLEMAN, Unknown Templarman b: Abt. 1530 in Carlby, Lincolnshire.Co.Eng Note 1: 18 Mar 2012 Templeman last reviewed; Barry.Zbornik Hannibao.MO iowaz@hotmail.com
2 TEMPLEMAN, William b: 1555 in Carlby, Lincolnshire.Co.Eng d: 1638 in Carlby, Lincolnshire.Co.Eng
..... +UNKNOWN, Christabell b: Abt. 1555 in England d: in England
3 TEMPLEMAN, William b: Abt. 1590 in England d: 1629 in Yorkshire.Co.Eng
...... +HOLLINS, Issable b: Abt. 1595 in England d: in England
. 4 TEMPLEMAN, Unknown b: Abt. 1617 in Yorkshire.Co.Eng
... 5 TEMPLEMAN, William b: 1644 in England d: 1706 in England
......... +SMITH, Mary b: 1646 in England d: 1717 in England
.... 6 TEMPLEMAN, Bennet b: 1666 in England d: 1711 in England
.......... +SLICKARD, Anne b: Abt. 1669 in England d: 1712 in England
..... 7 TEMPLEMAN, John b: Abt. 1705 in England d: in America
..... 7 TEMPLEMAN, Thomas b: Abt. 1706 in England d: in America
..... 7 TEMPLEMAN, Edward b: 04 Feb 1707/08 in St. Olaves Parish, Surrey.Co.Eng d: 1763 in Tacketts Mill, Stafford.Co.VA
........... +FIELDIING, Sarah b: 1708 d: 1758 m: in VA
....... 8 TEMPLEMAN, Jane b: 07 Dec 1747 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA
....... 8 TEMPLEMAN, Edward b: 04 Oct 1750 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 04 Sep 1814 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA
....... 8 TEMPLEMAN, Nathaniel b: 1751 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 16 Feb 1778 in VA
....... 8 TEMPLEMAN, Edward b: 1752 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 1842 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA
............. +DEARING, Sylphia b: 1745 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 1784 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA m: 1772
........ 9 TEMPLEMAN, Leroy b: 1779 in Fauquier.Co.VA d: 16 Oct 1855 in Grayson.Co.KY
.............. +THOMPSON, Lucinda b: 1782 in KY d: 1850 in Grayson.Co.KY
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, Edsy Elas b: 1802 in VA d: 1841
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, Thompson b: 17 Nov 1805 in VA d: 17 Jun in 1849
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, Elizabeth b: 1807 in VA
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, William Henry b: 1811 in KY
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, Spillman b: 25 Aug 1812 in VA d: 18 Mar 1868 in Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA Burial: 18 Mar 1868 Oak Shade Cem, lot 24, Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA. Note 7: 1850 Census; farming, Marion.Twp, Marion.Co.OH Note 9: 1854 Census; farming, Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA Note 11: 1860 Census; farming, Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA
............... +TRAVIS, Ellen b: 1816 in Franklin, Franlkin.Co.OH d: 22 Jun 1879 in Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA m: 30 May 1841 in OH
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Mary E. b: 1842 in Pickaway.Co.OH
........... 11 [1] TEMPLEMAN, Ulysses Fletcher b: 01 Jun 1843 in Pickaway.Co.OH d: 24 Mar 1908 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA or Cedar.Rapids.IA Note 7: 1860 Census; with parents & 6 siblings, Marion, Linn.Co.IA. Note 8: 06 Aug 1862 Enlisged Co H, 20th IA Inf. Note 9: 12 Mar 1863 Disability discharge from wound. Note 22: 1885 With 2nd wf Celia b.1858/CA & 6ch. Note 23: 1885 Census; tinner, 4th St, Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA.
................. +SAWYER, Elizabeth b: Abt. 1846 d: 24 Nov 1878 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA m: Abt. 1868 in Jones.Co.IA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, Hattie b: 1869 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, William A. b: 1871 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, Charles H. b: Sep 1873 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA Note 10: 1900 Census; lumber salesman, Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA, wf & son Paul. Note 13: 1910 Census; harness shop, Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA, wf & 3ch. Note 16: 1920 Census; widow living King.Ave, Bradgate.IA, 5ch.
.................. +BARGER, Mary Mamie b: Dec 1878 in WI Note 8: 1920 Census; widow, 5ch, King.Ave, Bradgate.IA. Note 9: 1920 Mamie43, Paul20 farmhand, PhillipS18 farmhand, Jospehine16 postal clerk, Hilda9, Maude7.
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Paul Barger b: 15 May 1898 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: 11 May 1979 in West Union hosp; res of Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: 15 May 1979 Grandview Cem, sec H, lot 74, south half, burial #3001, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. Note 8: Bet. 1900 - 1910 Census; with parents, Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 9: Abt. 1917 Draft; reg. in Pocahontas.Co.IA. Note 10: 1920 Census; farmhand, with wid mother & 4 siblings, King.Ave, Bradgate.IA.
................... +BULL, Icel Maude b: 29 Apr 1902 in Wayne.Co.IA d: 08 Jun 1976 in Fayette hm., Fay.Co.IA Burial: 10 Jun 1976 Grandview Cem, sec H, lot 74, left side, burial #2934, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. m: 16 Dec 1931 Father: Abram R. BULL Mother: Rosa M. KEHO
.............. 14 TEMPLEMAN, Rosemary
.................... +LINCOLN, James
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Philip V. b: 1902 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Jospehine D. b: 1904 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Hilda b: 1911 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Jaude b: 1913 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, Louis Lew Devilla b: 07 Oct 1875 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA Note 11: 1900 Census; canvases books, boarding house, near bro. Chas, Bradgail, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 15: Abt. 1917 Draft; ass't priv. detective, Tacoma.WA.
.................. +UNKNOWN, Henrietta
........... *2nd Wife of [1] TEMPLEMAN, Ulysses Fletcher:
................. +POSTLEWAIT, Celia b: 03 Jan 1858 in Sacles Digs, Sierra.Co.CA d: Dec 1886 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA m: 1880 in Anamosa, Joines.Co.IA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, James Alfred b: 29 Nov 1879 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA d: 1945
.................. +HARDING, Atrel Beatrice b: 03 Aug 1902 in Allendale, Worth.Co.MO d: Oct 1991 in Lompoc, Santa.Barbara.Co.CA m: 1921 in Wyoming
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Unknown
............. 13 TEMPLEMAN, Robert James b: 26 Jan 1925 in Torrington, Goshen.Co.WY d: 20 Apr 1997 in Federal Way, King.Co.WA
............ 12 TEMPLEMAN, Oliver Postlewait b: 06 Dec 1886 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA d: 13 Feb 1963 in Centralia, Lewis.Co.WA
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Alice V. b: 1845 in OH
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Nancy E. b: 1848 in OH
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Harriett b: 1849 in OH
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Alfred F. b: 1851 in OH
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Robert William b: 1853 in OH or Linn.Co.IA
........... 11 TEMPLEMAN, Harvey b: 1858 in Marion.Twp, Linn.Co.IA
......... 10 TEMPLEMAN, Fielding b: 12 Apr 1813 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 14 Feb 1875 in Nicholas.Co.KY
....... 8 TEMPLEMAN, Moses b: 1755 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA d: 1819 in Stafford, Stafford.Co.VA
3 TEMPLEMAN, Robert b: 1594 in Carlby, Lincolnshire.Co.Eng d: 1665 in England

