Clan of Zachariah Thompson and Priscilla Albaugh and collateral surnames.

110th Consecutive Thompson Reunion (2nd Sunday in August)
Sunday, August 10, 2014

Will be held in Arlington, Iowa, at the City Park
Potluck lunch starts at 12:30 pm.
Reunion meeting about 2:00 pm.
Close down and leave about 3:00 pm.

(NOTE:  Any changes will be posted on this page, immediately upon notification from the Pres. or VP.
President:  Dee.(Denise).neeThompson.Hutton,
Vice-President:  Kenneth.Thompson

 At the 109th Reunion it was decided to hold the Thompson Reunion for the next year (2014),
at the City Park, two blocks west of Main.St, where there is a shelter, electricity, restroom and water.

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....Eating time will be 12:30pm.
....Bring any items that would be of interest to the family reunion.
....If you have not attended a recent Thompson Reunion and have thoughts of doing so please email or call me (573-221-1319, message machine, leave a clear call back number).  You will want to know what to expect and we can discuss any questions you might have.

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Thompson Clan:  Zachariah and Priscilla Albaugh Thompson
out of Harford Co, Maryland > Carroll Co, Ohio > Fayette Co, Iowa.

Annual Reunion:  the Second Sunday of August in Arlington, Fayette Co, Iowa.



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Thompson pages
1100 Andrew Thompson X Elizabeth Denbow (parents of Zach Caleb)
1120 Zachariah Caleb Thompson X Priscilla Albaugh (parents of below)
1121 William Thompson X Jane Capper
1122 Eli Isaac Thompson X Eliza Kirby
1123 Samuel Andrew Thompson  Martha Sherman
1124 Morris Jackson Thompson X Sarah Jane Brown & Catherine Holman
1125 Catherine Thompson X John Mordecai Amos
1126 Alexander Thompson X Lavina Foster
1127 Martha Thompson X William J. Allen
1128 Allen Caleb Thompson X Louisa Sell & Helen Billings
1129a Elizabeth Thompson X Wm. Henry Moore (2nd/late wife)
1129b David Bradford Thompson X Mary Ellen Hill

Allen Cemetery, Carroll Co, Ohio

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Zachariah Caleb 1 Thompson x Priscilla Albaugh
descendent tree of offspring

