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Fayette County Iowa

Auburn village on the Little Turkey River. March 2008, known as Douglas P.O. in history, Auburn Twp, Fayette County, Iowa. 
James Cock Townsend came to Auburn between 1857-1859 from Illinois.  
He was a carpenter in the village but died in 1866 and is buried at Oak Ridge.
Only two known/marked Townsend burials are listed in Fayette County, Iowa.
There was a James Townsend, 55y/NY, alone/married, also of Cook.Co.IL,
and living with the C.O. Burough family in the 1856 census but I suspect is a second James.
Auburn was the 'industrial center' of Fayette Co, in the 1850-1965 era.


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Auburn village, Fayette County, Iowa, August 2008


surname burials
 in Fayette Co, Iowa

Surname First, Middle Maiden Spouse or Parents Birth Death/Burial Cemetery City/Twp Notes


Colored rows = info/data updated; white rows = not updated, needing data. 

Townsend James Townsend Valentine Anne A. 1st; Unknown Mary 1803/NY 2nd. Sep 1, 1799 8 Jun 1866 Oak Ridge Auburn Twp Age 66yr, b. NY.  Son of George Townsend 1770/NY-? & Debora Cock 1776/NY-1854NY. Ch 1st; James H, Julia M, George Prior, Cornelia. Ch 2nd; Hiram, Harriet, Frederick, Orvilla, Jerome, Wm.
Townsend Virginia Townsend Sturgis Townsend, speculate g/dau of James1799. Dec 1861 20 Aug 1862 West Union West Union Dau (adopted?) of Phineas F. Sturgis 1830-1903 & Rachel Irwin 1832/PA-1895/Fay.Co.IA

Townsend surname
Basic descendent tree in Fayette Co, Iowa.
I had to re-create a tree from online, census, burial info so they have speculations/best guesses.
This tree can be added too or corrected should anyone want to copy/paste/email info.

Descendants of George Townsend
1 TOWNSEND, George
2 TOWNSEND, Prior b: 11 Dec 1749 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY d: 09 Dec 1803 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY
... +FEAKE, Sarah b: 20 Aug 1750 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY d: 11 Sep 1833 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY
3 TOWNSEND, George b: Abt. 1770 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY d: in NY
.... +COCK, Deborah b: 05 Feb 1776 in NY d: 01 Apr 1854 in NY
. 4 [1] TOWNSEND, James Cock b: 01 Sep 1799 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY d: 08 Jun 1866 in Auburn village, Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA Burial: Oak Ridge Cem, Auburn, Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 8: 1850 Census; farming, Jefferson, Cook.Co.IL Note 9: 1856 Census; alone/married, 55y/NY, with C.O.&L.A. Buroughs fam, Auburn, IA. Note 10: 1856 Suspect this is a 2nd James from Cook.Co.IA, 1850census. Note 11: 1860 Census; carpenter, wife Mary, Auburn village, Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 12: 1860 Near cooper, master carpenter, merchant, shoemaker.
..... +VALENTINE, Anne S. d: 1836 m: Abt. 1815 in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, James H. b: in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, Julia M. b: in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, George Prior b: 09 Apr 1815 in NY d: 29 Oct 1854
....... +FROST, Anna b: 18 May 1824 d: 02 Nov 1910 m: 22 May 1838
... 5 TOWNSEND, Cornelia b: 1825 in NY
....... +YOUNGS, David
. *2nd Wife of [1] TOWNSEND, James Cock:
..... +UNKNOWN, Mary E. b: 1803 in New York, NY m: Abt. 1826
... 5 TOWNSEND, Harriet Louise b: 1827 in NY (or PA?) d: 1880 in Calif
....... +BUTTERFIELD, John Hugh b: 31 Dec 1822 in Dutchess.Co.NY d: 22 Nov 1900 in Butte.Co.CA Burial: Old Oroville Cem, Butte.Co.CA Father: Hiram BUTTERFIELD
... 5 TOWNSEND, Frederick b: 1829 in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, Hiram Horace b: 1830 in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, Orvialla Orilla b: 1835 in NY
... 5 TOWNSEND, Jerome b: 1839 in Jefferson, Cook.Co.IL Note 8: 1880 Census; farm laborer, Auburn area, Auburn.Twp, Fay.Co.IA. Note 9: 1880 Near Ellis Billmeyer and Ostarnder's.
....... +OSTRANDER, Elizabeth b: 1840 in NY Father: Elias OSTRANDER Mother: Elizabeth Jane BARNUM
.... 6 [2] TOWNSEND, Charles Wyatt b: 04 Jan 1874 in West Union, Fay.Co.IA d: 11 Jan 1956 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA
........ +NIGH, Eva b: 12 Oct 1870 in Iowa
.... *2nd Wife of [2] TOWNSEND, Charles Wyatt:
........ +WELLS, Mary May m: 16 Nov 1919 in Anamosa, Jones.Co.IA
.... 6 TOWNSEND, James b: 1876 in Fayette.Co.IA
... 5 TOWNSEND, William James b: 1842 in Jefferson, Cook.Co.IL
. 4 TOWNSEND, George
3 TOWNSEND, Jacob b: 05 Mar 1771 in Oyster Bay, Nassau.Co.NY
3 TOWNSEND, Deborah b: 17 Oct 1776 in Tioga.Co.PA d: 07 Sep 1855 in Ontario, Canada
3 TOWNSEND, Hannah b: 18 Oct 1783 d: 06 Feb 1808
3 TOWNSEND, Elizabeth
3 TOWNSEND, Abraham b: 07 Jul 1771 in Orange.Co.NY d: 06 Jun 1855 in Lagrange, Cass.Co.MI
.... +KENNEY, Statira b: 21 Dec 1778 in Hartford.Co.CT d: 03 Feb 1851 in Lagrange, Cass.Co.MI m: 03 Jan 1797 in Tioga.Co.NY



Do not trust as totally valid any tree/report data.  Often World Connect or Ancestry trees/data was utilized as a foundation upon which to add material gleamed from obits, articles, histories, biographies, stories, burials, censuses and other data collected.  My primary interest is generally the pioneer history and includes linking village and neighborhood surnames together for  several of the early generations.  Family connections, locations and other data may have to be speculated in order to continue a complex series of inter-related projects.  My web pages are primarily personal study projects for note keeping, but can also jump start others.  I have a huge number of projects started and rarely return to edit/update material unless interest is rekindled.  Any web pages online are usually linked off the 'Index Page.'  Numerous projects are not put on web pages but are in draft form or in the form of photo albums on the 'Photo Hosting Site.'   I may have material for research use in storage, plus will/can upload other people's material if appropriate.




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