Descendants of McCall Bull
1 [1] BULL, McCall b: Jan 1824
2 BULL, Abram R. b: Apr 1871 in iowa Note 11: 1900 Census; farming adj to father, Jefferson.Twp, Worth.Co.IA, wf & 4ch.
... +KEHO, Rosa M. b: Feb 1873 in iowa
3 BULL, Ellis E. b: Jan 1891 in Iowa
3 BULL, Verda M. b: Oct 1892 in Iowa
3 BULL, Marguriet W. b: Dec 1894 in Iowa
3 BULL, Earnest G. b: Jan 1897 in Iowa
3 BULL, Icel Maude b: 29 Apr 1902 in Wayne.Co.IA d: 08 Jun 1976 in Fayette hm., Fay.Co.IA Burial: 10 Jun 1976 Grandview Cem, sec H, lot 74, left side, burial #2934, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA.
.... +TEMPLEMAN, Paul Barger b: 15 May 1898 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: 11 May 1979 in West Union hosp; res of Fayette, Fay.Co.IA Burial: 15 May 1979 Grandview Cem, sec H, lot 74, south half, burial #3001, Fayette, Fay.Co.IA. m: 16 Dec 1931 Father: Charles H. TEMPLEMAN Mother: Mary Mamie BARGER Note 8: Bet. 1900 - 1910 Census; with parents, Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 9: Abt. 1917 Draft; reg. in Pocahontas.Co.IA. Note 10: 1920 Census; farmhand, with wid mother & 4 siblings, King.Ave, Bradgate.IA.
. 4 TEMPLEMAN, Rosemary
..... +LINCOLN, James
*2nd Wife of [1] BULL, McCall:
.. +UNKNOWN, Betty b: Feb 1852