Descendants of Zachariah Caleb Thompson
1 THOMPSON, Zachariah Caleb b: 20 Feb 1796 in Bush River Lower Hundred, Hartford Co, MD d: 15 Nov 1880 in Brush Creek (Arlington) , Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Burial: Groat (Brush Creek, Arlington) Cem, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 1: Jun 2010 Zach Caleb Thompson line, last reviewed; Barry Zbornik, Hannibal, MO, Note 6: 1815 With parents, 21y, Harford.Co. MD>PA> to New Rumley, Harrison.Co.OH (1817?). Note 10: 1830 Census; farming near Lamartine, New Rumley Twp, Harrison Co, OH. Note 12: 1833 Now in Carroll Co, OH; formed from part of Harrison Co. Note 13: Aft. 1833 Farm now near Perryville, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH. Note 14: Bet. 1833 - 1865 Farmer, JP, Preacher in Carroll Co, Ohio Note 15: 1842 Ordained minister in United Brethern Christian Church. Note 17: 1866 With other family, joined sons at Brush Creek, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 20: Bet. 1866 - 1880 Farmed land entered by sons, SE of 6corners in BrushCreek, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.
.. +ALBAUGH, Priscilla b: 15 Dec 1805 in Farm near Kilgore, Harrison Co, Ohio d: 08 Sep 1874 in Brush Creek (Arlington), Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Burial: Groat (Brush Creek, Arlington) Cem, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. m: 15 Jan 1822 in New Rumley, Harrison Co, Ohio Father: Morris ALBAUGH Mother: Mary Catherine BEAMER Note 4: Married by B.W. Vier. Note 16: Age at death; 68y8m23d.
2 [1] THOMPSON, William David b: 12 Jan 1823 in Lamertine area, New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 02 Aug 1894 in Sec 27 farm, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Brush Creek Cem (Groat) Arlington,Fayette Co, Iowa Note 8: 1841 Apprenticed cabinet business, Stuebenville, Jefferson.Co.OH Note 9: Bet. 1841 - 1854 Farmer & cabinet maker in Ohio. Note 11: 1854 Carroll.Co.OH party of abt 60 came to Fay.Co.IA by wagon. Note 12: 1854 Perryville, Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio to Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Note 15: Bet. 1854 - 1855 Kauffman's Mill area, sec 3&4, Fairfield Twp, Fay.Co.IA Note 16: Bet. 1855 - 1856 On Thompson farm 1+mi east of Taylorville with bro. Morris J. Note 18: Bet. 1857 - 1864 Farming, sec 18, P. Valley Twp, Fay.Co.IA Note 21: Bet. 1864 - 1894 Home farm, 80-120a, sec 27, Smithfield Twp, Fay.Co.IA
... +STEWART, Eliza Jane b: 1829 in New Rumley Twp, Harrison Co, Ohio d: 14 Apr 1848 in Perry Twp, Carroll Co., Ohio Burial: Perryville Historical M.E. Cemetery, Carroll Co., Ohio m: 07 Mar 1847 in Carroll Co, Ohio Father: Mahlon STEWART Mother: Elizabeth PARK Note 2: Married by L. Williams. Note 3: Living, Lamartine, Ohio at time of Marriage Note 4: Died childbirth complications, 18y6m
*2nd Wife of [1] THOMPSON, William David:
... +CAPPER, Jane b: 04 Dec 1825 in Harrison (Carroll) Co, OH d: 11 Jun 1905 in Sec 27 farm, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Arlington Cem (Groat), Sec. 29, Fairfield Twp,Fayette Co, Iowa m: 25 Apr 1850 in Perrysville, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH Father: David CAPPER Mother: Hannah WINGFIELD Note 8: Aunt of David Jr. Capper who traveled to Fay.Co.IA with Thompson's. Note 9: 1854 Carroll.Co.OH party of abt 60 came to Fay.Co.IA by wagon. Note 21: Had red/reddish hair as did some in later generations.
2 THOMPSON, Eli Isaac b: 03 Nov 1824 in New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 03 Feb 1903 in Sargent, Custer Co., Neb Burial: Brush Creek (Arlington, Groat) Cem, Sec 32, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Note 3: Bet. 1850 - 1864 Blacksmith, Perryville, Carroll Co, IA. Note 5: 01 Apr 1864 Joined brothers in Brush Creek (Arlington), Fayette Co, IA. Note 6: Bet. 1864 - 1882 Living close to cooper shop and steam mill. Note 8: Bet. 1882 - 1884 Eli, J.M.Amos, L. Woods, homesteaded near Sargent, Custer Co, NEb Note 9: Bet. 1884 - 1903 Remained on Custer Co, Neb ranch. Note 14: Final years, son/law & dau, L.L. & Minerva Wood. Note 16: Mar 1900 Severe stroke, paralysis, remained "helpless."