Descendants of Unknown Weaver
1 WEAVER, Unknown b: in OH d: Bef. 1885 in Wascousta.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA? Note 6: Bet. 1882 - 1885 Apparently brought family to Wacousta.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA, bz/2012.
.. +UNKNOWN, Elvina Lavina b: 1839 in KY Note 8: 1885 Census; wid, 6ch, farming, adj son Wm, NEofSE, sec 26, T93N, R30W, Wascouta.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA.
2 WEAVER, John b: 1859 in IL
2 WEAVER, William b: 1860 in IL Note 8: 1885 Census; farming adj to mother/siblings, SEofNE, sec 34, T93N, R30W,Wacousta.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA.
... +UNKNOWN, Mary b: 1861 in IL m: Bef. 1882 in IL
3 WEAVER, Lottie b: 1882 in IL
2 WEAVER, Alex Elick Elic Alick R. b: Jan 1865 in IL Note 7: 1885 Census; 20y, with wid mother & 5siblings, Wacousta.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 11: 1900 Census; day laborer, Bradgate area, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA, wf & 3 sons. Note 12: 1905 Census; wf & 4sons, Bradgate, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 14: 1910 Census; wf & 3sons, Des.Moines.Twp, Pocahontas.Co.IA Note 18: 1920 Census; farming/renting, West.Bend.Twp, Palo.Alto.Co.IA. Note 19: 1920 ElickR54IL, MayG53NE, Charles32IA, Glenn21IA, Vern18IA, m/law Caroline Billings83VT.
... +BILLINGS, May G. b: May 1866 in Iowa m: Abt. 1887 in Humboldt.Co.IA Father: Unknown BILLINGS Mother: Caroline UNKNOWN Note 4: Father b. VT, mother NY.
3 WEAVER, Charles Leon b: 15 Nov 1889 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: Aft. 1920 in Iowa Note 9: Bet. 1900 - 1920 Census; with parents. Note 12: 1917 Draft card; farm hand, deaf & dumb, with parents, Pocahontas.Co.IA
3 WEAVER, Merle Otho b: 12 Jun 1892 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: Aug 1956 in Des Moines, Polk.Co.IA Note 4: Father b. IL, mother IA. Note 8: 1900 Census; with parents & 2bro, Humboldt area, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA. Note 9: 1910 Census; with parents & 3bro, Des.Moines.Twp, Pocahontas.Co.IA Note 10: Abt. 1917 Draft card; med ht/build, br hair, blue eyes, teamster, J.J. Peterson, Rolfe, Pocahontas.Co.IA Note 12: Bef. 1920 Beginning to haul gravel & do work rd. construction in Pocahontas.Co.IA. Note 13: 1920 Census; teamster, road work, wf & son, Garfield.Ave, Clinton, Pocahontas.Co.IA. Note 14: Would have numerous quarry/road operations in Iowa. Note 15: Would headquarter & live in Des Moines, IA. Note 16: 1930 Census; road contractor & quarry owner, $9500, Mildred.Ave, Hardin, Hardin.Co.IA. Note 17: 1930 MerleO37, Bessie38, WillardW12, RobertR9, m/law KateWood79, servant Beulah Hoag17. Note 25: 1936 M.O. Weaver Construction Co, Des.Moines.IA. Note 27: Became one of Iowa's major road & quarry men. Note 28: 1946 Pres M.O. Weaver Inc, Clark Blvd, Des Moines, IA; wf Vesta M.
.... +WOOD, Bessie b: 1892 in OK m: 1914 in Iowa Father: Unknown WOOD Mother: Katherine Kate UNKNOWN
. 4 WEAVER, Willard W. b: 1918 in Pocahontas.Co.IA
. 4 WEAVER, Robert R. b: 1921 in Pocahontas.Co.IA
3 WEAVER, Glenn b: Aug 1898 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: Aft. 1930 in Iowa Note 7: 1900 ensus; with parents, Bradgate area, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA Note 8: 1910 Census; with parents, Des.Moines.Twp, Pocahontas.Co.IA Note 9: 1920 Census; with parents, West.Bend.Twp, Palo.Alto.Co.IA. Note 11: 1930 Census; inmate, Hosp. for Epileptical & Sch for Feeble Minded, Cass.Twp, Boone.Co.IA.
3 WEAVER, Vern b: Abt. 1901 in Bradgate, Avery.Twp, Humboldt.Co.IA d: Jul 1928 in Osborne quarry accident, Clayton.Co.IA Note 22: Cause of death; under crushing machine for cover, rock slide from dynamite blast.
. 4 WEAVER, Unknown
2 WEAVER, Nep b: 1867 in IL
2 WEAVER, Catherine b: 1871 in IL
2 WEAVER, Elmer b: 1872 in IL
2 WEAVER, Lemuel b: 1872 in IL