... +KIRBY, Eliza b: 31 Mar 1825 in Bedford Co, PA? or Harrison(Carroll) Co, OH d: 02 Jan 1881 in Brush Cr. (Arlington in 1895), Fayette Co, IA. Burial: Brush Creek (Arlington, Groat) Cem, Sec 32, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA m: 18 Dec 1845 in Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio Father: Isaac KIRBY Mother: Elizabeth WALTERS Note 3: Married by O.W. Wiggs. Note 5: Died from consumption (TB). Note 6: Age at death; 55y9m3d.
2 THOMPSON, Morris b: 18 Apr 1826 in New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 01 Jul 1826 in New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH
2 THOMPSON, Samuel Andrew b: 15 Aug 1827 in New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 06 Apr 1865 in Trip to Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio, to pick up parents. Burial: Uncle Gabriel's Lot, Allen Memorial Cem,Perry Twp, Carroll Co,Ohio Note 1: Apr 2009 Samuel line last reviewed; Barry Zbornik, Hannibal, MO Note 2: Extensive genealogy in Thompson FTM file, bz, 2000+ Note 3: 1854 Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio to 1+mi E. Taylorsville, Fairfield Two, Fay. Co, Iowa. Note 4: Birth? Aug 18; death? Ap 7. Note 5: Farmer and sawyer. Note 8: Abt. 1852 Made probing trip to Fayette Co, IA Note 9: 1853 Original land entry, sec 3 & 24, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa. Note 11: Aug 1854 Carroll Co, Ohio families started to Fayette Co, Iowa. Note 12: 1854 Bro's Morris J, Wm; John Capper & Saltsgiver's with migration. Note 13: Nov 1854 Arrived sec 24, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, IA with Morris J. Note 15: Bet. 1856 - 1865 Home farm, sec. 36, Westfield Twp. Fayette Co, Iowa. Note 16: Bet. 1856 - 1865 Farm 3mi E. of Fayette village at head of Grannis Canyon. Note 18: Bet. 1864 - 1865 Returned to Carroll Co, OH; speculate for parents; died/buried OH. Note 19: Age at death, 37y7m22d. Note 20: Aft. 1865 Children lived between uncles & mother Martha.
... +SHERMAN, Martha b: 10 Jan 1833 in Rumley Twp,Harrison County, Ohio (later Perry Twp, Carroll Co. d: 25 Jan 1921 in Son's farm, Harper, Harper Co, KS Burial: I.O.O.F. Harper Cem, Harper, Kansas m: 25 Jan 1853 in Perrysville, Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio Father: Caleb John SHERMAN Mother: Mary Ann HEIDY Note 10: 1865 Husb. Samuel died on trip back to OH; left with 6 children, 0-10yr's. Note 11: Aft. 1865 Children lived bet. Morris J., other uncles & nearby Little farm with mother. Note 12: 1867 Living on M.E. Little farm, 1m N, of Morris J. Thomspon. Note 15: 1882 Remarried M.E. Little, Brush Cr, IA, farmer and cooper. Note 17: Aft. 1885 Eventually went to live with sons Zach C. II and Samuel A. II in Harper, Kansas after their migration. Note 22: Died of cerebral hemorrhage, age 88.
2 [2] THOMPSON, Morris Jackson b: 03 Sep 1829 in New.Rumley.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 07 Sep 1918 in Arlington home, Fayette.Co.IA Burial: Brush Creek Cem (Groat), Arlington, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co., IA Note 3: Given analogs; Morris, Maurice. Note 6: Farmer, blacksmith, sawyer. Note 11: 1854 OH to sec 24, Fairfield Twp, Fay Co, IA. sec. 24, Fayette Co; overwintered with bro. Samuel. Note 13: 1860 Census; on farm 1+mi E. of Taylorville. Bro. Samuel has moved to Westfield Twp, Fay. Co, IA. Note 15: Aft. 1861 To home farm, sec 32, 1m W, Brush Creek, Fairfield Twp, IA. Note 20: 1890 Second marriage info, 1890 book/notes at West Union. bz/2005.
... +BROWN, Sarah Jane b: 1832 in Harrison Co, Ohio d: 28 Dec 1870 in Brush Creek (Arlington), Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Burial: Brush Creek Cem (Groat), Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa m: 06 Jul 1851 in Jefferson (or Carroll) Co, Ohio Father: Unknown BROWN
*2nd Wife of [2] THOMPSON, Morris Jackson:
... +HOLMAN, Catherine H. b: 27 Dec 1838 in Lawrence Co, IN d: 1926 in Arlington, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Burial: Brush Creek Cem (Groat), Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa m: 30 Jun 1872 in Buchanan Co, Iowa Father: Henry Martin HOLMAN Mother: Elizabeth WILLIAMS Note 2: Called Katie. Note 4: 1851 Family to Newton Twp, Buchanan Co, IA.