Templeman burials
 in Fayette Co, Iowa

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes


Colored rows = info/data updated; white rows = not updated, needing data. 

Templeman Icel Maude Bull Templeman Paul Barger 1898/Bradgate.IA-1979/Fayette.IA 29 Apr 1902 8 Jun 1976 Grandview Fayette Sec H, lot 74, left side, burial #2934.  Dau of Abram R. Bull 1871/IA-?/? & Rosa M. Keho 1873/IA-?/?.  Ch; Rosemary
Templeman Paul Barger Templeman Bull Icel Maude 1902/Wayne.Co.IA-1976/Fayette.IA 15 May 1898 May 11, 1979 Grandview Fayette Sec H, lot 74, south half, burial #3001. Son of Charles H. Templeman 1873/Amamosa.IA-?/? & Mary Mamie Barger 1878/WI-?/?.  Ch; Rosemary



Time Line Notes Regarding the abandoned, last working rock quarry in Fayette village.

1928...Paul Templeman, operator with the Weaver Construction Company opened the limestone quarry south of the RR depot in 1928.  He operated it first for the Weaver Construction of Des.Moines.IA, then later independently as owner.  Note:  Weaver Construction was primarily involved in road building so their quarries provided limestone aggregate (crushed rock) for construction of roads and sometime buildings.   Agricultural powered limestone was only an offshoot of their business and often ran by a local who owned the crushing/screening business.  Weaver Construction was one of Iowa's dominate quarry and road building opeations from the 1920's until they sold off their quarries and operation to Martin Marietta in 1986. Melvin Ortho Weaver founder/president started as a teamster hauling road materials when a young man in Pocohantas.Co.IA before 1920. He would end up with quarries and operations all over Iowa with the quarry at Iowa Falls being a central operation.  O. Weaver died in 1956.    bz/2012.

1928Mar08Fayette.IA, Arranging for local (agricultural) limestone.   The committee appointed by the Farm Bureau consisting of Henry Hottler and W.N. Clothier of Fayette and H.A. Mabon of Randalia, assisted by A.E. Smith, manager of the Fayette.Co Farm Bureau, Agent Lodwick and the Bd. of Supervisors, has been endeavoring to make arrangements with the Weaver Bros., who are in charge of the Rock Quarry at Fayette, near the Depot, to take charge of the limestone screenings and get them used for agricultural purposes.  The last composite tests on this material showed that it contained 86% lime, which is considered quite good by those in a position to know.  The committee feels that the demand for the material would be increased by many times if it were pulverized and this they plan to do if proper arrangements can be can be made.  The screenings at this time consist of all material that goes through a quarter inch screen, and only about 20% of this is dust and much (not enough) of it would not be available for many years.  It is estimated that there will be at least 12,000 tons if it was pulverized but with the amount that will be produced it will take many similar orders to utilize the supply.  It is planned that the material should not cost more than $1.00 at the quarry and this should also be a stimulant to increase its use.  A bin that will hold a carload is to be built if plans go through so that trucks may be loaded or it turned into a RR car.  In other localities arrangements have been made whereby the RR would use dump cars and dump agricultural limestone at crossings and thus save farmers many miles hauling.  An effort will  be made to make similar arrangements here.

1928July19Fayette.IA,  Farm Bureau News Letter...Fayette Limestone available soon.  Machinery at Weaver Plant will prepare pulverized material for farm use. After considerable delay all arrangements for the pulverizing of the limestone screenings at the M.O. Weaver quarry at Fayette have been completed and the machinery is being set up.  It will be a few days before the exact price to be charged for the product will be determined but it will be somewhere between $1.00 and $1.25 per ton according to the committee.  The material will be ground so that it will all pass thru a screen with 8 meshes to the inch and will be 60-70% dust.  The material  as it is now does not exceed 20% dust.  The pulverizing will increase the availability of the limestone very materially and orders for several hundred tons are on hand to be filled as soon as work begins.  With paving north and south of Fayette and good roads in all directions it is expected that the pulverizing will be run at full capacity from the time it is started.  The committee appointed by the Farm Bureau, consisting of Henry Hettler, W.N. Clothier, Hugh Mabon and A.E. Smith has arranged with the Bd. of Supervisors to use the pulverizer, elevator and bin belonging to the county.  For the present orders are being booked at the Farm Bureau office (on the second floor of the old bank building, 3 story building, west side of Main, between Water/State).

1928Aug02Fayette.IA, Vern Weaver Killed by Dynamite Blast.  Boss of rock crusher crew lost his live at Osborne (Clayton.Co.IA)on Thurs. afternoon.  Vern Weaver was was killed when a dynamite blast which loosened a huge section of rock toppled the mass over against the crushing machine under which he had taken refuge to fire the charge.  Jack McBride of Emmetsburg was badly hurt, having a broken collar bone and other injuries.  Vern Weaver was a brother of M.O. Weaver of Iowa Falls, who has had a rock crushing plant operating in Fayette for a number of months, and Vern had been here a good deal of the time overseeing the work, so that he was quite well known to Fayette people.  He was about 27yrs old and leaves a wife and little dau.  The rock crushing plant at Osborne, which had recently been started in operation to furnish rock for use on primary road no. 13, between Elkader and Strawberry Point, was almost completely destroyed, it is said, the loss being variously estimated at bet. $10k & $35k.  The two crushers, two conveyors, one screener, two gasoline motors, light plant and an automobile were destroyed in the crash, it is reported.  Later information is that McBride died Fri. in the Elkader hospital, leaving a wf. and two children.

1928Aug16Fayette.IA, Farm Bureau News Letter, The much talked-of limestone for agricultural purposes at the Weaver Quarry at Fayette is now available.  The produce is of exceptionally fine quality and for the present at least a charge of $1.20 per ton will be made for it with the understanding that any surplus that accumulates will be prorated back to the purchasers on the ton bases.  Henry Hettler of Fayette has been hired as general manager and the power is being furnished by J.L. Caudle of Fayette.  The storage bin holds about 20 tons and trucks can be loaded without handling the limestone by hand, except those having high cabs and then it will necessitate a very small amount of work.  The first 100 tons is going to the A.E. Smith farm at Maynard and S.C. Stewart of Randalia is hauling enough for 30a.  The capacity of the plant is around 4 tons per hour.  Because all limestone, labor, and other expenses will have to be paid for out of the receipts of the limestone it will have to be handled on a cash basis.  Orders may be left at the Farm Bureau office or with Manage Hettler.

1929May09Decorah, M.O. (Milo Otho) Weaver, well known contractor on road work has taken a three year lease on quarry of the Decorah Stone Products Co, south of Decorah.  He has taken over the lease and equipment of Stark & Dickinson.  John Dickinson will be in charge of the quarry for Mr. Weaver, who will supply rock for the Halleck Co, which is to pave Hwy 55 from Decorah north to the MN line.  He will also supply crushed rock for various jobs in Decorah.

1929Aug22Fayette.IA, Got Rock from Fayette.  A number of truck loads of rock have been hauled from the quarry here during the last few days, to fill soft places in primary No 11 which is being graveled north from West Union to the Winneshiek.Co line.  There is of course rock nearer than Fayette, but means of loading it have not been at hand, hence the 15mi haul from our local source of supply.

1929Aug29Fayette.IA,  Many Getting Limestone (agricultural lime).  Many orders have been coming in the Farm Bureau Office for limestone, some getting from 10-120 tons.  Over 2000 tons have already been hauled from the quarry at Fayette.  This would indicate that many men are beginning to realize the importance of building up the fertility of their farms.  The fall of the year is a good time to haul the limestone so they expect to have many more orders during the coming month.