2 THOMPSON, Catherine b: 26 Sep 1831 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 02 May 1914 in Sargent, Custer.Co.NE Note 1: 1877 To Brush Creek by rail, Fayette Co, Iowa Note 2: 1883 Homsteaded Custer County, NE Note 4: Death possibly at Comstock, Custer Co, NE. Note 6: Sep 1854 Childrens' dates, bible, home of Nora Amos Armstrong in Ohio.
... +AMOS, John Mordecai b: 25 Mar 1831 in Pennsylvania d: 13 Jul 1907 in Sargent, Custer.Co.NE m: 21 Mar 1850 in Perrysville, Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio Father: John Street AMOS Mother: Elizabeth RAMPLEY Note 1: 1877 From Carroll Co, OH, to Brush Creek farm, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, IA. Note 2: 1883 Dry Valley area, Custer County, NE Note 4: Nationality; English. Note 5: 1905 Retired into Wescott, Custer Co, NE. Note 6: Death possibly at Wescott, NE
2 THOMPSON, Alexander b: 09 Nov 1834 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 29 Nov 1894 in Hall.Co.NE Burial: Groat Cem, Arlinton, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Note 5: 1850 Census; farming, 16y, with father, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH. Note 6: Bet. 1857 - 1859 Ohio to farm in Union.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 7: Aft. 1870 Never remarried. Note 8: 1860 Census; farming between West Union & Fayette, Union.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 12: 1873 Widower, moved with 5 ch to Hall.Co in south central NE. Note 13: Bet. 1873 - 1874 Alex Thompson & neph/law Lemuel Wood families went to Neb from Iowa. Note 14: 1880 Census; widowed, 5ch, farming, Camerion, Hall.Co.NE Note 21: Dau Alma's obit indicates death of father abt 1889?
... +FOSTER, Lavina b: 27 Jul 1832 in Green.Twp, Harrison.Co.OH d: 22 Jan 1870 in Arlington area, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co., Iowa Burial: Groat Cem, Arlinton, Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa m: 18 Sep 1856 in Harrison or Carroll.Co.OH Father: George FOSTER Mother: Jerusla WORTMAN Note 8: Family roots in Nova Scotai and England.
2 THOMPSON, Martha b: 15 May 1836 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 02 Apr 1911 in Dau Eva's home, Omaha.NE Note 6: Aft. 1865 Moved OH to Brush Creek, Fayette Co, Iowa Note 12: Moved to farm in Ringgold Co, IA, after marriage. Note 15: 1889 Sis. Eliz came to live with in Ringold.Co.IA
... +ALLEN, James Willliam b: 25 Sep 1837 in Carroll.Co.OH d: 16 Sep 1909 in Blockton, Taylor.Co, SW Iowa. m: 28 Apr 1859 in Parent's home, Perry Twp., Carroll Co, Ohio Father: Joseph ALLEN Mother: Sarah MANCHESTER Note 7: Bet. 1858 - 1865 Farming, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH. Note 8: 1865 Removed to Brush Creek (Arlington), Fay.Co.IA, with Thompson's. Note 14: 1880 Census; farming, Madison.Twp, Buchanan.Co.IA. Note 16: Abt. 1882 Farming, Buffalo Grove area, Delaware Co, IA Note 20: 1888 Farming, Redding, Ringgold Co, SW Iowa. Note 21: Moved to Blockton, Taylor.Co. SW Iowa. Note 22: Age at death, bible; 72y11m22d, but day listed as Sep 1st?
2 [3] THOMPSON, Allen Caleb b: 30 Jan 1838 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 06 Mar 1913 in Dau. Blanche's home, Omaha, NB Burial: Groat Cem, Arlington, Fairifield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 6: 1861 80th Ohio, Co. D, enlisted as a private. Note 7: 04 Jan 1865 Civil War, mustered out a Sargent at Savannah, Georgia. Note 8: 1866 Accompanied parents to Brush Creek to join Sam, Morris, Wm. Note 9: 1866 Left wife Louisa in Ohio; separated. Note 13: 1868 Plat; farming 80a, N1/2 of SE1/4, sec 36, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 14: 1874 Paid tax on timber; E1/2,W1/4,SW1/4,NE1/4, sec 8, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 15: 1874 Paid tax on; 80a, N1/2 of SE1/4, sec 36, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 17: 1879 Plat; farming 80a, N1/2 of SE1/4, sec 36, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 18: Apr 1886 Separated from, never again saw Helen Billings. Note 20: Was estranged from wives and dau's (most of life). Note 23: 1896 Plat; farming 80a, N1/2 of SE1/4, sec 36, Smithfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 25: 1900 Census: farm hand with bro. David B., S. of Volga City, Sperry.Twp, Clayton.Co.IA Note 26: Bet. 1909 - 1911 Very ill last two years; retained farm to death. Note 27: 1910 Census; living with bro. David & wife in Arlington, Fay.Co.IA.