1929Sep26Fayette.IA, Ten carloads of limestone (agricultural lime), containing approximately 500 tons, were dumped along the Chicago Great Western RR between Oelwein and Sumner last Sat.  Dump bottom cars were used and twenty men helped do the unloading.  In each case the limestone was dumped along the right of way closest to the field where it was to be used to save hauling.  Thus far 29 cars have been shipped into the county this way.  Approximately 2500 tons of agricultural limestone has gone out from the quarry at Fayette and there are unfilled orders for several hundred more tons. 

1929Dec26Fayette.IA, Work as been resumed at the stone quarry at the southwest edge of Fayette, the big shovel being set in operation Tues. morning at clearing off the top surface preparatory to starting the crusher at some future time.  A start was made with the shovel recently, but due to breakage it was stopped until Tues.

1930Feb20Fayette.IA, Within a few days agricultural limestone will again be available at Fayette, and many farmers are expected to get hauling done before the roads break up next month.  Last year between 3500-4000 tons were taken from the quarry, some going as far as 18mi.  This would be equivalent of 75-80 car loads of 50 tons per car.  E.F. Patton, the owner of the limestone (agricultural lime), has agreed to lay it down on the farm at prices ranging from 80c per tone for the first mile, to $2.15 per tone for fifteen miles.  Although a total of 9k tons of limestone was used in the county last year, this would only be sufficient for about five sections of land.  There are 720 sections for Fayette.Co, but assuming that only 500 of them needed liming, it would still take 100yrs at least year's rate.

1930Mar13Fayette.IA, The rock crusher at the quarry at the SW edge of Fayette was in operation Tues.  The rock which is being prepared now is to be used in the foundation of the West Union High School Building, and it is stated that 900 yards of material will be taken to the county  seat for this purpose.

1930Apr17Fayette.IA, Howard Hartman has returned from Marquette where he has been for several months and is serving as inspector of the crushed rock at the local quarry.

1930Jun26Fayette.IA, The last of the rock crushed for the paving of Hwy 18 from Hawkeye toward West Union, was shipped out, the final five carloads to go out bby train being gotten ready Tues.  It is expected that this piece of paving will be completed today, and there is prospect that it may be open for traffic by the Fourth.  Work will be started next from West Union toward Clermont, and the rock will be taken from the local quarry by truck to West Union.

1930Jul03Fayette.IA, The work at the rock quarry here has come to an end for the present, and will not be resumed for a month, probably, or until the work of paving No. 18 from West Union toward Clermont is started.  This will not be for some time, the grading not having been done yet.  The local quarry is to furnish the rock for the five miles east of West Union.

1930Aug07Fayette.IA, Preparations are being made to resume work at the rock quarry.  It is understood that the first rock of about 70 carloads will be shipped to Clermont for Hwy 18 work.

1930Oct16Fayette.IA, With over 3500 tons of agricultural limestone already delivered from the quarry at Fayette this years, Mr. Patton, owner of the limestone, is planning to install loading machinery within the next few days and begin hauling out of the stock pile containing several thousand tons.  Mr. Patton feels that there will be sufficient demand to move all of it within the next year or so. 

1934Jan25Fayette.IA, The rock crusher operated for several weeks by CWA workers at the old lime kiln hill (hill on the SE, above the present/2012 UIU football stadium) on the edge of Fayette is being moved to a location near Alpha.  About seven miles of road has been surfaced with crushed rock while the crusher was in operation at Fayette.   Thirty men have been employed on the project and some of the men will go with the crusher to work on the Alpha project.  A larger crusher is being operated at the Weaver Quarry near the RR depot at Fayette, about 60 men being employed thee in tow shifts.  Under the present system the crusher is operated until midnight.  The rock from thsi crusher is being placed in a stock pile and will be spread on No.93 west of Fayette in the Spring.  A Third CWA project, the straightening of the Volga River channel near the Fayette bridge is nearing completion.  About 25 men have been employed in this task, cutting brush, opening the canal, building a rock dam and dynamiting small islands.

1937May20Fayette.IA, A fleet of trucks began work applying crushed rock to No. 93 east of Sumner.  The state highway commission calls this resurfacing, and therefore only a light coat of rock will be applied.  The rock is being crushed at the Fayette quarry.

1937Oct07Fayette.IA, Paul Templeton who is head man at the Weaver Rock Crusher which started operating again, with his wife and family are located at the Frank Swartley apartments. 

1938Jul28Fayette.IA, A petition from the ladies of the 20th Century Club protesting the blasting of rock at the Fayette quarry was read at the Town Council meeting.

1939Jul20Faette.IA, Work at the Fayette rock quarry has ended for the present, and Paul Templeman has gone to a point near Humboldt, where road work will be in progress for some time.  Mrs. Templeman will remain in Fayette for some months.

1940Aug22Fayette.IA, Paul Templeman has purchased the residence of the late Mrs. Cora Hartman on south Main.St, and the family will move to the new location soon.

1940Sep05Fayette.IA, Paul Templeman left Tues. night on a business trip to Chantanooga.TN.

1941Feb06Fayette.IA, Howard Stranahan has sold his rock crushing plant (agriculture lime machinery) to Paul Templeman.  this included everything except the two trucks with which he has been hauling the agricultural lime product for which the outfit is designed.  Mr. Templeman has been in charge of the work at the M.O. Weaver Quarry near the Milwaukee depot in Fayette, but as that plant does not produce the agricultural lime except when it is in operation for supplying rock for paving purposes, the one just bought from Mr. Stranahan will supply the farm line as required.  The machinery is located on the Henry Hettler farm west of town (old quarry along Hwy 93, near the 2nd RR Cut).

1941Feb12Fayette.IA,  A business transaction took place recently in which Paul Templeton purchased the rock crusher plant of Howard Stranahan.  This includes all of is outfit except the two trucks.  Paul Templeman has been in charge of the Weaver Quarry in Fayette, but the new plant will supply the farm limes, when the other plant is not producing (crushed rock) material, as the Weaver Quarry does not produce farm lime except when supplying rock for road work.

1941May15Fayette.IA, The Weaver Quarry at the edge of town, near the Milwaukee depot, is to furnish crushed rock for Hwy 56 from West Union to Elkader up to the county line.  Preliminary work at the quarry in preparation for the starting of the crusher, has been going forward for a few days.

1942Mar19Fayette.IA, The Cemetery Board discussed the danger to monuments and mowing machines from blasting at the quarry.  A committee was appointed to do all that was possible to reduce the danger.  There is considerable complaint this spring about too heavy blasts.

1943Jun, Note regarding the Fayette town library:  In 1943, the Cleveland Block of three joined buildings north of the Fayette House Hotel burned to include the town library located on the second floor of the middle structure.  In 1946 Wilbur/Dorothy Bell and Paul/Icel Templeman offered large contributions for a new library building.  In 1947 Wilbur Bell presented plans for the construction.  By 1951 a new library had been erected between the bank and Lutheran Church on the south side of the State.St, between King & Main.

1945Sep06Fayette.IA, Eddie V. Blue, 37, died suddenly of a heart attack, while at work at the M.O. Weaver Construction Co's Quarry in Fayette.  He had worked for two years as operator of the wagon drill, and as a dynamite man. 

1948Jul12Fayette.IA, Mr/Mrs Paul Templeton left this week for an extended trip in the SW & W, where they will visit relatives and friends.

1949Jan13Fayette.IA, Elvin Dale Burns, 35, as accidentally killed at 3:45 pm sat, Jan 8, 1949, while at the Paul Neimann Construction Co (west of Fayette).  He suffered a fatal head injury when his clothing caught n the driveshaft of the rock crusher at the quarry and he was drawn into the machinery.  Services were Jan 11 at the M.E. Church, burial at Grandview Cem.   He was the youngest son of Clinton & Ida Burns, and was born in Smithfield.Twp, on Aug 13, 1913.  Elvin graduated from Fayette H.S. in May 1930.  He married Ferne Krum of Oelwein on July 17, 1939, at the M.E. Parsonage in Randalia.  They have three children;  Arnold 8, Sharon 4, Carol 3.  He had been employed at Neimann's since 1939.  Surviving are his wife, children, parents, and brother Howard, all of Fayette.