... +SELL, Louisa b: 07 Jun 1842 in Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio d: 12 Aug 1912 in Perry Twp, Carroll Co, Ohio m: 26 Jan 1865 in Carrollton, Carroll Co, Ohio Note 2: Abt. 1867 Came to Brush Ck, IA, to see husb. Allen, who had separted. Note 3: Abt. 1868 Retuned to Carroll Co, OH; remarried. Note 4: Aft. 1867 Had at least one more dau.
*2nd Wife of [3] THOMPSON, Allen Caleb:
... +BILLINGS, Helen Matilda b: 22 Apr 1853 in Jamestown (Louisberg), SW Grant Co, WI d: 08 Oct 1921 in St. Paul, MN Burial: St. Paul, MN m: 29 Nov 1877 in Brush Creek (Arlington) Fairfield Twp, Fayette Co, Iowa Father: Charles Avery BILLINGS Mother: Lucinda ANDERSON Note 3: Called Ellen by only Allen T. Note 4: Married by J. Gleim, J.P.
2 THOMPSON, Elizabeth b: 05 May 1842 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 18 Jan 1908 in Sargent, Custer.Co.NE Note 3: Called Lizzie. Note 4: Brother Allen thought a lot of Lizzie. Note 11: 1880 Keeping house for father at Brush Creek. Note 16: Mar 1889 Went live with sis. Martha (J.W.) Allen in Redding, Ringold.Co, SW Iowa. Note 18: Bef. 1900 Joined sis Cath, bro Eli in Custger.Co.NE. Note 21: 1902 No children. Did not marry until age 60.
... +MOORE, Willian Henry b: 07 Oct 1840 in Randolph.Co.IN d: 06 Feb 1904 in Sargent, Custer Co, NE m: 29 Oct 1902 in Sargent, Custer Co, NE Father: Marshal MOORE Mother: Rachel ANTRIM Note 6: 1860 Census; Gillam, Jasper.Co.IN Note 7: Aft. 1863 Civil War; private, 20th Indiana Inf. Note 11: 1880 Census; Hickory.Twp, Holt.Co.MO Note 18: 1903 Will; farm N1/2 of S1/2, sec 6, T17N, R18W, Custer.Co.NE.
2 THOMPSON, David Bradford b: 01 May 1845 in Perryville (Lamertine) area, Perry.Twp, Carroll.Co.OH d: 13 Jul 1932 in Arlington home, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Taylorville Cem, sec3, lot181, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 6: Bet. 15 May - 02 Sep 1864 Civil War; Co. 157. OH Vol Inf. Note 8: 1866 OH to Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA, to join older brothers. Note 11: 1870 Farming near Brush Cr. (Arlington), Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 12: 1885 Census; farmer & carpenter, NEofNW of Sec 34, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA.. Note 13: 1890 Living, Newton, Jasper.Co.IA Note 14: 1880 Census; farming near Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 15: 1900 Census; farming near Volga City, Sperry.Twp, Clayton.Co.IA. Note 16: 1900 Son Wm & family, plus bro. Allen living with. Note 18: 1909 Moved back to farm across from George Glime, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 21: 1910 Census; retired machanic, wife & bro. Allen, Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 22: 1910 General merchandise partner with Oscar Glime, Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 23: 1912 Moved to final home in Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 24: 1915 Census; living in Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 26: 1920 Census; living on High St. with wife, Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 27: 1925 Census; retired with wife in Arlington, Fay.Co.IA. Note 28: President of Thompson Reunion, Arlington, IA, for years. Note 29: 1930 Census; retired with wife in Arlington, Fay.Co.IA.
... +HILL, Mary Ellen b: 21 Oct 1848 in Mishawaka, St.Joseph.Co, IN d: 18 Nov 1933 in Arlington home, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Taylorville Cem, sec3, lot181, Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. m: 12 Feb 1868 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA Father: Jacob HILL Mother: Eliza Elizabeth SMITH Note 6: 1853 IN to Fairfield.Twp, Fay.Co.IA, age 5, with parents. Note 9: 12 Feb 1868 Double wedding with sister Eliza Hill & George Gleim/Glime. Note 10: Gleim/Glime's & Thompson's life long close friends of Arlington.