 Dad (Carlton Knight of the Knight Hardware Store)  told me (son Kip) about working loading railroad cars at the quarry.  Either when during HS or while he attended UIU, but in the later afternoon, early evening, or Saturdays.  The RR would back the cars into the Quarry yard, up the slight incline and put the head of the line of cars directly under the loading hopper/bin.  Dad would release the hopper bin to start to fill a car.  When the front of the car was full, Dad would release the brakes on the car just enough to move the car down the slight hill and fill the middle of the car.  He would repeat the process thereby filling the rear of the car.  Once that car was full of rock, he would release the brake(s) and then the line would coast down the grade so the next car was under the hopper.  Thus, he would fill one car or however many were in the line at that time.  All by gravity, with the stone falling from the hopper and the RR cars coasting into position.  He said the worst was when the brakes would not hold, and the cars coasted beyond the hopper, so then he had to complete filling the entire car by hand with a shovel.   Note:  Carlton Walter Knight 1913-2000, FHS Class of 1929, UIU Class of 1933, son of James Edgar, g/s of Charles Walter, gg/s of Jonathan, historic blacksmiths, wagonmakers, merchants of pioneer Fayette.IA.

1949Aug18Fayette.IA, Paul Templeman was in Ames Tues on business.  Mrs. Irvan Paul is back at her work as the Weaver Quarry after being confined at her home for two weeks with a virus infections.

1950Jan18Fayette.IA, Announcement by M.O. Weaver, Inc.; E.W. Knapp, President of M.O. Weaver, Inc., announces that the company, which as operated quarries in Iowa and other states for several y ears has recently been reorganized.  As a result of the reorganization the stone quarries at Alden.IA, and the ready mix concrete plant at Webster.City.IA, will be owned by Wood Weaver and and Robert R. Weaver of Iowa Falls, and operated under the name of Weaver Construction Company, and the stone quarry of Fayette.IA, will be owned by Paul Templeman of Fayette and operated under the name of Fayette Stone Company.  Mr. Knapp will continue the other quarry operations and road construction of the company under the name of M.O. Weaver, Inc.

1956Oct...The Weaver Construction Company was headquartered at Iowa Falls, Hayden.Co.IA, and operated quarries throughout Iowa, being mainly a road construction operation so quarried and crushed limestone rock/aggregate primarily for road building purposes.  The MStL RR laid an 1170ft spur line at their quarry north of Mason City in Oct of 1956.

1960's...Weaver Construction Co established an asphalt business/plant at Iowa Falls, and would acquire the Benderoff Construction of Mason City in the mid 1960's.

1975Sep04Fayette.IA, As the Fayette Stone Company has been sold, there will be a public auction of miscellaneous equipment and tools located at the south side of Fayette on Sat, Sept 6, Howard (Hod) Johnson, Owner.

1976Apr15Fayette.IA, Rosemary Templeman Lincoln of Eliot.ME, returned to her home after spending a week in Fayette with her parents, Mr/Mrs Paul Templeman.

1979Mar02Fayette.IA, Mr/Mrs J.B. Lincoln of Elliot, Maine arrived home due to the hospitalization of her father, Paul Templeton in the Palmer Hosp. at West Union.  His b/law and sister Dr. & Mrs. Norman Weir of Woodbine.IA are spending several days in the Templeton home.

1979MayFayette.IA, Paul Templeman died.  He opened the limestone quarry south of the depot in Fayette in 1928 and operated it for many years, first as a partner in the Weaver Company and later independently as the Fayette Stone Company.  He was responsible for building many of the roads in NE Iowa.

1979Oct18Fayette.IA, Mrs. J.B. Lincoln of Elliot, Maine, has been spending some time in Fayette preparing for the household sale of her father, the late Paul Templeton.  Her friend, Mrs. Robert Pearson, Fort Dodge, spent a few days with her.

1986...Martin Marietta purchased Weaver Construction's crushed stone, sand/gravel and asphalt business.  In 1989 Martin Marietta sold off the asphalt portion.  Weaver Construction would continued in the concrete and building business into the 21st century.

1991Dec12Fayette.IA, Hod Johnson died Dec 6, 1991. Hod owned and operated Fayette Stone Company for many years before retiring in 1976.

Abandoned Quarrying area, 1999
First three pics, view north across the quarrying area, taken from Grandview Cemetery.

Above:  1999 view across the north end of the quarrying area wall where the 1st RR Cut south wall was taken out.
The old rail bed into the depot area is visible in the top/center of the pic.

Above/below:  view, 1999, at the north side of the 1st cut taken from across the stone quarry.
The quarry broke through the south wall of the cut after the rails were abandoned.


View into the old depot area, Fayette.IA, from the Hwy 150 bridge over the 1st RR Cut, 1999.
The stone quarrying area was allowed to break through the cut (on the right) after the rails were abandoned.




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