Thompson Reunions
Thompson Reunion Early History
More complete text on early reunions.

1905, Aug 22...1st Thompson Reunion
The Thompson's had their first Reunion on the 'bench' of the creek behind/west of Walter Eugene and Amanda Katura Thompson Hunt's farm, 1+miles southwest of Fayette.  Forty-five were present, five visitors, with thirteen families represented.  We had a splendid time on a hot day.

1906, Sept 04...2nd Thompson Reunion
It was a perfect day.  Seventy-five were present,  two were visitors, three came from Cedar Rapids, two from Blockton.Taylor.Co in SW Iowa, two from Deadwood.SD, two from Hartley, O'Brien.Co in NW Iowa, one from Kansas, four from Oelwein.IA, three from Fayette.IA, and the rest from Arlington.  Four of the original Thompson's (children of Zach Caleb 1 & Priscilla Albaugh Thompson) were present;  Morris, Davie, Martha, Allen.  Offspring or grandchildren of William, Samuel, Morris, Martha and David were present.  The next 'picnic' will be at the Arlington Park.

1907, Sept 07...3rd Thompson Reunion
The weather was cold at the Arlington Park.  Seventy attended for dinner; seventy-three were at supper.  Watermelon and ice cream did not help to keep us warm but it went.   Uncle Morris (Jackson Thompson) was 78.  The original Thompson's present were Morris, Martha, David, Allen.  Six families were represented to include Eli, Morris, Martha, David, Samuel.  Five visitors came.

1910, Aug 24...6th Thompson Reunion
Such a hot day.  Butter melted till it looked like oil.  Over 80 attended the Reunion, from the Dakota's, Minn, Nebr, Kans and Iowa.  The families of William, Morris, Samuel, Eli, Martha, David were represented.  Visitors came from Spokane, St. Paul, Grand Island, Omaha, Kansas, Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, Oelwein, Blockton, Stanley in Iowa.

1911, Aug 23...7th Thompson Reunion
Perfectly delightful day.  Not as many as usual present.   The only ones from away were David from Dakaota.  Mrs. M. Walrath from Des Moines.  Elma Ross from Cedar Falls, W. A. Thompson from Oelwein.  Marain Little from Cedar Rapids.

1912, Aug 28...8th Thompson Reunion
Delightful day.  84 present.  Sept 28, 1912, received message that John Thompson died.  Dave started for Grand Island, Neb. by train.

1914, Aug 26...10th Thompson Reunion
Couldy but cleared.  Nice and cool.  Seventy-seven present.   Not many from away.  W.A. Thompson, Arch and George of Burr Oak.  James from Stanley.  Mrs. Grimes and family from West Union.  Hunt's from Fayette.  Mrs. Golding, Smith, Babson of Omaha.  mrs. Carr from Blockton.IA.  The rest I think get their mail from Arlington.

1915, Aug 25...11th Thompson Reunion
A beautiful day.  Sixty-eight present.  Dave's brothers and sisters were all here.

1917, Aug 29...13th Thompson Reunion
Ideal day.  Eighty-seven present.  Out of state were W.H. Thompson of Grand Island, Neb, also Nettie Taylor and Dave Thompson.

1918, Aug 28...14th Thompson Reunion
Only 40 were at the Reunion.  Asa Allen (son of Martha Thompson Allen) came on the morning train.  Coming home for the Reunion, Dave had to go to Venus and get his team to pull the car out--great wonder that we were not killed.

1919, Aug 27...15th Thompson Reunion
The great Thompson Reunion.  Never a finer day.  Fifty present.


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